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Jim Spaetti Has Changed Locations

Our good friend and traveling companion, Jim Spaetti, has departed his body recently. Here is a tribute to his memory.

James Edward Spaetti, 52, died Saturday, November 24, 2018 from a farming accident at his home in rural Carmi, Illinois. Jim was born on January 18, 1966 in Owensboro, Kentucky, the youngest of the seven children of Robert and Rose Mary (Schenk) Spaetti. He was a lifelong farmer and enjoyed traveling, amusement parks and concerts. Jim attended Campground Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Anna, Illinois.

Jim was preceded in death by his parents, a brother-in-law, Steven Stratman and nephew, Joshua Spaetti. He is survived by his longtime girlfriend, Kim Emery, her parents, Karen and Jim Vaughn of Anna, her son Joshua (Karle) and her grandson, Nathan; by three brothers, John (Brenda) Spaetti of Evansville, IN, Donald (Mona) Spaetti and Mike Spaetti of Carmi and three sisters, Mary Stratman, of Evansville, IN, Ann Bova and Susan Spaetti, of Petersburg, IL. He is also survived by nieces and nephews; Jason Spaetti, Jody Garrett, Cory Spaetti, Charissa Blazevich, Nathaniel and Rebecca Stratman, Rachel Spaetti, Ben, Andrew, Casey and David Bova.

Services for Jim Spaetti will be held at 3 p.m., Friday, November 30, 2018 with visitation preceding the funeral from 12:00 p.m. to service time at 3:00 Campbell Funeral Home in Carmi. Burial will be in St. Polycarp Cemetery in Carmi. Memorial contributions may be made in Jim’s memory to Mary Stratman for assistance of Becky Stratman and will be accepted at Campbell Funeral Home.

Here is a link to a video of some happy moments in his life:

Fair winds and good speed Jim!

If he visits you, please let us know. My recent impression is that he misses all of his friends. If you watch his video, you will probably be connected to him. That is what happened to me.

I asked him to stay in touch while he is still able to do so. Let him know how much he meant to us.

Dealing With Spirits

There are an infinite number of spirits we may encounter but it is useful to arrange them in a limited number of categories based on our ability to interact with them and benefit from that interaction.

There are only three categories of spirits I would like to address at this time and they can be described as follows:

1. Spirits you can talk to safely without losing control of your mind and your life. These are responsible for the voices in your head and the troubling thoughts that distract you and confuse you.

2. Spirits who can help you and may already be trying to help you

3. Spirits you cannot handle without help from a trained SRT counselor

You are surrounded by spirits in all three categories, so there is no chance of avoiding them, but you can minimize the effects that any of these three groups can create on your life by your choice of lifestyle.

If you can choose a life of serenity and contemplation complete with Zen gardens or daily prayers as in a monastery, you are not likely to be doing anything which will disturb your spiritual companions in any of these three categories. Life can remain calm as long as you continue your ritual undisturbed. Any attempt to expand your activities to embrace the issues of modern professional life will trigger spirits in all three categories.

If you choose to ignore the voices in your head and focus on your work or on raising your family using prayers and other rituals to calm your restless spirits, you will enjoy moments of clarity and peace even though you will continue to be troubled when your spiritual companions are triggered into action by events you cannot control. This is the state many people try to maintain when they can.

If you are attempting to control your existence without regard to spiritual matters, you will find that your emotions are rarely under control. The voices in your head will be a constant distraction and you will find that people and life in general can trigger reactions from you that you cannot control. No matter how hard you try to focus on the important things in life, people continue to irritate you by their behavior and you are not happy with what is occurring.

On the other hand, if you choose to learn about these three categories of spirits by reading my latest book, Talking To Spirits, you will be able to deal with all three varieties of spirits when you encounter them. Life will become much less stressful and you will find yourself accomplishing more with less effort and confusion than ever before. By taking responsibility for the spirits who surround you and putting order into your life, you will find enjoyment and satisfaction that you will never experience otherwise.

Spirits are an integral part of every person’s life, learning to work with them and harness their energy makes life an adventure instead of a burden.

Spirits Seem to Need Games to Avoid Boredom

(This is another section from my new book, Talking To Spirits)

Spirits do not need bodies for many of the activities they can indulge in. They can travel instantaneously to any point in the physical universe in the past, present or future. They have been able to create and destroy matter, energy, space and time and although they are capable of infinite awareness and knowledge, they make mistakes and have lost a great deal of their original free will because of decisions they have made in the past.

From session data, it appear that one of the problems that can beset and all-knowing and all powerful being is boredom and in an effort to alleviate this boredom, the being begins to play games with other beings.

In order to play a game, beings adopt rules which require them to not know what the opposing beings know or are going to do. If all information and intentions are known, there is no possibility that an unknown result can occur. A game seems to require that the final result is unknown, therefore players in a game have to give up their ability to know what is going to happen.

To add complexity to a game, a being can define a playing field and create pieces or players to participate and to mark progress in the playing of the game. In this way, games can be devised which can take long periods of time and cover lots of physical universe territory.

Creating living pieces to use in playing a game seems to add a necessary degree of complexity that challenges a spirit. The ability to take perceptions and sensations from the body as it is used in the game keeps the interest high and is part of the reward from playing the game.

Spirits like games and projects and possession of a body evidently combines challenges and rewards of a grand nature. Depending on the game, a spirit may even be running multiple pieces or bodies and even playing their roles against each other.

Over time, the number of games can increase and sub-games can arise with goals and objectives that out reach any of the original goals. As the number of players is unlimited, the complexity of the games being played can increase without limit and the original point of the games can be lost in the shuffle.

Having pieces (bodies) with finite lifetimes adds to the complexity of the game of life. The game can be infinite, but your chosen pieces must be swapped out after a while and new strategies must be employed.

I see spirits who played grand roles in ancient history choosing to re-emerge in a role with great handicaps just to prove that they have what it takes to succeed under all conditions. A great leader with a stunning history of victories can choose to re-emerge as a crippled native boy or girl from a primitive culture to prove to himself that he can overcome all obstacles.

You can get the idea from these session observations that winning the great game is what is important and the body you use is just a tool for playing the game effectively.

Unfortunately, for many of the players I have met, the purpose of the great game has been lost over the eons and their attention is stuck on the impermanence and condition of the body they are running.

Most of us are no longer players in a great game. We have become the pieces we were fielding. Over the eons, we have gone from gods to pawns and knights on the chessboard of life.


[This is a section out of my new Talking To Spirits book]

Yes there is and it has to do with your ability and willingness to treat your spiritual companions as “real people”.

I may have to repeat this several times before you get it, but spirits are exactly like you and I but for one reason or another they currently do not have bodies.

Spirit, ghost, haunt, specter, poltergeist, psyche, soul, entity, wraith, shade, phantasm, apparition are merely different names for a spiritual being.

You are a spiritual being who is currently running a body. You are surrounded by spiritual beings who do not have bodies at this time.

When you talk to spirits, you are talking to beings like yourself and they have all of the capabilities and defects that you have. You communicate with them using telepathy and they have a wealth of information they can share with you.

There is no difference in talking to your departed grandmother or President Lincoln. If either being happens to be in attendance, you can strike up a conversation with them if you mind your manners and have a topic in which they are interested.

Some people fail spectacularly at talking to spirits because they are trying to order them around as if these spirits are some sort of inferior beast. Talking to spirits is the polar opposite to exorcism.

Exorcists are trained to view spirits as devils or evil creatures which is patently ridiculous. Spirits can find themselves in a bad way because of their past experiences, but none are intrinsically evil, just not in their right minds. Later in this book we will discuss how you can talk to disturbed spiritual beings and bring them safely into present time where they can create new lives for themselves.

If you view spirits as beings just like yourself but without a body, you will be operating in the correct state of mind to carry on conversations with these beings and to help them and receive help in return.

It does not really matter if the spirit you are talking to is a gangbanger who died in a drug bust a few years ago or was a Roman soldier who has been parked on an English hillside for a few thousand years. If you approach the being in a caring way with the intention of helping him orient himself to his current situation, you will find that you can converse on number of subjects and the being will wake up and find himself interested in participating in the 21st Century in a new role that fits his needs.

If you start thinking of these disembodied spirits as people who have gotten parked in time as a result of some serious incident, you will be approaching them in the proper spirit. They are immortal, just as you are, and they are capable of playing an infinite number of roles in contemporary society. All you have to do is wake them up with some caring communication and they will soon be raring to go and learn about surfing and mountain climbing and running business and raising families again.

You need to develop your skills at recognizing spirits when they are present and striking up conversations with them because you will be picking up spirits every time you visit a hospital or a battlefield or any place where spirits congregate. Your ability to converse with them makes it less likely that they will hang around you and leave you feeling depressed for no apparent reason.

Spirits are always around you and once you gain the ability to perceive them and chat with them about matters that concern them, you become cause over them and are able to guide them to find places where they can work out their destinies without imposing their confusions on you.

For those spirits who have a desire to help you, you will be able to guide them in working with you to achieve your goals. Most of the spirits I have encountered are ready to participate in life even though they are not interested in picking up a body.

These spirits find that working with a person who is aware of them and can communicate with them satisfies their needs for action and at the same time lets them take advantage of the freedoms that go with being a free spirit. They can work with you as they see fit and they are still free to roam the universe in search of information and beauty.

When you accumulate a group of these spirits, you are in touch with activities all over the world and have the potential to spread your influence through them as well.

Spirits are definitely real people and they have abilities that your other friends do not have. They are an amazing asset when you know how to communicate with them.

What Does Talking To Spirits Have To Do With Managing Your Future?

You are surrounded by disembodied spirits every moment of the the day and they influence you through their thoughts and emotions. You can try to ignore these distracting thoughts and emotion by throwing yourself into work, but they are still out there and the effort to ignore them will eat away at your concentration.

If you are unable to talk to these spirits, you have no way to improve their state of mind and they remain fixed in an unchanging emotional state which is usually based on their last experience of life in a body.

You may try to shut these thoughts and emotions out with mood-altering drugs and alcohol, but eventually these thoughts and emotions can overwhelm you and the results are usually tragic. When we read about a talented writer or entertainer committing suicide, we see the results of not being able to handle the pressure of destructive thoughts and emotions.

When you are trained to talk to spirits, you can wake them up in a caring way and get them to realize that there is an endless future to look forward to which can include hope for creating a better life for themselves with or without a body.

Spirits can choose to go through endless cycles of life in different bodies, but some seem to prefer life as a disembodied spirit, possibly because of the freedom to be anywhere at any time. The one drawback has been the lack of easy communication with spirits who are occupying bodies.

Now that more of us are learning to communicate freely with disembodied spirits, we are seeing greater cooperative interaction between spirits in bodies and disembodied spirits. Spirits are immortal and they have all sorts of skills and information that they are willing to share with spirits who are running bodies when the circumstances allow that to happen.

If you are trained to perceive spiritual communication, and you communicate in a caring way with your spiritual companions, there is almost no limit to the opportunities you can take advantage of. Your spiritual companions can share their knowledge with you, they can do remote observations of events that are of interest to you, and they can influence others by interacting with the spiritual companions of these other people.

When you use your ability to talk with spirits, you are able to influence your spiritual companions to work cooperatively with you to achieve your goals. You are able to remove emotional barriers to progress that would otherwise stop you or discourage you from achieving your goals. When you are trained to talk to spirits, you are able to extend your managerial skills to the spirit world and enlist the support of beings with talents that complement yours.

Some of you may realize that this gives you the power to change your personality at will. People who have studied Spiritual Rescue Technology have demonstrated that they can achieve levels of performance that would not have seemed possible except through the ability to tailor their personality as needed to achieve their goals, and all of this is done through their ability to talk to spirits.

Talking to spirits enables you to create the future that is right for you.