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Sunday Project for SRT Group – Special Healing Webinar 8-4-19



I have encountered a spirit that I cannot handle alone and I am inviting you to participate in a special session where we will help a spirit wake up and depart. I am calling this a healing session as this being does not seem to operate as other spirits operate. I have the feeling that it will take a massive sharing of grace and life force to reach this being in the state it is in.

Up to now, I have never failed to communicate with a spirit and handle whatever was holding them in place, but I recently hit a spiritual brick wall with this being and I need additional power to remove a spiritual presence from a long time client of mine. I have tried to reach well-known psychics, but there has been no response, so we are going to do a repeat of a previous successful action where we acted in concert to heal someone.

This spirit manifests itself as an octopus type presence which fondles the client’s head and various orifices of his body. It acts more like a machine than a live presence and I cannot sense it with the clarity that I sense other spiritual presences. It exhibits life force, but not of a nature I recognize. It feels like a chimera, a cluster of beings and bodies that have been merged together.

From the way it fondles the client with its appendages, it is more like the fabled Flying Spaghetti Monster than a Cthulhu type monster. The client experiences appendages touching it, but there are no claws. I can occasionally get an impression of its shape and size, but I have not been able to do more than scare it away temporarily by talking to it. It acts like it has no intelligence at all and operates on a stimulus/response basis.

The client is happy to attend the webinar with us and have you work with me to identify this being and hopefully communicate with it in a caring way to bring it to present time and leave the client alone. It is a living being, but it is so far down that it operates like a simple creature.

If you attend and participate, you will get an experience that few people have ever encountered.

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Webinar 7-28-19 – Analyzing Free Will

In our workshop yesterday, we discussed how exercising free will can get us in to trouble. As the discussion proceeded, I realized that free will might be more complicated than I had first thought.

Free will should, optimally, enable you to remember the past, enjoy the present, and to create freely of your future.

However, exercising our free will is what got us into some of the things we are trying to handle now. If we had had a little more awareness and more knowledge, we might have retained our original free will.

Consider this, if you had total free will in the present time, you could do anything. You could drive through walls, break all sorts of rules, and violate all sorts of agreements. Your body might not survive, but the biggest damage might be that you lose your free will.

Free will without awareness of the consequences does not last very long. Awareness has to do with observing what is happening and the potential for something new happening. Knowledge is accumulated experience or the accumulation of someone else’s experience. If you know what the result of certain actions is, you can predict the future.

The complexity we have to deal with on this planet at least, is that free will and life force are affected by our attention and our intentions, otherwise know as will. Our attention and our intentions are alloyed with the intentions of the other spirits occupying our space. By alloyed, I mean intermixed so that most people cannot distinguish between our thoughts and intentions and the thoughts and intentions of our spiritual companions. This is where awareness matters. A spiritually aware person can distinguish between their own thoughts and the many thoughts generated by the other spirits in their space.

Consider this: you intend to do something and you get the idea that something else should be done first, resulting in your forgetting to do the first task. Is this free will or something else? Which idea was yours? If you are spiritually aware, you might recognize the revised intention as emanating from someone else. If you have enough knowledge of the spiritual relationships set up around you, you may be able to request that both intentions get carried out.

It appears that we might have to organize the spirits who help us to make things happen in a predictable way. That solution requires awareness, knowledge, control of our attention and our intention, and a willingness to monitor our efforts by the level of life force energy we are able to generate. This would seem to require that we and our spiritual companions deliberately remain in present time when we are doing this.

If we were able to do this, we would be able to predict the future of our activities. I want you to be able to create the future you want. When you create the future you want, your associated beings are helping you create it. If you are not getting the future you want and need, consider that you have beings who are creating at cross purposes. Choosing a future that forwards the purposes of all spirits involved will probably result in a future where our life force energy is maximized.

One Last Thought: Rules are supposed to produce a result. If the rules you are following are not producing the results you need, you need to change the rules.

Today’s Webinar on 7-28-19 will occur at 12 noon EDT. Use this link:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link:

Free Workshop 7-27-19 – Controlling Your Relationships With Others

I am sure that many of you have experienced an instant attraction to another person or an instant antagonism to another person. How many of you have realized that the attraction or revulsion was not necessarily your idea?

When you have a working relationship with another person and you also have a romantic or sexual attraction to that person, life gets more complicated than it needs to be.

Being able to control your feelings for another person is a vital skill but it can be learned. If you cannot learn this skill, you are being operated as a puppet by external forces. When you are attracted to another person, there are a lot of different activities going on. Emotions are generated, intentions are activated, and a lot of your spiritual companions get restimulated and out of control.

If you do not exert control of your emotions and your actions, you will almost always create a situation that will result in a problem for you if the other person or you have made prior commitments. The usual case is not that either party has any intention of causing harm, they are just swept away by the intense emotional impact of meeting this other person.

Understanding the basis for the instant attachment is the first step in bringing this relationship under control, and not letting it run away with you. One basis for an intense instant attachment to a new person is the phenomenon of having known them intimately before. Recognizing this fact helps to put it into perspective and one can often voice the fact and bring both parties into present time.

It is a little more complicated when your spiritual companions are pushing you hard in the direction of a new acquaintance or the other person’s spirits are pushing them in your direction. Since many people are being run by their spirits, it is not surprising that so many instant attractions result in unsatisfactory affairs and one night stands. The most satisfactory handling for an inappropriate instant attraction is to remain in present time and notice where the attraction is coming from, whether self, ones spirits, or the other person or their spirits.

Some of my most satisfying counseling has been in the handling of inappropriate relationships or the lack of any satisfactory relationships. The mingling of pleasurable emotions and guilt are a heavy distraction and the person is torn by their feelings and their responsibilities. Resolution of these difficulties frees up a lot of attention and life energy and enables the attainment of a happier and calmer life.

I will be sharing some examples of relationship problems that changed peoples lives forever and how handling this kind of problem led to an incredibly happy resolution. There will be no demo session as this is a topic for a client and counselor only.

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Video Recording of 7-21-19 Webinar – Recovering Control Of Your Life Force Energy

Every participant in today’s webinar had something to contribute to the topic of recovering control of your life force energy. It seems rather obvious that increasing your life force energy is a positive action, but it was not as obvious that controlling your attention is the key to controlling your life force energy.

When something captures your attention, either by force or trickery, that can cause your life force to be trapped for a very long period of time. Controlling your attention through your intention is an exercise in will power.

We discuss all of the factors relating to control of your life force energy and ended up with some conclusions we did not expect. This is an important video to review.

Webinar 7-21-19 Recovering Control of Your Life Force Energy

Our Free Workshop on 7-20-19 discussed the trapping of life force in certain incidents. It appears that running SRT processes on these incidents restores the ability to generate life force. An SRT process was demonstrated in which the target was the restoration of life force energy that had been trapped in a this lifetime incident. The incident proved to be more complex than anticipated and involved multiple incidents and multiple beings, but the focus was kept on restoring life force energy and that is what occurred. All beings involved experienced a resurgence of life force energy.

The workshop discussion revealed a complex relationship between attention, the disposition of life force energy, and intention or willpower. There is more to be discovered, but it seems at this point that fixation of attention will trap life force energy and can compromise intention or will power.

Overwhelm by force or by trickery (hypnosis) seems to be an effective way to trap a being’s life force energy. Undoing the trap through SRT processing seems to free up a being’s life force.

It is also evident that simple rituals and exercises can free fixed attention, at least temporarily, even when the original incidents are not resolved. Objective processes, Reiki, and Tai chi are some of the better known ways to provide spiritual release. They all produce beneficial results and appear to increase life force energy on a temporary basis.

In this webinar, we will discuss all of the ways we know that attention can be freed up and life force increased.

We will also look at the many ways attention can be captured for harmful purposes and how that affects our life force. We will also touch upon the dwindling spiral of spiritual power and see if we can draw some conclusions that will make it easier to reverse this dwindling spiral with individual activities

It is my intention that we will begin the development of a system for recovering control of our life force energy and thereby accelerate our spiritual development.

Our Sunday Webinar on 7-20-19 will occur at 12 noon EDT. Use this link:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link:

Free Workshop 7-20-19 – Is Life Force Energy Trapped In Certain Incidents?

I was writing an article about using life force energy as an indicator in sessions and it occurred to me that it appears that life force energy gets trapped when a being is overwhelmed in an incident.

I am not sure of the mechanism of entrapment, but I have observed time after time that a being starts generating more life force after being freed from an incident that overwhelmed him. We know by observation that a being’s attention can be fixed on an incident for millions of years, leaving very little life force available to manage his existence in present time.

For example, a mighty king whose life is still the stuff of legends, can suffer such an agonizing and humiliating defeat that he no longer can confront operating a body. He feels so degraded that he attaches himself to a woman and becomes part of her personality for a number of lifetimes. He is the part of her personality that has the urge to kill anyone who treats her badly. In one sense he is her protector, but he is not really conscious of the nuances of the present day world and his only action is to seethe with helpless anger whenever she gets frustrated.

To an onlooker, this woman seems to have a dangerous attitude that erupts whenever things do not go well for her. This gives her a malevolence that interferes with her ability to easily make friends. She is partly aware of this tendency to erupt, but thinks she herself is doing it and represses the evil thoughts when they occur. She forces herself to maintain a happy appearance in spite of the dangerous thoughts that keep coming up. Her cheerfulness appears manic, because she is trying to be happy and has a spiritual companion who is thinking all sorts of dangerous thoughts.

Releasing the king from his agonizing defeat and the confusion which kept him entrapped in the incident was quite an adventure. There were tears followed by incredible relief when he discovered how his early training has set him up for the disaster which ended his life and his career. In this one session, he went from a degraded being with no hope of redemption to a wise and philosophical being who showed care for his host and looked forward to creating a new life for himself.

He radiated life force energy by the end of the session and the client’s life force energy increased markedly too. My contribution was only enough life force energy to direct his attention so he could sort out how he had been trapped for so many thousands of years.

From what I perceived, he had been directing all of his life force energy toward trying to understand and withdraw from the incident that had overwhelmed him. Once he figured out how and why he had trapped himself, his cognitive abilities shot through the roof and he acted like a different being entirely.

I would like to discuss the trapping of life force in incidents and hope to get your viewpoints how to use this information to help others. If possible, I would like to give a session to a volunteer who has a being trapped in the past and demonstrate the recovery of life force by doing so.

Join me Saturday at 12 noon EDT using this link:

Spiritual Rescue Technology Sessions Differ From Other Forms Of Spiritual Counseling – Part One

SRT counseling is a conversation, not a series of commands. The counselor speaks directly to the spiritual being and the client relays what the spirit is saying. The counselor is able to perceive what the being is saying so he uses this information to assist the client to channel effectively. The counselor does not tell the client what the spirit is saying, he coaches the client until the client perceives what is being communicated.

In Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) counseling, once the spiritual being is identified, the counselor speaks directly to the spiritual being and the being’s reply is channeled through the client. This is easier than it might appear, because the new client is coached to say whatever comes to mind when the counselor asks a question.

Once the being realizes that he is being addressed, he usually starts to take over the clients body and the client’s voice will change and the body will show new mannerisms when the being is speaking. The being will say things like, “I am holding a spear!” or “I made a serious mistake!” and he will often talk about the client and what the client is doing that he does not agree with.

When the client breaks in with a comment of his own, it is quite easy to see who is speaking.

Occasionally, a client resists turning control over to the spiritual being and he will say things like, “He is holding a spear.” or “He made a mistake.” Telling the client to relax and let the words come without editing them usually encourages the spirit to communicate directly.

The object of the session is to free the spirit from some incident that has overwhelmed him and this is best accomplished by caring communication with the client and the spirit. If the counselor and the client do not recognize that the spirit is a being worthy of respect and compassion, they will not make much progress.

We must engage the interest of beings who feel there is no hope of a future, and by careful questioning get them to look at the incident which overwhelmed them and fixated their attention. Once they can see the incident, we get them to recognize what actions of theirs precipitated the incident and finally, we get them to recognize their justifications for taking that action. This last step releases them from the confusions which have kept them pinned to the incident and they become aware of present time and the situation they are in.

When a client participates in enough sessions, she begins to recognize that she can perceive the thoughts of a spirit without the help of a counselor. Her telepathic abilities have been rehabilitated and she will find that her friendly spirits have been coaching her and making comments to her for a very long time.

In some cases the clients will eventually realize that many of their thoughts came from the spirits who surround them. A person looks at a unfamiliar image and wonders if it might be an image from ancient Mesopotamia, never realizing that he is receiving impressions from a being who remembers the era vividly.

With practice and SRT solo sessions, a person can recover memories from their spiritual companions and use this information to create art or stories or just to expand their understanding of life.

Why We Record Spiritual Counseling Sessions

Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) counseling sessions involve communications from spirits as well as the counselor and the client. Recording these sessions provides a mutual benefit to the client and to the counselor as a permanent record is made of the spirit’s contribution to the session.

During a typical SRT counseling session, the client will be providing a channel for one or more spiritual beings to express themselves. The counselor will ask questions of the spiritual beings and will have the spirits respond using the client as a channel for their thoughts.

When a spirit is speaking through a person, the person may or may not be aware of what is being said. This depends on how much control the spirit is exerting over the person. We often see this situation in life where a spirit causes us to blurt out something or make us do something we regret.

In the usual counseling session, the client has some awareness of what is being said by the spirit who is being addressed by the counselor, but there are times when the spirit is emotionally aroused and takes full control of the client channeling his communication. In these situations, the client is a passive observer and is not always fully aware of what the spiritual being is saying.

There have been cases where a client had little or no recall of what happened in session other than they felt better afterwards. In these cases, a troubled spirit was handled and left, leaving the client feeling relieved and no longer subject to the spirit’s emotions.

Recording sessions and providing recordings to both client and counselor provides an opportunity for both to review the session afterwards and gain additional realizations about what occurred in session.

Session recordings are made available to the client either as privately accessible online files or on flash drives.

Clients who routinely review their sessions afterwards report additional gains from that action as they will spot things that occurred in session and were not understood at the time.