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An Unexpected and Unpleasant Discovery About Remote Perception Events

In the past few years, I created several remote perception events where we visited the backside of the moon and the 9/11 crash sites. We picked up all sorts of new information with no visible side effects as far as we could tell.

In the past few months, I took a group of participants to view meteor craters where we encountered long-dormant spirits. In subsequent events, we visited Stonehenge and later some sacred sites around the world. Our observations were less successful, and there were some unexpected side effects.

I terminated these visits after discovering that many of the participants were getting restimulated in two ways by participating in these events. The first mode of restimulation was from observing the site and having one’s spiritual companions getting triggered by the visit. The second mode of restimulation was from picking up spirits from the site. Our group was putting enough attention into these sites that we were waking up beings and attracting them to us individually.

One participant reported that he went into restimulation that lasted for weeks. I am providing him a free session to handle what occurred, and I am making the same offer to any participant who was restimulated by their remote viewing experience.

This unexpected restimulation can be mitigated in part during the remote viewing part by directly addressing the problem and making sure that all participants are back in present time at the end of the session. However, there is no easy way to determine if we have picked up spirits from the site without running processes designed to flush out new arrivals, and this is not practical with a large online group.

I am currently running repair sessions on participants who picked up hitchhikers from visiting sacred sites, as I notice a drop in tone level of all those who participated.

The reason I am sharing this with you is that I am sure we are not the only group that has been affected by spirits at remote locations. If you were to look at the history of other remote viewing groups, I wonder how many have disintegrated because of the beings they picked up doing remote viewing. Some of you may have already noticed this phenomenon.

This has even wider implications. Any time a group’s attention is directed to a location where violence has occurred, there is the possibility of attracting spirits from that location. Quite possibly, the lowered emotional tone we experience after revisiting some massacre site through a news report is the result of picking up stray beings who are still stuck in the incident.

Our ability to contact and retrieve beings from remote sites is still to be thoroughly investigated, but from my own experience, I can verify that we can easily pick up beings from those people we attempt to help.

The bottom line here is that we need to keep an eye on our spiritual companions, and if there is a shift in tone level, we need to take the proper steps to recover our optimum state of mind when we falter. Spending some time every day meditating is a good investment in your peace of mind.

Remote Perception Workshop – Tour Of Sacred Places

On January 24, 2021, at 12 noon, we are going to visit a few of the most famous sacred places on this planet and we will be revisiting an early procedure that produced more discoveries than any recent workshops.

On January 24, 2021, at 12 noon, we are going to visit a few of the most famous sacred places on this planet and we will be revisiting an early procedure that produced more discoveries than any recent workshops.

This will require some preliminary work on your part but should produce far more useful information when we visit the sites as a group. We have found, in the past, that people have different responses to each site and in every case, there have been individuals who could establish a rapport with the beings at a site. Once these sensitive individuals were identified, the rest of the group could simply follow their attention and could follow along when these individuals would communicate with the beings at the site.

Essentially, our most important remote viewings occurred when some of you acted as guides to the beings who are located at these sites. This is how it worked. We would all put our attention on the site and see who could establish a good connection to a spirit who was willing to communicate.

Once the connection was established, we would all put our attention on the spirit and I would ask questions of the spirit and the guide would channel the responses from the spirit. The rest of the group participates by observing the communication and any mental images produced during the conversation. The purpose of the communication is to gather information and to assist any trapped beings to recover their free will.

You can participate in the workshop at any level you wish, but you can really create useful results by reviewing these sites beforehand and selecting those that make the greatest impression on you, and doing some reach and withdraw on those sites until you establish some sort of connection to them.

When we run the workshop on Sunday, we will visit these sites, one after another, and will communicate with any spirits who are willing to speak with us. We will continue the workshop until we have heard from all interested spirits. Essentially, we will be running light SRT sessions on all spirits we contact and will end each when a release occurs. This should ensure a maximum transfer of information and a feeling of well-being for all participants.

These are the sites we plan on visiting. Find the ones to which you feel a connection and do some reach and withdraw on them.

Glastonbury Tor in England Uluru in Australia Mount Olympus Greece Mecca in Saudi Arabia Temple of Karnak

Once you feel a connection to any of these sites, come join us on Sunday, 1-24-21, on Zoom at 12 noon EDT using this link:

Workshop Notes – Remote Perception 12-27-20

This is a 550 foot deep, mile-wide impact crater formed about 50,000 years ago when a giant meteor struck the earth 19 miles west of Winslow, Arizona.

We did a remote perception workshop today in which we contacted the beings who are currently located in and around this crater.

The workshop participants included John Jasciewiz – Australia, Nolan Cage – Texas, Joachim Held – Germany, Chuy Guzman – Mexico City, Petra Held – Munich, Germany, and Alka Madan – Fremont, CA, and David St Lawrence – Cary, NC.

This was the first of several workshops designed to increase our ability to contact and communicate with spiritual beings at a distance for the purpose of gaining information about a target site and to determine what relationship the beings had with the target site.

All of the participants have demonstrated their ability to contact spirits in sessions, so this workshop used a conversational style protocol in which I would direct their attention to various points in the vicinity of the crater and would poll the group on their observations. For this first workshop, we followed a basic reach and withdraw approach, which means that the individuals in the group would place their attention where I suggested and would attempt to observe spiritual activity in that area. The expected spiritual activity included intentions, emotions, images, and numbers of spirits encountered.

Each participant was expected to place their attention in the area until something changed for them. It could be a realization, a reaction from the spirits, a communication from the spirits, or a feeling of no further progress. When any of these occurred, they would withdraw their attention and return their attention to their own location and review what had occurred. At this point, I would get them to share their observations with the group.

When the participants were sharing their observations, we all would personally get images and other confirmation of what they had observed. In this workshop, it was as if each of us had glimpsed different pieces of a giant puzzle, and as we described our observations, the pieces seemed to mesh and began to approximate a fragmented image with many pieces missing.

We did not attempt to do an exhaustive analysis of our results as we are still developing our methodology for efficiently running a remote perception event and coming up with meaningful results in an hour-long session. However, these are the observations we made, and since we did no SRT processing of the spirits in the area, these observations can probably be confirmed by the next group to visit the crater.

I asked the group if there was an overall intention regarding the formation of the crater. Our first impression was the feeling a mistake had been made. There was no overriding impression that this impact was intentional.

There was a definite impression that the meteor had arrived with spirits on it. There are still clusters of spirits deep under the impact crater. There was a layer of spirits about a third of the way up from the bottom of the crater, and they were just floating there and not doing very much.
I asked the participants to pervade the crater. To go in there and just fill that space with their attention units and see what they experienced when they did that.

One of the observers felt there was an invisible complete city from beings connected to the meteor. I got the same impression as a mental image picture.

There are spirits located in various points about the impact crater, some at the bottom and others above the rim. As I contacted different beings, I could feel my viewpoint shifting from the bottom to well above the crater.

As this was an exploratory mission, we did not try to draw too many conclusions. I encouraged everyone to give us their observations without trying to evaluate the actual sources. We are aware that our observations are augmented by the observations our personal spiritual companions are making so that when we contact a spirit, we get what the spirit communicates and also get what our personal spiritual companions are thinking. In future workshops, we will look at refining our observations so we can identify who is contributing to the final result.

One observer felt there was someone else is viewing the scene while he was observing it. Another observer felt there was a being at the bottom of the crater who was still paralyzed.

Another participant perceived a group of beings below the surface in a kind of desperate state and in the dark and not knowing what it is all about. He also spotted beings located above in the air at two-thirds of the distance from the bottom.

Almost everywhere we put our attention, we could sense beings in some state or other. You can think of this as the spiritual echoes of an event that took place 50,000 years ago. In some locations, there is still an enormous amount of unconsciousness. If we put our attention in these areas, we would immediately start yawning uncontrollably.

Most of these beings are in a static condition and would probably benefit from a visit from an SRT user. They have been parked there for 50,000 years and have data that you will find nowhere else.

We will be doing another remote perception workshop next Sunday, January 3, 2021, and you are welcome to suggest targets and questions to be asked of the spirits in the target area.

Our overall purpose is to develop a refined remote perception procedure used by any SRT user to gather data about remote locations and points of interest. At the same time, these workshops develop your telepathic ability and other spiritual perceptions we have not yet labeled.

Is Earth A Prison Planet?

Some of my most able students cornered me yesterday and asked me why I had decided to call Earth a Prison Planet. It turns out that they have been quietly reading my articles mentioning this planet being a prison for years, and yet they had no personal experience to support the outlandish idea that this beautiful and peaceful planet was a prison of any kind!

Well, one of the great differences between Spiritual Rescue Technology and other spiritual philosophies and religions is that you are entitled to ask any questions you want, and I will endeavor to give you understandable answers. 

I endeavor to provide answers from my personal experience and from the experiences of the spiritual beings I can communicate with.

My first exposure to this idea came from Scientology. 

There are secret levels of Scientology processing called the OT levels, and OT III describes an incident that occurred on this planet about 75 million years ago. I have provided three links at the end of this article, which provide several versions of this incident. I did the secret processes and got the results expected, and got my first real exposure to the idea that we are surrounded by spirits on this planet.

The story of OT III is very much like the wildest of conspiracy theories, except that almost anyone doing this level is forever changed, either getting much more able or possibly going a bit insane. After all, learning that you have lots of spirits in and around your body can be a bit unsettling. Most of OT III processing is a form of exorcism where you drive off the little critters who are causing you trouble. People who do not get their desired results feel this whole story is a lot of nonsense.

How does anyone go from skepticism of this scary story to assured belief?

The same way anyone goes from an assured and confident skeptic to someone who knows what is real, they experience something they cannot reject. I had already been subject to ghostly visits and audible voices in my head in my earlier years, so I knew that spirits were real and not an imaginary occurrence.

When I finished my first OT III session, the world felt different somehow, but I could not quite figure out what was going on. That evening when I lay down to sleep, I started getting visions of people and places I have never seen before, and there was a soundtrack that went with this activity that I could not shut off. The sounds and images continued non-stop for about 3 and one-half hours and finally died away, and everything was silent and normal again. I felt that I had been subjected to a parade of spirits that had been woken up by my first OT III session.

Fortunately, this parade phenomenon never repeated, but every time I read the OT material or did an OT III session, I would experience thoughts and images from the spirits I encountered. I would also get images of volcanoes and nuclear explosions and all sorts of images that would tend to support the idea that something had happened a long time ago to leave spiritually crippled beings littering this planet. The more I read about the history of this planet from Ron Hubbard and others, the more images would come to mind, and they were not my images. One of the things you get certain about is that spirits can project images when you contact them and the more sessions you do that involve past events, the more certain you are that these incidents are real memories, either yours or someone else’s.

You do not have to do Scientology or OT III to contact past life events. Every time you read a well-written science fiction story or fantasy story, you are likely to turn on images that seem remarkably real and do not go away. The spirits who hang around you get triggered when you read stories of the distant past or of future fictional events that actually happened in the distant past.

The OT III incident happened many millions of years ago, but I have contacted spirits with memories of similar events happening more recently elsewhere. These spirits were implanted (hypnotized) elsewhere and then dumped here to keep them out of the way. 

There are other spirits who seem to have simply been hypnotized and exiled here because they had been enemies of the state. These seem to have been dumped here in the last 20,000 years. The most recent exiles arrived 5000 years ago. They seem to have been sent here from many different civilizations, not just from one big galactic civilization.

How can you verify any of this for yourself?

I am relating information I received in many different sessions, and if you apply yourself to learning spiritual rescue technology, you will contact beings who will have information you can use if you wish. Everything I have written in hundreds of articles and in my published books came from information received in session.

If you study the materials and take yourself in solo sessions, you will eventually ask the right questions to get any historical data you want. If you read something that disturbs you about any event in the distant past, you need to take yourself in session and find out which spirits are upset and why they are upset. In this way, you will get first-hand information about such events as the sinking of Atlantis, the burning of the Library of Alexandria, and the events described in the OT III materials.

I have some dear friends who are always eager to share the latest story about some scientist who has a theory that there is life beyond body death. I appreciate their kindness, but any of you can get better information about the spirit world by asking your personal spiritual companions what you want to know. Ask your spirits about things rather than reading what someone else has heard from their spirits.

My friends are happy to hear that some scientist agrees with what they know. I was an engineer for at least 45 years before I learned about spirits from encountering them in session. It’s OK to read about the experiences of others, but don’t let that stop you from experiencing spirits for yourself in session.

When you read some wild stuff about a prison planet, take your spirits in session and get what they have to say about it. Then you will know for sure.

 * * *

Here are some links to explain OT III as Ron Hubbard described it:

OT III Story

More Data About The OT Levels

Fishman Affidavit on OT3 Materials

Your Human Existence

You are not just a meat body; you are an immortal spirit having a human existence. I would like to share what I have discovered about our human existence in the hopes that we can discuss the benefits and risks of spirits picking up bodies and assuming a human existence. 

Human existence can be a trap if you are persuaded to forget you are a spirit.

My 40 years of research into the realm beyond the five human senses have been condensed into a Spiritual Rescue Technology, which can help you regain your full spiritual powers and play the best possible game of being a human being.

You were a spirit before you decided to pick up a human body, and most of my research has been directed into the three Spiritual Rescue Technology books which document your abilities as a spirit. BOOK ONEBOOK TWO, and BOOK THREE

These books also contain the processes by which you can help spirits, heal bodies, and resolve long-standing problems with your life and the lives of others. I have been using this technology to provide counseling services to clients on five continents and to teach others to deliver spiritual healing to themselves and others.

Working with a team of clients and volunteers, I have learned how to increase our spiritual abilities and how to take responsibility for the management of our daily lives, but until now, we have not put a lot of attention onto the task of optimizing our human existence or even recognizing its relationship to our spiritual existence.

We are spirits capable of being in any physical location by considering that we are so located. We are capable of moving in time and influencing other spirits and much, much more. Some of us pick up living bodies and assume the beingness appropriate to that body. This discussion applies only to human bodies, but spirits are not limited to the type or species of body they decide to inhabit.

There is a misconception that spirits are human. Every living thing is animated by a spiritual being and radiates life force. All living things are influenced by admiration and other emotions. It is possible to communicate with spirits at all levels of awareness if you are properly trained.

The subject for this weekend is making your existence as a human being more effective and more pleasurable.

The material universe we occupy as human beings is the result of creation in the spiritual universe. Everything we can see, touch, taste, smell, or hear is the result of an intention and other actions in the spiritual universe. A spirit intends to create something, and it is created. Intention is an activity beyond the five senses and cannot be measured with material universe devices. We can easily observe and measure the RESULTS of intention, but not intention itself.

So, what does a human existence provide for an immortal spiritual being? It provides an almost unlimited opportunity for displaying creative activity and competitive skills, along with direct exposure to unlimited sensations of all kinds.

Spiritual beings appear to be immortal and have memories that predate the material universe. There is good reason to believe that spirits created the physical universe in every detail and the time in which it exists. This resulted in an enormous amount of space with things in it and an enormous span of time for the material universe to persist in. Stars can persist for 20 billion years, and planets persist for almost half that. The creation of so much material takes a lot of time and spiritual attention and captures the life force of the spirits involved for those extremely long periods of time.

Making anything persist takes continuing attention, so there is a benefit for spirits to create living things like bodies that offer a chance to fix and unfix attention at shorter intervals of time. Our current human bodies last for less than 100 years, which offers opportunities to put our spiritual attention on new things every century at the very least. Every new lifetime offers a chance to play a different game with different constraints and rewards.

An unfettered spirit, who is not having a human experience, can be anywhere in the material universe at will. This spiritual being can visit the heart of a star in a remote galaxy or can travel the streets of abandoned cities on planets, which the last living being left before Earth was inhabited. Such unfettered spirits are not bound to the needs of a living body and can roam the material universe and exist in any state of awareness that interests them. 

A spirit enjoying a human experience can roam the material universe by putting their attention on places they have been during their long existence also, but prolonged absence from caring for their body encourages other spirits to take over the body and become the dominant personality. Astral projection (or astral travel) is a term used to describe an intentional out-of-body experience in which the soul or consciousness separates from the physical body and travels outside it throughout the universe.. The idea of astral travel is ancient and occurs in multiple cultures. People often experience this state during illness or when involved in a near-death experience, but it is also possible to practice astral projection at will. As I mentioned earlier, this practice can have unexpected results as in possession of the body by other spirits.

Let us consider the obvious benefits to a human existence, where a spirit or spirits occupy and manage a body and present a personality to the material world. A human experience permits the direct receipt of many pleasant sensations as a body is equipped with a nervous system that translates the five human senses into pleasurable sensations when the stimulus occurs within certain limited frequency and dynamic ranges. Since the body is composed of living cells and each cell is capable of experiencing pleasurable sensations as it interacts with other living cells, a body serves as an amplifier of sensations over the direct perception of the material universe by a spiritual being.

A spiritual being can directly perceive the temperature of an object in the material universe or the texture or composition of a material substance, but evaluation of the substance with regard to being pleasurable or disgusting requires the multiple perceptions that a living body provides. Anyone who has been anesthetized for a period of time will understand the loss of perceptics that accompany such a state. When the body can no longer perceive any of the five human sensations, the spiritual being loses touch with the material universe to that extent. A being in a totally paralyzed body has only the perceptions of a disembodied spirit. From this simple example, you can see the sensory advantages of occupying a living body.

You can see the obvious advantages of occupying a living body and playing the game of life as a human. You get sensations, unlimited opportunities to create aesthetic effects, you can cooperate with bodies of the opposite sex to explore other sensations and create other bodies to share the game of life with you. You can organize other spirits in bodies to form organizations to dominate the material world and extend your reach into the material universe. Using physical bodies, your team can create effects on the material universe and transform planets.

Now, let us look at the negative effects of having a human experience. Prolonged exposure to the human experience and its many pleasurable sensations can make a spiritual being forget it is a spirit. There are many beings on Earth today that will swear they live only once and go to some special place once their body is dead. Some of these beings are so convinced of this tale that they linger at the grave where their body is buried, or where their body died, waiting for a call to a heavenly location or happy hunting ground.

Once a spirit is convinced they are actually a body, they can be controlled by threats to harm or deprive them of the body. They can be made to feel pain, fear, hunger, and other unpleasant sensations, and they can be hypnotized to believe they are a body and dependent on the existence of the body rather than the truth that they are in control of the body and completely independent of it.

If you have been able to follow the discussion this far, you should be able to see that human existence can be a trap if you are persuaded to forget you are a spirit. 

The threats are many, and the result is a kind of involuntary slavery. If you consider you are a body to be controlled by pain or threats, you will end up doing almost anything to maintain your hold on your body and present identification. Our current civilization has been dumbed down to recognize us only as bodies with limited lifespans. When John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Abraham Lincoln, he effectively halted Lincoln’s ability to directly affect history and incurred the wrath of many grieving citizens.

Lincoln and Booth are still with us, perhaps in other bodies, and their influence on history may still be in play. There are other beings, good and bad, who have influenced our history, and they are still with us either in spirit or occupying and being bodies. Those, like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who made the world a safer and saner place, and others like Joseph Stalin, and Adolph Hitler who changed the world in other ways, are all still with us as other identities. Even the crazies, like Jack the Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Ted Bundy are still with us, only in other guises.

What this means is that to ensure the future of humanity on this planet, we need to shift from killing the bodies of those who destroy others to handling the reasons these beings are stuck in a destructive pattern of behavior. Spiritual Rescue Technology provides the information and techniques for freeing beings from destructive behavior on a one by one basis. What we need are successful strategies for forming large groups to address this problem on a large enough scale to change history.

Perhaps the first step is to convince enough people that they are immortal spiritual beings having a human experience, not just human beings having a spiritual experience.

Knowing the difference is crucial to our recovery of awareness.

The Perils Of Being A Walk-in – Part 2

Walk-ins are essentially a change of ownership, and it is better if all concerned know what happened. A walk-in occurs when a spirit takes over a body, and this can occur at any age from infancy to old age. 

A walk-in can occur at birth or while the baby is still in the womb. If the baby is the heir to a powerful family, there may be many spirits contending for ownership, so why wait until the baby is sliding out the birth canal? Get in communication with the mother and assure her that you will be a credit to the family. 

When a spirit joins the baby well before birth, there is a much better chance of establishing rapport with the mother and ensuring a loving relationship from the very beginning. This is a good time to establish a telepathic link between mother and baby so that each will feel the other’s emotions and bond as a family.

Most walk-ins are not hostile takeovers because the walk-in will need support to thrive. I am sure that in some cases, the previous owner has reached the end of his rope and does not know what to do with his life. Running a human body is hard work, and I am sure that it gets discouraging at times. I would not be surprised that some people contemplating suicide are rescued by a friendly takeover by a walk-in.

We could easily make a list of optimum walk-in scenarios where the walk-in is the hero who saves the day and turns someone’s life around by taking over when all is lost:

  • A person in poor health who has not been able to recover due to spiritual causes
  • Someone undergoing a series of operations which will only prolong their life, not heal it
  • Someone hurt in a severe accident where the doctors do not feel they will survive
  • Anyone who has been unconscious for a day or longer
  • Someone who has nearly died from a drug overdose
  • Someone who has ruined their chances for a happy life by their criminal history and jail sentences
  • Someone in a life situation where they have been enslaved or degraded
  • Someone who has lived a long time and has lost the will to live
  • Anyone who feels they cannot go on with the life they are living

Children are prone to accidents either because they are fearless or careless. When an accident renders the child unconscious, it provides an opportunity for a being to take over the body and pretend to be the child. Some parents might view a change in behavior as a benefit and not question how or why it occurred.

Patients in hospitals are often unconscious and not in full command of their faculties. Picking up a new body in a hospital may be a low-risk situation as the family is not prepared for a walk-in and may overlook changes in behavior and think it is due to the severity of the operation. Doctors may say.” We almost lost him!” about a patient who did not respond well at first to the treatment, and they may even be expecting some change in his attitude because of the suffering he experienced, but they are not looking for a change in ownership.

I have seen people change personalities near the very end of their lives, and I now recognize that the original owner was stepping out, and someone else was stepping in to experience life, even if it was on a sinking ship.

The success of a walk-in depends on the attitude of the being doing the walk-in. People can go along living a criminal life and finally reach a point where they want to change their ways. The beings who are up for that type of challenge will take over and by their demeanor and force of will convince others that they are a new person and will get others to treat them as the new identity rather than their original criminal identity. 

A big, bold being like the late L Ron Hubbard has the force of will to take on the challenge of taking over the body of a common criminal and getting people to recognize him as the person he was. He even changed the body’s name from Justin Craig to Lafayette Ron Hubbard to reflect his new identity. Anyone who was familiar with Ron in his former existence will recognize him in his new fleshly garments. His abilities and his attitudes are unmistakable.

On the other hand, to a professional observer, it is clear that there is a lot of Justin Craig lurking below the surface. If Lafayette Ron Hubbard can keep Justin under control, he should be able to achieve his professed goal to create a New Era Scientology. If Justin is able to wrest control from Lafayette, things will get very interesting when that occurs.

The problem with any walk-in is that the original occupant may still be in existence, and this can cause some instability if the original occupant is triggered by some things in the environment. In most of the walk-ins I have seen, the original occupant was suppressed and not expelled by the incident that set up the opportunity for the walk-in. The original owner is watching and waiting for a chance to regain control once life returns to a regular routine. If the new owner, the walk-in, does not take steps to deal with the original owner’s upset, the threat of a mutiny or an uprising will continue. Skilled spiritual counseling can bring all parties to an understanding and to a mutually interactive existence. Once both parties realize that the walk-in would not have occurred if things had been running well, they can be led to see how they can work together to operate as a stable group with harmonious objectives.

When the presence of an alternate personality can be observed by others, it affects the confidence others have in the stability of agreements and relationships. We all have the potential of exhibiting alternate personalities because we are surrounded by spiritual beings who have been with us for years and many lifetimes.

Our success in life depends on our ability to recognize and manage these other spirits so that we all work together in harmony. Trying to run a life while ignoring the spirits who surround us and affect us is like living with improvised explosive devices (IEDs). We will never know when they might go off. Caring for our spiritual partners and managing them well is a much better way to achieve a happy and productive existence.

Revisiting The Topic Of Spiritual Possession

First, a little background material for those you of you who just joined us:

We are all immortal spiritual beings experiencing multiple human lifetimes or non-human lifetimes. Many of us can remember other lifetimes and some of us can even learn from these earlier lifetimes. The usual game is to pick up a body and animate it and work with it until it fails us. Then we go and pick up another body if we choose to do so.

So, what about possession?

Picking up a body can be done in many different ways, depending on what condition you are in when your previous body fails. If your death was shocking and horrifying, you may not wish to pick up a body for years or even eons. You may find that it is more acceptable to attach yourself to someone who is already running a body and ride shotgun, where you get to sit in the front seat while somebody else drives. You get the sensations and experience while another being does the work of running a body and carving out a career.

You both may think you are the person himself, but you are just one of a host of beings who think they are Elvis Presley, George Carlin, or your grandson. The truth of the matter is that we are surrounded by spiritual beings and very few of them are clad in flesh, to use the biblical term. Anyone who has had the opportunity to communicate with spirits knows that there is no shortage of discarnate beings, those without bodies.

In most cases, each of us receives a constant stream of admonitions and advice from these spirits who surround us and this unsought advice usually serves to distract us from what we wish to do. In some cases, these spirits actually take control of us and direct us to take actions we would ordinarily not do. This is more common than you may realize as this is what happens when someone mentions a highly charged topic that upsets you and you want to do them bodily harm.

What this means is that, instead of the charming model of one spirit in one body, what we have is a mob of spirits trying to run a body and present an image of sanity to the world. When the spirits are working in harmony, we see a well-adjusted person with many different skills. When the spirits are at odds with each other, we see a person who exhibits many different and distinct personalities.

This is why, in Spiritual Rescue Technology, we recognize we are composite personalities and we use our knowledge to get our entire team working in harmony. When this is done correctly, a person has access to all of the skills and knowledge of each spirit in the group and the results are amazing. The important factor here is if the entire group of spirits is taking responsibility for the performance of the team, the level of performance is unbelievably high. You get the computational power of each being working in tandem, like a modern multiprocessor.

When spirits work in this fashion, can we really call it possession? We operate as a unified group with the strength and power of many spirits combined. However, there may be a downside to this harmony. Does each of us recognize that we share a single human identity? In many of the cases I have encountered, every spirit thinks he is the person, even though he is only a part of the overall personality.

What happens if some of these spirits are separated from the main body of spirits because of an accident or through exorcism or spiritual processing? Will each group think they are the ORIGINAL person? This remains to be seen.

We do know that with standard SRT processing, each group of spirits regains their original identity and is free to assume a new identity if they choose.

Reincarnation or Repossession? – You Decide

This is truly a year of discovery. We are being exposed to more indications of reincarnation every week, and these indicators are hard to ignore. We see three-year-old concert pianists and six-year-old composers of classical music with the poise and ability of people who are much older.

On the other hand, we are seeing people of more advanced ages who seem to become transformed in some inexplicable way to totally different personalities. Some may view these as spiritual awakenings, but there are some instances where the new personality claims to be a famous person. In some cases, these awakenings are spontaneous, but it more likely to occur when the person is doing past life regression or Dianetic auditing.

There is a continuing skepticism about these events because the person does not always recall information that skeptics feel is essential. Those of us who have accumulated more than 8 decades of experience can only marvel at such narrow-mindedness because we have forgotten more then we remember in many cases. We tend to take any indication of reincarnation or repossession at face value. 

I use the term repossession to describe the circumstance where a being or a group of beings leaves a body at death or as a result of an exorcism or similar process and picks up a new body which is already occupied by an existing group of beings. 

We have discovered in our Spiritual Rescue Technology research that a body is never owned by a single spirit, at least not on Earth. Every person in a body is being influenced and being run by a large group of spiritual beings, and in most cases, these spirits are not working in close harmony. In fact, during our counseling sessions, we discover that in many cases, these spirits have been unaware of each other, and each has been working away, thinking that they were in charge. (This is described in detail in my first book, Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology.)

Reincarnation is simple to envision if you realize that spirits are immortal and physical bodies are not. When a body dies, the spirit leaves it and may pick up another body if the death was not too traumatic. If the death was traumatic, the spirit might wait a long time before picking up another body. Usually, the spirit forgets everything about their former life, but occasionally the spirit retains the memories and skills of a former life. In this case, the person can become a child prodigy if it so chooses.

Repossession is a bit more complicated, and you need to understand that we are each a group of beings who are doing our best to run a body and present ourselves as a unified personality to the world. In the best of circumstances, you are in charge of this group of beings, and your actions are seen as logical and consistent by the people you know. 

In the worst of circumstances, you are being overwhelmed by the other beings, and your behavior changes unpredictably from day-to-day. The world of psychology calls this DID. Dissociative identity disorder (DID), previously known as multiple personality disorder (MPD), is a mental disorder characterized by the maintenance of at least two distinct and relatively enduring personality states. (This is what happens when you cannot maintain control of the beings who surround you.)

You and the other beings who make up your personality may have been together for many lifetimes. The bond that holds you together is a decision made at some past time. This bond can be undone by counseling or as a result of some trauma that causes a new decision. When a spirit or a cluster of spirits separates from the main body of your spiritual companions, they may still remember their experience as being “You”. When this happens, these spirits go on to possess someone who now has the distinct memory that they were you in some past life. The truth of the matter is that they are only one of the personality fragments that made you who you are or were. They will only have the memories that were produced by that group of spirits, and one of the interesting things we have discovered is that beings can only seem to remember the incidents that were interesting to them. The rest are merely vague memories with little or no detail. When you are a passenger in a vehicle, and someone else is driving, your memories may differ greatly from the driver’s memories, depending on where you put your attention.

We have many beings following us around who are not fully conscious and are just along for the ride. They may have been with us for thousands of years, but if their attention was on the weather or on what food was being eaten they will not remember much of what else happened in the intervening centuries. When these beings leave us through counseling or death, they contain only a fragment of our personality, and when they show up on someone else down the line, they present a skewed version of us to the world.

I think you will find that some of you have encountered this kind of situation and I would like you to join me this weekend while we discuss what to make of it and how to handle it when we encounter it.

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The curious case of Justin Craig, LRH 2.0

Justin Craig says he is the returned L Ron Hubbard, and I think there is more to his story than he realizes.

Somewhere around 2011, Justin Craig discovered Dianetics and had a realization he was the returned L Ron Hubbard. He showed up at the Independent Scientology Community at Elma, Washington, run by Pat Krenik. He was audited by Craig Robart and later connected up with Trey Lotz.

Prior to his realization of being Ron Hubbard, he racked up a pretty lengthy criminal record in California before moving to Washington, according to court records in Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties. He was serving a sentence in prison when he read Dianetics and had his life-changing realization.

He has been interviewed by several journalists, and in one interview by Tony Ortega, he had this to say, “I have no recall whatsoever. Not last life or any on the whole track; as a matter of fact, I have NO whole track,”

On the other hand, he exhibits many of the personality characteristics that original Ron Hubbard did. I watch a recent video, Scientology is Dead, in which he demonstrated several personalities, and some of them registered as true LRH personalities. 

You can see this video here:

In the latter part of the video, he makes remarks that any SRT practitioner will recognize as an indication of spiritual possession.

  • He asks, “Why did I return in this fashion?”
  • He talks about his case. His antisocial traits
  • He mentions Disassociated Personality Disorder
  • He developed processes and cracked his own case.
  • He says, “Can’t address psychotic behavior.”

In summary, I think Justin has been taken over by some of the beings who made up the original LRH. What that means is that Justin is being run by the beings who came with his body and also by some of the beings from the 1911 version of LRH. 

SRT users understand that we are composite beings and are constantly picking up new clusters and individual beings. At any given moment, we have many different beings striving to influence us and some are actively trying to control us. In daily life, our personality shifts as different beings attempt to take control. If you watch the video, “Scientology is Dead”, you will see Justin change his beingness several times. 

The original LRH did a lot of self-auditing and took drugs as well. I would not be surprised that he shed many clusters in this way, Each of these clusters will have the memory of BEING LRH even if they were only spectators instead of being the beings who were running the show.

Scientology OT VII auditing is more like mini-exorcisms than real auditing with ARC, and it is entirely possible that many clusters are driven off with no case change during OT auditing. Anyone of these clusters is capable of joining or taking over a person who is overwhelmed by life and changing their lives forever. The cluster may even think of themselves as the person they were attached to.

This opens the door to looking at reincarnation is a totally different way. A non-Scientologist may reincarnate as a complete cluster with all of their previous personality intact. A Scientologist OT may shed parts of their personality while undergoing OT processing since our personalities are the product of all of the beings we carry around with us. If you cast off clusters in volume, how many clusters are beings loosed on the world to affect other people? Remember that these clusters were not brought into a complete understanding of their situation before being shed. They may still think they are their former host.

In Spiritual Rescue Technology, we use caring communication on the beings we encounter and bring them up to an awareness of their immortality and hopefully give them an incentive to start a new life.

In short, I think Justin (LRH 2.0) was part of the person we knew as the original 1911 version of Ron Hubbard. I think if we wait, we will eventually see LRH 2,1, LRH 2.2, and so forth.

Your comments are invited. We can discuss this over the weekend as a possible complication in reincarnation.

Conversation With A Departed Friend

I communicate with spirits every day and they provide me with information I could not get elsewhere. They have provided me with material for three published books and there is enough for several more. There are many spirits whom I work with every day and they provide invaluable inspiration and guidance in my writing, my research, and in my counseling

The one area I have been missing is conversations with recently departed friends. Several dear friends have died unexpectedly in the last decade and I have been unable to contact them. It was as if they left no forwarding address. My inability to reach them has been a mystery and until today I had no clue why that was.

A former client died in an accident and his wife asked for a session to help him run out the trauma from the accident. I was able to contact him through his wife and help them handle the agony and grief from his accident. He mentioned then that he and his wife had promised to be together for eternity and he was staying with her to help her for the rest of her life.

Today I had another session with them and we were discussing how others might benefit from knowing that our departed family members were still available to chat if we knew how to do that. My departed friend listened to our conversation and finally broke in with the same humor he had shown when he was animating a body. He scolded me with his usual impish wit, “Are you gonna make money on my story?

He cracked me up and I told him I would make that book free.

In reviewing the loss of earlier friends, I realized that none of them had really close ties to family or loved ones. They may have felt no responsibility for the people they left behind and as a result, when their body died, they were free to make a new start elsewhere.

In this case, my friend had promised his wife he would look after her for eternity and as a result, he is here carrying on in a strong supporting role.

Even though he harassed me about profiting from his story, he agreed that he would help further our research into interactions with recently departed spirits. We feel this is an area of discovery that could help people who are suffering the loss of a loved one.

I can already see that our bonds with our loved ones last beyond death. This has huge implications for our relationships with those who are close to the end of their lives.

It also helps to understand that we are spirits having a human experience. If we learn from our experience, we can do better next time and the time after that.