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Video Recording of 7-21-19 Webinar – Recovering Control Of Your Life Force Energy

Every participant in today’s webinar had something to contribute to the topic of recovering control of your life force energy. It seems rather obvious that increasing your life force energy is a positive action, but it was not as obvious that controlling your attention is the key to controlling your life force energy.

When something captures your attention, either by force or trickery, that can cause your life force to be trapped for a very long period of time. Controlling your attention through your intention is an exercise in will power.

We discuss all of the factors relating to control of your life force energy and ended up with some conclusions we did not expect. This is an important video to review.

Webinar 7-21-19 Recovering Control of Your Life Force Energy

Our Free Workshop on 7-20-19 discussed the trapping of life force in certain incidents. It appears that running SRT processes on these incidents restores the ability to generate life force. An SRT process was demonstrated in which the target was the restoration of life force energy that had been trapped in a this lifetime incident. The incident proved to be more complex than anticipated and involved multiple incidents and multiple beings, but the focus was kept on restoring life force energy and that is what occurred. All beings involved experienced a resurgence of life force energy.

The workshop discussion revealed a complex relationship between attention, the disposition of life force energy, and intention or willpower. There is more to be discovered, but it seems at this point that fixation of attention will trap life force energy and can compromise intention or will power.

Overwhelm by force or by trickery (hypnosis) seems to be an effective way to trap a being’s life force energy. Undoing the trap through SRT processing seems to free up a being’s life force.

It is also evident that simple rituals and exercises can free fixed attention, at least temporarily, even when the original incidents are not resolved. Objective processes, Reiki, and Tai chi are some of the better known ways to provide spiritual release. They all produce beneficial results and appear to increase life force energy on a temporary basis.

In this webinar, we will discuss all of the ways we know that attention can be freed up and life force increased.

We will also look at the many ways attention can be captured for harmful purposes and how that affects our life force. We will also touch upon the dwindling spiral of spiritual power and see if we can draw some conclusions that will make it easier to reverse this dwindling spiral with individual activities

It is my intention that we will begin the development of a system for recovering control of our life force energy and thereby accelerate our spiritual development.

Our Sunday Webinar on 7-20-19 will occur at 12 noon EDT. Use this link:

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Webinar 3-24-19 If Present Time Is Boring And Uncomfortable, How Do We Change The Rules?

One remedy for an unpleasant present time existence is to read a book and go elsewhere. Another remedy is to have a drink or drug that takes you attention elsewhere.

However, your best chance to change your future is to do something in present time that changes the counter-intentions that prevent you from changing your future.

We will talk about how you can change the rules you agreed to live by.

We had a long discussion yesterday about Living and Working In Present time and you can view it at this link:

If you view that workshop, you should have some ideas on how you might alter your future to make you more successful and happier.

To prepare for this Sunday’s webinar, I suggest you list the counter-intentions and intentions that you can perceive in present time. We will do some exercises and possibly a session to unstick you from any barriers that exist in present time.

You are living by rules that you do not realize you have agreed to. We will explore those rules and what you can do to change the game you are playing.

Join me tomorrow at 12 noon using this link:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link:

Topic List for 3-17-19 Webinar

We will pick one of these topics and discuss it. Following the discussion, I will ask for a volunteer and will run a session on the topic.

  • Handling the continuing onslaught of bad news
  • Dreams, Lucid,Terrifying and prophetic
  • Failing To Prosper
  • Fear of searching for a new job or career after 60
  • Sleeping Dragon Encounters
  • Family situations that will not resolve
  • Writing a book and getting it published
  • Your plans for reincarnation
  • Any questions you have been unsure of asking,

Join me this Sunday at 12 noon EDT using this link:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link:

Spiritual Distractions Can Make Your Life A Mess

A recent prospect has tried three times to meet up with me for a FREE session. Each time there has been an easily prevented distraction, and the person KNOWS he was being distracted, but could not seem to recognize it until after the fact.

We managed to get together for a few minutes before he was interrupted and he spotted the beings who are controlling him and even came up with a name for the group, before we were interrupted because the prospect had not made arrangements so the session could be private.

I want to convey to you how serious this kind of distraction can be. This person is a single parent with teen-aged children and holds a responsible position which they earned after working their way through college while supporting his family. This person has been able to set goals and work through many obstacles, except when it comes to self-improvement.

The person has identified a cluster of beings who block his spiritual improvement and yet is unable to overcome their influence which causes him to miss appointments or double schedule them in conflict with other obligations. In the latest incident, he was unable to meet with me and asked me for a session to start 30 minutes later. When he did not show, I called him and he had already made a conflicting appointment with a family member.

It’s as if this being can make him forget appointments that he made only a few minutes ago. I have seen this before and it is very frustrating to all concerned. I have had it happen to me in the past and it is very embarrassing, because it seem like the promise of an appointment was completely erased from my memory.

This is not a memory lapse, it is the direct result of a spirit’s intervention in one’s life. In this case, we are attempting to increase this person’s awareness so he can control his life with regard to achieving his goals and the 4 beings who are manipulating him are determined that he does not discover what they are doing.

Since he continues to call me and set up appointments, I am going to help him achieve his goals by raising his necessity level. He has blown through three appointments for free sessions, so I am going to bill him in advance for the next session with no refund if he doesn’t show. He will have plenty of opportunity to decide whether he wants to pay for a session with no refund for a no-show. I hope that will raise his necessity level to the point where he will be able to show up and we can handle his distracting beings.

Since he has not been able to receive his free session, I can always offer him a free session if he shows up for the session he has paid for. The idea is to provide a positive incentive for him to take control of his life in spite of the spiritual forces distracting him.

For more information on how spirits influence and control your life, read, “Talking To Spirits”, available on

Free Webinar – Answering Questions About Talking To Spirits

This coming Sunday, January 13th, 2019, I would like to answer your questions about my new book. There are many new facts in this book that have never been discussed on the website or in webinars.

The idea that there are beings you cannot handle by yourself is relatively new and it has never been given the scrutiny it deserves.

The subject of cravings has been touched on before but some of you still have cravings that have never been addressed. Would you like to find out what you can do to identify the source?

Personality modification is an ongoing process for those of you who are getting regular sessions. Perhaps there are more of you who could benefit from being the person you want to be, instead of hoping for relief from the slings and arrows of everyday life.

I will answer all questions, even the ones you think there are no answers for, like “What is the meaning of life?” and “What is my destiny?”

I hope to show you places to look that you may not have looked before.

Join me at 12 noon on Sunday on Zoom using this link:

Get a copy of my book on amazon and have your questions ready!

Want to Live Guilt-Free?

It’s been over a year since I last wrote about living guilt-free and it seems like we should go over this again for those who missed it the first time.

Guilt occurs when a person is convinced that they have done something wrong. Guilt is an emotion imposed on you by others. Other people can control you if they can make you feel guilty about what you are doing or being.

These feelings of guilt cause simple queries to trigger all sorts of unpleasant defensive reactions. If someone says, “Where were you?” or “Aren’t you going to the reunion?” you find it hard to give a simple and honest answer.

These deep seated feeling of guilt make you flinch when some one says, “You came in 30 minutes late!” or “You took the last doughnut!” or “You forgot to put the seat down!”

These deep seated feelings of guilt will also cause you to lie when it is not necessary. Instead of telling the truth, you find yourself inventing all sorts of excuses and white lies.

Well, it time to change your life and live guilt-free. If you have deep seated feelings of guilt that have been with you for years regardless of your actual behavior, you are afflicted with some spirits who are stuck in a mistake that has left them permanently feeling guilty.

I will be holding a webinar tomorrow, 12-9-18, on this subject of living guilt-free.

Join me on Zoom at 12 noon at this link:

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Webinar – Discovering The Beings Who Keep You From Making Friends And Money

I have been doing some research recently to identify beings who we cannot handle on our own, and I feel I have discovered a subset of these beings who we would get great benefit and personal relief from discovering their existence.

These are the beings responsible for spiritual possession, walk-ins, curses, dementia, and other manifestations of being under someone else’s control, but the subset I wish to discuss Sunday are the beings who keep you from making friends and money.

These are beings who you cannot handle yourself unless you are very unusual. The biggest problem is that you can rarely spot them because they are the source of your persistent failures to flourish and prosper.

The real problem is that your efforts to make friends and make money are extremely painful to them and they have all sorts of maneuvers to keep you from triggering their painful experiences.

They will make you do things that your friends can see as non productive or as a complete lack of confront, but you will not be able to see or do anything about it when they try to help you by pointing out your inability to cope.

You may even be unable to recall what you do when you are confronted by a situation that activates them. These are the class of beings who take control of you and cripple your ability to deal with certain situations.

We will be doing some exercises to make you aware of the beings that affect you personally, but we will be doing this in a way that should not be embarrassing.

By the end of the webinar, you should have identified the beings who are blocking you from developing meaningful relationships, or securing the job you want, or preventing you from generating the income you are capable of.

At that time, I will be giving you a couple of solutions for handling these spirits which you can start immediately.

Join me tomorrow, Sunday, December 2nd at 12 noon on Zoom at the usual link:

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There will be 5 webinars this month. If you would like to donate for a month of webinars, you will pay only $40 by using this link:

Lets finish the year in style by removing any persisting barriers! See you Sunday at noon.

David St Lawrence

SRT Webinar – Free Will vs Personal Privacy

The entire thrust of Spiritual Rescue Technology is to increase free will of the beings studying it and being counseled.

Free will means being able to communicate at will, but it also implies the existence of personal privacy and control over one’s personal information. Privacy is not simply an absence of information about us in the minds of others; rather it is the control we have over information about ourselves.

In this webinar we explore the implications of free will how it relates to organizations and life in general.