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Introducing your family and friends to SRT can be fraught with difficulties because you may be shifting their realities in a big way. Share your successful actions with others and help expand our base of SRT users

Reorganizing SRT Flow Lines

­Up to this moment I have been generating reports and articles and firing them off in all directions so that they would reach as many of you as possible. From now on I will send information only to the groups that have earned the right to read it and use it.

I will also use specific channels to communicate with each of these groups so your messages will get priority handling. I have two email accounts, and several messaging accounts and get at least 100 messages a day on these accounts. It is difficult to make commitments when messages come in on unexpected accounts. I am going to set up specific channels for each group and will make sure that messages are sent out on the channels where they are needed.

I have been using Facebook Messenger and SMS messaging, but I am shifting to Telegram because it is easier to use and I can send videos and large documents with ease. I get immediate notices on Telegram messages, so it is the best way to reach me quickly. If you wish to reach me on Telegram, use this link:

If you wish to reach me on email, use srtcounseling@gmail,com

The SRT related groups I currently support are:

  1. Workshop Participants
  2. Webinar Participants
  3. SRT Academy Students
  4. New Prospects

Here are the Telegram channels you should use if you are following any of these groups below.

Group Telegram Channels
Workshop Participants SRT Free Workshop – by invitation
Webinar Participants SRT Webinar – by invitation
SRT Academy Students SRT Academy – by invitation
Interested Visitors

To sum it all up, if you are actively following the progress of SRT and are interested in attending our weekly meetings on Zoom, send me a message on Telegram and I will get you placed in the right group so you get notified when events occur.

I also maintain several websites to inform the general public of new developments in SRT and these get frequent posts of general interest. If you are signed up on the Telegram groups, you will not need to follow the other websites, as they are merely mirror sites and are edited for a more general audience.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Use either link to contact me: or

Making Spirits Real To Someone Who Is Uncertain

Every so often you will encounter a person who is open-minded about the existence of spirits but is still uncertain if they exist.

They have no subjective reality on that topic even though they have studied the subject and spent time pursuing answers to their questions. They believe in spirits, but can’t gain certainty on the matter.

They are not hostile to the idea of spiritual beings, just unable to form a definite opinion on the matter. You can identify this person by asking them if they are a spirit and they will answer, “Probably.”

There is another question that will produce similar answers.
“Do you have any feelings about whether you are immortal or not?” Again, he will answer, “Probably”

On further conversation with this person, you will find that he has a mental image picture or a recurring emotion that he can’t get rid of. This is something he has certainty on and you may be able to get him to discuss it further if you let him know that you are familiar with thoughts that appear out of nowhere and persist.

He may not be willing to discuss the problem at first but, if you show him that you understand what he is experiencing, he may eventually ask your advice on the subject.

This is a fairly standard way of introducing someone to an entirely new subject. You find something related to the subject that is real to the person and you talk about that until you are real to the person and you reach agreement on the topic you are discussing.

In this type of situation, you can discuss his thoughts or emotions that will not go away and can ask when they first appeared. This lets the person know that you recognize the thoughts or emotions are real and puts his attention on them as something other than himself. Keep the discussion conversational and get the person to explore all memories of the thought or emotion until he discovers an incident where he was overwhelmed and is still stuck in it.

If a full discussion of the incident does not produce relief, asking if there was an earlier similar incident will usually produce relief from persistent thoughts or emotions. If not, the discussion will establish that the incidents are real and a valid topic of discussion. Once an incident or string of incidents has been thoroughly discussed, their reality no longer will be an issue even though the incidents may not be fully understood.

The person now has a spiritual experience with which to compare future spiritual experiences. He will have certainty that something out of the ordinary has happened and with enough exposure will begin to gain certainty as to what exactly has happened.

Any persistent image or emotion that cannot be reduced by inspection is due to the presence of a spirit or spirits who are projecting that image or emotion. A simple guided discussion is usually enough to bring about an awareness that something out of the ordinary has occurred. Simple curiosity will usually lead to an uncovering of the true facts of the matter.

If you have reality on spirits, you can bring about a similar reality in another person by finding what spiritual activity is real to them and discussing any problems associated with that activity.

Free Workshop – Why You Should Never Attempt To Convince Someone of the Existence of Spirits

Discussing something that others cannot see or experience is very disorienting to the other person. You may be totally certain of your experiences and your observations, but you are attempting to shift someone else’s reality. Their certainty and their reality depends on life agreeing with their belief system which they have constructed to make life predictable.

Whatever their belief system, flat earth, GOD watching over them, HELL awaits sinners, or they are the chosen of the universe, it keeps things from surprising them and making them uncertain. It also keeps them from being interrupted by contrary data which might shift their reality.

If a person is certain, they can proceed through life with purpose even if their certainty is based on false information. If a person is adopted or born out of wedlock and does not know this, they base their actions on what they do know and live like anyone else. If they are presented with real data that they are not who they thought they were, the results can be shattering.

If a person is taught they are a meat body who lives once and then will die and be gone forever, they live their live based on that information. Telling them they are an immortal being may destabilize them and upset the rules they have been living by.

Telling a scientist that you are an immortal being who can read thoughts makes him retreat to what he has been told about hallucinations because he has no way to measure the truth in what you are saying.

Let’s look at the Scientific method, which many people swear by as the ultimate test of any phenomena. This method involves testing your hypothesis by doing an experiment and analyzing your data and drawing a conclusion. The so-called scientific method fails miserably trying to analyze anything that can’t be measured.

As far as I know, there is no way to record and measure thoughts. There are many ways to measure the effect of thinking, but not the actual content of thoughts. Thus all of the scientists who put electrodes on our meat in an effort to see what we are thinking have no way to corroborate what we are thinking. They can mutter wisely about electronic fields and currents, but they cannot retrieve a single thought that has been generated.

So if we look at what science can do at this moment, we can safely say that the scientific method cannot prove or disprove the existence of thought or spirits.

However, there is the matter of direct experience. If a person hears a voice in their head with no one else around, they know that they have perceived something. If a person sees a mental image picture they know they have seen something. If a person sees a vision of a remote location and the local time at that location is in the past, present, or future, the person knows they have perceived something with a certain amount of data connected to it.

If that person is under the influence of another person, they may be told that this was an imaginary impression or a hallucination and will shut up about their vision and may try to forget it.

You should always proceed from certainty toward uncertainty in handling any situation that requires resolution.

First, assess what you absolutely know about spirits and proceed from there.

Are you a spirit? Do you think? If you are certain of both of these, do you need to convince anyone else of these facts?

Do you really need to convince anyone else of what you know to be true? If you know something to be true because of your own observations, why do you need agreement? Will agreement make it more true? If the entire world disbelieves you, does that make your data less true?

It probably means you need to find new friends who are as aware as you are.

We will hold a free workshop this Saturday, 2-9-19 at 12 noon EDT on Zoom to discuss how you can find others who can understand what you know and are willing to learn new things.

Use this link to join our workshop:

7-22-18 Webinar on Money, Sharing SRT with others, and Being More Productive

On Sunday, July 22, I will be talking about the latest discoveries as usual and hope to see you there.

The most valuable part of the webinar may be the discussion about money as some of you have indicated that you could use more money but it continues to elude you. If you are open to discussing the issues you have, you may find that there are solutions you can institute immediately.

I will include exercises that the group can do in solo sessions and we will test them in the workshop to see if they meet your needs. We can also identify issues which can be done in session if you choose to do so.

I have been piloting these remedial actions and have found them to work very well. My counseling activities have doubled in this last month with no significant increase in effort.

We will cover the traps of attempting to share SRT with others and will have positive suggestions for increasing your circle of friends who are using SRT.

Last of all, we will discuss productivity and how your spiritual companions can assist you in reaching higher levels.

Come to the webinar tomorrow at 12 noon EDT with this link:

Use this link for your webinar donation if you have not already done so: