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Why There Are Multiple SRT Websites

In a perfect Internet world, we would only need one website to share our stories about our experiences and wins with SRT. However, Facebook and other platforms have shown a tendency to censor posts they disagree with and this can put our communications at risk if we do not have alternate channels to communicate on.

Facebook has a lot of features which make it ideal for discussions and commenting on other ideas. You get notified when others post or comment and sharing are easily done with a single click of the mouse. This is why I maintain a Spiritual Rescue Technology Discussion Group at

I maintain a parallel site titled SPIRITUAL RESCUE TECHNOLOGY   Spiritual Communication in the 21st Century which can be found at

This parallel site provides better tools for looking up old topics and is a better reference site for learning about SRT. All posts remain in their original order and you can sign up to be notified whenever something is posted.

The posts on each site are the same, but the Facebook site makes it easier to comment and exchange ideas, so I recommend that you post your ideas on the Facebook site and share your experiences and wins on as long as Facebook provides a welcoming environment.

SRT is a Technology, Not Magic

I am posting it again as it still applies and new people have joined us since this was posted.

A technology is a scientific method of achieving a practical purpose.

Spiritual Rescue Technology, SRT, is a scientific method of communicating with spiritual beings and releasing them from bad decisions they made under stress.

Every aspect of Spiritual Rescue Technology has been proven workable and produces repeatable results in session after session. There is nothing mysterious about SRT processing although it is a highly advanced technology. Almost any person who is not in a permanent hypnotic state can be taught to do SRT processing.

Magic is defined as the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. Another useful definition of Magic is: the power to use supernatural forces to make impossible things happen.

According the Arthur C, Clarke’s Third Law, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic (at least to those who are uninformed).

Some people exposed to SRT processing get the idea that SRT is magic because it changes things that have resisted every other form of therapy they have tried. Once they have had a miraculous result, they fully expect that this result will last for ever and always. When their problem returns, they are hugely disappointed and go off to find a more magical solution.

SRT is a technology with predictable results. It is not magic which produces happy endings with credits scrolling up past the final happy scenes.




If you get a great result using SRT processing on an area of your life, we expect you to keep using it until the area is completely handled and remains stable for a long period of time. If you get a flare up of that area at some future time, you look and see what has changed in the person’s life and see if they have picked up some new spiritual beings who are causing trouble.

If you get yourself dirty in life, you wash yourself off using soap and water. You do not expect that washing yourself once will handle all future exposure to dirt.

Spiritual Rescue Technology produces predictable results time after time with everyone it has been applied to. Expecting that one dab of SRT will do you for the rest of your life, is unrealistic and misleading. Some of you have spent a lifetime getting yourself into the state you are in. Surely you can invest some time in repairing the damage. Give yourself a chance to see how far SRT will help you recover your joy in life.

Twenty to thirty SRT sessions may be required to handle persistent undesirable attitudes and physical conditions. Those who have done this many sessions are not the same people they were before. The results may seem magical to outside observers, but they are a result of carefully applied spiritual technology to get expected results time after time.

A combination of SRT counseling and solo sessions can keep a person enthusiastically responding to the challenges of life for as long as he or she wishes. You can do yourself a favor and change your life with daily solo and weekly SRT sessions as long as you wish. The joyful exuberance of living at the top of your potential is worth the effort.

David St Lawrence

This site is still under construction – Just Like SRT

Today this site will support everything we had on Facebook, without the advertisements and tracking of personal information.

I intend this site to be a one stop shop for people desiring information about Spiritual Rescue Technology. It will have lots of static information for the casual visitor, an open blog where any visitor can see what we do without the risk of shattering their reality, and links to books and a few introductory videos. The site will be available for all to read, but comments will be moderated and will require you to sign up and become a user in order to comment and post articles.

The truly technical information will be available on the accompanying forum and will have a higher level of security to discourage visitors who are not interested in forwarding the mission of SRT research. It will eventually contain over 6000 posts dating back to our early research in 2010. The link to the forum is:

Welcome Aboard the New SRT Website

Please give me your suggestions for making this website satisfy your needs.

This will be the first place to look for current news about Spiritual Rescue Technology. I will load it with several months of posts so it is as useful as the Facebook discussion group.

I will provide links to the forum for those who wish to do research on the discoveries we have made over the past 8 years. The forum is fine for arranging data in useful sets, but it is not as user friendly as a WordPress blog format. You will notice there is an index to posts in the right hand column so you will be able to easily find anything written in the last six months.

I will use the forum for anything deemed confidential and will write posts for this site so they can be visible to any visitor with a link to the forum for anything that will freak casual visitors out. Anything beyond ordinary telepathy will go in the forum.

Your feedback will enable me to fine tune this website to meet your needs as well as my own.