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Latest Revision of the SRT Factors

The Factors Of Spiritual Rescue Technology – revision 5a

The Spiritual Universe– Some agreement has been reached on these. Others are still under discussion.

  1. There are only spirits and what they exchange in the Spiritual Universe. The spiritual universe contains agreements and disagreements.
  2. The first action of a spirit is to be, and that creates a unique life force energy.
  3. The next action of a spirit is to assume a viewpoint.
  4. The next action of a spirit is reach out from that viewpoint to contact other spirits and thus begins an exchange between spirits.
  5. The most significant exchange between spirits is the exchange of attention, emotions, and ideas (considerations).
  6. Spiritual beings consist of life force energy which has spiritual qualities and these are awareness, intentions, and responsibility. There may be more qualities to be discovered later.
  7. Space in the spiritual universe is a consideration created by spirits. There are no physical dimensions to this space. Spiritual space is defined by the degree of affinity between spirits. The considerations of space between spirits can fall in these categories: far away, near by, close enough, just right, too close, and co-beingness.
  8. When two spirits occupy the same viewpoint, there is co-beingness and a completely shared viewpoint. This co-beingness means that all considerations and, intentions, attention, admiration, life energy, and ideas are shared, there is no communication in the usual sense. During co-beingness, the sources and the destinations are one.
  9. Co-beingness creates complete understanding between all beings participating. This is not a normal condition amongst spirits but can be attained momentarily by those spirits who understand what is involved.
  10. Spirits can create places and artifacts for themselves in the spiritual universe that are purely considerations. These can take any form and be any size and are visible to other spirits. The Akashic records are the results of spiritual creation and record all that has been created.
  11. There can be conflicts between spirits on the use and purpose of places and artifacts in the spiritual universe. These conflicts are considerations of purposes that are not aligned harmoniously. The opinion of spirits regulates the consideration of the elements of the spiritual universe, their stillness, or their motion, and these considerations consist of assignment of harmony or discord between the elements.
  12. These considerations of space may be the key to recovering the state of awareness of any spirit who has become overwhelmed.
  13. Spirits are immortal, but they can be overwhelmed by actions they fail to anticipate. This diminishes their life energy and they can decide to assume a state of diminished life energy.
  14. Spirits are CAUSE, but they can decide to be EFFECT. When spirits decide to be cause, they can create effects by themselves, in harmony with others, or at cross purposes with others. When they create at cross purposes, some of the spirits may decide to be effect.
  15. Spirits creating in harmony or in conflict with other spirits can achieve results in the physical universe.
  16. Caring Communication has been discovered to allow spirits to create in harmony and to repair the effects of past overwhelm. This is one of the main pillars of Spiritual Rescue Technology.
  17. We have discovered no limits to the spiritual universe yet, which promises that there are more factors to be discovered.
  18. The Spiritual Universe creates the physical universes through agreements and this creation exists as a continuum with a purely spiritual universe at one end and a mixture of spirits and matter, energy, space, and time at the other end. At one end were spirits alone and at the present end there are spirits totally intermingled with their creations.

The Physical Universe

  1. There are many spirits and these spirits can out thrust dimension points to view. When there is an agreement between spirits as to these dimension points and the duration of these dimension points this exchange becomes the physical universe, as these dimension points define the physical universe.
  2. Thus there is space created, for the definition of space is a view of dimension by a spirit. If there is no spirit to view, there is no space.
  3. The spirit consists of life energy and this life energy is what animates living matter in the physical universe.
  4. Spirits do not have to agree on a particular physical universe, nor do they have to inhabit or visit a physical universe. They are independent of the physical universe unless they consider themselves part of the physical universe.
  5. The spirits in the spiritual universe create the physical universe. Every action in the physical universe is preceded by an intention and action in the spiritual universe. It is fair to say that spiritual intention defines and creates the physical universe we know.
  6. The spirit does not exist in the physical universe, nor is it located in the physical universe unless it considers that it is so located. The spirit communicates to the physical universe.
  7. The characteristics of the physical universe are a matter of agreement between the spirits who created it. The spirits who currently occupy the physical universe, do not recall the agreements that were made and so cannot change those agreements easily. All agreements can be broken, but the basis for the original agreement must be known to accomplish this harmoniously.
  8. The opinion of spirits regulates the consideration of the elements of the physical universe, their stillness, or their motion, and these considerations consist of assignment of beauty or ugliness to the elements.
  9. It was an agreement on the part of the creating spirits that the physical universe and its parts would persist and for how long. The agreement defines the motions of the physical universe and thus defines time.
  10. Many spirits, interacting, become dependent upon one another’s creations and do not choose to distinguish completely the ownership of creations and so comes about a dependency upon the physical universe and upon the other spirits.
  11. The management of the physical universe has become a game of long duration and some spirits lose their sense of authorship and consider themselves what they have created. Some spirits consider themselves human, while others are content to exist as living things with no responsibility for the physical universe, only for the survival of their physical form.
  12. When spirits become invested in the physical universe, then they can lose their spiritual qualities and only have the qualities and abilities defined by the physical universe.,
  13. There is no reason to believe that there is only one physical universe. Spirits were free to create physical universes as they saw fit. This is a matter for future SRT students to investigate, once we understand our own physical universe better.

The things I have written here you can experience and know. Some of this may help us create a better civilization. David St Lawrence


Finding A Point Of Agreement With Others

After years of work on the outer fringes of the spiritual experience, I find myself spiraling back to find a common ground with friends and family who could use what we have learned if only we could find some common point of agreement to start from.

My first inspiration was a quote by Nikolai Tesla: “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” This triggered a realization that will completely transform the technology I have been working on for the past decade.

I felt the concept of non-physical phenomena might be more palatable to friends and family than the actual role of other spirits in shaping our lives and personalities.

In pondering how to communicate about non-physical phenomena, I researched the literature on the five basic senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. And then, to my surprise, I discovered an entire body of literature and active groups who are discussing life beyond the five senses.

This “Beyond The Senses” group encompasses interests in dowsing, clairvoyance, animal communication, healing, and spiritualism. Telepathy and psychokinetic interactions are also welcome topics of discussion. Essentially, it seems to include everything beyond the five basic physical senses.

One of the ways to introduce a new idea is to position it with or against something known and understood. We in SRT have uncovered a wealth of esoteric insights into the spirit world that are not duplicated elsewhere. I think we can become more easily understood if we position Spiritual Rescue Technology as a tool for exploring life beyond the five senses.

Rather than an immediate focus on caring communication with spirits, we can stress that SRT allows us to extend our reach beyond the five senses. We can perceive intention, for example, which is not a physical universe phenomena. We can also, with practice, pick up ideas and emotions and images that are not our own.

This is of such importance to anyone studying SRT, that we will be holding a workshop on Saturday and a webinar on Sunday to discuss how SRT helps you experience life beyond the five senses.

Here is some reading to what your appetite: and

There will be a free workshop on the topic of positioning SRT as a way to go beyond the five senses on Saturday 2-1-2020 at 12 noon EDT on Zoom using this link:

There will be a paid webinar to discuss the future direction of SRT on Sunday 2-2-2020 at 12 noon EDT using this link:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link:

An interesting observation about mock-ups from a South African client

In manufacturing and design, a mockup, or mock-up, is a scale or full-size model of a design or device, used for teaching, demonstration, design evaluation, promotion, and other purposes. In a broader sense, a mock-up is any knowingly created mental picture.

# # #

My client observed that Man is true, faithful and devoted to his own personal mock-ups,

what ever that may be. For the rest of his existence he will be the slave and be who or what he is according to his mock-up—-TRAPPED.

To believe is to mock-up—to put it there—-if man wants to be happy—-he believes (mocking- up) Jesus and God and mocks-up heaven so he goes to heaven—-he is saved by God and Jesus —–so he is a very happy person—-this is a way to get happy.

Mocking -up is a system that works it brings results—-what ever that may be. Could this planet be nothing but a mock-up??????

He went on to say, “If I could only return to my first and original MOCK-UP —–I could be a different person. It is not easy to escape from my personal mock-ups

Are we all trapped in a communal mock-up????? The more people mock-up a concept the greater the belief —-the greater the reality. They don’t know the belief is there because they put it there—–mocking-up the concept

WHAT IS——and WHAT IS A MOCK-UP can I know the difference????? All forms of religion are a MOCK-UP. Thousands of people mocking-up the some thing gives them a reality to believe in. The holy spirit can be there if the person makes a firm mock-up—of the holy spirit. He is now trapped by his own mock-up—–to put it there

When I look at the many different religions in the world today—-I can see how fiercely they are mocking-up their religion to make it real.

Don’t take this seriously—-it is only what I am thinking.

# # #

I agree with his observations. We mock-up our own universes and the more people who agree with us makes the mock-up more solid.

I do not think we should spend a lot of energy disagreeing with other people’s mock-ups. That would be like disagreeing with someone’s house and the way they decorate it.

What I have discovered with my study of SRT is that we all have beings who are helping us mock things up. Those beings who disagree with what we are mocking up make our lives miserable! The belongs who are acting in harmony with us make magic happen. We intend something and they agree and everything is effortless!

I suggest that you spot any counter-effort from your beings and talk to them and suggest that they go find someone interesting to manage.  Most of the beings who hang around us and act grumpy are just bored! When you get them to leave, life gets a lot calmer.

Have you taken a look at what your beings are mocking up when you are not paying attention? Try getting them to mock up thing you want to happen. It might change things for the better.

If you have observations about spirits and how they affect your life, please feel free to share them with me. Many of my best ideas have come from others!

Who Do You Still Owe Allegiance To?

There will be a free workshop tomorrow on the topic of groups you have sworn fealty to and have abandoned. They, in some cases, are still hounding you because you have abandoned the “cause” and are merely trying to make money. They can be the reason you cannot seem to succeed. Come and discover how they can affect your life.Join me Saturday, 12-14-19, at 12 noon on Zoom using this link:

Free Workshop 11-23-19 – Who Do You Want To Be From Now On?

Recent comments from readers have indicated that some of you are beginning to think creatively with the material we find while investigating Spiritual Rescue Technology. It is time to use this material to change your life and break out of any rut you are stuck in.

You have chosen an identity to be during this present moment, but you are not constrained to be that identity for the rest of this lifetime. You have played millions of roles in the past billions of years and some of them have probably been very successful. Whether being a ruler or highwayman, you have learned lessons in every role that can apply to your life in the 21st century.

You have also learned painful lessons that may still haunt you and make it hard to dream up new things or even envision a happy future. What we have in our hands at this point of time is a tool that will let us unlock our past experiences and the experiences of our spiritual companions so that we can actually move in any direction we choose.

Furthermore, we can look at the agreements we have made and decide in a new unit of time whether we wish to continue those agreements. These agreements include the agreements we have made with ourselves, our families, our loved ones and our employers and our coworkers.

Some of you may cringe at the mere thought of changing the agreements you have made with others, but it is actually possible to reexamine the conditions in which you made these agreements and find a way to make new agreements that are more optimum.

In the same way, it is possible to examine the agreements your spiritual companions have made and to free you from these agreements and from the beings who are holding on to them.

And finally, if you really want to break out of your current situation, you need to learn how to observe for yourself. When you rely on others to interpret life for you, you are putting yourself in their hands. We are barraged with media that gives us opinions, not fact. When you rely on a news report that says some public figure is doing things you find distasteful or illegal, try to view a video of the person actually discussing that topic. You may find that your observations and the media opinions do not match. If you are constantly relying on what the talking heads are saying, you are unfortunately removed from reality.

You can see this when you have family members telling you about people you care for. Sometimes they are right, but far too often, their prejudices prevent them from giving you accurate information.

In our free workshop this Saturday, we will explore what it will take to turn our lives in a new direction.

Join me at 12 noon EST on Saturday, November 23rd using this link:

There will be no webinar this Sunday. This workshop is this weeks opportunity to bring change into your life.

Webinar – 11-03-19 – Creating Miracles Again

Just suppose that creating miracles is simply a matter of arranging a lot of individual intentions so they remain in alignment at a critical time.

This would explain why miracles occur only occasionally and are hard to repeat. It would also explain why when a miracle occurs, it seems to be the most natural thing in the world, when it is happening.

Miracles can be defined as the moment when your intention works exactly as intended.

You go somewhere to shop and there is one parking place exactly where you need it. You drop into a store and the item you need is on sale for today only.

You take a break from your usual routine and while you are having a coffee, you encounter someone who will change your life.

You are looking for a new job or a new opportunity and someone contacts you out of the blue with the opportunity you need. Sometimes you need to have your necessity level raised to the top of the scale before this kind of magic happens. When you are in better shape, you just have to put your attention gently on what you need and an opportunity appears.

Today, we are going to examine our state of mind when we have experienced miracles and see what role our spiritual companions have played when we experienced the miracles. Is it possible for us to precondition our spirits to accept the possibility of miracles? Can we identify and release those spirits who feel that they or we do not deserve miracles?

Let’s look at times when we were experiencing more miracles than usual and compare those times to when we knew that we were going to fail and stay in trouble.

I think we can spot some factors that can be adjusted to create a higher probability for miracles to occur.

I know we can spot some conditions that will almost always prevent miracles from occurring. Let us adjust them so they do not occur.

My spiritual companions say that the best indication of potential miracles occurring is the presence of a general sense of well-being.. Let us see if that is true for you also.

Join me tomorrow, Sunday, at 12 noon Eastern STANDARD Time. (Turn your clocks back Sunday at 2:00 am to 1:00 am) Let us use this link to connect on zoom:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link:


A Rift is a sundering or breaking of an agreement between people or groups that originally agreed to act in harmony.

  1. Recognize that a rift has been caused and take responsibility for repairing it
  2. Recognize what you and your spiritual companions have done and are doing to create and maintain the rift
  3. Examine the justifications for you and your spiritual companions until you all experience relief
  4. Come up with a true statement of what you did that can be expressed in a non-disturbing way. It is not an apology, merely a true statement of what occurred that does not make the other person or group wrong. It must be a caring communication that raises the awareness of the other person or group and makes them right for their reaction to what we did. This statement is not delivered until communication has been established following this next reach and withdraw process.
  5. Reach and Withdraw from the person or group you have been estranged from until you are able to comfortably be the person or group member and you can duplicate the current intentions of the person or group.
  6. Communicate with the person or group in a friendly way about a time you were in agreement with the person or group and were supporting each other with a strong exchange of life energy. Communicate how much you benefited from the relationship at that time and how much it meant to you. Communicate, if you can, about what positive actions each has done since the separation that would not have occurred otherwise.
  7. Here is an example of this kind of communication: “I was hosting a workshop today about relationships in which we were discussing how relationships form and why they break up. I realized I have never thanked you for the many years we spent together and what I learned from our relationship. If we had stayed together, we would have created something different, but I think what we have created separately since then has been absolutely amazing. Like musicians who create beautiful music and their fans love it, but the musicians eventually want to learn something new, even though the fans are still asking them to play the old standards. We did good things together and have done more good things since. I just want you to know that I have never forgotten the many things we created together. Warmest regards,”
  8. I think it is possible to write a similar letter to a group stressing what you learned as a group member and how the separation has benefited the group and yourself. You might say you have learned from your experience with the group to set expectations for the groups you interact with so that your contributions align with group intentions from the very beginning. You might even add that the group may have benefited by your departure, because your suggestions are no longer a distraction to the group.
  9. Once you have repaired the rift and have reestablished a friendly relationship, seek to maintain the communication line with friendly exchanges which raise the life force of those you communicate with.
  10. Locate other rifts you have caused and repair them in turn. You may discover that your life force increases to the point where you can now spot other rifts that have been draining your life force for years. Repair them as well and enjoy the benefits of more freed up attention units.
  11. Every rift that is handled removes counter-intention from your environment.
  12. You may even find that you are now able to help others repair rifts that they are holding in place. Get the idea of removing counter-intentions from all of the people you know.

Webinar – 10-6-19 – Terminatedly Handling A Rift between You and Some Other Person or Group

Here is a definition to work with:

Rift: an opening made by splitting, cleaving, etc.; fissure; cleft; chink.

A difference in opinion, belief, or interest that causes such a break in friendly relations

Origin of rift: 1250–1300; Middle English < Old Norse ript breaking of an agreement

In this webinar, I am going to show you the tools to handle a rift between you and some person or group so that the possibility of resuming friendly relations exists.

When you allow a rift to continue, you are harming yourself and diminishing your life force, because the energy you would have put into creative endeavors is directed toward harming someone else or defending yourself from someone else.

The important factor to understand is that the rift is not between right and wrong, no matter how passionately you feel about your position on the matter. The rift is a sundering or breaking of an agreement between people or groups that originally agreed to act in harmony.

Perhaps the way to begin is to prevent a rift from occurring. When you first encounter some other person or group, how do you determine what rules they follow and what are their intentions towards you and your possessions? Do you have rules you follow for interaction with others in your community? Do you impose these rules on newcomers to the community? If you have rules and customs you follow and make these known to newcomers as they show up, you are setting their expectations for future interactions.

If these newcomers show no respect for your rules and customs, it is up to you to determine whether you will enforce the rules or quietly grumble and cave in to their demands.

In a relationship, one of the partners will often suffer in silence even though things are happening which they do not approve of. Their hope is often that they will be able to reform or “improve” the other persons attitudes and actions if they just keep quiet and hope for the best.

Often the real problem is that no one has really established the rules for a community or enforces the rules so that order is maintained. Anyone joining this community is then putting themselves and their families at risk. Finding out what rules exist and which ones are enforced can produce a safe environment with predictable results for specific actions. Whether you join a community or a Home Owners Association, it is desirable to understand the rules for living there. Understanding the remedies for handling violations of the rules makes it much easier to institute corrections when needed.

When there are published rules for proper behavior and they are followed, handling upsets from rule breakers is a fairly straightforward matter.

When the rules are hidden and dependent on who you know, you are likely to be on the outs with rule breakers and those who protect them. If they outnumber you, your best bet is to retreat to a safe place

and start over. If you wish to succeed where you did not before, make sure you understand the rules for the area you are moving in to.

If you wish to continue your battle with the people from where you lived before, you will only antagonize the new people you meet and you will not address the real problem which was not knowing the rules of the place you lived.

If you wish to stay in your original location, you need to see how you got off on the wrong foot and decide to make up the damage you have done to your relationships. If you cannot do that, you do need to find a new place and new relationships that meet your needs.

Finally, you may have moved to a new area and made new relationships, but still feel upset about the former relationships. This is your opportunity to find what you did or failed to do that severed the relationship and caused the persistent rift. When you discover what you did and take full responsibility for it, you will find you can communicate your discovery to the other person or group and the upset on both side should disappear. If your upset is completely gone and the other side is still angry, they are doing something that prevents them from letting go of the issue. Take your attention off them and create a new life for yourself.

Join me on Sunday, 10-6-19, at 12 noon for a webinar on Terminately Handling A Rift Between You And Some Other Person Or Group. We will meet on Zoom using this link:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link:

Free Workshop – Investigating The Spiritual Universe

Four definitions of universes:

  1. All space-time, matter, and energy, including the solar system, all stars and galaxies, and the contents of intergalactic space, regarded as a whole.
  2. A hypothetical whole of space-time, matter, and energy that is purported to exist simultaneously with but to be different from this universe.
  3. The physical universe that we agree exists and we seem to occupy.
  4. The spiritual universe which is populated with perceptions, memories, intentions, and emotions. Some feel more comfortable thinking of this as a thought universe as opposed to a material universe. Some say that there is an individual universe for every spirit, but I have reason to believe that we share a spiritual universe or universes.

Definitions of spirit:

  1. A force or principle believed to animate living beings.
  2. A force or principle believed to animate humans and often to endure after departing from the body of a person at death; the soul.
  3. A living thought ( a spiritual rescue technology definition)

We are going to do some exercises to see if we can investigate thespiritual universes and compare them to the so-called physical universe.

The physical universe has fairly well-defined rules for the behavior of matter and energy and the relationship of matter to energy. It has no rules regarding life force or spiritual behavior.

The spiritual universe has unique rules that may seem to mirror the rules of the physical universe, but which do not directly affect the physical universe, they only affect life and life forms. Life may seem to manifest in the physical universe, but it is only a matter of agreements between beings. When a being goes out of agreement with the physical universe or other beings who are manifesting in the physical universe, it ceases to exist as far as the other beings are concerned and it loses control of any matter and energy that it was managing. It no longer plays a role in the physical universe.

If and when it retreats to the spiritual universe, it takes with it all of the perceptions, memories, intentions, and emotions it collected during its times in the physical universe. It also seems to take with it many of the spirits it has been associating with for multiple lifetimes.

Not all beings seem to retreat from the physical universe. There are countless beings who maintain a presence in the physical universe either as a free floating living thought or as a participant in the running of another person’s body.

When a being chooses to participate in the physical universe as a unique individual, it has to choose an identity and a physical form to animate. It may still be accompanied by the spirits who accompanied it during precious lifetimes.

We will compare notes in the free workshop on Saturday, August 17th, and see what conclusions we can draw. I feel that we have enough experiential data between all of us that we can flesh out the structure of the spiritual universe and some of the rules also.

Join me on Saturday using this link: