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Let’s Take A Closer Look At Non-Physical Phenomena

Non-physical phenomena is a huge field of study. My feeling is that most of the researchers have concentrated on the macro aspects of non-physical phenomena or how this phenomena has affected civilization.

I have been concentrating on the micro aspects of non-physical phenomena or how this phenomena affects human personality.

The interfaces between the non-physical universe and the physical universe are many and varied and hundreds of individuals have managed to connect with the non-physical universe and write about it. I am a latecomer to this area and have managed to learn how to teach others to contact the spiritual universe at will, but focused mainly on communicating with the spirits that affect us directly.

The larger aspects of exploring the non-physical or spiritual universe have been extensively documented by many and there are hundreds of works by people as varied as Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Cayce, L Ron Hubbard, Andrew Jackson Davis, Cora Hatch, and Nikola Tesla. Recently, I have been following the work of Laurence R Spencer, author of Alien Interview and many other books on the interaction of spirits and civilization.

A religious movement called Spiritualism is based on the belief that the spirits of the dead exist and have both the ability and the inclination to communicate with the living. A study of this movement will keep you occupied for hours. My first exposure to spiritual communication occurred at a meeting of spiritualists in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

I chose to focus on the information that could be gained from communicating with immortal beings in private sessions. I first sought to help the beings whose pain and distress was affecting the lives of people I knew. After some time, I learned that many of these beings were actually trying to help the people who were being adversely affected by the beings. Their effort to help were hampered by the fact that the beings were emotionally crippled by their past painful experiences.

As my research continued, I found that beings could be recruited to help a person and this activity would give the person enhanced abilities to analyze situations and create solutions that were far beyond what could be normally expected. It appears that having spirits with intentions aligned to yours produces superior results with no apparent effort on your part.

People could attract paying clients, resolve thorny issues, create solutions and write books with no apparent effort. The effect is uniformly “magical” because there is no counter-intention and everything falls into place as expected.

Further research showed that a person’s personality was malleable as it was the joint effort of many different beings acting on the person in his daily life. Our research showed how the person in charge could actually take charge and control the actions of the beings that were working on his behalf.

He or she could conceive of an ideal scene for some aspect of their life and actually take steps to achieve that ideal scene in a relatively short time. As a result the person could gain control over his or her future.

As the person gained confidence in their ability to communicate with spirits, they gained the ability to reach out to others and to help their spirits and heal their bodies. This brought them into contact with all sorts of other spiritual phenomena and has broadened our areas of research regarding our personal interfaces to the non-physical spirit world.

If you think of non-physical phenomena as the result of many personal interfaces to the spirit world, you can understand the importance of further research on the behavior of our personal interfaces to the spiritual realm. All of the data needed to resolve the larger problems of civilization can be accessed through communication with spirits that are already available to you.

As you attempt to create new ideal scenes, you will be presented with a multitude of reasons why such a scene is not possible or unwise. Identifying and resolving those barriers will give you answers to why previous civilizations have failed. Resolving the barrier will give you welcome release, but the data you will gain is priceless.

All of this is possible without outside help if you only continue to communicate with your spiritual companions using caring communication.

Join me for a weekend of discussion and session on the topics of spirits affecting civilizations or individual personalities.

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Webinar Today 1-26-2020 on Handling Spiritual Problems You Pick Up From Family and Friends

We will discuss the implications of idly wondering about our friends who are not doing well. This is almost like doing counseling out of session and it comes with a risk we need to fully understand.

If you are worrying about your friends, you can wake up some of your friend’s spirits and they will come and join you to share their feelings and their woes. As a result, you will start feeling aches and pains you are not familiar with and you will experience emotions that will be truly challenging as they may be quite new to you and you may feel helpless to make them stop.

This is more common than realized and occurs when you are idly wondering without following a purposeful line of inquiry.

This is a serious enough problem that I would like to discuss the necessary handlings with you in this weeks webinar.

If you can, join me Sunday, 1-26-2020 for a paid webinar at 12 noon EDT using this link:

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I Kid You Not – I Woke Up Feeling Human This Morning

It was a terrible feeling, even though it only lasted a half hour. I have not felt this way for many years, so it was a matter of concern, until I spotted what I was doing to cause it.

We will be doing a workshop and a webinar on this topic as I was able to experience the hopelessness as well as the physical discomfort and pain while the experience lasted.

I want to acknowledge the courage you all exhibit when you continue to work me on developing SRT solutions to this kind of misery. I will never abandon you as long as you give me a chance to help you.

Our spiritual companions have more surprises for us, even as we master the steps of using caring communication to free them from their long periods of suffering.

We will discuss the implications of idly wondering about our friends who are not doing well. This is almost like doing counseling out of session and it comes with a risk we need to fully understand.

When you allow your attention to drift from topic to topic and are trying to figure out what is going on, you are essentially asking, “Why is this happening?” and “Why is that happening?” and “Could it be this or that?” without following a purposeful line of inquiry.

If you are worrying about yourself, you will wake up some of your spirits who have been quietly unconscious and they can go into full blown restimulation. You either do some solo sessions or you will need to call in help from someone else.

If you are worrying about your friends, the problem can be more subtle. You can wake up some of your friend’s spirits and they will come and join you to share their feelings and their woes. As a result, you will start feeling aches and pains you are not familiar with and you will experience emotions that will be truly challenging as they may be quite new to you and you may feel helpless to make them stop.

This is a serious enough problem that I would like to discuss the necessary handlings with you in this weeks free workshop and webinar.

Join me Saturday, 1-25-2020 for a free workshop at 12 noon EDT using the usual link:

If you can, join me Sunday, 1-26-2020 for a paid webinar at 12 noon EDT using this link:

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Video of Workshop 9-21-19 – Recognizing and Handling Curses

This video is free online and you can stream this video by using this link:

This video is about recognizing curses when you encounter them and also contains instructions for lifting curses.

A curse is a many-faceted thing. A person can do something evil or merely stupid and end up cursed and suffer incredible torment or a long series of losses. This can affect a person who has done no evil this lifetime.

Lifting a curse produces enormous relief for the spirits involved and the person afflicted with the curse. It only takes one session to lift a curse with Spiritual Rescue Technology counseling.

You Can Have More Than One Sleeping Dragon

I am sure you don’t want to hear this, but we discovered a sleeping dragon attached to a client who had already located and handled an earlier sleeping dragon.

The warning signs were the same as with all of the earlier sleeping dragon appearances. I will repeat them here so you can commit them to memory:

1. The client experiences a strong feeling of increased power and intention and realizes that all of the earlier barriers have fallen away.

2. The client experiences a significant drop in empathy for those who do not fully support them. They will discard old friends and groups they have been part of without a second thought. Their personality has changed and they have no sympathy for those who do not understand their new goals.

Sleeping Dragons are powerful beings who are dormant for some reason. They can remain dormant for many years without awakening. They can be awakened in several ways:

1. The host person can be confronted with a crisis that cannot be handled with their usual responses to life. As the crisis escalates, the sleeping dragon wakes up and takes over and changes how the person behaves until the crisis is handled. Sometimes the dragon stays awake for an extended period, like months or even years.

2. The person can receive SRT counseling concerning a different being on a topic that is important to the sleeping dragon. The being who is addressed will cognite and be freed from his compulsion, but the dragon will wake up and will cause the host to become disturbed and uncertain because they will not know where the upset is coming from. If the counselor is not watching the clients indicators, he may miss the fact that the client is not showing the expected signs of great relief that indicates a successful session.

The session was successful in handling the being who needed help, but the dragon was restimulated by the topic addressed and was not spotted and handled. Any time the tone level of a session drops after rising in response to counseling, the counselor needs to look for the possibility that another being has been triggered by the session. If a counselor keeps his attention focused on the being he is handling, this minimizes the possibility that other beings will be restimulated. However, if particular topic is highly charged, there is a possibility that more than one being will be restimulated.

If the clients indicators are not very good, there is the possibility that another being is sitting in restimulation. Locating and handling this being promptly will minimize the possibility of a sleeping dragon incident. If the client is not handled promptly, there is the possibility that the dragon will take over and remove the client from the counseling environment.

Make every effort to put the client back in control as soon as a sleeping dragon is spotted. Once a client recognizes the danger of possession by a sleeping dragon, he will be more likely to spot this before it is too late.

Free Workshop 2-16-19 on Waking Up Your Sleeping Dragons

You have probably all discovered that opening up your collection of spirits and setting them free is not without unexpected surprises. After all, we are doing what Ron Hubbard described as opening up the reactive mind and more ancient philosophers described as opening Pandora’s Box.

What I have observed in my life and in others is a period of resurgence where one seems to regain lost powers and things move at an accelerated pace with hardly any effort at all. This seem to follow a series of major realizations and life becomes almost effortless.

Almost unnoticed at first was the feeling of superiority over others who seemed to be mired in negative emotions and needless anxiety. A gradual loss of empathy for others would creep in and in my case my attitude toward others was far more unsympathetic than before. It was like I saw my closest friends in a different way than before if they were emotionally affected by events.

It took a while before I recognized that I had new beings helping me through life and they acted like efficiency experts rather than trusted teammates. Yes, they helped me become more efficient, but they had little compassion. They were materially changing the way I interacted with others!

Now that I am sensitized to them, I find that removing them is a continuing job. Every major spiritual growth spurt seems to uncover new spirits who want to help, but in their own way. The major indicator of their presence is a loss of compassion for people who have made mistakes and are in trouble and a complete lack of patience with people doing stupid things.

If not detected and handled properly, they can change the course of a person’s life and cause them to individuate from the group that has been flowing power to them and raising their awareness.

If you find yourself walking around with “La Marseillaise” or “The Internationale” or the Horst Wessel Lied running through your mind, you may already have woken some sleeping dragons. It may be time to have a chat with them.

Join me Saturday, 2-16-19, for a free workshop on Zoom using this link:

It should be an informative workshop.

Are You Still Looking For Magical Solutions To Your Financial Problems?

By magical solutions, I mean hitting the lottery or the local casino for a big score. These are opposed to workable solutions which involve getting a job or landing a contract that enables you to pay off your debts.

First of all, if you have financial problems, they probably started when you first began spending more than you were taking in as wages or other compensation. Something in your personality allowed you to continue in this direction with the hope that something would work out somehow and let you catch up with your obligations.

You can try all you want to change this pattern, but nothing is going to change until you recognize this is a spiritual problem. I work with clients every week who are great people, but they are still struggling financially until they spot the spiritual trap they are in and actually handle the specific cause of their financial difficulties.

I am not going to bore you with the details, but there is a spiritual difference between (A) the person who cannot make friends and has trouble getting hired or making sales and (B) the person who makes friends easily and makes money.

If you are in Category (A) and want to be in category (B), you need spiritual help that actually deals with the trap you are in. Chanting and prayers will take your attention off your problems, but will not solve them.

Webinar 10-28-18 – Beings You Cannot Handle By Yourself

I have been encouraging you to talk with your spiritual companions for some time now and I feel I may have set some of you up for losses, because in reviewing my session results it is apparent that there are several groups of beings who cannot be handled in a solo session.

1. Beings who make you go unconscious.
2. Spirits who take control of your actions whenever they feel threatened with exposure.
3. Beings who have developed a strategy to keep you distracted and off balance so you cannot carry out helpful activities.
4. Beings who who resist discovery (possibly a subset of #3)

There are more, but discussing these will easily fill up an hour.

You cannot handle any of these beings by yourself, unless you are desperate, but you can possibly detect the presence of these beings by yourself if you are prepared and know what to look for.

The biggest problem these beings present is that they are the most intelligent and aggressive beings I have encountered in session. In some cases they are more able than the being who thinks he is running the show.

I hope to show you how you can recognize the presence of these beings in yourself and in others.

Join me at 12 noon EDT tomorrow using the regular link:

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Are You Setting Yourself Up To Be Taken Over by Other Beings – Part Six

You Are Visible Now, Be Prepared

All of these years, you have been happily under the radar pretending you had no telepathy or other paranormal abilities, just occasionally predicting a future event, or knowing someone was pregnant before they did, and generally hop, skip, and jumping through life with a passing grade on careers, romance, talent, and general ability to survive one disaster after another.

Then you had to start learning about Spiritual Rescue Technology, whatever that means, and you got introduced to spirits in a brand new way. You could hear their thoughts and see their pictures and in many cases, once you heard their stories some of them even went away happy!

You could see that they had been the cause of many of your inhibitions and fears and when they left, so did those feelings which you had thought were yours! The relief from the departure of these spirits was entirely welcome, but it did not last. The more of these spirits you handled in session, the more that seemed to appear and want your help!

You can now see that there are thousands and thousands more of these spirits and they all seem to want more from you than you are prepared to give them now or possibly ever. You get discouraged and feel that more sessions are useless because there are an unending number of beings to handle and more seem to show up every day.

You try to shut the voices out and resolve to do your best and just go on ignoring them. If you work hard at it and take the right drugs and pray very hard, it almost works. They are out there, but you no longer care.

This is all very unnecessary and you can save a lot of time and money by realizing that when you recover your spiritual awareness, you are going to see things that were invisible to you before. You are going to have to make some choices that were never open to you before and you have to take responsibility for your spiritual security now that your blinders are off.

The scary beings that you can now see have been there all along. The people in your life who have intended loathsome things for you have been doing that all along, but you were oblivious. You can now see the hate flows from neighbors who always just seemed distant. The empty flattery of a loved one can become painfully obvious now as will the scorn and disapproval of your employers. Those who can warm your heart will still do so, but you will start noticing alternate personalities popping up where they were never visible before.

You may wish you could go back to your youthful innocence where Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy were real, and your parents loved you but not too much, but that is not going to happen. Once your awareness has been reawakened, it cannot be shut down again without great damage to your personality. You can’t go back to the way you were.

You notice I said REAWAKENED, not awakened. You will discover that you turned off your abilities a very long time ago for reasons that seemed good at the time, and they have stayed off, until now. It is time to pull up your big person britches and prepare to deal with life as it is instead of hoping that someone will come along and save you.

You have the abilities to change your life in ways you would never expect and you can do this effortlessly and joyfully if you take advantage of your innate skills and make friends with the many spirits in your environment who will be delighted to help you when you are ready.

Now that you are on the road to recovering your spiritual awareness, you need to exercise some discipline over what you are doing spiritually. By that, I mean that you need to take responsibility for the effects you cause on other spirits. You are not operating in a vacuum. When you reach out and contact someone else telepathically, they are aware of your presence and if your intentions.

If you are wandering around wide-eyed in the spiritual world looking into dark corners and peeking at beings who are trying to hide, what do you think will happen? Have you ever wandered through a bad neighborhood looking at the people lurking on street corners or in back alleys? How long before you attract unwelcome attention and a swarm of people descend on you and relieve you of your money and possibly your life?

As your awareness increases, your self discipline needs to increase accordingly. Keep your attention on the things you need to be concerned with, your career, your goals, your health, and your spiritual awareness. Handle only those beings who interfere with your aspirations and ignore those trillions of beings who are seething about matters that do not involve you.

If you are getting help handling the beings who accompany you through life, pay attention to the counselor and do not wander aimlessly through the abyss of spiritual things looking for trouble. There is plenty of trouble there and it is not your job to set it right at this point. Your top priority is to make friends with the beings who want to help you and organize them to make your life easier and achieve your goals effortlessly. They have an unbelievable amount of data to share with you and the sooner you take advantage of that the better.

Do everything possible to increase your awareness, but stay focused on your objectives and do not wander off and poke sleeping spirits who are not your concern. You will have your hands full recruiting and training spirits who actually want to join your team and contribute.

I will cover that adventure in the next series of articles on Building A Team Of Spirits To Play The Game You Want.

Webinar August 26th 2018 – How to Avoid Being taken Over By Other Beings

I literally did not recognize the signs that a person could be unable to control his spiritual companions until very recently. I did not even consider that a person receiving counseling would be able to put themselves in a position where they could lose control of their personality until I saw it happen.

Losing control of your personality does not happen because you are doing something intentionally wrong. It can happen as you regain your spiritual abilities and you start exploring all of the new things that are now visible to you.

I am covering the basics of what I have discovered in six articles titled “Are You Setting Yourself Up To Be Taken Over by Other Beings” which you can read on

If you want to avoid the risk of having some being take control of your life, you should read the seven articles and join me on Sunday at 12 noon and use the usual Zoom link:

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