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Free Workshop 4-20-19 – Hot Button Lists

There will come a time when you have handled so many of the spirits who surround you that you will go for days without anything impinging on your usual state of grace. If we arrange a session, I am always able to pick up on some being who is not smoothly contributing to your flow, but you will not always be interested in handling this being.

Let us say that the being is stuck in boredom and that he manages to act bored when you suggest doing something. He does not usually manage to slow you down, but he does take the fine edge off your efforts to create any new effects. You might not want to spend a session handling the bored guy, but you might be interested in handling your tendency to be introverted or your inability to make casual conversation with members of the opposite sex.

On the other hand, there are questions you have never asked yourself, which might have a large effect on your ability to succeed in business or in life. They tend to relate to conditions which have persisted for so long that you don’t even realize that they exist. They can include questions like:

  • Is someone after you?
  • Have you done anything you could be cursed for?
  • Is there anything important you are trying to remember?
  • What shameful thing are you still trying to forget?
  • Is there anyone you have abandoned?
  • Do you feel trapped in your current situation?
  • What are you doing to stop yourself?
  • What should people not know about you?
  • Have you ever made love to the wrong person?
  • Have you ever pretended to be a human being?
  • Have you ever desecrated a holy place?

These kinds of questions reveal charged areas that may not have been touched this entire lifetime, but they are potential hot buttons which can trigger unexpected responses if not addressed. When you have handled most of your charged areas of life by standard SRT processing, you can free up many areas of stuck attention by running a hot button list on some area of life that you would like to expand into.

If you wish to heal people, you could run long lists of buttons having to do with failures to heal, accidental deaths, plagues you have started, operations you did not do correctly, body parts, blood, amniotic fluid, semen, bile, intestines, diseases, etc., etc. until the person was totally flat on body parts and mistakes made in healing. You would then be able to stay in present time regardless of the state the patient was in or what he said when you were operating on him.

Similarly, if you wish to engage in politics or public speaking, you could run lists having to do with corruption, bribery, hostile audiences, betrayals, failed decisions, lies you have told, and various other topics until you could face audiences and constituents without fear.

We will discuss various hot buttons and how you might use them in sessions and solo sessions until you feel confident that you can create and use lists as you need to. I will also deliver a session to a volunteer to show how a hot button is found and removed.

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Some High Points from the 4-14-19 Sunday Webinar

Joachim Held summarized some of the things we discussed during last Sunday’s webinar and made me realize how important this latest discovery is. I am restating his summary with the addition of my own thoughts and you are all invited to add your own realizations to this effort.

1. No matter where you are in relation to the rest of the universe you occupy, you will have greater control of your existence if you take the time to recognize the intentions and counter-intentions that others are experiencing.

2. The counter-intentions that others show to your peaceful existence may have more to do with the pressures they are experiencing from above or from other sources.

3. Each level in a civilization and in a universe has its own rules and its own challenges. Understanding the rules of other levels will give you an ability to make the right decisions for your own survival.

4. If you fully understand their motivation, you can become pan-determined if you wish. When that occurs, your frustration and bitterness at the unthinking cruelty of the world will vanish. You will see what is and you will be able to devise a plan for converting what is to what you desire it to be.

5. When any level is not pan-determined, they do what they think is best for themselves and their people. When they fixate on a solution to the ills that they see, their solution wreaks havoc on the rest of civilization. Every tyrant is trying to accomplish something for the people he feels he represents.

6. Since every level in a civilization is a series of interlocking lives, any solution that does not take into account all of the other lives and work to the resolution of mutual problems will eventually build resistance such that this solution will be considered evil and will eventually be destroyed.

7. The only hope for a peaceful resolution is to maintain open communication, no matter what provocation exists, without losing control of your own group.

8. If separation from the other group is required to continue your existence, maintaining open communication is essential to your continued freedom. In addition, you will need to ensure that your existence is not a threat to the group you have separated from.

9. These lessons from history are available to every practitioner of Spiritual Rescue Technology, because we can communicate with those who tried to solve these issues in other ways and failed miserably. Every day we communicate with those who struggled against the constraints of the unfairness of the lives they lived and we find that are still enmeshed in the unfairness of it all.

When we help them discover that they chose a role that came ready-made with overwhelming opposition, they perceive the decision that led to their current and everlasting distress. Inspecting the fatal decision and all of the justifications for making that decision allows the beings involved to let go of the decision and all subsequent results.

We can sum this up by saying, “If a being considers that life is unfair, he doesn’t understand the rules for that part of the universe. Once you understand the rules, you can end the game or change the rules.”

Free Workshop 4-13-19 Finding and Handling Beings Who Are Destroying Your Future

You may think your future success is being blocked by beings who hold you back with fearful images of failure and that is partially true. Your future is actually being blocked by beings you can rarely detect because their messages are so reasonable that you have been repeating them to others for most of your life.

Here are just a few of these messages:

Nothing can be done about it

I can’t make money

It’s going to kill me

That could never happen

I could end up in poverty if I fail

I’m too old for this

It’s too late

To be early is a waste of time

I’m tired, I don’t want to think about that

I want to make everything go away

We are going to discuss a few of these intentions and I will choose a volunteer who will offer up some of his spirits for a session.

This session may be unlike many of the other sessions because these beings have usually made themselves part of your personality and generally do not recognize that they are separate beings with histories of their own.

Getting the being to recognize that he is an immortal being may take longer than freeing him from the incident he is dramatizing.

Join me today, Saturday 4-13-19 on Zoom at 12 noon using this link:

Workshop 3-30-19 on Daily Maintenance of Your Spiritual State Of Grace

What is the most pleasant, energizing and generous feeling you can experience? 
When you are in harmonious friendship with yourself, with others and with the cosmos, you experience effortless flow of grace. 
Grace has power in it, and when we align with the friendly power of the universe,
we can create a life of spiritual freedom, emotional strength and effortless success .
Flowing with grace, we contribute to others and to the ongoing flourishing of life. 

To read more about the state of grace, read:

You may choose to think of this state as being in the zone, or being in present time with all spirits in synch with you.

It takes continuing work to stay in the zone because you pick up confused spirits every day from the people you encounter at work, on the street, or in hospitals.

If you want to stay cheerfully productive, you need to spend a few minutes every morning handling the factors that will keep you out of a state of grace.

There are at least three things you should use to make sure you are properly set up for your day.

1. Meditate until you and your spiritual companions are all in present time.

2. Handle any difficulties by running SRT processes on any beings who put out low-toned emotions.

2. Review the SRT Axioms and make sure all are in.

There are a few more points which we will discuss in the workshop and I will run a session on a volunteer to show how this can be done.

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Talking To Spirits Book Signing Video 3-10-19

I answered questions for more than an hour on all sorts of spiritual topics. This was a departure from my usual approach of covering the contents of the book. This talk discussed the topics that the audience had questions about and ranged all over our interaction with spirits.

We covered curses, spiritual possession, out of body experiences, spiritual healing, scary dreams, immortality, the challenges of picking up a new body, animal spirits, past lives, how spirits influence your life, and my route to discovering these things.

The video is on Vimeo and you can stream it using this link:

Thanks to everyone who attended my book signing at the Floyd Library

The interactive seminar was great fun, because I did not make a presentation of what was in the book, I merely answered questions that people asked and gave examples from session to illustrate the answers.
One woman came in grieving for her dog and I explained that the reason she was grieving was that the dog was grieving because the dog was still accompanying her and she was not giving him the usual attention. I asked her to acknowledge the dog’s presence whenever she was aware of his presence. By the end of the seminar, she and the dog were doing much better.
We had a good crowd of people who had great questions for me. People even came from Christiansburg and Blacksburg which is an hour away. Gretchen helped by shooting a video of the event and I will post the link when it is uploaded to Vimeo.
I forgot to bring my business cards, but fortunately a good number of people bought books which have my contact data in them. For those of you I missed, you can reach me at 540-320-6852 or at


This ability is not common and the inability to ask direct questions lies at the bottom of many persisting problems that clients have. Client will complain about a work situation or a situation where a prospect does unexpected things and then does not want to pay. The client does his best, but time after time he ends up being disappointed with the results of his transaction.

A person can be drilled until he overcomes the inability to ask direct questions, but the drilling is only good for a single type of transaction, because the underlying cause of the inability has not been addressed.

For example, salesmen are drilled mercilessly until they can cut through a customers objections and ask for the order, but the usual result is a robotic insistence on getting the order, and does not result in getting agreement from the customer.

The barrier to asking direct questions comes from being punished for rudeness or for being impolite. This is why only police or inquisitors will confidently ask direct questions because they are permitted to be rude and impolite.

In normal conversation, one is trying to get agreement through persuasion and good manners. When someone is trying to take advantage of you, and you are not expecting it, you will go into agreement with the most outrageous requests. Even when you suspect that you are being taken advantage of, your efforts at reasoning and requests for fairness will be ineffectual and you will waste time and money because you did not ask the right question at the beginning of the transaction.

If you did not have beings who shudder at direct confrontation with evil and duplicity, you would be able to ask a prospect questions that will reveal how much time and money he is willing to spend to handle his problem.

Instead, you generally let him go on and on about his problem without determining whether he is even willing to pay for a result to his problem.

If you were honest about your ability to help this person and you knew from experience that it would take a certain amount of time to handle the problem, you already know how much money it would cost him to get any particular result he wants.

In your initial discussion, you do not want him to analyze his problem, you want him to describe a result that would be worth paying you for.

He will happily spend hours describing his problem and his feelings about that problem and you will have not made any progress to making him into a customer. When you make him describe a result that is worth paying for, you are bringing him and his beings right into present time.

This where you can say that is a good result to shoot for and it will take approximate time and will cost at least $XX with a $YY deposit.

At this point, he will agree or may say without hesitation,”That’s too much money to pay!”

If you have done your homework, you can say with good humor, “That is what it will take to get the result you have described, but I am sure there are others who can give you another quote.” You will have completed qualifying this prospect and will have spent less than 10 minutes. With a little practice, you can get it down to 5 minutes.

It is only very recently that I realized I can freely ask direct questions if I want to. This is a direct result of my SRT processing. It speeds things up immensely when I can ask for the information I want to know.

I will cover how to overcome the inability to ask direct questions politely in Part 2 of this article which should appear in a few days.

David St Lawrence

Free Workshop 3-2-19 – Our Guardian Spirits Provide Help in Strange Ways

I was prompted to look at some incidents that have puzzled me for some time and I realized that they were caused by spirits acting to save people from doing something against their earlier promises.

We have been conditioned to think of guardian angels as beings who guide us in righteous ways. What if they only punish us if we break promises?

I have seen two examples of this, one was in my own life and both involved inexplicable efforts to restrain us from doing something we thought was going to be a great experience.

I feel I have not given any guardian spirits their due and most of that is because I did not fully understand how they worked.

For this upcoming workshop, I would like you to prepare by recalling times when you were prevented by a major accident from doing something you really wanted to do. It could have been a wonderful experience, but your accident prevented you from being there.

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Webinar 2-24-19 – Lets Stop The World From Pushing Your Buttons

Let’s define a button as something that triggers an unwanted reaction from you when it appears.

You can handle buttons by drilling being exposed to a button repeatedly until the button no longer produces a reaction. This is slow and brutal, but it definitely works on almost all kinds of buttons. The main problem is that doing this requires a patient twin to drill with long enough to reduce the button so it no longer affects you.

There are also buttons which a twin cannot drill you on because the button is interaction with a particular person in an intimate way. Some buttons require a room full of people to trigger the button and this kind of drilling is rarely available.

If you wish to use SRT to flatten or remove your sensitivity to buttons, you will need to twin with someone who can use a Handbook for Spiritual Counseling and be prepared to confront the demons who have tortured you for many lifetimes.

The button is simply a triggering phrase, intention or image which restimulates an incident of hypnotic properties or in which an overwhelming occurred.

In this webinar, we will discuss the most crippling buttons we have encountered and I will deliver a session to a volunteer who wants to eliminate a button that is affecting him.

I think you will see that dismantling a button is a worthwhile activity as it opens up your ability to do new things.

Join me Sunday at 12 noon EDT on Zoom using this link:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid please use this link:

Could You Be A Walk-In?

A walk-in is a being who takes over running a body when the original owner is unable to continue.

This is not a hostile takeover, from the examples I have seen. It is more often a mission of mercy, where the original owner becomes incapacitated through injury or illness and another being steps in and continues to manage the body as the new manager.

Sometimes, the walk-in is so different personality-wise that all of the person’s friends and family realize that something has happened to “Uncle Fred”. He doesn’t recognize his friends, or he speaks with a different accident or he has skills that the original Uncle Fred did not have.

One of the things we did not know until recently is that a walk-in may not realize that he is a different being than the original being who operated the body!

It appears that the walk-in dedicates himself to playing the role he has assumed and like a good actor, takes on the personality of the original player as much as possible so that he fits in. Since he is not the same being, sometimes there is friction with friends and family that did not exist with the original being.

I personally know of four people who are walk-ins and in every case, there was dissension between them and close family members. This is not surprising since these beings had slightly different purposes in life than the original. Their presence was noticed initially, but they soon were accepted as the real owner of the body.

All but three of these people have gone on to successfully play the role they stepped in to and as far as the world is concerned they were the genuine article. The fourth case involved a spiritual being with an entirely different cultural background and she could not pass as the original owner of the body.

In some cases, the replacement being has talents that the original being did not have and this can change the course of their life entirely.

Here is a recent article about Derek Amato, a Denver man who acquired a talent after an accident.
DENVER (CBS4)– A bang to the head changed a Colorado man’s life by revealing a hidden talent. Doctors say pianist Derek Amato is one of the few people in the world to have experienced the rare phenomena called Acquired Savant Syndrome. He says the music is in his mind. He sees it in his head, and his fingers do the rest. Amato has a gift that came about in an unexpected way.

Yes, that seems consistent with what we know about walk-ins, you acquire a savant. 🙂