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Are You Setting Yourself Up To Be Taken Over by Other Beings – Part Five


When I mention “Talking to Spirits”, many people think first of communicating with departed spouses and parents. The vast population of spirits who accompany us through life does include ancestors as well as departed pets and children.

Anyone who has run SRT sessions has also encountered spirits who were Viking warriors, Indian chiefs, Aztec priests, cutthroats, highwaymen, beggars and thieves of all kinds.

Then there are the coldblooded people who enslaved millions and torched planets in earlier times when they were not forcing beings to wear machine bodies and raise babies for food.

Civilizations seem to become so organized over time that independent thought was a luxury it could not afford and various ways were employed to ensure that beings thought only in controlled ways.

Life in some of these civilizations was so hard that cannibalism and other unhappy practices prevailed. We all carry beings around who still have vivid memories of those days. The only reason we are still sane is if they are safely sleeping. When they are awakened, we get the Jeffrey Dahmers. the John Wayne Gacys, and the Ted Bundys.

If we are selectively searching for a pattern of behavior as in an SRT session, we can resurrect one of these monsters without harm and can handle the drives that made him infamous and turn him loose to live a better life. If we stir such a being up by careless experimentation or drug use, we are essentially raising a demon who can stealthily take control and bring us great harm.

There are also beings who form the basis of the great conspiracy theories and who worked on long range plans for planetary control of long dead civilizations. Workers of the occult like Aleister Crowley craved the kind of inspiration that such beings could offer. Hubbard was a student of Crowley’s and seemed to have similar dreams at one time.

If you are looking for unlimited and unspeakable power, there are beings who have exercised such power and the unwary pilgrim can find himself possessed by such a being. Hitler was a student of the occult during his rise to power. Who knows where he found his ideas for world domination?

The point I am trying to make is that the spiritual universe is like a vast abyss and we can barely imagine what lies in the depths. Casually throwing out a line to see what we can pull in is a sure way to catch something seriously and possibly fatally unpleasant.

Working the shallows of the spiritual universe and carefully handling beings who are directly influencing our lives has been proven successful for many years.

If a being is affecting us at some level and can be detected in an SRT session, we have ways to wake the being up and restore his responsibility level so that he does not persist in his earlier ways. We save a being and we make the world a better place for all when we do this. As we increase our knowledge, we can widen our influence on contemporary life.

We are lighting candles in the darkness and it will take a lot of time to illuminate the distant corners of our current universe, but if we don’t do this, who can?

Tune in to our next part, Are You Setting Yourself Up To Be Taken Over by Other Beings – Part Six where we discuss some strategies for stabilizing our gains and expanding our control over the spiritual universe.

Are You Setting Yourself Up To Be Taken Over by Other Beings? – Part Four


Possession sounds like something out of a Steven King novel, but the uncomfortable truth is that all of the people you know are being influenced by the spirits around them and some of them spend hours every day being run by beings who have taken over control of their lives.

Fortunately most of these beings have been running the person since birth so the changes in behavior are almost invisible. The being supposedly in charge of the body handles most of the everyday traffic and the “hidden copilot” takes over when life gets stressful.

You will see this when a person is challenged in some way, as in being made wrong for something they said or did. The person’s mood will change and their physical appearance will change and they will act in a way to deflect or rebut the challenge. Sometimes they will go into propitiation or act harmless so they will not be hurt.

Try talking politics or any other controversial subject to a stranger and you will usually see an alternate personality be presented as the “political argument being” takes over. Some people delight in unleashing their “inner monster” when life frustrates them. Their inner monster handles situations that they cannot handle with their regular personality.

One of the signs that another being is running the person is that when the emergency is over, the person will have no memory of what they said or did during the stressful episode.

For most people, the switch from self control to being run by another being is so well practiced that only the most alert observer will notice what has happened. For some the shift is more visible.

I had a boss at one time who had a real problem paying people money and he would switch from his usual frank and friendly manner to a defiant and blatant liar when asked for a payment. His memory of these events was amazingly spotty which made it frustrating to work with him.

It is not only sessions that will restimulate beings who can cause you trouble. Your choice of literature and videos and friends will awaken some of your beings who have not given you trouble before. If you watch horror movies, or pornography or snuff movies or anything particularly degrading, you keep nudging the sleeping beings we all have buried deep in our unconscious and they will rise out of their sleep and give you nightmares and and even daytime nightmares. Once a being has woken up, it only takes the right circumstance and he can take over and make you life a complete horror show.

If you are troubled by degrading or horrifying thoughts, handle the source of these thoughts in session before the being causes you permanent harm when your guard is down. The same is true for troubling dreams. These are produced for your viewing pleasure by some of your spiritual companions. Do not let them persist or these companions can ruin your life when you least expect it.

Talking to spirits in the right way will give you control over your spiritual existence. Careless or unwise spiritual experimentation can open the door to overwhelm by nightmare creatures who are more dangerous than anything you can envision.

Tune in for our next episode, Are You Setting Yourself Up To Be Taken Over by Other Beings – Part Five

Are You Setting Yourself Up To Be Taken Over by Other Beings? – Part Three


Before we go any further, I should explain why Spiritual Rescue Technology SRT processing can safely be done on raw public when somewhat similar processes used by other groups need years of preparation and training before they can be done without causing a psychotic break.

SRT processing is a deceptively simple conversational style process that introduces the new person to telepathy quite gently. The counselor asks the being a question and the new person has been prepared to voice the first thoughts that come to his mind in response to the question. The first questions are usually framed so they can be answered with a simple yes or no.

Counselor: “Is it all right if I talk to you?”

Being telepathically speaking to the client: “Yes”

Counselor: “How long have you been with client?”

Being: “All his lifetime”

The client usually takes to the idea of having someone else’s thoughts in his head with some excitement. He relays the beings thoughts without editing them and it sounds to others as if he is originating the words. As the session proceeds, the client finds he can get more thoughts and images from the being. By the end of the session, he has a good idea of what the being’s life and death was like.

In other groups, there is a great deal of training that does not mention spirits at all. In many cases, the first time the poor subject does a session he does it solo and is deluged with thoughts and voices in his head during the session and long afterwards. Furthermore the person is forbidden to discussing his session so he is buried in mystery. He is instructed to get rid of the spirit and not to talk to him. He rarely has any idea of who the being was or was like.

The bottom line is that SRT processing is done on a conversational level with the spirit or group of spirits and each process is done to a release point before other spirits are engaged. Caring communication ensures that the spirits are helped to come awake and encouraged to exercise their free will all during the session. Communication is open and friendly with nothing enforced on the newly awakened beings.

The process is direct and to the point, but is done in a caring way that makes it easy for the being to respond. If there are additives to the process like off purpose questions and demands for information, the process will quickly come to a stop with the spirits refusing to cooperate. If the process turns into an interrogation of the being, all communication will stop and the telepathic bond will vanish. If a counselor or a solo counselor has no affinity for spirits, he will get no responses to his questions. Telepathy requires trust and a willingness to help and to be helped.

With caring communication, the chances of awakening a being and restimulating his most horrifying memories are extremely remote. A rough and impersonal interrogation of a newly awakened being can bring out the worst in him and he can hide from view until he decides how to handle the situation. The newly awakened being will bide his time and take control of the client’s life when the time is right. This spiritual possession can be quite stealthy and the client may not notice it until it is fully established.

In Are You Setting Yourself To Be Taken Over by Other Beings? – Part Four, we will discuss spiritual possession, how to recognize it, and how it works.

Are You Setting Yourself Up To Be Taken Over by Other Beings – Part Two


If you have been exposing yourself to overwhelm by hostile spirits without realizing you have been doing it, there are several things you can do to avoid this situation.

  1. When you communicate with spirits, use caring communication and make sure you complete all communication cycles before moving on to other spirits or groups of spirits.
  1. Handle one spirit or group of spirits at a time and keep your attention on those spirits when you are doing your handling.
  1. If you have to include another spirit or group of spirits in the discussion, make sure that the original spirit or group is OK with the inclusion. Keep your attention on all of the spirits that you are helping and do not let your attention disperse to other spirits or groups of spirits.
  1. Once you begin an SRT process on a spirit or group of spirits, stick to the standard process outline of finding the incident, finding what was done or not done to trigger the incident, finding the justification for what was done to a full release of charge.Do not diverge into an examination of the theory of cluster formation, or how the spiritual universe is connected to the physical universe, or how many alternate timelines are connected to the cluster you are examining. Handle the being or clusters of beings to a full release before starting any other action.
  1. When a being or a cluster has drawn your attention and the counselor asks you questions about the being or cluster, focus your attention on the being or cluster and not on all of the beings and clusters that are within your view. Over-reaching can be done when a person is not aware of the intensity of their attention. When a counselor says locate the beings or cluster that are saying a particular message, you do not reach out to all of eternity and look for every beings or cluster that is out there. Stay focused and you will not restimulate more beings than you are handling.
  1. The primary cause of over-restimulation is a lack of focus when locating and handling spirits. If you persist in waking up more spirits than you are handling, you will end up with spirits who have been disturbed and have not had their charge addressed.
  1. These spirits may be quite powerful and may be capable of taking control of you during session if you continue to agitate them without addressing their concerns. They can break into the session with complaints about the session and will interrupt any processing that is going on.
  1. As the host personality, you have the responsibility to assist the counselor in maintaining order during a process cycle. If you allow the spirit who being assisted to go off on interesting tangents, you will awaken more beings and will probably pull in mass as well.

There are other steps that should be taken to maintain control over your spiritual companions and we will take them up in Are You Setting Yourself To Be Taken Over by Other Beings? – Part Three.

Are You Setting Yourself Up To Be Taken Over by Other Beings? – Part One


I have recently discovered that a person can be exposing themselves to overwhelm by hostile spirits without realizing they are doing this to themselves.

The most important indicator is that their tone level is going down even with regular solo or counseling sessions. Session after session, they will have wins and then either at the end of session or afterwards, they suffer a relapse and feel discontented and unhappy about their prospects for getting better.

There may be many causes, but in all cases I have observed, there is one common theme that occurs again and again. The person wants to handle as many beings as possible as soon as possible and is not satisfied with handling one being or cluster at a time.

There is another indicator that is a bit more subtle, they do not seem to accumulate a growing cadre of trusted spiritual companions to ease their handling of life. They are constantly observing beings and clusters which are opposing them and the effect of these opposing forces does not seem to diminish.

Last of all, people at risk of being taken over do not progress out of the bottom ranges of this chart.

To learn how to avoid this situation, join me for part two of this series. If you have a concern that you are already being affected by this condition, give me a call and we can chat.