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We Have a Christmas Present For You!

Here is a free video recording of a webinar in which we deconstructed the Akashic Records and discussed how each of us can access the Akashic Records and change the records and our futures.

The Akashic records are the accumulation of everybody’s time track and future postulates. Yes, the Akashic records can be accessed by any SRT student in solo session and even changed if you so desire that.

When you listen to this video, you will realize that the future is mutable and you can change it in a way that benefits you.


Learning The Underlying Cause For Inexplicable Actions – Part One

There are many mysteries in life that leave us bewildered and even angry because life seems to be so unfair.

The people we care for who treat us badly and then leave us are just one of the mysteries that cause us emotional pain.

People who are cruel to others and to animals are a puzzle that no one seems to be able to explain or to fix anyway.

The effortless popularity of some individuals can be observed, but rarely can be explained. Similarly, the pitiful insecurity and social awkwardness of others can be observed, but rarely remedied.

The actions are always visible, but the conventional wisdom of counselors, life coaches, and family members does not seem to have reliable answers for much of the out-of-character behavior that is observed. Like cures for the common cold, there are many answers but few that produce behavioral change.

I recently had the opportunity to read an excellent handbook for improving anyone’s life and the advice is very reasonable, based on observable phenomena. Almost all of what I read was very logical and follows long standing rules for achieving success, prosperity, and happiness.

What was lacking was an understanding of what actually drives behavior for most people, and that influence comes from the spirits who surround us at all times.

When a person does not know the root cause for almost all behavior, that person, no matter how expert, can only go by what they can perceive. The person who can perceive spiritual behavior and spiritual communication sees all sorts of transactions and influences that are driving the behavior that is being displayed.

In short, the non-spiritual person can only see what is visible to the naked eye. Daddy is angry at his daughter kissing her boyfriend, so they must be made to stop that behavior.

Only when you can interview the daughter’s spiritual companions and the Daddy’s spirits will you discover that Daddy has some spirits that are hot for his daughter and the boyfriend is an old rival for her affection from many lifetimes ago. Daddy, who is an ethical father, has been resisting the urges he feels for his daughter but when his spiritual companions see daughter enjoying herself with someone else, they go into wild jealousy mode and he thinks the feelings are his.

If he gets some spiritual counseling and finds out where the urges are coming from, that validates his desire to resist the urges and at the same time relieves him of that desire when the helpful spirits are handled and sent to Venice Beach for rest and recreation.

Spiritual perception is like X-ray vision. You see what is hidden from the physical universe. The more you practice using it, the better your understanding of life becomes.

In Part Two, we will examine some other spiritual factors that influence our lives.

Webinar 10-28-18 – Beings You Cannot Handle By Yourself

I have been encouraging you to talk with your spiritual companions for some time now and I feel I may have set some of you up for losses, because in reviewing my session results it is apparent that there are several groups of beings who cannot be handled in a solo session.

1. Beings who make you go unconscious.
2. Spirits who take control of your actions whenever they feel threatened with exposure.
3. Beings who have developed a strategy to keep you distracted and off balance so you cannot carry out helpful activities.
4. Beings who who resist discovery (possibly a subset of #3)

There are more, but discussing these will easily fill up an hour.

You cannot handle any of these beings by yourself, unless you are desperate, but you can possibly detect the presence of these beings by yourself if you are prepared and know what to look for.

The biggest problem these beings present is that they are the most intelligent and aggressive beings I have encountered in session. In some cases they are more able than the being who thinks he is running the show.

I hope to show you how you can recognize the presence of these beings in yourself and in others.

Join me at 12 noon EDT tomorrow using the regular link:

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What Does Talking To Spirits Have To Do With Managing Your Future?

You are surrounded by disembodied spirits every moment of the the day and they influence you through their thoughts and emotions. You can try to ignore these distracting thoughts and emotion by throwing yourself into work, but they are still out there and the effort to ignore them will eat away at your concentration.

If you are unable to talk to these spirits, you have no way to improve their state of mind and they remain fixed in an unchanging emotional state which is usually based on their last experience of life in a body.

You may try to shut these thoughts and emotions out with mood-altering drugs and alcohol, but eventually these thoughts and emotions can overwhelm you and the results are usually tragic. When we read about a talented writer or entertainer committing suicide, we see the results of not being able to handle the pressure of destructive thoughts and emotions.

When you are trained to talk to spirits, you can wake them up in a caring way and get them to realize that there is an endless future to look forward to which can include hope for creating a better life for themselves with or without a body.

Spirits can choose to go through endless cycles of life in different bodies, but some seem to prefer life as a disembodied spirit, possibly because of the freedom to be anywhere at any time. The one drawback has been the lack of easy communication with spirits who are occupying bodies.

Now that more of us are learning to communicate freely with disembodied spirits, we are seeing greater cooperative interaction between spirits in bodies and disembodied spirits. Spirits are immortal and they have all sorts of skills and information that they are willing to share with spirits who are running bodies when the circumstances allow that to happen.

If you are trained to perceive spiritual communication, and you communicate in a caring way with your spiritual companions, there is almost no limit to the opportunities you can take advantage of. Your spiritual companions can share their knowledge with you, they can do remote observations of events that are of interest to you, and they can influence others by interacting with the spiritual companions of these other people.

When you use your ability to talk with spirits, you are able to influence your spiritual companions to work cooperatively with you to achieve your goals. You are able to remove emotional barriers to progress that would otherwise stop you or discourage you from achieving your goals. When you are trained to talk to spirits, you are able to extend your managerial skills to the spirit world and enlist the support of beings with talents that complement yours.

Some of you may realize that this gives you the power to change your personality at will. People who have studied Spiritual Rescue Technology have demonstrated that they can achieve levels of performance that would not have seemed possible except through the ability to tailor their personality as needed to achieve their goals, and all of this is done through their ability to talk to spirits.

Talking to spirits enables you to create the future that is right for you.

Free Webinar 9-2-18 – Building A Team of Spirits To Play The Game You Want

This is a free webinar because we are going to share our successful actions for getting spirits to help us.

All of you have some activities you excel at and I would like any recommendations you have for getting your spirits to work in alignment.

I have some successful actions to share, but I am aware that there is much more I could do if I can learn from your experiences in getting things done easily. You may not even be aware that you have spiritual help, but I can assure you that sharing the things you get done easily and without effort will reveal your spiritual helpers to the rest of us.

For example, cooking used to be an effort for me even though I liked to cook. Once I realized that I have a spiritual advisor who LOVES to cook, I actually changed my behavior in ways that let him do his thing and gave us both a great sense of accomplishment.

Writing used to be an effort also, but once I realized I have a writing team I changed my behavior to take advantage of their willingness to help me write. They now participate in every writing activity I do including this one.

I also have teams who help with counseling, computer and other technical matters and mechanical design .

I am going to discuss what I have discovered about these areas of activity that should help others to build a team of spiritual helpers for any activity. Your contributions about your areas of excellence will help me document how this can be done by anyone willing to work with spirits.

Join me at 12 noon EDT on Zoom:

There will be no charge for this webinar.

8-5-18 FREE WEBINAR – On Breaking the Rules of the Physical Universe

We have had some interesting sessions recently where we were able to observe the difference between the rules of the physical universe and the spiritual universe.

One of the things that continually frustrates people is that it is so difficult to get anything done in this physical universe because of things like gravity and resistance and time. Communication is done by bodies emitting sounds which other bodies have to interpret. Energy transmission is limited by resistance and distance and other factors. Efforts to use your spiritual abilities are discouraged

There is no time or distance in the spiritual universe and communication occurs instantly over incredible distances. Cause and effect can occur without any physical connection. A being in a body in Virginia can heal a person 9000 miles away with a few minutes of conversation.

Every time we do an SRT session, we are breaking the rules of the physical universe because we are talking to people who are no longer here physically, I am working on ways for us to break more physical universe rules so that we can keep our bodies healthier and make more money.

The webinar will be free because I need more of your help to get my Talking to Spirits book completed and published. I need to get feedback from you in the webinar and I will be inviting you to submit your experiences talking to spirits and how that has changed your life. There will be several sections in this new book for discoveries people have made by talking to spirits.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday at 12 noon EDT at the usual link:

How do I get started talking to spirits?

The easiest way to experience spiritual communication is to get a session from a person who has studied Spiritual Rescue Technology. The counselor will help you locate a spirit and he will begin to converse with the spiritual being. You will find unfamiliar thoughts entering your mind with every question the SRT counselor asks.

The counselor will ask you to relate the thoughts that come into your mind exactly as you receive them. and within minutes you will find yourself calmly channeling thoughts from the spirit. The counselor will ask the spirit questions to help him get oriented and you will be receiving his answers. You and the spirit and the counselor will be able to converse.

As you receive the spirits thoughts, you may also begin to receive images of the activities the spirit is describing. After a few sessions you may see what the spirit is communicating as a live action sequence of images like a video.

The images you receive can be quite startling as you are receiving the spirits memories of dramatic moments and strong emotions. The first time you see a spirit in full colonial dress complete in all details, you will begin to understand the amount of data that becomes available when you can talk to spirits.

Since spirits are immortal and have been around for very long times, you will get images of unrecorded history that will tempt you to study ancient history and ancient legends.

Once you have a reality on spiritual communication, you will be encouraged to communicate with spirits on your own. The easiest way to do these solo sessions is to sit down and meditate for a moment until you are calm and in present time. Then take a pen and paper and ask the spirits what you want to know.

If you start with simple questions like, “Is there anything you would like to share with me?” You will be amazed at the thoughts that start running through your mind. Write them down as you receive them and be sure to acknowledge that you have heard and understood. This ancient process is called spirit writing and has been used by authors and other writers for hundreds of years. If you ask your questions in a caring way, you will get answers almost every time. If you are impatient or authoritative, you may not get any answers at all.

The real secret to this simple process is that when beings see you writing their thoughts down on paper, it is a huge acknowledgment that they exist. Some are so grateful for the opportunity to express themselves, they may go on expressing themselves for many pages.

When I am writing articles like this one, I exchange ideas with my spiritual companions for some time until we are in agreement on what we want to say. Then when I start typing, the ideas come to me in a steady flow with occasional corrections as we decide to change things on the fly.

As you get used to working with your helpful spirits, you will find that they will send you a steady stream of bright ideas and comments about everything even when you are not writing. In actual fact, most of the time these spiritual companions have been trying to communicate with you for years and only occasionally have been able to break through because you did not recognize whose thoughts they were. Once you get in good communication with your spirits, you will never lack for good ideas again.

(This will be a chapter in the new Talking To Spirits book)

If You Are Still Smarting From Your Scientology Mishandlings – Part Two

I want to share a discovery I made while in session recently and it applies to all those who are upset with the Church of Scientology, or Nigerian scammers, or pickpockets, or partners who cheat on you and don’t follow the rules.

You are upset because the “bad” person or group does not play fair!

Playing fair only applies to those who are playing the same game as you are.

Playing fair implies that there are rules that are agreed upon. When there is no agreed upon game, there will always be upsets because there are no rules which apply to both sides.

People who are upset with the church of Scientology do not recognize what game the church is playing.

They assume the church is doing what they say they are and they do not inspect the intentions and actions of the church. They are unwilling to to invade the minds of church staff and executives and to duplicate what these people intend to do. When you turn off your spiritual perceptions, you are always at a serious disadvantage, you are always playing by artificial rules of behavior.

Rules only apply if both sides are playing the same game. Failure to perceive true intentions of others will continually lead to upsets and feelings that life isn’t fair.

If you are upset with Scientology, you were not perceiving their true intentions. You were following a rule book that did not apply because those in Scientology were playing a different game of life than you were.

There is no fairness or unfairness when there is no agreed-upon game. Failing to read intentions is the primary source of being upset.

Going to Flag to get better and more able is like going to Tijuana to find true love and happiness.

Talking to spirits is not just a fun thing to do. It is a vital skill for life. You need to be able to discern other people’s intentions. SRT can help you with that.



Sunday Webinar 6-30-18 – Mid-Year Round Up of Latest Developments

Some of this will be brand new and some will be old stuff that you have forgotten to use. I think you deserve to be full of energy and excitement and those of you who know about SRT may not be using it to greatest effect.

This webinar should help revitalize you again. Here are some of the topics I may be able to cover.

1. One real reason you are not making the money you feel you should be making

2. What happens when you are unwilling to “be” someone

3. Are you ready to teach yourself SRT and how to use it?

4. What do you need to become proficient in using SRT?

5.Wins from using SRT.

We will also review tone level information and what you can do to get good advice if you need it.

Join me Sunday at 12 noon EST with this link:

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