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Understanding Life Force – Part One

First of all, let’s review where Life Force comes from and what it does.

Life Force is an energy produced by spirits and it animates all living things. You might say that life force comes from the spiritual realm and manifests itself in the material world as living bodies, living plants, and other organisms. If something is alive, it is because a spirit is animating it.

Let me repeat this for emphasis: If something is alive, a spirit is animating it.

I will give you a few moments to consider the ramifications of that fact. For example, people are alive and you are quite certain of that. Animals are alive and you are fairly certain of that. You can tell because you are capable of detecting life force even if it does not fall into the five human senses. If something is alive, it generally exhibits motion and growth and responds to stimuli. The motion, growth, and response to stimuli can be rapid or very, very slow but it is measurable, even at microscopic levels.

When you continue to observe how far this behavior extends, you quickly realize that cockroaches, slime molds, and bacteria are alive, so are all of the cells in your body. They are all animated by life force and share the behavior of all living things. They are all animated by spirits.

Let’s review the statement I made earlier and get more specific: If something is alive, spirits are animating every part of it that is alive. 

Your body is a collection of living things and every single part that is alive is animated by a spirit, even the parts you may not consider your body. The bacteria and viruses inhabiting your body are alive and are animated by spirits. Any parasites you are carrying are alive and have their own spirits and intentions. Every blood cell is alive and has its own level of life force depending on the spiritual health of the spirit animating it.

Your body is a collection of living systems, all of them consisting of cells that are animated by spirits. Those of us who have gained an awareness of spiritual beings can observe differences in life force levels in various parts of the body and can affect these levels by communicating with the spirits involved. This communication can make the cells more alive or less alive, depending on the intention of the communication.

This is why some people are natural healers and can lay hands on a person and make them feel better or completely relieve them of pain. Other people with greater ability can put attention on a body part or internal organ and handle problems that normally require ordinary medical attention. 

People who communicate with spirits can use their abilities to spot spiritual distress when it occurs and can relieve this distress whether the living thing being affected is an animal or vegetable.

From reading the above you may have gathered that the level of life force produced by a spirit is related to the spiritual health of that spirit. A spirit emanates life force and does not have to be animating a body to be a source of life force. Many people are able to perceive spirits whether they are in a physical body or not. They are perceiving the life force directly without having to see a living organism that is being animated.

Those of you who are trying to spot the life force of beings without bodies and can’t seem to pick them out should consider how difficult it is to pick out an individual drop of water in a lake or ocean. When you are totally surrounded by something, like water, smoke, or spirits, you can feel the effect of what you are surrounded with but cannot pick out individual molecules or particles. When many spirits are putting out thoughts and emotions, it is extremely difficult to pick out one being’s thoughts.

When you meditate and get your spirits to quiet down, you can begin to perceive isolated life forces and can help them if you wish.

All Scientology States Are Merely Releases

Every type of spiritual processing, whether exorcisms, Scientology, Spiritualism, PEAT Processing, EMDR, Yoga, or any other of the 75 odd practices that improve the spiritual quality of your life produce results because they create RELEASES. Something that was bothering you has been removed and you feel better, maybe even fantastic. These releases are totally valid, but they are not and never will be permanent.

Evidence from thousands of SRT cases shows that gains from Scientology processing are real, but they are not permanent. I was a Scientology auditor for about 18 years and had many wins in session and delivering sessions to others. I also noticed that after a relatively short period, months or years, everyone, including me, would sink back into the doldrums from which we had emerged.

The accepted reason was that we were exposed to suppression and needed to get our ethics in and stop associating with suppressive individuals. They did not accept the fact that we are surrounded by troubled beings who affect our thoughts and behavior every day.

Every brand of Scientology has the same problem of impermanent gains because they do not recognize the effect that continually being surrounded by spirits with engrams will produce. You can get rid of many of your own engrams with Scientology or Dianetic processing, but you will never clear the thousands of beings who surround you every day. 

Getting rid of troublesome spirits is like dusting your house or washing your car. As soon as you finish cleaning things up, there is another group of spirits landing on you.

If you had been told that your house or car will stay clean forever, you would laugh at the idea. If you receive an exorcism or Scientology processing, which is much the same thing, you may think you are good to go forever.

Sorry, but this is far from the actual situation. You have cleared away some troublesome spirits and others will replace them as soon as you go out into society, or visit a hospital, or cemetery, or have intimate contact with someone. Spirits happily jump from one person to another, even during spiritual counseling sessions! If you argue with someone or fight with someone, you are almost sure to take some of their beings home with you. In fact, you will pick up spirits while walking down a city street, and you will be able to tell because you will still have attention on some person you met on the way.

I had a client ask me if I ever experienced losing gains after processing and I told him I see this every day and it does not bother me because these gains are only releases and I can get more releases whenever I wish by communicating with the spirits surrounding me. If I become aware of a negative emotion while I am trying to create something, I merely locate the spirits responsible for the emotion and chat with them until they leave or decide to work with me. 

Any spirit who is bothering you while you are trying to do something useful is out of present time and is stuck in some old incident. If you care to read my recent book, Talking To Spirits, you should be able to handle much of this yourself. You just give yourself a release by setting the troubled spirit free. You can do these thousands of times with SRT. The supply of spirits is endless.

There is nothing wrong with achieving releases, especially when you can do them yourself, day after day for the rest of your existence.

When You Come To A Fork In The Road, Take It

This quote from Yogi Berra comes from directions to get to his house. Either choice would bring you to the same place.

In my 40-odd years of working with spirits, I have always endeavored to keep to the path that leads to more knowledge. This caused me to range further and further off the beaten path of commonly accepted spiritual beliefs and has made it difficult for some of my students, friends, and even family to feel comfortable with what I kept discovering.

I have finally found a fork in the road that satisfies both my urge to discover new things about the spiritual realm and offers a path that almost anyone can grasp and use without having to bother with any of the weird and uncomfortable stuff about invisible beings and mind control. I plan on forging ahead in both directions and you are free to take either or both as the mood strikes you. Our future articles will be directed at Energies or at Knowledge.


This new fork in the road of spiritual exploration deals with energies, how to recognize them and use them to make friends, recognize profitable clients, avoid troublesome relationships, and live a happier and more successful life. You will be able to apply this knowledge immediately without having to understand spirits and the history of this planet and other icky stuff. You will find the terms used are quite familiar so you will not have to learn a new vocabulary in order to be successful in harnessing and using these energies.

We human beings are quite good at using energies without having to understand how they occur. We were using fire on this planet long before we understood oxidation. We used fur and feathers for insulation long before we understood the principles of thermal conductivity. We use gravity every day and we still don’t know exactly how gravity works. We can sense harmonious and hostile energies as well as intentions, attention, emotions, from the time we are infants and we have learned that these energies are emitted by all life forms. When you first notice the desperation of an injured or dying plant, you begin to understand that we are all connected and our understanding of these energies is vital to our survival.

I am going to create websites and platforms dedicated to articles and discussions about the creation and use of good energies and dealing with bad energies. I will be consolidating some of my existing Facebook-based sites like Admiration Power and Spirit Voices into a single group dealing with life energy. I will also create a Telegram channel devoted to this topic. All of the articles will be focused on the understanding and use of life energy to make your life easier and happier.


The other fork will continue in the direction of learning more about the interactions of spirits and their effects upon us and the world at large. We will continue to analyze the spiritual composition of our personalities, how to create future states of beingness, and continue to create a technology that is indistinguishable from magic. This is the fork that takes a willingness to experience a continuing change of viewpoint and it will continue to challenge everything we thought we knew.

As we continue to explore the dimensions of the spiritual realms, we may spin off other endeavors for the application of what we have discovered. We pursue knowledge because there is so much we don’t know and as we break it down into practical applications, we can spin off other discussion groups to take advantage of what was learned.

I expect we will encounter other forks in the road. I hope that some of you will be able to stick with me on this uncharted voyage into the unknown. It will not be boring.

If You Can’t Perceive Spirits – Try Sensing Your Energy

This hospital has the right idea. We should all do the same.

When you behave in an unkind or angry way, you fill the area with hostile energy. When you have thoughts of doing offensive acts, you project energy that affects everyone in your area. When you can’t control your thoughts and impulses and are barely keeping yourself from breaking down, your energy is so chaotic that others will pick up your insanity and will suffer as a result.

On the other hand, when your emotions are under control and your energy is calm and peaceful, you have a calming effect on others.

In Spiritual Rescue Technology we know that we are surrounded by spirits who can act as multipliers of our own energies. So if we do not discipline ourselves to act rationally and keep our energies in check, our careless actions will disturb our spiritual companions and our destructive emotions and energies can take us out of control. If we are seething because of some insult or physical oppression, we transmit that emotion and negative energy to everyone in our vicinity.

As the sign says, we should take a slow deep breath and make sure our energy is in check before dealing with others. This is not only true for hospital visits, but is also necessary for job interviews, meetings, family discussions, and any social interaction with others. It applies as well to Facebook comments, phone conversations, and emails.

Harmful energy produces unpleasant results on others. It is actually more unpleasant than offensive body odor.

If you want to enjoy a happier existence, keep your energy in check.

For Every Scientology Clear – You Are Experiencing Their Engrams, Not Yours!

First of all, I would like to state unequivocally, there are more clears than are allowed to attest to that state. This phenomenon of experiencing other’s engrams is the reason for so many years of CCRD failures. I deliver and teach Spiritual Rescue Technology which is what should have come after OT VII and I help people talk to spirits almost every day.

In the world of Scientology, one is not allowed to work with Body Thetans (spiritual beings) until you have attested to the State of Clear and have completed many more levels of release. In SRT, we start most of you communicating with these spirits from the very first session. The few who cannot communicate with spirits usually have live engrams that go into restimulation when you are communicating with spirits.

Some clears are very happy when their bright mental image pictures vanish. Others are quite disappointed when they continue to see mental image pictures that won’t erase easily. They are misled by the definition of the various Scientology states as clearly defined levels, usually testified to by using the words, “They are all gone!” referring to images, Body Thetans, and various other phenomena.

Unfortunately, we are immersed in a veritable infinite sea of invisible spiritual beings and you may be able to move them around and disperse some on inspection, but it is like dipping a cup of water out of the sea. You can remove a thousand spirits at a time and others quickly fill in the space.

Spiritual Rescue Technology treats the spiritual experience as an engineering problem, not as a religious experience. This why SRT can never be a belief system as it is based on easily reproducible activity and reactions. If you communicate to a spirit in a caring way, you can free it from the painful experiences it is trapped in and it will go free or stay around to help you in a rational and useful way.

This is why there are no “states” of ability in SRT. Instead, there are thousands and thousands of possible releases and exteriorizations available due to the number of beings who can be released or put into productive alignment with activities they can participate in.

However, at every step of the way, you are able to see the mental image pictures of the beings surrounding you and are still able to experience the engrams of those who have not been rescued. At every step of the way, you are being advised by those beings who are interested in helping you and you can still be subject to the engrams of the beings you have not released yet. I must emphasize this so you will not let it slip by.

At every step of the way, you can still be subject to the engrams of those beings you have not released yet.

This can be very frightening to those who have been assured they are engram-free by reason of their being a Clear or an OT XX. You experience a wonderful state of release and then, months or years later, you are sitting in a restaurant and the space-age uniforms of the waitresses set you into violent restimulation. Or, you buy a new brand of lox from a neighborhood market and you go into spasms at the first bite because it turns on someone’s incident of being forced to eat raw human flesh.

These unfortunate experiences are a result of being on a prison planet that is chock full of tortured beings. You can deal with this effectively by knowing who you are and what your spiritual companions need when something like this occurs. If you study and duplicate Spiritual Rescue Technology, you can distinguish your responses as opposed to the responses of your spiritual companions to external stimuli and will know how to handle this kind of upset when it occurs.

You have many beings who have been with you for years and have acted like trusted companions and when one of them goes berserk because of some unexpected stimulus, you can spot the earlier incident in minutes and calm things down. After all, it is their incident, not yours, and knowing this you can take the steps needed to free the being from the incident they are still trapped in. Generally, spotting the incident and what occurred will free the being immediately, but you must be able to stay in present time in order to do this. If you think it is your incident, you may go out of present time and experience the incident yourself.

There is no amount of processing that will keep you free from experiencing other being’s engrams if they are close to you. If you are recruiting beings to help you and working in harmony with them, you are knowingly operating in present time and are able to help each other when someone gets restimulated.

You are no longer alone when you have trusted spiritual comrades sharing your life. They advise you, find data for you, help you recruit others, and give you a sense of belonging which is highly desirable in this turbulent world.

If you would like to learn more, you can read my books and you can read my articles on Facebook or my articles on other platforms. 

Creating a Brighter Future For Yourself And Those You Care For

It is very difficult to communicate about this to people who are busy doing the same things over and over hoping that things will get better.

We usually have to hit some wall in our career or our lives before it dawns on us that we need to change our ways of dealing with others. Being fired from a company you helped to start is a good wake-up call. So is discovering that the wives and girlfriends you have linked up with over the years have never shared your values or your views for the future. Some people can see when a highway is turning into a deserted road and others have to run off the end into the woods before they wake up.

Having hit the wall in my corporate career five times, and having made all of the mistakes you are allowed to make in relationships at least five times, I finally found my way about 30 years ago and have been learning more ever since. I have total certainty that anyone who really wishes to change can improve the state they are in. The major barriers are as follows:

A belief that someone else can save you from your folly.

An inability to perceive helpful and harmful intentions

A desire to be recognized as a victim

Any desire for revenge

An inability to recognize sources of distraction

Working on false or incomplete data

You can rid yourself of these barriers if you look for them and handle them. If you know they are there and can’t imagine how to get rid of them, find a competent counselor and get help.

Once you recognize that you are ultimately responsible for every situation you find yourself in, you will be able to find an honorable resolution to your current problem and any future problems. As you work your way toward full control of your life, you will encounter confusions and may be tempted to ignore them and press on. DO NOT PASS ANY CONFUSIONS WITHOUT RESOLVING THEM SATISFACTORILY IF YOU WISH TO SUCCEED.

Every confusion you encounter sticks your attention and renders you stupid for a while or permanently. Accumulate enough confusions and you will fail in whatever field you are in. When your attention is stuck on a confusion, you lose some of your life force and your ability to thrive and work miracles ceases.

So, assuming you wish to create a brighter future now that you have been fired from the job of a lifetime or have discovered that your loved ones have other intentions than sharing your future, where do you start?

Why not start with determining your own true intentions? What do you actually need and want in order to improve your life? Who else approves of those intentions? Where can you find them? What do you have to exchange with these people so they will support you? What are their true intentions? Are you willing to share your full intentions with these people and if not, why are you pursuing a relationship with them?

Can you trust yourself to do the right thing in this new venture? If not, what do you have to handle first? Do you know what is required to be trustworthy? Do you know what to look for to trust another? Are you able to stay in the present moment when pursuing this brighter future? If not, what is needed to ensure that you can stay in the present while creating a future?

It does not matter if you are pursuing a new job or a lasting relationship, if you are open about your intentions, you will find it easy to ask these others about their intentions and to choose to associate only with those whose intentions mirror yours.

When you are being open and honest and are intending to help and keep in your exchange, it becomes immediately apparent if the other parties are not being honest about achieving mutual goals. If you maintain your integrity and separate immediately from any degrading relationships or job opportunities, you will eventually locate a relationship that will align with your future intentions.

If you learn to operate in the present moment and use admiration in your dealings with others, you will be creating beneficial effects on everyone you meet. You will bring out the best in everyone you meet and will be able to create a future that will benefit yourself and others.

Keep an eye out for confusions and indecision and handle either of these as soon as you become aware of them. If you do that and maintain your integrity, you will find you are creating a brighter future for yourself and for those you care for.

Why You May Have Difficulty Predicting The Future – Part Four

Let’s all sing the refrain once more, this time with with feeling: The difficulty in predicting the future is produced by the non-aligned intentions directed towards that future.

It does not matter what you intend if most of the others involved are intending something else. To make a particular future happen, more individuals have to intend it than oppose it. The final result will be the product of the intentions involved. 

If a relationship of any kind is proposed, the final course of that relationship will be determined by the intentions of those involved in the relationship. If there is coercion involved in creating the relationship, those resisting the coercion will not feel bound by any of the agreements that normally go with this relationship. Whether the relationship is business or romantic, a relationship based on coercion will not work out as planned.

For a relationship to last and prosper, there must be trust involved, which is basically a belief in the intentions of the other party. Trust is a belief in intention that is established through prior performance. When there is trust between individuals, there can be agreement. When all intentions are known by all parties to an agreement, the parties to the agreement can rely on the agreement. In effect, they will be able to predict the future of the agreement to the extent that all intentions are known.

When some intentions are hidden, the future of the relationship is in doubt. Unfortunately, on this planet, many of us do not fully understand all of our OWN intentions because they are hidden from us by factors we do not comprehend and cannot predict. If we cannot predict our own intentions, how can we expect to predict someone else’s intentions?

The best answer is full disclosure of all known intentions and the knowledge that there may be intentions that are not known at this time. If the relationship includes an agreement for handling hidden intentions when they are discovered, the relationship can proceed successfully with full confidence that any hidden issues will be dealt with in an acceptable manner.

What has been created is an agreement for creating a future, with agreement on how the agreement will be changed if certain events occur or are discovered. To put it more simply, all the known facts are put on the table and an agreement exists to deal with the appearance or discovery of facts currently unknown. When this is done trust is established and the relationship will endure for a very long time.

Creating a long-term romantic relationship requires full disclosure of all known facts from the very beginning. The same is true of a business relationship. If disclosure of some facts may bar the creation of the relationship, that is actually a good thing as those facts, when discovered, would end the relationship anyway.

It may seem counter-productive to be completely open about your intentions when establishing a relationship but it is the only way to build a lasting one. Concealing any facts in the hope of securing some sort of advantage only delays the demise and destruction of the relationship when discovery occurs. Deliberately hidden facts are destructive intentions when it comes to creating a future. Inadvertently hidden facts are also counter-intentions regarding a hoped-for future.

A desirable future state is achieved only when all intentions are known by all parties involved in creating that state.

The major difference between a memorable one-night stand and a happy forty-year relationship is the intentions involved and the agreement between the parties involved. When all intentions align, the future occurs as intended. When intentions are concealed, confusion and unhappiness occur. 

Make your intentions known and know what others intend and you have an excellent chance of producing the future you want.

Why You May Have Difficulty Predicting The Future – Part Three

In case you may have forgotten, the reason the future is so hard to predict is that it is created by the intentions of ALL of the people involved in that future and those who wish to prevent it. This includes the intentions of the spirits you are dragging around with you and the ones who just happen to be in your vicinity. Now, do you see how complex the creation of any specific future can be?

Even if you don’t believe in disembodied spiritual beings, you are probably aware that not everyone you know wants you to succeed. If they outnumber the people who want you to succeed, you are probably having a difficult time in life. I don’t want you to run around looking for boogeymen, but intention is a real thing and if you have been spending a lot of your life making people unhappy and angry, it has a real effect on your ability to make things go right.

If you have been spreading light and love like a few wonderful people on this planet, you are benefiting from the return flow that results from that action.

If you have been acting destructively for some unknown reason, you are inviting people to hate you and your life can become a living hell. Those people who become powerful by destroying others are reaping a bitter harvest of increasing counter-intention from those they destroy.

You may not be aware that you can perceive intentions, but it is actually the easiest flow of psychic energy that you can perceive. It is not one of the five human perceptions like touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing, but it is real perception and you ignore it at your peril.

Children are very good at perceiving intentions and often perturb their parents when they say someone is a bad person. “Mr. Miller looks at me funny! It bothers me!”

“No Dear! That is just Mr. Miller, the grocer! We have known him for years!”

Older people get to be very good at suppressing their perceptions if it involves being impolite.

There are drills you can do to increase your ability to sense intentions, but life itself can give you enough examples of good and bad intentions to enable you to train yourself to recognize the feeling when someone has evil intentions toward you.

You are probably beginning to see why it is so difficult to predict a future event if it involves more than a very few people. Your ability to predict is based on your ability to perceive intentions. If you are not able to perceive intentions clearly, you will have little chance of determining what is being intended and what the future holds.

You may not be able to clearly see your own intentions because your spirit guides and demons may have all sorts of intentions that overlay yours and dilute them. You intend to go to the gym and exercise, and your spirits intend that you have a snack and nap. Which path do you take? It will depend on your ability to exercise control over your actions. If you do not have mental discipline, your spirits are probably controlling you instead of you controlling them.

If you are not operating in the present moment, you are not observing what is happening and your perceptions are not taking what is really happening. You will not be perceiving intentions that others have toward you and toward your future. Your ability to create a future depends on your ability to remain focused on the present moment and on your spiritual companions.

In Part Four I will discuss examples of how you can create a future with someone that will work for both of you and how to create and maintain trust with that person.

Why You May Have Difficulty Predicting The Future – Part Two

One of the most important decisions you have to make is in selecting employers who will make effective use of your talents and will recognize and reward you for what you can contribute. If you can effectively predict your future with this employer, you can possibly enjoy years of a productive relationship which will leave you richer in experience and in a better position financially.

All this will occur when you intend to perform work of a particular type in sufficient quantity to receive a handsome salary with adequate benefits AND you connect up with an employer who is looking for a person with your particular skills and work ethic and is willing to pay for your experience.

Unless both of you are looking for you to produce a professional level of effort with an adequate exchange, it will not happen. Your intentions and the future employer’s intentions need to match in order for a satisfying relationship to develop. This will not occur if either of you is untrustworthy.

Let’s make this painfully simple. If you actually have to jump through hoops to sell yourself to this new employer, you are in for a difficult future. Either your qualifications do not meet the person’s needs, or you have not presented them clearly enough for them to be recognized. Or, you have not asked enough questions to understand what the job really entails.

If you are the right person for this job, you will have already asked why this job opening has occurred, especially in a management position. Is it a new position or was someone let go? If it is a new position, do these people really know what it involves? There is no challenge like being the first engineer working for a company that has never employed an engineer before or being the first sales manager of a company that is still selling through door-to-door salesmen. Or being the first purchasing agent for a company in which the president bought everything himself.

If you do not know why the previous occupant of this job left, you will be flying blind until you get this information and understand it fully.

When you discover a job requirement being presented by a person who understands your value to him and presents his needs in an unambiguous way, you have the potential for a job experience of a lifetime! All you have to do is to determine fully what is needed and wanted and continue to deliver this in abundance. This will keep your intentions and your employer’s intentions in alignment and satisfaction will occur on all sides.

It is not enough for you to want the job and sincerely intend to do the best you can. You need to be able to understand the job requirements, both written and unwritten if you are to succeed in the long run. You may find out that what the employer says the job is like bears little relationship to the working relationships within the company. If you do not have enough experience to determine what the exact situation is before signing up, you are not the right person for that job.

If you are not able to ask awkward questions about working conditions and compensatory time before you start, you are hosed when they expect you to work through weekends without any compensation. Getting to work on cutting-edge technology and breaking all sorts of barriers is no compensation when you find you have spent years and lost your family chasing technological dreams with 70 hour work weeks and months away from home.

When your intentions and your employer’s intentions match, you will gladly work under the most aggravating conditions because you have certainty in what is expected and the rewards you get match the risks. When the trust is broken, your sanity and your health suffer and you may take years to recover.

This situation can occur in a startup venture where you are given a piece of the pie and you and a few others engage in the creation of a viable enterprise based on a new technology or business arrangement. You all trust each other in the beginning and you work impossible hours and somewhere along the way the intentions of some of the executives change and the company is no longer the same, even though nothing has been stated formally or publicly. The original trust is gone and with it, the confidence in attaining a bright future disappears. It is now just a matter of time until the organization collapses under its own lies and either goes out of business or is bought out by a competitor.

The reason I bring up this unfortunate situation is that you can perceive the shift in intentions when they occur and if you are wise, you will make your preparations to seek another situation before the final bell rings. Any time you see that you can no longer trust those you work with or live with, it is time to seek a new relationship. If you cannot trust someone, you have no way of creating a future with them. If you cannot create a future, you have no way to bring it about.

In Part Three I will discuss how your perception of a person’s spiritual companions will aid you in deciding whether you can trust the person and create a future with them.

Why You May Have Difficulty Predicting The Future – Part One

You may have read that the future is a result of our intention. That is almost a true statement. The fully correct statement is that the future is the result of all intentions held by those who are affected by that future. This is why the projections of seers and fortune tellers are so often wrong.

They are able to read the intentions of the major players in some future situation, but sometimes they do not reach far enough to see all of the intentions directed at that future state.

Let this be fully understood:


Let’s take the too common situation of a woman and man deciding to marry. If they manage to reach agreement on when, where, and who to invite, there are still the intentions of all of the parents and even grandparents to consider. If there are significant differences in what these people intend to happen, what do you think will result? Social media is full of stories about weddings that turned into horror shows because the people involved could not reach a peaceful agreement. 

Even when a group agrees that something should happen, the final result will be skewed by those whose intention differs in some regard from the rest of the group. 

When I was running the South Bay Mission in southern California, we decided to move the mission to a new area. We ran a few group sessions to determine the new location and how we would accomplish the move. We were able to spot where we were going to move by looking for the route our truck would take when doing the move. After that session, we drove down the road until we reached the spot where our trail ended. We were in front of a strip mall with a vacancy over a coffee shop. The next day I called the rental agency and we were able to secure the perfect location for an affordable rental.

This is what can happen when everyone is on the same page. When it came time to move, we had secured the use of a truck to help us move and we all were able to visualize how the truck would sit in front of our building because there was only one way to park. When the truck arrived, the owner had parked it so he had to drive down a flight of stairs to reach the street. We were a bit shocked at his choice of positioning, but since it was his truck and he was providing it at no cost, we were willing to let him do what he wanted. We loaded the truck and he drove it down a flight of stairs and off to our new location. This drove home the reality that the future is created by the intentions of all who are involved.

If the group creating the future is small and in close agreement, it is a lot easier to predict a future occasion. My wife and I needed a new car and we wanted a used car with specific characteristics. Instead of looking at cars on all of the used car lots, we decided to see if we could spot which route we would use driving the car home when we purchased it. We looked ahead in time and could see us bringing a black sedan home along a particular route that led from a pair of used car lots. We drove out the next morning and went by the first lot and nothing on that lot indicated to us. On the second lot, a wonderful old Ford Crown Victoria attracted our attention and we bought it and drove it home as we had predicted. This car served us well for years until we could afford to buy newer cars.

You can see from the examples I have used so far that agreement is necessary to create a future reality. You have the ability to see what someone intends, even though you may not realize it. So how can you use this to make something important, like your future employment, a reality?

The optimum situation will exist when you intend to perform work of a particular type in sufficient quantity to receive a handsome salary with adequate benefits AND an employer is looking for a person with those particular skills and work ethic.

In Part Two am going to discuss how creating a future employment situation can go right or can end badly.