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Talking To Spirits Book Signing Video 3-10-19

I answered questions for more than an hour on all sorts of spiritual topics. This was a departure from my usual approach of covering the contents of the book. This talk discussed the topics that the audience had questions about and ranged all over our interaction with spirits.

We covered curses, spiritual possession, out of body experiences, spiritual healing, scary dreams, immortality, the challenges of picking up a new body, animal spirits, past lives, how spirits influence your life, and my route to discovering these things.

The video is on Vimeo and you can stream it using this link:

Workshop Transcription 2-16-19 Sleeping Dragons and Other Stuff

These transcriptions are edited to remove extraneous comments and interruptions so that only the essential spiritual technology data is captured. Occasionally a comment will be added to clarify a point where the original conversation was inaudible. The speakers are identified and time stamps are retained to make it easy to retrieve specific information later. The purpose of these transcriptions is to provide a permanent record of discovery related to Spiritual Rescue Technology that can be easily searched for key words and phrases.

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