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Discovering The Spiritual Realm

The first time you are outside your body is an amazing event. You are going along, just being human, and all of a sudden something drives you right out of your head and the world feels different.

I experienced this while driving home after some communications drills when I could suddenly see both sides of the road while I was looking straight down the road ahead and could also see well into the fields on both sides. My vision had suddenly expanded from a narrow view of the world to a 180-degree panoramic view.

Some people find themselves banging into things when they go exterior because they are monitoring their positions from points that are outside and ahead of the body, instead of from their usual points of view from the eyeballs.

Other people freak out because they realize that they can pick up thoughts and intentions from the people around them. This can make them very uncomfortable in public places. Some others start picking up thoughts from nearby spirits and find this very distracting.

After you get used to your expanded view of life, there are still more surprises that continue to happen. You start to perceive spirits in many different forms, sometimes as orbs of light, other times as ghostly figures, and other times as thoughts, or flashing images. Occasionally, a spirit will announce themselves as a voice that seems to originate in the middle of your head.

Once you learn to communicate in a caring and realistic way with the spirits who surround you, you will experience a continuous flow of information related to what you are doing, whether it is driving your car or designing a website. You start to think of something and you get helpful suggestions on how to do it better or faster. Once you get accustomed to this assistance, you will find that things move along very quickly and work takes a lot less effort than it did when you were trying to do things all by yourself.

Putting your friendly spirits to work is good for you and for them, as it gives them a role to play and responsibilities to assume, and they get acknowledgment for what they are doing. Otherwise, they have no assigned roles and do not get recognition or acknowledgment. Without acknowledgment, it is as though they do not exist. Beings of all types, whether in bodies or not, crave acknowledgment and recognition. When you give a being a task they can do and recognize that they have done it as requested, this builds morale and generates harmony within the group.

As your spiritual awareness expands, you begin to sense elements of the spiritual realm that are completely beyond comprehension. This can be frightening as you will feel that you are looking into an abyss and the abyss is somehow looking back. Keeping your attention on the tasks you need to accomplish and the spirits and people you need to help you with these tasks will keep you stable and productive.

There are technologies beyond comprehension and ancient civilizations using those technologies scattered across a million different galaxies. Some of those civilizations are responsible for the current condition of planet Earth. If you can read the Akashic records for this planet, you will see that this planet was used as a dumping ground for criminals and other disruptive elements. Searching for these alien civilizations is not a productive use of our time until we regain the spiritual awareness that will enable us to rehabilitate ourselves and produce a stable and sane civilization before we face more advanced civilizations.

If we learn to use our spiritual companions and get them to work in harmony, we will be able to deal with almost any of the civilizations which put us here to keep us from disturbing them. Contrary to all of the stories in science fiction, we are not a primitive planet with a primitive native population. We are the outcasts of a thousand advanced civilizations that could not continue to operate with us loose in their locked down and tightly-controlled realms. Our penchant for independent thought and rebellious activity destabilizes a fully controlled and subservient population. Isolating those of us who could not be contained enables those civilizations to maintain control as they see fit.

A space-faring civilization needs to exert control over technological progress or long space voyages are not possible. Our civilization produces change so rapidly that we cannot even read the storage devices we used a few years ago. Our cell phones have more computing power than the computers sent to the moon a few years ago. The way our technology advances, device compatibility lasts only a few years. Program compatibility does not last much longer.

I would not be surprised that other civilizations are carefully watching our technological ferment with great caution because we are advancing at a furious pace and they cannot allow this to happen to their technology. If we are not careful, we may find ourselves excluded from participating in extraterrestrial matters because our technology is incompatible with what they are using and if it gets loose in other civilizations, it could wreak havoc on long-established technologies.

If they keep sending outcasts down here, it is only a matter of time until we recreate technologies that will give us faster than light space drives and weaponry to defend ourselves against any hostile forces. I am sure we have people trying to create technology that never existed before but somehow should be possible. We have no natural barriers against unrestrained technical development and we will continue to push the envelope of development until someone attempts to stop us.

The appearance of extraterrestrial efforts to stop progress on this planet will galvanize our efforts to advance our technology and to coordinate efforts across the planets to counter attacks on this planet. One of the best ways to get our planet organized is to attack it with an external force. I am sure that this has been a factor in keeping us from being attacked in the past. Whether this concern will continue to delay attacks in the future, only time will tell. It takes a lot of resources to bomb a planet back to the stone age and if the job is not done properly the results could let loose a lasting series of changes on civilizations that may not be able to withstand such changes.

Our civilization is already producing ideas at such a rate that we may be affecting any civilization which is trying to control its population and its behavior. If other civilizations are monitoring our movies and our literature, they have to be picking up ideas that do not fit their standards of acceptable behavior. Trying to keep strange ideas out of a civilization may be a losing game. If our galactic neighbors start picking up our videos and our music, they may suffer irreparable damage to their established cultures.

As we become more spiritually aware, we should reach out and discover what cultural changes are being caused elsewhere by our new ideas and intentions being created daily on this planet. If we can create a tsunami of new ideas and cultural changes, we should do this knowingly, not accidentally. Let us encourage cultural changes that increase free will and personal freedom and inspire others to create in ways that enhance the quality of life everywhere.


(reprinted from November 24, 2019

Would you try to measure a person’s worth with a ruler or scale? Could you convince yourself of his or her intentions by seeing whether they could bend spoons or levitate objects? Probably not, unless you were one of the select group of individuals who study extrasensory perception, or pontificate about the lack of physical evidence in paranormal studies, like skeptic James Randi.

Even those who delve in parapsychology, which is the discipline concerned with investigating events that cannot be accounted for by natural law and knowledge that cannot have been obtained through the usual sensory abilities, are trying to measure spiritual activities with material universe tools.

All of these well-meaning activities skip neatly over the obvious question, which is “Why not talk directly to the spirits themselves?”

I have been teaching my clients to talk directly to spirits for many years and the results have changed their lives. We do not use e-meters, thermometers, lasers, or electronic recording systems. We merely ask spirits if it is OK to talk with them and proceed from there.

We have the advantage of many hours of spiritual conversation to show us what works and what does not. A few of us can perceive spirits and we are able to teach other to perceive spirits and talk to them. We are aware of many other people who are sensitive to spirits and can perceive them, but who have never learned to chat with spirits and find out what was going on with the spirit.

If you do not talk to someone, it is difficult to know what they need and what has happened to them. If you do not talk to spirits in a caring way, you will not know they are beings just like us with different histories that prevent them from running a body.

The basic problem with all of the parapsychology and paranormal people is that they seem to ignore the fact that spirits are real beings just like us, only without bodies for various reasons. They treat spirits as a kind of phenomena that leaves cold spots in the room and moves furniture and creates drafts. They have no freaking idea that we are surrounded by dead relatives and spirits who have never recovered from being gassed at Auschwitz, or being shot down over the Ardennes Forest in WW II.

Until you talk with a being who supervised sacrifices to Moloch, you don’t appreciate how easily a civilization can fall into evil ways and justify them.

On the other hand when you talk to the many beings who have given their lives to help others and been burnt at the stake, you can begin to understand the drive that some individuals have to help others at all costs.

Only by talking to spirits can you get a perspective on the origin of legends that persist to our own times. Only by talking to spirits can you begin to understand how much their emotions can affect you in your everyday life. And that is only the beginning.

You will encounter beings who have been with you for many lifetimes trying to help you in various ways. You will gain certainty of your own immortality as you learn of their histories and how you became involved with them. All of this knowledge and more becomes revealed when you learn to communicate with spirits on a one to one basis.

We have developed a sophisticated spiritual technology called Spiritual Rescue Technology which increases ability and can change personality and change lives for the better and it all begins with learning how to communicate with spirits. Some people have a natural ability to communicate with spirits, but the ability can be learned by anyone who has not been indoctrinated to ignore spirits for religious or cultural reasons.

If you can listen to spirits and communicate with them in a caring way, you will achieve results in hours instead of wasting years with e-meters, infra-red cameras and microphones hoping for signs of spiritual activity.

Save yourself a lot of effort. Stop wasting time measuring auras and thermal gradients, just locate the feeling that is causing you trouble and talk to the being who is causing it. Once you start talking to beings, you will discover that there are many ways to heal the body as well as getting things done more effectively.

Those of you who lack confidence will be very surprised when you find where those fears and uncertainty come from. Talking to the spirits involved can change your life. It already has for hundreds of others.

I have written other books on this subject, but you can get a great start by reading Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology: A Practical Solution for Changing Your Life.

Escaping An Unworkable Work Or Personal Situation

Ever feel trapped in a job or personal situation that did not turn out as promised?

You agreed to run the family business or to form a relationship and here you are, a few years down the road doing everything you can to keep things going and it is not working out at all. Try as you might, you cannot seem to bring yourself to terminate this relationship even though it is obvious to you and everyone else that the situation is toxic to your mental and physical health.

Why, oh why, you ask yourself, can’t I break free from this awful situation. It feels like it is killing me, but I can’t seem to escape! In fact, you are unable to even think of starting anew. You are so trapped by your own decisions that escape is unthinkable.

You need help, but people have already given you good advice which for some reason you cannot follow because it feels wrong somehow. The main reason you are trapped in this situation is that you made an agreement and do not know how to get out of it. You need to learn how to break agreements that no longer have value and you probably cannot do that by yourself unless you can apply the remedy for this unfortunate situation.

To change or end this situation you are in, you need to carefully recall the decision you made to begin the relationship or to assume your current responsibility. This agreement is what is binding you to this situation and it exists because you are a person with integrity. You were presented with an opportunity and you promised to carry out the actions that were required for the responsibility you assumed. Depending on the opportunity, you promised to love, honor, and obey, or to serve with distinction in some organization or relationship, based on some understanding of what you would receive in return.

The reason the current situation is unworkable is that the exchange that was promised is no longer there. The longer you persist in your current situation, the worse the exchange becomes. You are suffering mental and possibly physical anguish, and you see no way to achieve relief.

If you can recall and review the agreement you made to begin this relationship, you should also be able to recall the exchange you agreed to. What you will probably discover is that some other influence entered the scene and caused the exchange to be modified. Personal relationships break down when other people affect the relationship or one of the people involved undergoes a personality change due to events that are out of your control. 

Business relationships break down for many of the same reasons. Someone competes for your position or the management team undergoes personnel or personality changes. In either event, your original agreement is nullified, even if you do not agree, and your best bet is to sever the relationship and find a new position.

Once you see that your original agreement is no longer valid or workable, you will experience no barriers in finding a new situation that fits your current needs. All of your energies will be directed toward getting results in a new area of your life. You will also find that you have no lingering regrets if you have fully examined your earlier agreements and have understood the reasons you made those agreements.

To handle a past mistake or wrong decision, it is necessary to see all of the reasons you made the mistake or decision. You will stop beating yourself up for things that did not work out if you understand this truth in its purity:

Every action you have ever made, whether excellent or disastrous, made sense at the time or there was no other course of action that seemed possible.

Once you realize this truth, you can stop feeling guilty for things that have gone wrong. If you can also spot any confusion that existed at the time, you will find you can release all attention from this incident.

Some people will be able to change their lives just from the information I have provided here. If you find that this is an area that is too heavily charged to view, I suggest you find a counselor who can give you the support needed to resolve this kind of situation. Feel free to contact me for more information at

Be Careful What You Think About Others

Your thoughts affect people, plants, and pets.

If you were truly aware of the effects you create with your thoughts, you would be a lot kinder just for your own well-being, if not for enhanced survival. I know that most people, even those who read my articles, do not realize that thoughts can stunt growth and even kill in some cases. After all, science does not believe in curses and witchcraft and barely understands the ability of a spiritual being, so after years of indoctrination why should you believe that your thoughts could affect another person or animal in a harmful way?

Why, you might as well believe that we are immortal beings who once had godlike abilities and through misuse of those abilities had crippled ourselves to the point where we no longer believe we are spirits and we die when our bodies die. After all, Science believes we have descended from apes and that life began when lightning struck the right combination of chemicals on this planet. They have studies and peer-reviewed papers to support that claim!

I am here to give you some semblance of hope that you are not just a shambling upright hominid, but are an immortal spirit with abilities far beyond anything you may have read about. When you learn to read the Akashic records, you will see activities that indicate we are at the tail end of a dwindling spiral of existence from godlike powers to barely being able to face the world without a morning coffee.

If you can do some simple exercises to see how your thoughts affect others, you might be able to grasp the idea that there are ways to rehabilitate your powers and you can discover the ways on your own. Your first step is to discover that other people’s thoughts can affect you and the second step is to discover that your thoughts alone can affect others.

Step One – Discovering other people’s thoughts

Have you ever worked in a hostile environment? One in which others did not bother talking to you but they looked at you with hateful intent? Did that give you confidence and a sense of well-being or did it make you cringe and shrink back into yourself?

Have you ever had to endure evil or lustful thoughts from family members? How did those make you feel? Especially when you could not mention them for fear of being punished. Those destructive thoughts from others are so common that we tend to suppress our memories of them.

On the other hand, can you remember a time when someone admired you without saying a word? How about a time when someone looked at you with loving thoughts? How did those make you feel?

These are just a few examples of the power of thoughts. They affect us every day and science does not have a clue what they are except to say that they are probably electrical flows in the brain. Thoughts are part of the spiritual realm, but they create results in the physical realm.

Step Two – Discovering the power of your thoughts

I have total certainty on this having seen thoughts make things grow and in other instances wither and die. I have also seen the damage that psychic assault can cause on a person as repairing that damage has occupied the majority of my counseling efforts.

I would like you to become certain that your thought can materially affect the lives of other beings in your vicinity whether they are in human bodies, plant bodies, or animal bodies. Let’s start by silently admiring someone and see how they respond. I would start with someone you know as admiring a stranger can produce unwanted reactions. Anyone who has casually admired an attractive member of the opposite sex, even from a distance, has experienced the shock of having them turn and look at you accusingly. They can feel your admiration, and unless they are in the business of selling their services on the street, they will not be impressed.

If you casually admire a person you already care for, you will generally get a positive response. They will brighten up as though you have delivered a compliment. If you continue to admire them without stopping, they will probably get uncomfortable. This should make it real to you that admiration and the thoughts you send with it are being received by the other person.

On the other hand, if you see someone you despise and look at them with disgust or annoyance, you may see them flinch or return an angry thought of their own. If this is a coworker or someone you have to spend time with, you will make them uncomfortable and will be uncomfortable yourself.

If you take a little time and confirm that your thoughts affect others, you can begin to get an idea that thinking the right thoughts can make your life easier and can gain you support from people who can advance your career and brighten your life.

Taking responsibility for your thoughts and the thoughts you direct at others will put you at cause over your life in ways you cannot imagine until you practice this until you master it. I take this up in my spiritual counseling but you can develop the necessary skills yourself starting from reading this article.

Preface to my new book, Working With Spirits

What do you think? Would this interest you in reading further?

It took me many years of dealing with spirits before I discovered that most of the spirits we have been warned about for thousands of years were actually trying to help us. I spent the first 30 years of my spiritual work helping people get rid of bothersome spirits and clearing buildings of spirits and the curses they had laid in on those places. Almost all of the disembodied spirits you will encounter are stuck in some incident that occurred a long time ago and which prevents them from picking up a new body and getting along with life as a human being again.

We are all immortal spirits and we have human experiences over and over again. When we experience an incident that totally overwhelms us with pain and unconsciousness, we may not be able to pick up a body and resume our lives as a normal human being again. In many cases, we find someone to watch over and we do our best to guide them away from harm. I work with these beings every day and most of their efforts to guide us produce results that confuse and harm the person they are trying to help.

If you have beings around you who have died in a fire, for example, you will experience fear and upset whenever you are working with open flames. If you have beings around you who have died in a plague, you may find yourself falling ill at the slightest sign of exposure to disease. If some of your spirits have failed in life or in love, you may find extreme difficulty in forming relationships or working with others. These beings are not deliberately trying to harm you but their reaction to everyday events is a result of a traumatic experience from the past which is still with them.

This book will show you how to help these spirits recover from their past experiences and how to invite them to work with you and share their knowledge to make your life easier. These spirits are immortal and they are an unbelievable source of useful knowledge when you learn how to work with them. You can see examples of people who rely on help from spirits when you see child prodigies composing music and solving mathematical problems with no instruction from teachers or parents.

If you read and understand the material in this book, you too can benefit from the vast knowledge that your spiritual companions can share with you if they are properly motivated.


I will be holding another spirit communication coaching workshop this Sunday at 12 noon EST on Zoom using this link:

Those of you who are most aware will get to communicate with some of your personal collection of spirits. Those who are not comfortable communicating with your spirits will get several chances to observe others communicating with their spirits.

This is the second of several workshops designed to get more of you up to speed on communicating with spirits and no longer having to fake it. If you did not attend the first workshop, you really need to read this article before joining us online.

Here are two links to the same article:

The Basic Factors Involved In Communicating With Spirits (Facebook)

The Basic Factors Involved In Communicating With Spirits (SRT Home page)

Until you are confident in perceiving and talking to spirits, you are stuck with reading what some other people think spirits can do. Once you learn to talk with ALL spirits easily, your life will change for the better. You will discover that the so- called scary spirits and demons are just spirits like you who have been stuck in terrifying incidents for a very long time. Learn to talk with them and you can set them free and be free yourself.

Can’t Seem To Hear Spirits?

Please read the following and see if it describes what you are doing when you attempt to communicate with spirits. I made a discovery in 2013 which changed my ability to communicate with spirits. If you read this article carefully, you should have no problem hearing what your spirits have to say.

– – – –

“Entity Deafness”-Republished from 2013

My pre-OTs ask the most interesting questions and I find that I learn something every time I attempt to answer them.

Recently a pre-OT asked about what he calls “entity deafness”. This is the phenomenon of not being able to hear entities on his own even though he able to receive entity communication during session.

This seems to be a wide-spread phenomenon because I have run into many Pre-OTs and OTs who could no longer hear spiritual entities even though they had solo audited successfully for some time.

I know it is a real phenomenon because I experienced it myself some years ago before I started my independent practice. I would sit with the cans in my hands with the TA slowly rising and could perceive nothing at all. I tried to get in communication with my spiritual beings and would get nothing. After 30 minutes or so, I would get frustrated and quit.

After about a month of this, I started auditing a client and was able to perceive the client’s spiritual entities as we ran the session. After sessions, I would check to see what I could see and got nothing again. I was beginning to feel that I had forgotten how to solo audit. It didn’t stop me from auditing successfully because I could sense everything that was going on in session. I could pick up the pc’s intentions and the entities thoughts with increasing certainty as the months went by.

As time went on, my practice evolved and I realized that brand new preclears could run entities if I kept the processes simple and left out all of the church verbiage. During these evolutions, my ability to perceive entities and their intentions increased markedly. I finally got to the point where I could pervade the area where the entity was and pick up his entire history and even get his overts. The fact that I was trained as a Class V Graduate and had 25 years in the chair and was doing OT repairs at AOLA helped me spot why I had so much trouble going back to solo again.

I was doing a poor job of getting in comm with my entities because I was not really thinking of them as sentient beings as I do now.

I was quite successful on OT VII and completed it in under a year but I never really established a good comm cycle with the entities I was auditing. I didn’t hate them or anything but I was definitely running a search and destroy operation. See that cluster? I’d look at it and, POOF! See those copies? POOF! It was like a high-toned squirrel hunt. Spot those little bts and duplicate them the hell out of there!

When I wasn’t in session, I had the sense that entities were around me, but I could not pick up their thoughts or intentions.

It was only in the last year and a half that my PCs gave me enough feedback that it made sense to look at spiritual entities in a new way. I found out that they were usually trying to help the person who owned and managed the body. Furthermore, they were unacknowledged for their efforts. Unacknowledged help and refused help are big buttons to everyone including spiritual entities.

I started asking my entities, “Has anyone been unacknowledged?” and I would get these huge blowdowns that would fire again and again. I would also get strong emotions and rowdy remarks from the entities in my space. I started hearing profanity from my entities for the very first time. It was a hoot! Once my entities found that I was listening to them and cared about them, the communication turned on like a fire hose.

I didn’t have to run a correction list on them or run ARC breaks. All I had to do was check frequently during the day to see whether anyone was feeling unacknowledged and let them know I really got that and would make sure they were acknowledged in the future.

So,”entity deafness” occurs when your entities go out of comm with you. They shut up and will not communicate to you and you feel “deaf” spiritually.

Now, here is the kicker! When you finally start communicating, something very interesting happens:

The sudden change from no entities in sight to a crowd of clamoring spiritual beings seems to be quite common when someone first starts communicating with entities.

I see it often with beginning pcs who are just starting to reach out and acknowledge entities. I even experienced it myself when starting OT III. During the night after my first OT III session, I had hundreds of what Ron called body thetans all marching around and demanding to be heard. I freaked out because I thought I was “free wheeling”which is a Scientology term for your OT case running itself.

– – – –


It may take you several readings of the above to get the idea that spirits are immortal living beings, just like you. They respond to caring communication. They respond positively to admiration, acknowledgment, and recognition of their existence as living beings.

They respond negatively to invalidation, insults, abuse, betrayal, ignoring their existence, and ridicule. If you think of your spiritual companions as “things” to be gotten rid of, you will make your life more difficult than you will ever realize.

You have more in common with your spirits than you realize. If you approach them in a friendly fashion, they are far more likely to respond to you.

The Basic Factors Involved In Communicating With Spirits


  1. They are immortal living beings just like you. but without human bodies.
  2. Every living thing has multiple spirits animating it.
  3. They have lived many lives before and have had every possible career you can imagine.
  4. They may be wearing animal bodies, other living bodies, or no bodies at all. They may be occupying objects.
  5. They appreciate caring communication.
  6. They respond positively to admiration, acknowledgment, and recognition of their existence as living beings.
  7. They respond negatively to invalidation, insults, abuse, betrayal, ignoring their existence, ridicule.


  1. They are almost always communicating with you in some way
  2. RARELY is it audio, usually it is a thought or an image. Sometimes an entire concept in video form.
  3. SOMETIMES, a spirit will just take control of you and make you say or do something you do not expect
  4. If you are prepared to listen, there is an enormous amount of information you can receive.
  5. If you can get them to help you, your life becomes much, much easier.
  6. Many of the routine tasks you perform daily are spirit assisted already. Tying your shoes, brushing your teeth, dressing yourself, driving your car on well known roads, typing on a keyboard.
  7. Many of the negative reactions you have to life situations come from spirits who are trying to protect you in some way. Something in your environment reminds them of a past incident which was painful and dangerous and they are trying to prevent it from happening again.


  1. Treat them with respect and they will respond to your efforts to communicate with them.
  2. Your ability to grant them importance as living beings will determine whether you can get them to work with you in harmony.
  3. If you are doing something that interests them, you can get them to help you for as long as you are doing that interesting thing.
  4. If you stop doing things that interest them, you will need to recruit new spirits to help you with your projects.


Hi Glenn,

I am very pleased that you have asked these questions. I have addressed them all in some post or book and am happy to answer them AGAIN on this site today. In order to do your questions justice, I will be answering them point by point in the order you asked them.

Q1- I guess one of my biggest issues with the concept is how does one “interview” a prospective entity – kind of like doing a job interview.

A1- I can see how this is an issue for you. If you can perceive life force, you can be aware of spiritual beings. If you can’t, then the hundreds of beings surrounding you are probably invisible to you. Beings have many levels of life force and some impinge on us while others stay in the background and only add emotions to the conversation. If you learn to meditate, which is like OT TR0, you will become aware of thoughts and images that are not yours. These are produced by the entities in your area who are trying to communicate with you.

Q2- Same as finding a life partner – at least 50% of marriages go bad so getting to know a potential spouse before signing on the bottom line is usually a good idea!

A2- I can respond to this as I have been married four times and each time was forever when we got married. This last one has lasted 30 years, so I have finally figured out what was going wrong. If you are growing spiritually and evolving, you need to find a partner who is growing and evolving in the same way. One of the best ways to accomplish that is to choose a partner of the same age group, and from the same culture and perhaps the same part of the world.

Q3- But I have not heard you discuss anything like this – just invite them all in and we’ll all just get along somehow.

A3- I only invite spirits to join me if they are interested in working with me. It is just like hiring help of any kind. Almost all spirits are stuck in some past incident, even the ones helping us. Some relish their victimhood and persist in that state even when freed from a past incident. I send them off to recuperate.

Q4- And as mentioned I have found some entities to be very dangerous and caused years of debilitating nerve disease and it took a Scn OT8 to get rid of it!

A4- OT7s and OT8s are able to work directly with spirits, but they are trained to get rid of them, not to communicate with them. SRT users communicate with spirits and find out why they are causing damage and send them on their way after stopping their compulsive behavior. When a spirit is stuck in an incident, he is out of present time and what he is doing has little to do with what is actually happening.

Q5- How many folks out there have access to a Scn OT8 to help them get rid of a dangerous entity?

A5- Not many, but they can get help from an SRT user by asking for it. SRT users get rid of dangerous entities every day for themselves and their friends. They can even rid their pets of entities when necessary.

Q6- If I didn’t have that OT8 as a friend I would still have that horrible nerve disease!

A6- I am very glad your friend was there for you. In the future, feel free to ask me for help if it or anything like it returns.

Q7- And that’s another thing – all these entities have different interests and case levels – I just don’t know if I would want to listen to all these voices in my head talking at once!

A7- I can understand that. I was trained as an auditor and I wanted to help people. Once I found that beings are people too, my natural instincts took over.

Q8- I only had one entity that talked to me and I didn’t like it and got rid of it – at least I think I did!

A8- Having a voice in your head can be very alarming. Not all make noise. Some communicate only through thoughts and images. Others communicate with pain.

Q9- How can you assure all these entities get along and don’t cause more trouble than I already have?

A9- A session continues until the troubled entity leaves of his own accord or decides to stay and work with my client. There are always more entities, which may be why you feel overwhelmed. That is why Scientology OTs sometimes have problems. The EP of an OT level involves the person attesting to the fact that all of his Body Thetans are gone. This, unfortunately, is impossible on this planet. We are surrounded by tens of thousands of discarnate beings, entities, and the only thing that happens when you have a huge release is that they seem to move away from you because they experience the release too. After a short while, they get keyed in again and your gains seem to be gone.

Q10- And you seem to be of the opinion that once you are stuck with an entity you are not allowed to get rid of it if they are not helping or causing trouble because that wouldn’t be compassionate!

A10- It is more compassionate to set a troubled being free than to keep him with you and in restimulation. Our spiritual companions are not bound to us. Mine come and go as my workload changes. Some like helping me write and others like working on mest projects. I have had several very helpful beings leave me because I was no longer doing what interested them.

I hope my answers have been helpful. You will find more answers in my three SRT books which are available on Amazon. When my fourth book, WORKING WITH SPIRITS, comes out this year, you will find even more useful information.

Thanks for taking the time to ask questions and express your concerns. Feel free to ask more.


You could think of the conditions of existence from a cause viewpoint, not an effect viewpoint.

You might want to think of these conditions from a spiritual viewpoint and consider them to be awareness states regarding yourself and your environment.

If your awareness is high enough, you are aware of something and the condition of its existence. The higher your awareness state, the more of the spiritual universe and the MEST universe you can be responsible for and influence.

You already may consider yourself responsible for the condition of the MEST universe you own and occupy. Can you consider yourself responsible for the condition of the spiritual universe you can perceive?

The traditional Scientology definition of conditions is based on the statistics of a thing, person, or organization. There is a unique formula for every condition that will raise that condition to a higher state. These are all based on material universe rules and effects. All of the necessary actions are couched in material universe terms. When something is observed to be in a non-optimum state, conditions are assigned by an observer, and blame is assigned for not doing the right formula. This is equivalent to rating a spiritual being by the MEST effects he is creating. In other words, a spirit is known and rated by his physical universe products.

If you consider your awareness state concerning any thing or topic as the condition of existence for that thing or topic, you may be able to do something useful to increase the state of existence for that thing or topic. If you are unaware of a thing or topic, you can have no effect on that thing or topic and its state of existence is meaningless. Only when you become aware of a thing or topic can you begin to affect its state of existence.

People who are unaware of spirits have no power over spirits and spiritual activities. Spirits who are aware of you have the ability to affect you depending on their level of awareness. If you are aware of spirits, and your awareness extends to understanding them and their motivations, you will be able to change their conditions of existence, regardless of their condition. For example, beings that are being MEST objects can be raised to a higher level of existence by beings who are aware enough and care to do so.

We have proved this already and we should explore what else we can do as spiritual beings using the idea that conditions of existence are awareness states regarding yourself and your environment.

Talk amongst yourselves while I create the next part of this continuing realization.