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SRT Operations Have Relocated to Cary, North Carolina

We have landed safely in our new location and sessions and webinars are resuming.

There was a considerable amount of assistance from the spiritual companion team and this made the relocation a continuing series of wins. I will not bore you with the details now, but will share the highlights in this Saturday’s workshop, which is titled, “Making Up For Past Sins.”

I recently discovered another way that spirits gained control over you. I think you will find this topic may renew your interest in life.

Join me Saturday, 12-14-19, at 12 noon on Zoom using this link:

SRT Workshop Video – Who Do You Want To Be From Now On

This was one of the most productive Spiritual Rescue Technology Workshops we have had this year.

The workshop was free and the video is free also. You can even download it and listen to it several times to get all of the information packed into this one hour session.

Some of the points we covered include this one: You have chosen an identity to be during this present moment, but you are not constrained to be that identity for the rest of this lifetime.

You have played millions of roles in the past and you have learned lessons in every role that can apply to your life in the 21st century.

You have also learned painful lessons that may still haunt you and make it hard to dream up new things or even envision a happy future. What we have in our hands at this point of time is a tool that will let us unlock our past experiences and the experiences of our spiritual companions so that we can actually move in any direction we choose.

And finally, if you really want to break out of your current situation, you need to learn how to observe for yourself. When you rely on others to interpret life for you, you are putting yourself in their hands. We are barraged with media that gives us opinions, not fact. If you are constantly relying on what the talking heads are saying, you are unfortunately removed from reality.

In this workshop, we explored what it will take to turn our lives in a new direction.

You will find the workshop video at this link:

Validate Yourselves If You Can Communicate With Spirits

There is a huge gulf between those of us who can actually perceive and talk to spirits and those who talk and write about talking to spirits. This other group have reputations to protect and they spend a lot of time protecting these reputations, instead of actually talking to spirits and working with them.

People who can actually perceive and talk to spirits just do it when there is something to investigate. Let’s call them spirit handlers. If something out of the ordinary happens, the truly gifted spirit handler just reaches out and looks for the spirits who are behind the phenomenon and deals with them and their issues. These spirit handlers do not have certificates or degrees and may not be spiritual counselors, they are just willing and able to converse with spirits and help them resolve their issues.

The reputational group, who are more dilettantes than researchers, will resort to tried and true psychological testing to see that no fraud is being performed, and that there is no possibility of faking of results before they can consider that a spirit has intervened in a physical universe event. They will refer to their connections to respected institutes or respected individuals if they are challenged or questioned. These individual are not unaware of spirits, they view them as an abnormal event to be studied after proper qualification. They cluster together and write papers on their discoveries, but they really get upset when someone just suggests talking to the spirit instead of doing proper psychological testing to eliminate any chance of fakery.

I feel they do not respect spirits as beings similar to themselves. Their view of spirits is that spirits are from other universe, to be treated as an anomaly. With that attitude, their “psychic” and “paranormal” studies assume the importance of an exotic religion.

Those of us who can see spirits realize that spirits are all around us at all times and can be communicated with freely at any time and place, even while brushing teeth in the bathroom or driving madly down the road to an appointment.

Recently one of these dilettante groups was marveling at the actions of a three year old who was drawing tall triangles with a lower case “i” in them. After lots of conjecture on what it might mean, I suggested that someone should talk to the spirit who was providing the image for the child to draw. I was immediately corrected by someone who has “many years” of experience in the paranormal field and told that it might harm the child if he was not psychologically tested first.

I demurred and related a story of when I was clearing a house of spirits and handled a pervert spirit who was affecting a child and how the child immediately stopped acting in a perverted manner and started playing with his blocks when the spirit was banished.

I was told today that I had upset group members who had many years of experience and was dis-invited from participating in their discussion. I thanked them for the dis-invitation and learning experience.

I remembered how Ingo Swann and Hal Puthoff upset the CIA and other groups who could not believe that Swann and Puthoff could actually perform remote viewing and other feats. What they could do was not covered by traditional parapsychology groups like Rhine and Pratt at the Duke Extra-Sensory Perception which did experimental studies of studies of clairvoyance and telepathy.

Swann and Puthoff just used their abilities successfully time after time while traditional studies were focused on preventing fakery and not on producing results.

I suggest that those of you who want results merely follow the instructions provided in the Spiritual Rescue Technology Materials and share your results freely on these SRT forums. You will find that sharing your results will give you useful feedback and will enhance your abilities.

I suggest you avoid people posturing about their paranormal credits and connections to traditional paranormal study groups and put your attention on your own connections to the spirit world.

You and your spirits will be much happier.

Free Workshop 11-23-19 – Who Do You Want To Be From Now On?

Recent comments from readers have indicated that some of you are beginning to think creatively with the material we find while investigating Spiritual Rescue Technology. It is time to use this material to change your life and break out of any rut you are stuck in.

You have chosen an identity to be during this present moment, but you are not constrained to be that identity for the rest of this lifetime. You have played millions of roles in the past billions of years and some of them have probably been very successful. Whether being a ruler or highwayman, you have learned lessons in every role that can apply to your life in the 21st century.

You have also learned painful lessons that may still haunt you and make it hard to dream up new things or even envision a happy future. What we have in our hands at this point of time is a tool that will let us unlock our past experiences and the experiences of our spiritual companions so that we can actually move in any direction we choose.

Furthermore, we can look at the agreements we have made and decide in a new unit of time whether we wish to continue those agreements. These agreements include the agreements we have made with ourselves, our families, our loved ones and our employers and our coworkers.

Some of you may cringe at the mere thought of changing the agreements you have made with others, but it is actually possible to reexamine the conditions in which you made these agreements and find a way to make new agreements that are more optimum.

In the same way, it is possible to examine the agreements your spiritual companions have made and to free you from these agreements and from the beings who are holding on to them.

And finally, if you really want to break out of your current situation, you need to learn how to observe for yourself. When you rely on others to interpret life for you, you are putting yourself in their hands. We are barraged with media that gives us opinions, not fact. When you rely on a news report that says some public figure is doing things you find distasteful or illegal, try to view a video of the person actually discussing that topic. You may find that your observations and the media opinions do not match. If you are constantly relying on what the talking heads are saying, you are unfortunately removed from reality.

You can see this when you have family members telling you about people you care for. Sometimes they are right, but far too often, their prejudices prevent them from giving you accurate information.

In our free workshop this Saturday, we will explore what it will take to turn our lives in a new direction.

Join me at 12 noon EST on Saturday, November 23rd using this link:

There will be no webinar this Sunday. This workshop is this weeks opportunity to bring change into your life.

Webinar – 11-03-19 – Creating Miracles Again

Just suppose that creating miracles is simply a matter of arranging a lot of individual intentions so they remain in alignment at a critical time.

This would explain why miracles occur only occasionally and are hard to repeat. It would also explain why when a miracle occurs, it seems to be the most natural thing in the world, when it is happening.

Miracles can be defined as the moment when your intention works exactly as intended.

You go somewhere to shop and there is one parking place exactly where you need it. You drop into a store and the item you need is on sale for today only.

You take a break from your usual routine and while you are having a coffee, you encounter someone who will change your life.

You are looking for a new job or a new opportunity and someone contacts you out of the blue with the opportunity you need. Sometimes you need to have your necessity level raised to the top of the scale before this kind of magic happens. When you are in better shape, you just have to put your attention gently on what you need and an opportunity appears.

Today, we are going to examine our state of mind when we have experienced miracles and see what role our spiritual companions have played when we experienced the miracles. Is it possible for us to precondition our spirits to accept the possibility of miracles? Can we identify and release those spirits who feel that they or we do not deserve miracles?

Let’s look at times when we were experiencing more miracles than usual and compare those times to when we knew that we were going to fail and stay in trouble.

I think we can spot some factors that can be adjusted to create a higher probability for miracles to occur.

I know we can spot some conditions that will almost always prevent miracles from occurring. Let us adjust them so they do not occur.

My spiritual companions say that the best indication of potential miracles occurring is the presence of a general sense of well-being.. Let us see if that is true for you also.

Join me tomorrow, Sunday, at 12 noon Eastern STANDARD Time. (Turn your clocks back Sunday at 2:00 am to 1:00 am) Let us use this link to connect on zoom:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link:

Free Workshop – 11-02-19 – Analyzing False Data

In last weeks webinar, we moved into a prickly area that we were not ready to discuss in depth. My attention has been stuck on this area and what it meant ever since.

Since then, I have been discussing certain areas of life with clients and friends to see if I could draw any conclusions about the level of false data in these areas. The impression I got is that any area we cannot discuss without triggering an emotional response contains false data.

We might be able to extend that observation to include the possibility that any area of life we are forbidden to discuss may contain false data.

Since we have a technology that allows us to interrogate spirits and to determine what incidents are being triggered while we are triggering them, I propose that we take up a few subjects which are considered to be true beyond all possibility of doubt and see if we can find flaws in them without losing our ability to discuss the issues sanely.

We will hold this discussion in Saturday’s workshop using a few ground rules, so that we can come to some conclusions about detecting and analyzing false data.

We will agree on a process to identify false data as the first step because that is what a workshop is for. Once we agree on how to identify false data, then we will choose one of our topics and apply the process to the topic and see what we can come up with.

We will apply the process to the other topics in turn and see what conclusions we can draw. One of the outcomes my be that we will need to revise our process to get a satisfactory result.

This may be a highly restimulative discussion, so I do not advise you to participate unless you feel free to discuss highly charged subjects with the purpose of learning a new skill and exploring new concepts. If you have strongly held beliefs about the way the universe works, and would not feel comfortable examining the basis of those beliefs, this is not a workshop you will enjoy.

We will be looking into the structure of assured beliefs and testing whether the beliefs have an underpinning that is provable with SRT processes. I have the feeling that the discussion will go far beyond any determination of “right” or “wrong” and may resolve how we can determine if data is true or false and what does this really mean.

Join me at 12 noon EST using this link:

Webinar on Sunday – 10-27-19 – Sources of False Data You Should Know About

There will be no workshop on Saturday, as I have many chores to do and another birthday to celebrate. I will have completed 85 circles around the sun and we are planning for a major change in our basis of operation.

I hope you will be able to join me and the regulars on Sunday when we take a close look at some things you may never have examined before. If I introduce these factors to you correctly, you should be able to explore new areas of life that have not been visible to you before this time.

You have been around for a very long time and most of you have found ways to simplify your life so that you could spend more time enjoying yourself. Once you have found a substance and have examined its properties, you are capable of predicting what the substance will do when subjected to various forces and temperatures. In other words, you are able to predict what can be done with this substance when subjected to various stimuli.

Working with this substance for many years and using it with a limited range of forces and temperatures, we can gain a confidence that we know all about this substance, when there may be whole ranges of experience that will produce results we cannot predict or even handle.

We can gain the same mistaken view of information, which can wreak havoc on us when we exceed the parameters of our initial investigation. We can be given assurance that our fears are unnecessary because we have the force of the Gods with us and we are supposedly working in accordance with orders form a higher universe.

When we meet up with a situation that is not covered by the instructions in our holy books or in our ancient technical manuals, we can be overwhelmed and lose all of our false confidence. It is a shattering experience when this happens, as it acts on several different spiritual levels. We, the supposedly major spiritual players can feel so degraded that we cannot even manage physical bodies any more. We spend the rest of eternity avoiding similar risky situations and triggering out hosts so they avoid exposing themselves to the possible dangers we are so aware of.

The host generally has trouble spotting the incident that has gone into restimulation, because it isn’t his incident, the incident belongs to a being who has just woken up and is reacting to the perceived danger. Furthermore, the host is in shock because his data says that when you are doing GOD’S work, you should not be afraid and yet they are immersed in fear and immobilized.

This is a simple example of false data, which is used all the time to quell fears in inexperienced troops.

We will be doing several exercises on Sunday to see what false data you have been given which prevents you from anticipating and handling obstacles to your plans. We will then proceed to examine the circumstances in which you were given this false data, so that you will be able to recognize it and to deal with the actual circumstances without upset or harm. I think you may find that you gain freedom to disagree with rules that do not make sense and to choose a course of action that will increase your survival in many ways.

Join me on Sunday 10-27-19 at 12 noon EDT using this link:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link:

Some Clues You Are Not Being Yourself

Posted on October 21, 2019 by David Originally Posted on December 29, 2017 and reposted now because many people still do not get how important this is.

You wake up grumpy, people annoy you, your body does not feel healthy, and you see no hope for anything changing soon. Every time you try to make changes, you get distracted and as hard as you try, your progress is temporary and you sink back into hopeless despair.

This may be a recent development or it may have been with you for most of your life. There are many different approaches to solving this problem, from alcohol and drugs to spiritual practices and all seem to provide some temporary relief.

The point that is being missed is that when you are not being yourself, some other being has taken control of you and is making you do things and think things that are are keeping you from living your dreams.

You have a basic purpose that leads you on to accomplish things and achieve your goals. When your basic purpose gets confused and corrupted with ideas that are contrary to your survival, you can put all the effort you can muster into making progress but you will veer off course and pursue false goals and end in failure.

You are accompanied through life by innumerable spiritual beings and they all have some influence on you. Some are bent on helping you in the ways they deem best and others are hindering you because of old grudges or painful memories that you are unknowingly triggering.

On the days you are enthusiastic and cheerful about your life, it is because all of the active spirits accompanying you are in a good mood. When you are in good communication with your spiritual companions, this is fairly easy to achieve. Some people know how to accomplish this naturally, but almost anyone can accomplish this feat using Spiritual Rescue Technology and Caring Communication.

People trained to use Spiritual Rescue Technology can detect and handle upset spiritual beings so that they no longer cause destructive effects on the person they are accompanying.

Once you handle enough of the upset beings who are influencing you and making your life miserable, you begin to experience periods of joy and enthusiasm.. This is your clue that you need to stay busy handling upset spirits as they pop into view. Someone who is trained to use Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) will be able to lift themselves out of a bad mood or out of an illness with relative ease. In the rare case they cannot handle a situation themselves, they call on another SRT user to assist them with SRT counseling or Spiritual Healing.

There is one disclaimer I would like you to understand. You need to be willing to take responsibility for your decision to work with the spirits who accompany you.

If working with spirits violates some code you follow or goes against some advice you have received from people you obey, you will not be able to make gains from spiritual counseling or healing.


You can become the person you would like to be when you handle the spirits who are influencing you negatively. You will be able to take charge of your life and accomplish your dreams and experience miracles again.

Weekend Schedule – Free Webinar on 10-20-19 – The Reason You Are Not Making Much Progress

I will not be hosting a workshop on Saturday, 10-19-19, because Gretchen and I are holding a moving sale all that day.

On Sunday, 10-20-19, I will be hosting a free webinar to help all of you make more progress in using your spiritual powers. I have seen great improvement in most of you during this past year, but I feel that all of you would benefit by gaining certainty on who is holding you back and how they are doing it.

You have all heard of the three factors Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (often shortened to FUD) which is a disinformation strategy used in sales, marketing, public relations, politics, cults, and propaganda. FUD is generally a strategy to influence perception by disseminating negative and dubious or false information.

The beings accompanying you through life are constantly thrown into one of these emotional states by your actions and intentions to make changes. Many of your spiritual companions have experienced enough painful deaths and humiliating failures that they are no longer willing to take responsibility for wearing and maintaining a body. They know with great certainty that there is no winning game to be played and no safe place to hide. If you just think of your spiritual companions as holocaust victims and victims of multiple genocide efforts, you will begin to have an understanding of their attitude toward life and toward any change at all in any aspect of life. The term “hopeless”is way above their level of comprehension. They are far below “no hope”.

You have been dragging these beings around with you for years and have probably been accustomed to their thoughts and no longer notice them, because these negative thoughts have become part of the background noise that swirls around you.

These thoughts are much lower than the occasional thought of, “I’m gonna die!”. These thoughts are more like, “I’m dead and nobody cares.” “Nothing good can ever happen.” “Leave me alone.”

When I urge you to reach for something, this can stir up some of these almost dead beings and you will make a little effort to reach and won’t be able to see any change. You may wish to participate and will try real hard to imagine what reaching is like, but nothing exciting will happen.

In a session, when I ask you where an idea came from right after you have just said, “There’s no use in trying because nothing ever changes”, you either can never seem to locate the source of that thought or have great difficulty doing so. In most cases, it just seems simpler to let it go and not keep trying.

These beings know that nothing can be done and have many years of experience to prove it to themselves. Until you recognize that their thoughts are not your thoughts, you will continue to operate under their control. After all, they have been thinking these thoughts for many years, often many lifetimes, so who are you to question whether these thoughts are true of not. They become a self-fulfilling prophecy after a few lifetimes and you no longer question them.

In Spiritual Rescue Technology, we learn to perceive thoughts of other spirits and this leads to differentiating these thoughts and intentions from our own. Your first step in breaking out of the dwindling spiral of disastrous lifetimes is to recognize that the negative attitudes you feel are not your own. Until you gain certainty on this matter, you will remain uncertain of the existence of spirits and will seek other remedies for your unhappiness and failures in life.

Join me Sunday, 10-20-19, for a free webinar that can change your life. We will be using this link: