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This is a place to put secrets shared by spirits in session

Future Topic List For Workshops and Webinars

My spiritual associates have been providing me with potential topics for discussion recently and I would appreciate your suggestions on which of these you would like to hear about first.

Topic List For Workshops and Webinars and Book Signings

  • Why You Should Never Attempt To Convince Someone of the Existence of Spirits –  this will be discussed in a workshop Feb 9
  • Avoiding/Ignoring Exposing Yourself to Bad News and Restimulative Subjects
  • Ignoring and Failing to Respond to Bad News and Restimulative Subjects
  • The SRT Explanation of Dreams, Lucid and Terrifying
  • The SRT Explanation of Astral travel/Astral projection/Remote Viewing
  • SRT explanation why there is no convincing “scientific” evidence that telepathy exists, and the topic is generally considered by the scientific community to be pseudoscience – This will be the subject of the Feb 10 Webinar

New topics suggested by Petra:

  • How you can discover any unhealthy dependancy on persons/beings and
    finish it
  • What is necessary to do that nobody could (ever) push your buttons? 😀
  • How you can handle beings in the space of another person who are upset
    (the beings) or in another mood
  • How you can increase your self-confidence to the highest level
  • How to overcome feelings of regret
  • What do you need to explore the spiritual realm safely?

Are there other topics you would like to see discussed?

Free SRT Workshop 2-2-19 – What About the Hidden Secrets of the Universe?

This is your reading assignment:

The important result of a spiritual counseling session is the restoration of awareness and free will to the beings we are helping. Uncovering the hidden secrets of the universe is a minor benefit when it occurs. It should never overshadow freeing beings from the traps they have gotten themselves into.

Some people new to Spiritual Rescue Technology have spent years seeking secrets of the universe and will bring up esoteric subjects like Reptilians, Anunnaki , shapeshifters, Akhashic Records, and dream theory at the drop of a hat.

You can spend years exploring systems of science, psychology, philosophy, spirituality and religion and accumulating this esoteric knowledge without being able to change a person’s personality or setting a single being free.

What is the value of hidden secrets and vast scary conspiracies if you cannot run them down to their original sources? Secret knowledge that cannot be applied to make someone more able and more successful is not of much value.

We know one of the great secrets of the universe and that is the observable fact that spirits influence us and even control us every day. We also know how we can talk to these spirits using caring communication and free ourselves from the effect they have on our behavior and our lives.

In the process of communicating with these spirits, we can uncover horrifying ongoing schemes that exceed anything ever documented in recorded history. Most of these schemes have been going on long before Earth was populated and they affect other galaxies and other dimensions. Almost all of these schemes show the insanity that people in bodies exhibit when they are under the control of other beings.

If you can help spirits by rescuing them from their insanity, you can be a source of sanity that will help any being who contacts you. Learning, using, and teaching Spiritual Rescue Technology is the only method I know of overcoming the insanity that infests this planet. It brings spiritual beings in to present time using caring communication alone.

We will discuss this reading assignment and I will deliver a session to a volunteer and his selected spirit.

Join me tomorrow at 12 noon using this link:


Agreement is the willingness to adopt co-motion on the part of two or more individuals. These individuals agree to do something together for their mutual benefit and if the agreement is broken, there is disagreement which will last until the parties discover what was not included in the original agreement.

The usual cause of a broken agreement is the lack of communication about the boundaries of the agreement. When this lack of communication is discovered and the full reasons for the lack or absence of communication is discovered, understanding is restored and all upset is handled.

The boundaries of an agreement include the degree of co-motion, the duration of co-motion, what activities are outside the agreement, and what activities are included in the agreement.

We will be discussing agreements and what happens if you make an agreement and compromise your integrity while doing this.

I think this is an extremely powerful tool for discovering and handing upsets of all kinds and should be incorporated into Spiritual Rescue Technology.

We will discuss this matter thoroughly and then I will take a volunteer in session who is still feeling the effect of a broken agreement.

The webinar will start at 12 noon EDT using this link:

The donation for this webinar is $10USD, if you have not already paid, please use this link:

Join me for what may be a life changing webinar!

Free Saturday Workshops to Train You To Work With Spirits

(The first workshop will be on handling distractions)

Now that the Spiritual Research has been accomplished, it’s time for you to become expert in talking to spirits and getting them to help you accomplish goals that have seemed to be out of reach.

Talking to Spirits has been available in electronic and paperback formats for about a week now and its time for you to put that information to use.

I am setting up a series of free weekly workshops on Zoom, based on the Talking to Spirits book.

Each workshop will be based on a reading assignment from the Talking To Spirits book and will include a discussion of the material and any necessary word clearing to facilitate participation in the drills and sessions of the workshop.

The workshop duration will be approximately 1 1/2 hours and will be held every Saturday at 12 noon EDT. Use this link to join the workshop:

You can view the workshop on your computer, iPad, or on any Android Smartphone equipped with a camera.


Our first workshop will be held this Saturday, January 19th, at 12 noon, and the topic will be Beings Who Distract You.

Your minimum reading assignment is to read and understand pages 158-164 and 180 – 183 of Talking To Spirits in the paperback version.

The reading assignment in the electronic version is to start with, “Spirits You Cannot Handle Alone” and read through Session, “Examples of Beings Who Distract You and Keep You Off Balance”

For those of you who have not yet bought the book, I am providing you with a copy of the reading assignment.

We are beginning with these particular spirits because we are all affected by these spirits and they will present major barriers to your being able to show up and attend these workshops.

This is so much the case that almost every failure to persist in understanding and using spirits has been traced to the presence of beings who are busily directing your attention elsewhere.

Join me this Saturday at 12 noon at this link:


It is so much a fact of life that it is hard to imagine being able to identify a goal and then proceeding to achieve it without any detours.

It is so prevalent that I feel that almost all of us suffer from being unable to go from point A to a different point B without unnecessary detours.

We suffer from this daily this in diversion from small goals, as well as in diversion from greater goals.

Two days ago I left my office to get a trash bag from the utility room and I ended up emptying the cat’s litter box and forgot about the trash bag until an hour later. One of my personal spiritual assistants derailed me from my original errand to handle a neglected litter box.

In reviewing this later, the shocking thing was not that I was reprogrammed on the fly to handle a neglected task, it was that the original task was obliterated and had to be manually recovered later. In a few cases, the original task was not discovered until many days or weeks later.

In larger goals, the situation is much the same. I had a new prospect contact me for a free session after reading my book and when I responded within the hour by email, she did not respond for several days.

I responded immediately again with no response from her for 12 hours and she apologized, but she had gotten distracted.

After several more emails, we set a time for a free session and she sent me an email just before session saying she had forgotten some errands she had to run. I finally looked in her space and, of course, she had a being who kept blocking her from taking any kind of action to change her life.

Now, she had already read that part of the new book, pages 159 and 176, so when I indicated that she was being distracted by a spirit, she agreed and is really trying to get with me for a session. That was two days ago and I have not heard from her so the distracting spirit is still in charge.

We will see what happens when I write a new letter directly to the spirit. That may be what it takes.

Join me tomorrow for our free webinar where will will discuss spirits and how to tell if one is real or only something you are mocking up. Use this link at 12 noon EDT.


Reading The Akashic Records to Uncover Ancient Civilizations

To put this in simple terms, the Akashic Records are the collection of everyone’s time track, everywhere. All thoughts, intentions, actions from the past, present, and future. The Akashic Records contains every thought, emotion, intention, and effort of every being’s existence. Another way of looking at these records is they are a multi-channel recording of all beings in this universe.

The recordings are synchronized, meaning that your recordings of ancient events are in synch with the recordings your spiritual companions have made.

You are your spiritual companions are immortal, so your recordings go a very long way back. How far is that? Probably before matter, energy, space, and time were defined, certainly before the Earth was formed and inhabited.

Did beings originate on this planet? Hardly. We commonly encounter incidents that occurred on other planets and we even encounter beings involved in incidents before matter was created.

Lets look at a far more recent way of life on Earth, the Paleolithic culture or old stone age, beginning some 3.3 million years ago. This was supposedly a period where foraging, hunting, and fishing were the primary means of obtaining food.

I have run incidents on people from this era, so I know there were beings striving to live on Earth during these early days.

I also have run incidents on people who lived in advanced civilizations on other planets at this time. I have also run incidents that took place on Atlantis and Lemuria at fairly recent times, 25,000 to 50,000 years ago.

I started scanning incidents of beings from other planets hitting earth in the “Garden Planet” days when large lizards roamed the earth and began to get the idea that the history our archaeologists have pieced together is missing many ancient civilizations and many ancient technologies.

I have the distinct idea that the stories of aborigines discovering fire is missing a lot of data. I got the impression that this was a time where walk-ins were quite common and beings fleeing oppressive advanced civilizations would take over primitive tribes and live in communal style like modern hippies. I have seen some advanced agricultural approaches in ancient prehistoric ruins that would suggest the presence of advanced civilization technology.

For example if advanced beings in spiritual form were fleeing an advanced oppressive society, once they found healthy aborigines, they could take over their bodies and be searching for ores to smelt and could advance the tribe from stone age technology to Bronze Age tech in just a few years. This would give the tribe a huge advantage over other tribes and wild animals and could boost them to Mayan levels and beyond in just a few decades. Their technological advantage would not prevent them from vanishing as a culture unless they could recruit other advanced beings to expand their span of control. They might be able to function effectively for hundreds or even thousands of years, but eventually they might be invaded and be overthrown by envious native tribes. They might even be overthrown by other beings fleeing the earlier civilization who want to run the new civilization in a different way.

In tomorrow’s webinar we will be discussing this and other implications of settling this planet with immortal beings and how these early civilizations fell into ruins and vanished from history.

Join me on Zoom at 12 noon Sunday at this link:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid please use this link:

Webinar 12-30-18 – Reading Future Akashic Records

We will be doing a Spiritual Rescue Technology webinar this Sunday because I will be home instead of going away as previously announced. In this webinar we will see how well we can observe a series of future events that are scheduled to happen.

To prepare yourself to participate in this webinar, please read How To Read Akashic Records Like An Expert – Part Four, if you have not already done so.

Reading Parts One, Two and Three is strongly suggested also. Otherwise, you will be sitting there with no clue as to what is going on.

This webinar is titled “Reading Future Akashic Records” and will be held at noon Sunday using this link:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid please use this link:

How To Read Akashic Records Like An Expert – Part Four

Akashic Records are created by the actions and intentions of spiritual beings. Those of you who have learned how to talk to spirits have been accessing these records for some time. You have probably noticed that the recording intensity does not depend on when the recording was made. In other words, an image from the Akashic Records seems to be clearer and more intense if more life force was expended at that moment.

You should verify for yourself how the clarity of an Akashic Record varies with the emotion and life force involved in making the record.

During SRT sessions I have seen images from exploding spaceships that were bright and crisp even though the images were not mine. I saw an image from the First World War that was completely three dimensional, but that was one of my recordings. On the other hand, a great many of the images I see in session are quite faint and the thoughts that I perceive range from almost silent to impossible to ignore.

If the clarity of an Akashic Record is dependent on the life force we put into creating it, this may explain why Akashic Records of the future are so faint. From my personal experiences when exploring the future, the clearest images occurred when my necessity level was raised out of great need.

As a reasonable alternative to resorting to desperate measures, I found that we can see future occurrences by locating something we know is going to happen, and after meditating to a calm state, seeking to perceive HOW is was going to happen. Doing this with people who are going to be involved in the result seems to produce the best results.

Here are two examples:

We absolutely needed to buy an automobile, and we knew we would drive it home after we purchased it. We looked at the streets we might be driving home on and one was the obvious choice. We set out down that street toward the area of the city where autos were sold looking for a car. We found the exact car we wanted at the first car lot we came to. There was this Crown Victoria sitting there waiting for us and we drove it for several years.

Our Dianetics Center was located in an area which was becoming unsafe so we decided to move. I held a meeting of the staff and I discussed what we were looking for in our new location and got their agreement. Then I asked them to look at this future happening and see what truck would be used to move us and what street it would take to our new location.

As soon as we began, we could see a particular truck and the staff identified who owned it. We were also able to track the truck as it drove away to the new site. We got in our cars after the meeting and drove to where the truck image vanished. There was space for rent in a safe area over a coffee shop. I rented the new space and I called the owner of the truck and he agreed to move us.

The move was successful, but the truck took an unexpected detour and we realized that the future is the result of all of the intentions of the people creating it. The truck driver decided to drive his truck down a small flight of stairs instead of backing it out to the parking lot he had come from.

What this means is that the future is constantly mutable. If you can envision a future occurrence and actually see how people are located and dressed, you my find that when the magic moment arrives that the people are standing in different places than you envisioned and some are wearing different clothes.

We will be doing a webinar this Sunday because I will be home instead of away and we will see how well we can observe a series of future events that are already scheduled to happen.

This webinar is titled “Reading Future Akashic Records” and will be held at noon Sunday using this link:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid please use this link:

How To Read Akashic Records Like An Expert – Part Three

The Akashic Records contains every thought, emotion, intention, and effort of every being’s existence. A being who spent 40 years in quiet meditation would probably leave a quiet record of peaceful thoughts, where a tormented soul might leave a record filled with incidents of screaming rage and incessant pain.

Almost anyone who can receive thoughts can detect Akashic Records containing lots of emotion. When these people are around friends who are not doing well, they are almost compelled to ask, “Is everything all right? Are you OK?”

Some spiritual counselors can read a client’s Akashic Records like a book. More expert counselors can tell whether the Akashic Record belongs to the person or one of the spirits who accompany the person through life. A non-judgmental discussion of the emotionally charged incident will usually cause a release of attention and the person no longer will have stuck attention on the incident.

A Spiritual Rescue Technology counselor is able to engage the troubled spirit in discussion about the incident he is fixated on and to resolve any issues and confusions that has trapped his attention on that moment in time. Once the spirit is able to take his attention off the incident that overwhelmed him, his free will returns and he is able to operate fully in present time.

The Spiritual Rescue Technology counselor is able to see when the being is freed from the incident because the being is no longer continually creating that incident.

When an SRT counselor looks at a client who is not operating fully in present time, he sees that the client and some of his beings have attention on some incident that is not part of the current present time environment. Simply asking what the person’s attention is stuck on will often bring the incident into view where it can be handled in session.

The spiritual universe becomes much more comprehensible when you consider it to be composed of Akashic Records, all being continually created by the beings in the spiritual universe. It offers the promise that any action anywhere can be recovered and analyzed if the seeker of information can raise their awareness sufficiently.

We have already demonstrated that Akashic Records extend into the future and can be accessed by those who are sufficiently trained, so this opens the door to understanding how to manage the future to accomplish what you want. Managing future events will be discussed in the next section, “How To Read Akashic Records Like An Expert – Part Four.”