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Managing Your Spiritual Companions – Part Two

It has taken me 45 years to appreciate how much my spiritual companions contribute to my life. Now that I have trained myself to be fully aware of spirits around myself and around others, I am amazed at how hard most people work to overcome the effects of spirits who are bombarding them with ideas and emotions.

In my books about Spiritual Rescue Technology, I have endeavored to explain what I have observed in terms of spirits surrounding us and influencing us on an everyday basis. These spirits are present in many different awareness levels, from spirits capable of operating and controlling our bodies down to spirits only capable of animating a cell in our bodies. All of these spirits can be communicated with in some way, but the ones I will be discussing today are the spirits who can directly influence our behavior.

You are, or should be, the spirit who determines what you are doing in life. Since you are surrounded by spirits who used to have bodies and careers and ambitions, you can probable see that these spirits might have opinions about what you are doing and planning and might be tempted to make suggestions and interfere when you are determined to do something they do not like. If you have no idea you are surrounded by these spirits, you will probably be puzzled by the fact you have allergies to and anxieties and fears about things you have never done or experienced before.

Some of these spirits have accompanied you from the moment of birth, while others have been accompanying you through many of your past lives. This motley crew may have established some relationships between them, but if you do not take charge and manage them, you will become the effect of whatever triggers them. If you have ever gone on vacation to some exotic foreign land and immediately gotten violently ill, with wild nightmares, you have an idea of the magnitude of the effects caused by spiritual beings who are upset by returning to the scene of their earlier lives.

Spirits affect you every day, but if your life does not change in any way, the effects they cause tend to die down. Every new activity you engage in has the potential to stir up old memories in the spirits surrounding you, so it is highly desirable to prepare yourself to be able to manage your spirits and thus your response to new situations as you come to them.

The most desirable solution for handling new situations is to be able to remain in present time whenever you wish. Remaining in present time is an act of will and requires that you can control your attention and the attention of your spiritual companions.

Meditation is the act of controlling your attention and that of your spiritual companions. You train yourself to reach a meditative state by holding your body still, breathing slowly, and focusing your attention on some exterior point. You will immediately become aware that your spiritual companions are not focusing their attention on that point and are chattering away instead. Your task is to acknowledge their presence and direct their attention to the point you are focusing on. When all of the beings who are awake are directing their attention on the point you have selected, it will seem that everything has become still. All of you are operating in present time and and are ready to proceed. There is no other activity taking place.

When you reach this point, you can put out an intention or a question and you will get an immediate response because you are drawing on the capabilities of all of the spirits who surround you. You have their attention and their ability to respond is far greater than when you are trying to get something done and they are distracting each other. The more you practice achieving this meditative state, the easier it is to rally your spiritual companions to whatever task you wish to complete.

If you continue to find sources of distraction, you should engage in solo SRT sessions and handle the beings who are stuck in past incidents and are unable to come to present time. A beings who is still stuck in the sinking of the Titanic may have a hard time focusing while you are planning a cruise, or even a trip to the beach.

There are a thousand things that can drag your attention out of present time, so it is highly desirable to be able to return your attention to present time at will. Any time you find your attention wandering in a meeting or a conversation, you, or your spiritual companions, have experienced a thought or concept that has triggered a memory and your attention is no longer in the present moment.

The person or persons you are talking to can usually notice that they have lost your attention and this interrupts what you have been doing. Training yourself to put your attention back into the present moment is a highly desirable skill. Meditation to put your attention and your spirit’s attention on the present moment is a necessary action.

In Part Three of this series, we will discuss how being able to assume this meditative state and resume it at will can help you achieve your goals.

A Shortcut To Managing Your Spiritual Companions – Part One

Those of you who have taught yourselves how to operate machinery, program a computer, dance, successfully interact with the opposite sex, or run a business have already successfully managed your spiritual companions, EVEN THOUGH YOU DIDN’T REALIZE YOU WERE DOING IT.

The reason I can confidently say that is because you have, through simple repetition and sheer intention, managed to get your spiritual companions working in enough harmony that you have successfully done those things, even if you don’t realize you have spiritual companions!

You have overcome fear, anxiety, lack of coordination, and lack of interest to become proficient in some areas, and you deserve a lot of credit for doing that. Once you achieve proficiency, you only need to intend that something will happen, and it happens.

Sheer determination will accomplish these miracles, but there is an amazing shortcut to enable you to do any of these with much less effort and time. This shortcut makes use of a remarkable relationship between three factors, knowledge, responsibility, and control.

If you know you are surrounded by spiritual beings who have emotions and intentions that affect you, it is possible to take responsibility for these beings and to manage or control their actions, so they aid you in every aspect of your life. If you operate in ignorance of the existence of these spiritual beings, they can impede you and obstruct you in your everyday activities. For example, if you are doing things that upset your spiritual companions, they will resist every action you take, and life will become very difficult, and your body may suffer as a result.

You are continually receiving thoughts and emotions from your spiritual companions. When these thoughts and emotions are not coordinated with what you are trying to do, they place a heavy burden on you and can even make you physically ill.

Your spiritual companions are immortal beings just like you, but they have had harrowing and overwhelming experiences and can no longer manage a body like you can. Some of these beings are still desiring to help and seem to consider themselves “Spirit Guides” who advise you in various matters. Other beings are emotionally damaged and spend their time preventing you from harming yourself by doing things that might turn out badly, as these things went badly for them in the distant past. If you ever felt afraid to meet someone new or to engage in a project that might be risky, you have your spiritual companions to thank as they are not willing to have bad things happen to them again.

You can push your way through their objections by sheer willpower, but they will still worry and resist at each step of the way as you work to become successful and develop your skills.

The merciful shortcut to managing your spiritual companions begins with learning how to get enough of them in present time to accomplish what you want to do. After 45 years of study, I have finally discovered a method of meditation that will get your spirits operating in alignment with you. It involves a step that I have never seen mentioned in any article about meditation or mindfulness. When it occurs, it feels like stillness, but that is only part of the story.

The end phenomenon of this meditation is that all or most of your spiritual companions are focused on the same thing. This creates an incredible feeling of presence and allows all of you to operate in concert and to achieve results with almost no effort at all.

In Part Two of this series, we will discuss how to train yourself to achieve this particular meditative state and to be able to resume it at will when you need to control your spiritual companions.

Achieving Stillness – Part Two

When you meditate for the purpose of achieving stillness, you know you have reached that state when all of the spiritual noise dies down. The ideas and images that accompany you through the day and night are quiet. After a few minutes, you will start having realizations that will come effortlessly.

Each time I have meditated for stillness, I have ended up with realizations that have handled problems I was wrestling with.

I have done this meditation with my eyes both open and closed. If you have the opportunity to meditate with your eyes closed, it seems to go to completion faster. There are very few steps to achieve the full results, and I have listed them below:

  1. Make yourself comfortable either sitting down or lying down.
  2. Put your full attention on your body and make it stop moving.
  3. Now focus your attention on some spot and keep it there while keeping your body still.
  4. If your eyes are closed, focus your attention on some spot in the field you see with your eyes closed.
  5. Listen to your breathing while keeping your body still and your attention on the spot you have chosen.
  6. If you are still perceiving thoughts or images, just acknowledge them and continue doing #5.
  7. Continue doing #5 and #6 until you experience stillness and are fully in present time.
  8. Experience the stillness until you start having realizations.
  9. When the realizations cease, you are done with the meditation.
  10. Make a note of your realizations before you do anything else.

I suggest that you practice this meditation several times a day until it becomes an ingrained pattern, and you can do it successfully without thinking about it or referring to notes. The object here is to gain the ability to quickly recognize when your spirits are not fully operating in harmony with you. 

When your spirits are not operating in harmony with you, you will experience random thoughts and chatter about what you are doing and thinking. This is a constant form of distraction, and you do not need to allow it to happen. Meditating to achieve stillness will pause the random chatter, and you will regain the focus you need to achieve your goals. When you are focused on tasks you wish to complete, this applies gentle control to the attention of your spiritual companions and you will get help when you call for it. Ideas will seem to come out of the blue when you are focused on some interesting task. When this happens, you may feel like you are conducting an orchestra of designers who provide ideas on command. When I am writing, I feel this every day. I throw out an idea, and I get responses that modify and expand upon my idea, and the process continues until we have a finished product.

If you have no tasks to perform, you may find yourself daydreaming, and it is in these times that your spiritual companions can put on complete performances. You will get a flood of ideas and imagine all sorts of outcomes. This is exactly what happens when you fall asleep and dream. Your spiritual companions combine efforts to play out old dramas that have never been resolved and to relive pleasurable memories as well. If you find yourself in the grip of unpleasant dreams or ideas that just will not go away, meditate for stillness, and you will find yourself in a more peaceful state in present time and will be able to go back to sleep again.

You don’t have to control your spiritual companions all the time, but you should know how to take control when you need them to cooperate with you and get things done. There are all kinds of processes you can run to handle upset spirits, but you can maintain control and get your work done with occasional meditations for stillness. This will put you in present time and will establish harmony among your spiritual companions.

I would like to hear from those of you who gain a measurable ability from doing this meditation to achieve stillness.

A New Look At Peace Of Mind – Achieving Stillness

If you search for types of meditation on the internet, you will find at least 23 different types of meditation. One of the definitions of meditation that makes sense to me is this: Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, object, visualization, the breath, movement, or attention itself in order to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance personal and spiritual growth. I think I have found another, and simpler definition, achieving stillness.

Over the years, I have tried several types of meditation, and I concur that the desired result is peace of mind and awareness of the present moment. The other night I was trying to go to sleep after a busy day, and I realized that although my body was tired, I was being bombarded by thoughts and images of things that seemed so important that I could not turn them off.

As I scanned this rush of ideas and images, I realized that they were not my thoughts and images, and they were coming from the beings who surround me and accompany me through life.

Instead of fighting this rush of unwanted communication, I decided to concentrate on what “I” wanted to achieve. The concept that came to mind was “stillness.” This is not an absence of physical movement but more of a complete freedom from disturbance when we can self-reflect and actually perceive the absence of thoughts.

With my eyes closed, I began to listen and observe the thoughts that were crashing in on me. I put out the intention that there would be stillness and merely acknowledged any thoughts that popped up. Within a few minutes, it got very quiet, and I just lay there enjoying the silence.

Suddenly, I found myself very much in present time and postulating solutions to several issues that I had not had time to address over the past few weeks. This resulted in a rush of activities that were very productive and left me feeling good about myself and life in general.

I have repeated this over the last few days and have come to the following conclusions. Meditating on “stillness” puts a pause on the random spiritual activity that accompanies me through life. My spiritual companions, if not gently controlled, will chatter amongst themselves about what I am doing and thinking. I pick this up as a constant form of distraction and normally try to ignore it as I go through my day.

It serves as a running commentary on everything I do, from eating breakfast to delivering a counseling session. When I am truly focused, as I am when in session or when designing something, the comments are generally helpful and focused on what I am doing. When I am just meandering through life and not particularly focused, their ideas are a constant distraction. “Oooh! Look at that!” “Let’s eat!” “I want to take a nap” “Let’s read a book on Kindle”!

Once I was able to achieve stillness for myself, I realized that my clients who are having difficulty achieving stable gains from sessions are being continually besieged by random thoughts from their spiritual companions. I can get them to focus while they are in session and we are talking, but as soon as I take my attention off them, their spiritual companions take over again.

Once I was able to achieve stillness, I realized that this increased my perception of the beings surrounding my clients. I could actually perceive beings moving in on my clients when I was not directly engaging them in a process. This also applied to people I was talking to while shopping. If I was not impinging on a person with my directed communication, they were generally being affected or being run by a committee of spiritual beings who were running the show.

This was definitely evident in a tax professional we are using. He is very pleasant, but if you ask him a technical question, one or more of his spiritual companions takes over and delivers a five-minute lecture on the topic and why it was developed, and what exactly does it mean. We have to impinge on this person to get him back in control and solving our tax problem.

We will always have spiritual companions around us, so it behooves us to find out how we can manage them and avail ourselves of their help when we need it. If we practice achieving stillness when we need to focus, I feel we will unlock the full potential of our spiritual power.

In PART TWO of this series, we will look at the possibilities of achieving stillness as a regular ability we can bring to bear on everyday problems.

Preparing For Your “Afterlife”

As you will eventually discover, the term afterlife is a misnomer, and that is why I put ironic quotes around the word in the title. You are a spiritual being, and as long as you keep on having one human experience after another, you will keep on experiencing after-lives or between-lives periods.

As soon as you start doing Spiritual Rescue Technology sessions or any other kind of past life explorations, you discover you have definitely lived before and have managed to forget the really grubby parts of your previous experiences. After all, who wants to remember lives spent in prison or slaving on an endless construction project? Being immortal has its downsides as you can collect a lot of experience making mistakes.

Even collecting memories of lives you spent exacting revenge and getting even for past insults can be boring, so self-imposed amnesia seems to be the preferred way to start each new life. After all, infancy and early childhood are difficult enough without being burdened with regrets from former lives. A fresh start as a clean slate with no memories seems to be the preferred state of most children, at least on this planet.

Those fortunate few who manage to retain skills from previous lives gain a degree of celebrity that can be hard to manage and imposes a burden of hard work and dedication on a child who would otherwise be playing with toys and engaging in mindless pursuits. While the rest of us were frolicking and daydreaming, those children afflicted with past-life memories were composing symphonies, painting masterpieces, and performing on various stages. Some were entering universities and earning degrees at the tender age of 9 years old or earlier. Searching the internet for “youngest college student” produces a score of names of these young overachievers.

So, does knowing your true past and retaining your memories into your next life help you succeed in living a life of power and prosperity? That depends on what you want to do with your next life. Do you want to go in blind and hope for the best, or do you want to retain enough of your past experience to be able to choose parents who will appreciate your talents and will support you in your endeavors? Unless you learn how to manipulate infant gender, you will have to accept the child your new parents produce, so you could locate the perfect parents and end up in a body that is a different gender than your present one.

There are a lot of choices to be made in selecting new parents. Do you want wealthy parents who can provide for all of your material needs, or do you go for supportive parents who are spiritually aligned with you and will do whatever is necessary for you to achieve your goals? If you are to live an extraordinary life, choosing parents who home school you is one way to get a great start on that life. You will certainly enhance their lives, but they will be facing challenges requiring the ability to think outside the box. Choosing parents who are spiritually aligned with you is probably more important than their material wealth.

If you are not their first child, you will cause unbelievable stresses in the fabric of family life unless you are adept at managing older siblings who are not as gifted as you are. If you are the first child, you will need to develop skills in managing your younger siblings, so they do not suffer from the difference in your abilities.

Your next life can be spectacular or rewarding in other ways, depending on what you wish to accomplish. It all depends on the challenges you wish to undertake. The choices are essentially unlimited. You can choose to become a child guru or prophet if you want to instead of becoming a talented virtuoso in some other field. You can also decide to remain hidden from view during childhood and only emerge when you reach an age where you feel you can command respect as a young adult. This latter choice may be more difficult than being a prodigy, but you may have a career path that favors stealth as far as revealing your capabilities at an early age.

The point I am trying to make is that you will determine the course of your next life by the choices you make now, and you can prepare for your next life, your afterlife, by increasing your spiritual awareness this lifetime.

An Old Engineer Looks At Angels

Your spiritual companions can be viewed as angels or demons or unnameable horrors. They are all immortal beings, just like you and I, except that they have had a rougher time of it than you have. We know this because they can no longer bring themselves to run and manage bodies. They are as real as anything else in this universe, and they contribute to your life in proportion to the responsibility you can take for them. You cannot escape them, and you need to learn how to utilize their special skills to achieve your goals in life. As a trained engineer, I view spirits as the ultimate resource for getting things done as well as the most pervasive barrier to success if they are not properly managed. As a spiritual researcher, I found the key to working with spirits was understanding they are like us, and they are willing to help us if properly motivated.

Since time began, we have all spent an amazing amount of time degrading ourselves while pursuing sensations and playing zero-sum games that have diminished us from our earliest heights of power. Some of us can still animate and manage bodies, while others can only ride shotgun and spend their time critiquing how we manage our lives. Some are helping us, and others are quite frankly messing with us. Others are just along for the ride.

We make our way through time and space of our own creation, and we drag along with us a collection of spirits who have attempted to overwhelm us and whom we have overwhelmed. Almost every act of creation has bound us inextricably to other beings. Those who sought a unity with us are still powering our dreams and everyday activities. Those who sought revenge or retribution are plastered on us like barnacles, slowing our progress and disrupting the harmony of our existence.

There are a larger group of spirits following on our heels, attracted by the commotion we create with our lives. They drift in and out of our lives and add flavor to our personalities with their competing intentions and purposes. If we are driven to create with a higher purpose in mind, we attract those spirits who have similar purposes. If we seek sensations, we attract spirits who pander to those sensations, and our lives become a search for more and more sensation.

If we perceive ourselves as messengers of some God, we attract spirits who follow that God, and we speak with authority as spokesmen of that God. If we have found a pattern of living that brought us power, we usually collect kindred spirits who magnify that power and we act in concert to maintain that arc of life.

If we have not found a satisfactory pattern for life, we lose all belief in ourselves or in a higher power, and we may seek answers in victimhood.

In the study of Spiritual Rescue Technology, we find the spiritual rules to releasing ourselves from past mistakes and working with other spirits to rehabilitate ourselves and create a future more to our liking. The first and most basic rule is that we are constantly affected by the spirits who surround us, and we either take responsibility for them and manage them, or we are the unwilling effect of their intentions and desires.

Since they all possess life force, they can be a tremendous resource for us and help us achieve our mutual goals if we manage them well. Managing spirits is a skill that can be learned and a team of spirits working in harmony is a beautiful thing to see. It is also extremely rewarding for all concerned, both for us and for the spirits who choose to work with us.

No matter what people call them, if you can harness the skills of your spiritual companions and apply them to real-world problems, you will create results beyond all expectations.

Read my book, Talking To Spirits, and see how it can be done.

You Can Get Spiritual Rescue Technology Counseling Anonymously!

I have been delivering Spiritual Rescue Technology counseling for at least a decade, and a number of my clients have received counseling under assumed names. This is absolutely fine with me, as most of my counseling is directed to the spirits who accompany you with the purpose of setting them free or persuading them to cooperate with you in your current endeavors.

Setting beings free and giving you lasting relief does not require that I know your name. Tony Ortega recently contacted me about a former client who was happy with the sessions I delivered over the internet. I was pleased to hear the client was satisfied, but I did not recognize the name he used. If you are worried that the Church of Scientology will find out you are getting SRT counseling, please feel free to use any name you wish. 

I have found that most of the difficulties my clients are having come from spirits who are unhappy with what the client does for a living. They are like passengers on a bus who complain about the scenery and the route being taken. They are still stuck in past events and do not realize they are immortal beings who are part of your collection of spiritual companions.

It is a hoot to wake them up and help them discover they still have free will and can leave to pursue careers that they are more suited for. For example, the spirits who joined you before this lifetime may have zero interest in your real estate career and keep on distracting you while you are trying to close deals. Bored spirits can be a big problem when you are trying to succeed in business, and they want to see action of a kinkier nature.

If you ever find yourself doing things that are completely out of character, it is most likely that you have spirits who are frustrated that they are not doing what they want to do. The Scientology OT levels do not deal with these problems as they are essentially mini-exorcisms. You spot a spirit using the e-meter and get it to leave. In Spiritual Rescue Technology, I talk to the spirit and either get it to leave or persuade it to help you in your current career. 

You can get all the counseling you need to handle these beings using any name you wish. When your misbehaving spirits leave, you will experience great relief because you will be back in charge of your life again. As I said earlier, you are welcome to be a client under any name you choose!

You can reach me at

David St Lawrence

Assuming A New Identity To Change Your Life For The Better – Part One

Your identity can mean many things. One of the common definitions is who a person is, or the qualities of a person or group that make them different from others. The assumption of an identity gets to be a bit complicated because your identity comes down to what people think of you. That means that your identity is determined to a great extent by what people agree you are. That means that your family and your home town and your school mates have a great deal to do with your identity, until you take steps to change your identity.

If you do not take charge of determining your identity, you can get stuck with the identity that others have assigned to you. Your personality affects your identity, but your personality is determined by the interaction of you and your spiritual companions and the way you react to the external world. Your identity is a negotiated situation because it is the way the world sees you. You can change your personality by handling your reactions to external events and to the spirits who accompany you through life. As you change your personality, you gain the ability to change your identity because you will change the way that others see you.

The important thing to remember is that you can change your personality through spiritual counseling. This allows you to change the effect that your spiritual companions have on you and this is manifested by your changed reactions to the threats and challenges of the world you live in. Simply put, you can change from being the adverse effect of challenges and threats from others to becoming cause over these others and impervious to whatever they are trying to do.

For example, the person whom other regards as a fearful wimp is usually carrying memories of punishments and threats from earlier lifetimes. When these persistent memories are erased, the person becomes far more aggressive and changes his relationships with the others in his life. These memories of punishments and painful deaths are carried not only by the being running the body, but by many of his spiritual companions as well. They have all died painful deaths which is evidenced by the fact that they are not able to pick up their own bodies, but have decided to tag along with you.

Let’s get back to matter of your identity. Your identity is what others think of you. You have a different identity as far as your children are concerned, if you have children, than from from your wife. To your wife, you have a certain identity, to your business partners and friends and career, other people climbing the ladder of success, you have another identity. If you grew up in a small town and still live there, people still may still think of you as little Tommy Smith even though you are middle-aged.

You have to behave in a totally different manner and have great certainty to establish whatever new identity you wish to maintain. This requires that every painful memory has to be addressed and totally handled in order to maintain your new identity without effort. In order to be real, you have to have all the behavioral characteristics of that new identity.

It appears to me that I have been promoting the ability to change your lives for the better, when what most people seem to want is to control their identity. When we grasp what identity people are looking for, we can give them that identity if they want. They have to identify the identity they wish to assume and the personality that supports that identity and all we need to do is to remove the counter intention to assuming that personality and that identity.

The counter-intention to becoming successful and assuming a new identity comes from the painful memories of overwhelm and defeat we have experienced, mostly in past lives. Some of the memories are ours, but many memories are being carried by the spirits who surround us and are being shared with us every day.

In Part Two, we will discuss how to handle the counter-intention to assuming a new identity and a new personality to go with it. Some of this may require counseling, but the beauty of Spiritual Rescue Technology is that you can do much of it yourself in solo sessions.

Unexpected Consequences of Economizing Unwisely

Reposted from October 12, 2016 by David St Lawrence

There are times when we realize that we need to economize, but I discovered that it is possible to overcorrect. In our desire to cut back on expenses, it is possible to alter our identity so much that people regard us differently.

A client of mine realized he was in over his head on his credit card debt and borrowed money from his IRA and paid off his cards and all outstanding bills.

You would think that this action would have put him into a wonderful frame of mind now that he was no longer worrying about keeping up with crushing interest payments.

He came to me because he no longer felt motivated to work, even though he had commitments to meet and clients to handle. To make this clear to you, these were the same commitments and clients he was happy to deal with before he paid off his credit cards.

On inquiring further, I learned that he had made one more change to his normal operation and that was turning his entire paycheck over to his wife so she could make payments into the IRA within a 60 day period so their withdrawal would not be counted as a taxable distribution.

What actually happened when he did this was that he put himself into an “enforced poverty” situation with no “walking-around money” or haircut money, or lunch money for entertaining clients and other people he networked with.

This “enforced poverty” actually changed his viewpoint of himself to the point where he could no longer act like the highly talented professional he was. He is extremely effective at selling his services and commanding high rates for doing so. His easy-going personality and confident approach to handling serious issues normally give him instant credibility when dealing with new clients.

When he “pauperized” himself by cutting out the simple pleasures that made his existence comfortable, he downgraded himself in his own eyes to someone who desperately needed to make deals at any price. If you have ever encountered a salesperson who was desperate to make a sale, you will know how repellent that attitude is. You just want to get away from his desperation. That shift in his viewpoint instantly affected his ability to make money.

I coached him into looking at what he needed in the way of his own discretionary income to feel comfortable about himself and his morale increased immediately. It wasn’t much, but it changed his self-esteem and that was what was needed.

Each of us has some idea of what we need to feel comfortable about our current place in life. For some, it is having enough money in their pockets to buy a meal whenever they want to. For some, it is having enough money to afford traveling by cab whenever they want to. For some, it is being dressed stylishly. All of these are creature comforts by which we judge our worth in some way.

If your income is dependent on your ability to make a good impression on others, these creature comforts are essential because they bolster your self-esteem and let you concentrate on doing business. If you deprive yourself of these service facilities your attention will be distracted by their lack and you will not present yourself with your normal confidence.

Maintaining one’s self-image is an individual issue and the solutions will be different for everyone. The essential point to remember is that if you are to present yourself in a way to inspire confidence, you must attend to those creature comforts that you consider essential.

I have been doing personal and business consulting for many years and deliver services over Zoom for clients all over the world. If you would like me to assist you in some personal or career matter, you can contact me at

Transcript of Academy Meeting on Identity – Part Four

This academy meeting covered a great deal of material about identities and spiritual companions that had never been discussed before. The four participants were Joachim Held, Alka Madan, Petra Held, and myself. This was the first online meeting where we were all invoking our spiritual companions for answers and opinions.

As a reminder, basically, an identity is what others think of you. It can be changed with Spiritual Rescue Technology.