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Inside A Spiritual Rescue Technology Counseling Session

I need to emphasize that Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) sessions are unlike any spiritual counseling sessions you will see elsewhere because we actually communicate with spirits as equals instead of commanding them or exorcising them. We are also communicating with several beings simultaneously during each session. We communicate with the client and with several of the beings who surround him and influence him. This is all done online in Zoom sessions.


In spite of this apparent complexity, many of you who use Spiritual Rescue Technology have found that once you grasp the idea of what we are dealing with and that we are helping beings like us, you are able to rescue them from incredibly damaging incidents through a calm discussion of what happened to them.

What I haven’t discussed with many of you until now is the fact that in almost every session, I can become each being I am talking to and I share their goals and dreams, and their sorrows when I do this. This is an ability that everyone had at one point and either lost it or shut it off because it was too uncomfortable.

When you go out of communication with someone and blame them for the separation, it is very easy to make them into an “other” and withdraw any admiration from them. Cutting yourself off from any being lessens you. Cutting yourself off from many beings lessens your life force and damages you permanently. It has been written that you are as alive as you can communicate and this is absolutely true. Choosing not to communicate damages you and lessens those who you might communicate with.

If you are willing to communicate with someone and put your attention in their space, eventually you will see their intentions and share their viewpoints. You can achieve a co-beingness that is hard to describe unless you have experienced it but this state will change you and the person you are sharing space with.

The reason this state is difficult to achieve is that many of us have great difficulty reaching a state of understanding with ourselves. This comes back to the great problem of living on this planet in that we are never alone and are never operating without the influence and control of other spirits. Our personality aspects which show up on some modern tests are merely the reflection of the different spirits that comprise who we think we are.

Unless you fully embrace the understanding that you are actually a group of spirits acting in unison and understand who is contributing to your group, you will have difficulty merging yourselves with another person and their crowd of contributing beings. Once you know who you are, it becomes easier to look into another person’s space and see who they are. Knowing who you are requires that all of you in the group are operating in present time. When this is occurring, you are acting in harmony.

A group of beings is rarely acting in harmony unless the group has been working to achieve harmony through aligned actions. Quite often there are beings who are in the group and do not recognize their responsibility as a group member. These non-aligned beings react to environmental stimuli as though they were totally on their own because their attention is still stuck on past events which have essentially hypnotized them. If these non-aligned beings perceive an action as a threat, they can respond violently, all out of proportion to the action.

A Spiritual Rescue Technology session is not tightly structured although there are elements necessary for any caring communication. As a counselor, I have to be fully present as a safe terminal and have my attention on the person I am helping and on the spirits surrounding and interacting with that person.

My communication is not limited to the client’s body, it has to include all of the beings in the person’s space. That means my attention must include the beings in the client’s space and within his body. If my attention excludes any of these beings, it creates an upset as beings do not like being ignored. Any communication I make has to include all beings who wish to participate in the discussion including the beings who are presenting themselves as the personality of the client I am helping.

I have run experiments in my weekly workshops where I directed my attention to some spirits and excluded others. It was very apparent from the reactions of the ignored spirits that unfocused or misdirected attention interfered with any attempts to work with the client and his spirits. Paying attention to all parties in the discussion produced smoother sessions and faster results.

Before I start a session I meditate until I know my spiritual companions are operating in harmony with me. We do not start a session until we know what we are about to do and have our attention in present time. I would be doing a client a great disservice if I started a session while my attention was still stuck on another matter.

At the beginning of the session, I make myself aware of what the client and his spirits have their attention on. If the client or his spirits have attention on something other than getting into session, I will bring it up and handle whatever distraction exists before attempting to deliver a counseling session. If the client has attention on something that is affecting him spiritually, I make that the target of our initial session activities.

During a session, I address the client and his spiritual companions. I have the client perceive the responses produced by his spiritual companions and relay them to me. In this way, the client develops their telepathic skills without having to relay my comment to their spirits. In other schools of spiritual counseling, the client is asked to give commands and requests to their spirits and relay the results. This tends to frustrate the client’s spirits because they have already heard the command or request when it is given to the client.

I could handle the entire communication myself as I can perceive what the spirits are saying, but involving the client in the communication gives him certainty as to what the spirit is doing and saying. Furthermore, the action of participating in the communication develops the client’s telepathic abilities and sets him up for doing solo sessions with his spirits at any time he chooses.

My intention in providing spiritual counseling using SRT is to teach the client how to work with his spirits without requiring a counselor to facilitate communication. Most of my clients graduate to being able to communicate freely with their spirits and only employ me when they run into a situation they can’t deal with.

You should all be aware of the fact that you are picking up new spirits every day with every person you contact and every place you visit that has an emotional impact on you. When you visit a hospital you come home with recently deceased spirits who consider you a free ride to get out of the hospital. This can happen when you visit a cemetery also.

Knowing how to run a solo SRT session will keep you sane and stable as long as you remember to initiate a session whenever you feel emotionally drained or discouraged. It may seem disparaging, but your spiritual companions can be like barnacles because they continually accumulate unless you communicate with them and set them free or recruit them to do something useful.

When you learn to recruit the helpful spirits and put them to work assisting you with your current projects, you will find your life is filled with purpose and you get results with very little effort.

When I finally publish my new book, Working With Spirits, you will have a complete set of tools for recruiting and managing helpful spirits. If this is something you are interested in, I will be happy to send you a review copy for your comments.

Free Workshop – 10-12-18 – How Do I know I am Not Imagining The Voices In My Head

Answering this question will take a multi-part effort. We will begin by discussing our relationship with our spiritual companions in this workshop and see if we can frame an answer to the following question posed by Derek Spies.

Derek Spies asks a marvelous question, “One thing I have not quite understood from SRT is how the concept of being a composite being meshes with this sense of “I” that I have and live with. If I am actually an aggregate of beings, then is the sense of “I” that I operate day to day with like a false illusion of sorts?

My answer to this is a recounting of the process I used to compose a worthy response:

My spiritual partners are almost always active so I get a sense of harmonics when I engage in creative thought. I think to myself, “I need to write an article to describe this phenomenon that Derek is asking about.”

I get an immediate echo overlaying that thought, like an overtone. “We need to include that in the next workshop.”

Almost immediately, I get another response, “Lets expand it a bit and cover the Sunday webinar.”

Two more voices chime in with, “How can a spiritual conversation be an illusion? Only if someone considers spirits to be imaginary! (feelings of laughter)”

No one has interrupted or tried to block the communication. Instead, they are adding different vibrations o the original theme. We are a chorus with individual voices who break out into new ideas frequently, but the main thrust is a well modulated chorus which speaks for all of us. When there is spiritual dissension, as sometimes happens when I am speaking to a group, I find them interrupting me with examples that break the flow of the original idea.

We have decided to take Derek’s question up in tomorrow’s workshop so that others can share their perception of what their spiritual companions are contributing to their thoughts and actions.

We need a better way of communicating what happens when you have a conversation with spirits and a workshop will allow us to collect enough viewpoints to present a coherent view of the process. Then we can address the issue of whether the spiritual communication is coming from beings who are a part of us or from independent beings.

Here are some of the points I hope we can illuminate:

What do your thoughts sound like? (Feel like?)

Can you recognize your thoughts and differentiate them from thoughts form another source?

Do you perceive all thoughts as having the same sound and emotion?

If you can identify thoughts from other sources, can you differentiate between them?

Do you get emotions (feelings) from the thoughts you perceive?

Do stray thoughts ever keep you awake at night? What are the emotions in those thoughts?

When you receive thoughts, do they occur while you are having thoughts or do they wait for an opening?

Do some thoughts come from inside your head and others from outside your body or from far away?

Join me Saturday, October 12th, at 12 noon EST using this link:

Free Workshop 2-23-19 – Other People’s Spirits

We have been discussing various topics recently that deserve a concerted viewing by a group of us all at once. I would like for us to discuss the following topics and see what we know that we have not shared with each other.


  1. What are the signs that a walk-in has happened?
  2. If I was a walk-in, how would I know?
  3. Are memories and mental image pictures different before and after a walk-in has occurred?
  4. If we are walk-ins, have our responsibilities changed?
  5. What if someone in your family is a walk-in, how can you help them fit in or leave?
  6. Why is someone a walk-in, instead of picking up a baby body?
  7. When is it ethical to become a walk-in?
  8. Does being a walk-in mean you will have bad karma?
  9. Being a walk-in is an example of merging identities. How does that affect your future?

Remote Viewing/Healing/Handling

  1. Barriers to viewing another person’s space without being invited
  2. Reasons for visiting another person’s space without being invited
  3. Who is it alright to view?
  4. Who should not be viewed?
  5. Suppose we were to visit some very important people and observe who surrounds them in their spiritual space?
  6. Could we do that with a caring reach and withdraw without commenting while we were in their space and occupying their viewpoints?
  7. What could we learn while visiting a set of important people that could help them?
  8. What could we learn while visiting a set of important people that could help us as a group and as individuals?
  9. Could we learn enough to have a positive effect on people in important roles?
  10. Under what conditions should we attempt to have a positive effect on these people?

Join me at 12 noon today on Zoom using this link:

I look forward to seeing you there.

The Most Likely Reason You Cannot Perceive Spirits

After years of working with some very dedicated people, I have discovered a reason they cannot perceive spirits except in unusual circumstances.

They are continually being overwhelmed by spiritual chatter and cannot detect individual messages except under unusual circumstances.

Upon inspection, it appears that they have no concept of what it means to experience spiritual silence. They experience spiritual chatter as other people experience tinnitus, a continuous inflow of thoughts which they cannot seem to control. (Tinnitus is the hearing of sound when no external sound is present. )

One should learn to meditate or to train one’s attention until one can experience spiritual silence. Just sitting quietly and being there without thinking will do this after many hours of practice. Once you have experienced spiritual silence, then you will be able to recognize thoughts that are yours and those that are not yours.

The people I have observed who seem to be spiritually deaf are simply overwhelmed and cannot pick out communication directed at them from the incessant spiritual noise they are buried in.

If you have difficulty detecting spirits, make sure you are not simply buried in spiritual noise. Meditate until you can detect spiritual silence and then try contacting spirits.

Free Workshop 2-16-19 on Waking Up Your Sleeping Dragons

You have probably all discovered that opening up your collection of spirits and setting them free is not without unexpected surprises. After all, we are doing what Ron Hubbard described as opening up the reactive mind and more ancient philosophers described as opening Pandora’s Box.

What I have observed in my life and in others is a period of resurgence where one seems to regain lost powers and things move at an accelerated pace with hardly any effort at all. This seem to follow a series of major realizations and life becomes almost effortless.

Almost unnoticed at first was the feeling of superiority over others who seemed to be mired in negative emotions and needless anxiety. A gradual loss of empathy for others would creep in and in my case my attitude toward others was far more unsympathetic than before. It was like I saw my closest friends in a different way than before if they were emotionally affected by events.

It took a while before I recognized that I had new beings helping me through life and they acted like efficiency experts rather than trusted teammates. Yes, they helped me become more efficient, but they had little compassion. They were materially changing the way I interacted with others!

Now that I am sensitized to them, I find that removing them is a continuing job. Every major spiritual growth spurt seems to uncover new spirits who want to help, but in their own way. The major indicator of their presence is a loss of compassion for people who have made mistakes and are in trouble and a complete lack of patience with people doing stupid things.

If not detected and handled properly, they can change the course of a person’s life and cause them to individuate from the group that has been flowing power to them and raising their awareness.

If you find yourself walking around with “La Marseillaise” or “The Internationale” or the Horst Wessel Lied running through your mind, you may already have woken some sleeping dragons. It may be time to have a chat with them.

Join me Saturday, 2-16-19, for a free workshop on Zoom using this link:

It should be an informative workshop.

Free SRT Workshop 2-2-19 – What About the Hidden Secrets of the Universe?

This is your reading assignment:

The important result of a spiritual counseling session is the restoration of awareness and free will to the beings we are helping. Uncovering the hidden secrets of the universe is a minor benefit when it occurs. It should never overshadow freeing beings from the traps they have gotten themselves into.

Some people new to Spiritual Rescue Technology have spent years seeking secrets of the universe and will bring up esoteric subjects like Reptilians, Anunnaki , shapeshifters, Akhashic Records, and dream theory at the drop of a hat.

You can spend years exploring systems of science, psychology, philosophy, spirituality and religion and accumulating this esoteric knowledge without being able to change a person’s personality or setting a single being free.

What is the value of hidden secrets and vast scary conspiracies if you cannot run them down to their original sources? Secret knowledge that cannot be applied to make someone more able and more successful is not of much value.

We know one of the great secrets of the universe and that is the observable fact that spirits influence us and even control us every day. We also know how we can talk to these spirits using caring communication and free ourselves from the effect they have on our behavior and our lives.

In the process of communicating with these spirits, we can uncover horrifying ongoing schemes that exceed anything ever documented in recorded history. Most of these schemes have been going on long before Earth was populated and they affect other galaxies and other dimensions. Almost all of these schemes show the insanity that people in bodies exhibit when they are under the control of other beings.

If you can help spirits by rescuing them from their insanity, you can be a source of sanity that will help any being who contacts you. Learning, using, and teaching Spiritual Rescue Technology is the only method I know of overcoming the insanity that infests this planet. It brings spiritual beings in to present time using caring communication alone.

We will discuss this reading assignment and I will deliver a session to a volunteer and his selected spirit.

Join me tomorrow at 12 noon using this link:


It is so much a fact of life that it is hard to imagine being able to identify a goal and then proceeding to achieve it without any detours.

It is so prevalent that I feel that almost all of us suffer from being unable to go from point A to a different point B without unnecessary detours.

We suffer from this daily this in diversion from small goals, as well as in diversion from greater goals.

Two days ago I left my office to get a trash bag from the utility room and I ended up emptying the cat’s litter box and forgot about the trash bag until an hour later. One of my personal spiritual assistants derailed me from my original errand to handle a neglected litter box.

In reviewing this later, the shocking thing was not that I was reprogrammed on the fly to handle a neglected task, it was that the original task was obliterated and had to be manually recovered later. In a few cases, the original task was not discovered until many days or weeks later.

In larger goals, the situation is much the same. I had a new prospect contact me for a free session after reading my book and when I responded within the hour by email, she did not respond for several days.

I responded immediately again with no response from her for 12 hours and she apologized, but she had gotten distracted.

After several more emails, we set a time for a free session and she sent me an email just before session saying she had forgotten some errands she had to run. I finally looked in her space and, of course, she had a being who kept blocking her from taking any kind of action to change her life.

Now, she had already read that part of the new book, pages 159 and 176, so when I indicated that she was being distracted by a spirit, she agreed and is really trying to get with me for a session. That was two days ago and I have not heard from her so the distracting spirit is still in charge.

We will see what happens when I write a new letter directly to the spirit. That may be what it takes.

Join me tomorrow for our free webinar where will will discuss spirits and how to tell if one is real or only something you are mocking up. Use this link at 12 noon EDT.





You can buy an electronic version of my new book, Talking To Spirits, by using this link:

If you are subscribed to Kindle Unlimited you can borrow the book at no cost.

I expect to have the paperback version available by mid-January

How To Read Akashic Records Like An Expert – Part Three

The Akashic Records contains every thought, emotion, intention, and effort of every being’s existence. A being who spent 40 years in quiet meditation would probably leave a quiet record of peaceful thoughts, where a tormented soul might leave a record filled with incidents of screaming rage and incessant pain.

Almost anyone who can receive thoughts can detect Akashic Records containing lots of emotion. When these people are around friends who are not doing well, they are almost compelled to ask, “Is everything all right? Are you OK?”

Some spiritual counselors can read a client’s Akashic Records like a book. More expert counselors can tell whether the Akashic Record belongs to the person or one of the spirits who accompany the person through life. A non-judgmental discussion of the emotionally charged incident will usually cause a release of attention and the person no longer will have stuck attention on the incident.

A Spiritual Rescue Technology counselor is able to engage the troubled spirit in discussion about the incident he is fixated on and to resolve any issues and confusions that has trapped his attention on that moment in time. Once the spirit is able to take his attention off the incident that overwhelmed him, his free will returns and he is able to operate fully in present time.

The Spiritual Rescue Technology counselor is able to see when the being is freed from the incident because the being is no longer continually creating that incident.

When an SRT counselor looks at a client who is not operating fully in present time, he sees that the client and some of his beings have attention on some incident that is not part of the current present time environment. Simply asking what the person’s attention is stuck on will often bring the incident into view where it can be handled in session.

The spiritual universe becomes much more comprehensible when you consider it to be composed of Akashic Records, all being continually created by the beings in the spiritual universe. It offers the promise that any action anywhere can be recovered and analyzed if the seeker of information can raise their awareness sufficiently.

We have already demonstrated that Akashic Records extend into the future and can be accessed by those who are sufficiently trained, so this opens the door to understanding how to manage the future to accomplish what you want. Managing future events will be discussed in the next section, “How To Read Akashic Records Like An Expert – Part Four.”

Updated Preface for New Book, “Talking To Spirits”

Several conversations with Alka Madan have convinced me that I have not sufficiently defined what a spirit is. She made me realize that I may have left some of you in confusion on this vital matter and that could make you uncertain of how to use Spiritual Rescue Technology.

I am posting a revised preface which may give you a better idea of what we are dealing with. Feel free to post comments and questions.


There are hundreds of books written by people who claim to have had encounters with spirits, and after reading quite a few of them I found it was easier to get accurate information about spiritual behavior by talking directly to spirits myself.

Everything in this book comes from my conversations with spiritual beings during thousands of counseling sessions. You will see material here which you will not see anywhere else.

I teach you how to communicate with spirits in this book and once you learn how to do this, you will be able to confirm for yourself what I have written here.

The first thing you need to understand is that you, yourself, are an immortal spirit who is currently running a body.

What is a Spirit? The best definition I can give you at this time is that you are a living thought.

All spirits are living thoughts. The spiritual universe is a universe of thoughts.

To restate what I said earlier, you are a living thought running a physical body. You are immortal. Your body is not.

You are surrounded by immortal spiritual beings who are much like you, but for one reason or another do not have bodies at this time.

This book is about the many ways these spirits influence and control you.

There are many different names for spirits, but they are merely different names for spiritual beings. They are not different types of beings.

Some of the names for these spiritual beings include: ghost, demon, haunt, specter, poltergeist, psyche, soul, entity, body thetan, wraith, shade, phantasm, and apparition. They are actually just beings with different experiences.

To keep things as simple as possible, in this book they are all called spirits or spiritual beings.

In these thousands of sessions with spirits I discovered what help they truly wanted and what information they were willing to share.

These sessions were friendly conversations rather than formal interviews and yet I was able to discover that spirits are an inexhaustible source of information about anything that beings have ever done anywhere.

Once you start talking to spirits, you will find that spirits will continuously present you with more data than you expect.

After reading this book, you will be able to verify for yourself anything you read or hear about spirits or immortality.