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Webinar – 10-6-19 – Terminatedly Handling A Rift between You and Some Other Person or Group

Here is a definition to work with:

Rift: an opening made by splitting, cleaving, etc.; fissure; cleft; chink.

A difference in opinion, belief, or interest that causes such a break in friendly relations

Origin of rift: 1250–1300; Middle English < Old Norse ript breaking of an agreement

In this webinar, I am going to show you the tools to handle a rift between you and some person or group so that the possibility of resuming friendly relations exists.

When you allow a rift to continue, you are harming yourself and diminishing your life force, because the energy you would have put into creative endeavors is directed toward harming someone else or defending yourself from someone else.

The important factor to understand is that the rift is not between right and wrong, no matter how passionately you feel about your position on the matter. The rift is a sundering or breaking of an agreement between people or groups that originally agreed to act in harmony.

Perhaps the way to begin is to prevent a rift from occurring. When you first encounter some other person or group, how do you determine what rules they follow and what are their intentions towards you and your possessions? Do you have rules you follow for interaction with others in your community? Do you impose these rules on newcomers to the community? If you have rules and customs you follow and make these known to newcomers as they show up, you are setting their expectations for future interactions.

If these newcomers show no respect for your rules and customs, it is up to you to determine whether you will enforce the rules or quietly grumble and cave in to their demands.

In a relationship, one of the partners will often suffer in silence even though things are happening which they do not approve of. Their hope is often that they will be able to reform or “improve” the other persons attitudes and actions if they just keep quiet and hope for the best.

Often the real problem is that no one has really established the rules for a community or enforces the rules so that order is maintained. Anyone joining this community is then putting themselves and their families at risk. Finding out what rules exist and which ones are enforced can produce a safe environment with predictable results for specific actions. Whether you join a community or a Home Owners Association, it is desirable to understand the rules for living there. Understanding the remedies for handling violations of the rules makes it much easier to institute corrections when needed.

When there are published rules for proper behavior and they are followed, handling upsets from rule breakers is a fairly straightforward matter.

When the rules are hidden and dependent on who you know, you are likely to be on the outs with rule breakers and those who protect them. If they outnumber you, your best bet is to retreat to a safe place

and start over. If you wish to succeed where you did not before, make sure you understand the rules for the area you are moving in to.

If you wish to continue your battle with the people from where you lived before, you will only antagonize the new people you meet and you will not address the real problem which was not knowing the rules of the place you lived.

If you wish to stay in your original location, you need to see how you got off on the wrong foot and decide to make up the damage you have done to your relationships. If you cannot do that, you do need to find a new place and new relationships that meet your needs.

Finally, you may have moved to a new area and made new relationships, but still feel upset about the former relationships. This is your opportunity to find what you did or failed to do that severed the relationship and caused the persistent rift. When you discover what you did and take full responsibility for it, you will find you can communicate your discovery to the other person or group and the upset on both side should disappear. If your upset is completely gone and the other side is still angry, they are doing something that prevents them from letting go of the issue. Take your attention off them and create a new life for yourself.

Join me on Sunday, 10-6-19, at 12 noon for a webinar on Terminately Handling A Rift Between You And Some Other Person Or Group. We will meet on Zoom using this link:

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Free Workshop – Investigating The Spiritual Universe

Four definitions of universes:

  1. All space-time, matter, and energy, including the solar system, all stars and galaxies, and the contents of intergalactic space, regarded as a whole.
  2. A hypothetical whole of space-time, matter, and energy that is purported to exist simultaneously with but to be different from this universe.
  3. The physical universe that we agree exists and we seem to occupy.
  4. The spiritual universe which is populated with perceptions, memories, intentions, and emotions. Some feel more comfortable thinking of this as a thought universe as opposed to a material universe. Some say that there is an individual universe for every spirit, but I have reason to believe that we share a spiritual universe or universes.

Definitions of spirit:

  1. A force or principle believed to animate living beings.
  2. A force or principle believed to animate humans and often to endure after departing from the body of a person at death; the soul.
  3. A living thought ( a spiritual rescue technology definition)

We are going to do some exercises to see if we can investigate thespiritual universes and compare them to the so-called physical universe.

The physical universe has fairly well-defined rules for the behavior of matter and energy and the relationship of matter to energy. It has no rules regarding life force or spiritual behavior.

The spiritual universe has unique rules that may seem to mirror the rules of the physical universe, but which do not directly affect the physical universe, they only affect life and life forms. Life may seem to manifest in the physical universe, but it is only a matter of agreements between beings. When a being goes out of agreement with the physical universe or other beings who are manifesting in the physical universe, it ceases to exist as far as the other beings are concerned and it loses control of any matter and energy that it was managing. It no longer plays a role in the physical universe.

If and when it retreats to the spiritual universe, it takes with it all of the perceptions, memories, intentions, and emotions it collected during its times in the physical universe. It also seems to take with it many of the spirits it has been associating with for multiple lifetimes.

Not all beings seem to retreat from the physical universe. There are countless beings who maintain a presence in the physical universe either as a free floating living thought or as a participant in the running of another person’s body.

When a being chooses to participate in the physical universe as a unique individual, it has to choose an identity and a physical form to animate. It may still be accompanied by the spirits who accompanied it during precious lifetimes.

We will compare notes in the free workshop on Saturday, August 17th, and see what conclusions we can draw. I feel that we have enough experiential data between all of us that we can flesh out the structure of the spiritual universe and some of the rules also.

Join me on Saturday using this link:

Some High Points from the 4-14-19 Sunday Webinar

Joachim Held summarized some of the things we discussed during last Sunday’s webinar and made me realize how important this latest discovery is. I am restating his summary with the addition of my own thoughts and you are all invited to add your own realizations to this effort.

1. No matter where you are in relation to the rest of the universe you occupy, you will have greater control of your existence if you take the time to recognize the intentions and counter-intentions that others are experiencing.

2. The counter-intentions that others show to your peaceful existence may have more to do with the pressures they are experiencing from above or from other sources.

3. Each level in a civilization and in a universe has its own rules and its own challenges. Understanding the rules of other levels will give you an ability to make the right decisions for your own survival.

4. If you fully understand their motivation, you can become pan-determined if you wish. When that occurs, your frustration and bitterness at the unthinking cruelty of the world will vanish. You will see what is and you will be able to devise a plan for converting what is to what you desire it to be.

5. When any level is not pan-determined, they do what they think is best for themselves and their people. When they fixate on a solution to the ills that they see, their solution wreaks havoc on the rest of civilization. Every tyrant is trying to accomplish something for the people he feels he represents.

6. Since every level in a civilization is a series of interlocking lives, any solution that does not take into account all of the other lives and work to the resolution of mutual problems will eventually build resistance such that this solution will be considered evil and will eventually be destroyed.

7. The only hope for a peaceful resolution is to maintain open communication, no matter what provocation exists, without losing control of your own group.

8. If separation from the other group is required to continue your existence, maintaining open communication is essential to your continued freedom. In addition, you will need to ensure that your existence is not a threat to the group you have separated from.

9. These lessons from history are available to every practitioner of Spiritual Rescue Technology, because we can communicate with those who tried to solve these issues in other ways and failed miserably. Every day we communicate with those who struggled against the constraints of the unfairness of the lives they lived and we find that are still enmeshed in the unfairness of it all.

When we help them discover that they chose a role that came ready-made with overwhelming opposition, they perceive the decision that led to their current and everlasting distress. Inspecting the fatal decision and all of the justifications for making that decision allows the beings involved to let go of the decision and all subsequent results.

We can sum this up by saying, “If a being considers that life is unfair, he doesn’t understand the rules for that part of the universe. Once you understand the rules, you can end the game or change the rules.”

Every Situation Is The Result Of A Series Of Intentions

If a person lives in a mansion on a lake, or in a tiny cabin in the woods, or in a cardboard box in an alley, they arrived in that condition through a series of intentions. If you care to evaluate the survival potential of a situation, it can best be done by inspecting the intentions that led to the current situation.

As we go through life, our intentions change, but our earlier intentions remain in force until they are examined and changed. If we do not update our intentions as we change our life’s plans, we can be carrying baggage that clutters up our lives and our garages and cellars.

I remember seeing large, beautiful houses in Florida where the two car garage was filled to the rafters with old furniture and toys accumulated over decades and never used again. In some cases, this collection of memorabilia had been moved several times from city to city.

I know of one instance where a person bought two homes and filled both of them to the ceilings with possessions from his various business dealings and is unable to even consider letting go of any of the items he has collected.

As your life evolves from a single person, to a parent with children and through several business careers to retirement, you can accumulate many things which you somehow fail to discard and similarly accumulate ideas and attitudes which do not fit your current circumstances.

If this is done to excess, you may find yourself needing an intervention from family of friends or you can end up in an elder care facility because you can no longer manage your life without help.

In almost every situation I have observed, the persons intentions are not aligned with his present time needs. He is still carrying intentions from earlier parts of this life or other lifetimes. In addition, he is being affected by the intentions of his spiritual companions and spirit guides who may be totally stuck in earlier circumstances.

If you are not totally happy with your current life and its financial state, it might be a good idea to examine all of the intentions you are currently dramatizing. Discarding everything that is not appropriate to your current lifestyle and interests will free up an amazing amount of intention.

If you are like many people, you explored many different interests and even different business opportunities and acquired skills and tools appropriate for those activities. You may still be putting attention on activities and interests that do not forward your current interests and economic needs.

How about looking at what you do not have right now in the way of financial resources and life support and comparing them to the material things and obligations that are cluttering up your life.

List the things and obligations you need to get rid of and adjust your intentions that are keeping them in place.

List the things you are trying to accomplish and are not achieving and pare that list down to what is actually needed to improve your financial situation. Discard all intentions that do not align with your financial objectives.

When your intentions are aligned with what you really need to accomplish, you will experience a sense of relief and your effective production will increase markedly. Do not add any new intentions until you have discarded those that are not needed with your desired lifestyle.

Free Workshop 2-23-19 – Other People’s Spirits

We have been discussing various topics recently that deserve a concerted viewing by a group of us all at once. I would like for us to discuss the following topics and see what we know that we have not shared with each other.


  1. What are the signs that a walk-in has happened?
  2. If I was a walk-in, how would I know?
  3. Are memories and mental image pictures different before and after a walk-in has occurred?
  4. If we are walk-ins, have our responsibilities changed?
  5. What if someone in your family is a walk-in, how can you help them fit in or leave?
  6. Why is someone a walk-in, instead of picking up a baby body?
  7. When is it ethical to become a walk-in?
  8. Does being a walk-in mean you will have bad karma?
  9. Being a walk-in is an example of merging identities. How does that affect your future?

Remote Viewing/Healing/Handling

  1. Barriers to viewing another person’s space without being invited
  2. Reasons for visiting another person’s space without being invited
  3. Who is it alright to view?
  4. Who should not be viewed?
  5. Suppose we were to visit some very important people and observe who surrounds them in their spiritual space?
  6. Could we do that with a caring reach and withdraw without commenting while we were in their space and occupying their viewpoints?
  7. What could we learn while visiting a set of important people that could help them?
  8. What could we learn while visiting a set of important people that could help us as a group and as individuals?
  9. Could we learn enough to have a positive effect on people in important roles?
  10. Under what conditions should we attempt to have a positive effect on these people?

Join me at 12 noon today on Zoom using this link:

I look forward to seeing you there.

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SRT Webinar – 2-10-19 – How you can handle beings in the space of another person

I am converting all of our workshops and webinars to text and I need this to complete the process.

There is a reward: I will give a free session to the first person who sends me a copy of the audio recording and the video recording.

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Webinar 2-3-19 – What Agreements Are You Willing to Break?

To answer that you would probably need to know what agreements you have made

Let’s do a quick check:

  • Did you make any agreements as a family member?
  • Did you make any agreements as a member of a particular race or citizen of a particular country?
  • Any Agreements by having a body of a particular gender?
  • Did you ever decide you wanted to be a citizen of another country?

When people raise you from infancy, they think they have obtained your agreement about behavior and lifestyles and a lot of things they take for granted. When you approach adulthood, you start having ideas of your own and this usually stresses out your parents, because your ideas do not follow the agreements they thought you bought into.

If you change a long time agreement, it can cause upset with the people who thought you agreed with them.

Agreement is the willingness to adopt co-motion on the part of two or more individuals. These individuals agree to do something together for their mutual benefit.

If the agreement was obtained through coercion, the co-motion can be there, but it enforced behavior. As soon as the coercion can be broken, it will be and the co-motion will cease.

You can experience enforced agreement in a marriage, is a work situation, in any relationship where communication is inhibited or enforced. Enforced agreement is a form of slavery where another person has power over you. You may not recognize the situation until you see that you have lost your free will.

I would like you to examine your life and see where you are constrained to serve someone and are not free to complain about it or to leave. You can test your understanding of the situation by asking yourself, “Would I be doing this if I was a free being?”

We will discuss these agreements and see what remedies we can come up with.

I will deliver a session to a volunteer who has a being who has charge on agreements or broken agreements. I think the session will illuminate some of the issues that need to be addressed for a lasting agreement.

To participate in this webinar, join me on Sunday at 12 noon EDT using this link:

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