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Let’s Take A Closer Look At Non-Physical Phenomena

Non-physical phenomena is a huge field of study. My feeling is that most of the researchers have concentrated on the macro aspects of non-physical phenomena or how this phenomena has affected civilization.

I have been concentrating on the micro aspects of non-physical phenomena or how this phenomena affects human personality.

The interfaces between the non-physical universe and the physical universe are many and varied and hundreds of individuals have managed to connect with the non-physical universe and write about it. I am a latecomer to this area and have managed to learn how to teach others to contact the spiritual universe at will, but focused mainly on communicating with the spirits that affect us directly.

The larger aspects of exploring the non-physical or spiritual universe have been extensively documented by many and there are hundreds of works by people as varied as Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Cayce, L Ron Hubbard, Andrew Jackson Davis, Cora Hatch, and Nikola Tesla. Recently, I have been following the work of Laurence R Spencer, author of Alien Interview and many other books on the interaction of spirits and civilization.

A religious movement called Spiritualism is based on the belief that the spirits of the dead exist and have both the ability and the inclination to communicate with the living. A study of this movement will keep you occupied for hours. My first exposure to spiritual communication occurred at a meeting of spiritualists in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

I chose to focus on the information that could be gained from communicating with immortal beings in private sessions. I first sought to help the beings whose pain and distress was affecting the lives of people I knew. After some time, I learned that many of these beings were actually trying to help the people who were being adversely affected by the beings. Their effort to help were hampered by the fact that the beings were emotionally crippled by their past painful experiences.

As my research continued, I found that beings could be recruited to help a person and this activity would give the person enhanced abilities to analyze situations and create solutions that were far beyond what could be normally expected. It appears that having spirits with intentions aligned to yours produces superior results with no apparent effort on your part.

People could attract paying clients, resolve thorny issues, create solutions and write books with no apparent effort. The effect is uniformly “magical” because there is no counter-intention and everything falls into place as expected.

Further research showed that a person’s personality was malleable as it was the joint effort of many different beings acting on the person in his daily life. Our research showed how the person in charge could actually take charge and control the actions of the beings that were working on his behalf.

He or she could conceive of an ideal scene for some aspect of their life and actually take steps to achieve that ideal scene in a relatively short time. As a result the person could gain control over his or her future.

As the person gained confidence in their ability to communicate with spirits, they gained the ability to reach out to others and to help their spirits and heal their bodies. This brought them into contact with all sorts of other spiritual phenomena and has broadened our areas of research regarding our personal interfaces to the non-physical spirit world.

If you think of non-physical phenomena as the result of many personal interfaces to the spirit world, you can understand the importance of further research on the behavior of our personal interfaces to the spiritual realm. All of the data needed to resolve the larger problems of civilization can be accessed through communication with spirits that are already available to you.

As you attempt to create new ideal scenes, you will be presented with a multitude of reasons why such a scene is not possible or unwise. Identifying and resolving those barriers will give you answers to why previous civilizations have failed. Resolving the barrier will give you welcome release, but the data you will gain is priceless.

All of this is possible without outside help if you only continue to communicate with your spiritual companions using caring communication.

Join me for a weekend of discussion and session on the topics of spirits affecting civilizations or individual personalities.

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Webinar Today 1-26-2020 on Handling Spiritual Problems You Pick Up From Family and Friends

We will discuss the implications of idly wondering about our friends who are not doing well. This is almost like doing counseling out of session and it comes with a risk we need to fully understand.

If you are worrying about your friends, you can wake up some of your friend’s spirits and they will come and join you to share their feelings and their woes. As a result, you will start feeling aches and pains you are not familiar with and you will experience emotions that will be truly challenging as they may be quite new to you and you may feel helpless to make them stop.

This is more common than realized and occurs when you are idly wondering without following a purposeful line of inquiry.

This is a serious enough problem that I would like to discuss the necessary handlings with you in this weeks webinar.

If you can, join me Sunday, 1-26-2020 for a paid webinar at 12 noon EDT using this link:

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I Kid You Not – I Woke Up Feeling Human This Morning

It was a terrible feeling, even though it only lasted a half hour. I have not felt this way for many years, so it was a matter of concern, until I spotted what I was doing to cause it.

We will be doing a workshop and a webinar on this topic as I was able to experience the hopelessness as well as the physical discomfort and pain while the experience lasted.

I want to acknowledge the courage you all exhibit when you continue to work me on developing SRT solutions to this kind of misery. I will never abandon you as long as you give me a chance to help you.

Our spiritual companions have more surprises for us, even as we master the steps of using caring communication to free them from their long periods of suffering.

We will discuss the implications of idly wondering about our friends who are not doing well. This is almost like doing counseling out of session and it comes with a risk we need to fully understand.

When you allow your attention to drift from topic to topic and are trying to figure out what is going on, you are essentially asking, “Why is this happening?” and “Why is that happening?” and “Could it be this or that?” without following a purposeful line of inquiry.

If you are worrying about yourself, you will wake up some of your spirits who have been quietly unconscious and they can go into full blown restimulation. You either do some solo sessions or you will need to call in help from someone else.

If you are worrying about your friends, the problem can be more subtle. You can wake up some of your friend’s spirits and they will come and join you to share their feelings and their woes. As a result, you will start feeling aches and pains you are not familiar with and you will experience emotions that will be truly challenging as they may be quite new to you and you may feel helpless to make them stop.

This is a serious enough problem that I would like to discuss the necessary handlings with you in this weeks free workshop and webinar.

Join me Saturday, 1-25-2020 for a free workshop at 12 noon EDT using the usual link:

If you can, join me Sunday, 1-26-2020 for a paid webinar at 12 noon EDT using this link:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link:

Letter to Lawrence Spencer

I want to thank you for posting the image of Nikola Tesla with the quote, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

It triggered a realization that will completely transform the technology I have been working on for the past decade.

The unexpected realization was that I and my students have learned to perceive non-physical phenomena and can extract information from that phenomena without any dependence on physical universe perceptions!

The apparent resistance to our findings and subsequent conclusions comes from the fact that people who cannot perceive non-physical phenomenon are barred from inspecting them and understanding them.

I have been able to teach students and clients to perceive non-physical phenomena without realizing how outrageous this appears to those who are seemingly barred from exploring this phenomena.

Fortunately, there are physical universe terms which identify non-physical phenomena and we can use those terms to create exercises to develop latent abilities for perceiving non-physical phenomena. I have been using processes to develop perception of non-physical phenomena, but I did not fully understand the significance of what I was accomplishing, until I read your post.

One example of a word describing a non-physical phenomenon is “intention”. We can see the results of an intention by the effect on the physical universe. More importantly, we can actually directly perceive intentions by running a person through a few simple exercises.

Without getting into the hoopla of trying to measure telepathic ability by reading symbols on distant cards, we can also get a person to recognize thoughts in a matter of minutes by asking some very simple questions, if the person is not barred from this discovery by their belief system..

When there is at least one person who can perceive non-physical phenomena, this person can coach others to recognize non-physical phenomena and the sources of the non-physical phenomena as well. As a person begins to recognize their ability to perceive and interpret non-physical phenomena, their confidence rises and they can begin to apply the information they are receiving to physical universe problems like carving out a career and making money.

As long as they do not seek to explain their access to non-physical phenomena, they can operate as normal human beings. They will just seem to know things and be in the right place for good things to happen.

Your post and my reaction to it illuminated the hidden barrier I have been trying to overcome for years.

If a person cannot perceive non-physical phenomena, they can be taught to do so, if their belief system allows them to do so.

Thanks for your timely post.

Free Workshop – 10-12-18 – How Do I know I am Not Imagining The Voices In My Head

Answering this question will take a multi-part effort. We will begin by discussing our relationship with our spiritual companions in this workshop and see if we can frame an answer to the following question posed by Derek Spies.

Derek Spies asks a marvelous question, “One thing I have not quite understood from SRT is how the concept of being a composite being meshes with this sense of “I” that I have and live with. If I am actually an aggregate of beings, then is the sense of “I” that I operate day to day with like a false illusion of sorts?

My answer to this is a recounting of the process I used to compose a worthy response:

My spiritual partners are almost always active so I get a sense of harmonics when I engage in creative thought. I think to myself, “I need to write an article to describe this phenomenon that Derek is asking about.”

I get an immediate echo overlaying that thought, like an overtone. “We need to include that in the next workshop.”

Almost immediately, I get another response, “Lets expand it a bit and cover the Sunday webinar.”

Two more voices chime in with, “How can a spiritual conversation be an illusion? Only if someone considers spirits to be imaginary! (feelings of laughter)”

No one has interrupted or tried to block the communication. Instead, they are adding different vibrations o the original theme. We are a chorus with individual voices who break out into new ideas frequently, but the main thrust is a well modulated chorus which speaks for all of us. When there is spiritual dissension, as sometimes happens when I am speaking to a group, I find them interrupting me with examples that break the flow of the original idea.

We have decided to take Derek’s question up in tomorrow’s workshop so that others can share their perception of what their spiritual companions are contributing to their thoughts and actions.

We need a better way of communicating what happens when you have a conversation with spirits and a workshop will allow us to collect enough viewpoints to present a coherent view of the process. Then we can address the issue of whether the spiritual communication is coming from beings who are a part of us or from independent beings.

Here are some of the points I hope we can illuminate:

What do your thoughts sound like? (Feel like?)

Can you recognize your thoughts and differentiate them from thoughts form another source?

Do you perceive all thoughts as having the same sound and emotion?

If you can identify thoughts from other sources, can you differentiate between them?

Do you get emotions (feelings) from the thoughts you perceive?

Do stray thoughts ever keep you awake at night? What are the emotions in those thoughts?

When you receive thoughts, do they occur while you are having thoughts or do they wait for an opening?

Do some thoughts come from inside your head and others from outside your body or from far away?

Join me Saturday, October 12th, at 12 noon EST using this link:

Walk-ins Revisited

We have discussed walk-ins before, but never really investigated the full complexity of what happens when a being takes over someone else’s body. I think it is time to take another look at what occurs.

My data on this subject comes from direct experience with being a walk-in and observing those who are walk-ins.

The original supposition was that a walk-in occurred when a person went unconscious as a result of illness, injury, or during an operation and another being would take control of the body from that point onward.

Many years of SRT sessions have revealed that we are not singular spiritual beings running a body that is animated by a lower order being called a Genetic Entity.

Session after session have revealed us to be a complex grouping of beings acting as a composite being, in other words we are an aggregation of clustered beings and we accumulate new clusters of beings as time goes on. Fortunately, most of us have learned to operate as though we were a unified and reasonably organized intelligence most of the time. One or more of the group acts in a leadership role and the rest follow along in a supporting role, most of the time.

Since we are a group of separate beings with varying histories and different states of awareness, there can be events which produce widely different reactions from different beings. For example, there can be external stimuli which produce pleasure for some beings and pain for others. The more complex the stimuli, the more varied the responses will be.

As a result, an activity such as a walk-in can produce a complex range of responses over time. The person may appear absolutely normal for years and exhibit an unexpected delayed reaction when the right circumstance appears. On the other hand, the person can exhibit a definite personality change immediately after the walk-in occurs.

In some cases, the original spiritual occupant has abandoned the body before the walk-in occurs. In other cases, the original occupant continues in a subordinate role. In still other cases, the walk-in cluster of beings merges with the original occupant beings and the final result is a personality that is a merged version of the two original personalities.

A walk-in is not necessarily a permanent condition. If the family, of a person who has experienced a walk-in, objects to the walk-in, there are actions which can exorcise the beings who have taken control of the body.

If the beings who have taken over the body are not aware that they are trespassing, they can be convinced to leave when presented with evidence they are interlopers. The walk-in may have occurred during a childhood illness, for example, and the beings have been integrated into the larger group who have been controlling the body and do not recognize their differences for many years. If the walk-in group is triggered by an external influence and causes the person to behave in a manner that the family considers insane, there will be efforts to bring the person back to his or her senses.

I knew a childhood walk-in who had remained quite normal for many years until she ran into a loved one from her previous life. As she was married now, this caused so much strife at home that her husband kicked her out of the house. She eventually moved in with the person she had loved before although she did not get divorced from her husband. She experienced a great deal of internal conflict and eventually she went to a counselor who exorcised her. Once she was removed from the scene, the original personality took over and the person went back to her husband where she remained.

I know of another walk-in who did not know he was a walk-in for about 50 years. All he knew was that there was a period in his childhood where he permanently went out of agreement with his mother. Once he learned about walk-ins, he was puzzled why the original occupant was still present. The original occupant is still with him and represents a particular facet of the overall personality.

Another walk-in did not discover he was a walk-in until he was receiving counseling and some early childhood incidents would not resolve with the usual processes. Once it was discovered that a walk-in had occurred at age 13, everything began to fall into place.

Now that we have a more complete view of the structure of our personalities, it becomes apparent that there can be many different types of walk-ins and they can be happening on a continuing basis. Our personalities are a result of the thoughts and intentions of a host of beings who are participating in our daily lives. The composition of the group can vary day by day as we take on new spirits and lose others. The behavior of the group does not have to change drastically, it can shift subtly as we become aware of personality aspects we wish to change and as we realize that certain traits are not ours.

If we are open to change and recruit beings who can add to our abilities, our ability to change in favorable ways is unlimited. If we consciously develop a personality culture we like, we have a better chance of keeping that personality stable over time as we will be able to recognize personality elements that do not mesh with those we desire.

I think, in the long run, that we will actively cultivate personality changes by recruiting spirits with desirable characteristics that complement those we currently have. That way, we will be constantly tuning our personalities by adding in spirits who give us desirable skills and abilities. When walk-ins do occur, we will be prepared to make use of the useful ones and and to dispose of the one who do not fit in.

I forgot to add that most walk-ins happen in hospitals. Uncle Fred goes in for a liver transplant and comes home a different person. One man sent his wife for an operation and the woman who came home spoke with a different accent.

Sometimes the patient feels he or she has had enough pain and bails out. This provides an opportunity for the spirit hanging around the hospital hoping for a second chance at life.

If you have questions about your own walk-in status, I will be happy to help you sort them out quickly. It generally takes only one session.

Ever Wonder About Your Real Purpose In Life?

Some people seem to recognize their real purpose in life at a very early age. These fortunate souls know they are going to grow up into world leaders, artists, or skilled entertainers before their permanent teeth come in.

Another group seems to discover their true vocation by the time they finish their schooling, having been exposed to enough of what life has to offer to make an informed choice.

There is another group of unknown dimensions, which has chosen a vocation with no real purpose other than to make enough money to live on. They can spend their entire lives doing something they take no pride in, even though what they do is a vital part of society.

I discovered a person in this last group and I found that a person can feel they are in the wrong profession, even when they are doing something that takes skill and produces a valuable service or product. I am sure these people can benefit from traditional career counseling, but they can get instant relief from Spiritual Rescue Technology counseling. One session is all it takes to discover and handle the source of the unrest that plagues an apparently successful individual who feels that he has devoted his life to a purpose he does not believe in.

Whether the person is a surgeon, a lawyer, a family counselor, or a prosperous businessman, he or she can feel like what they are doing is off purpose. This is not limited to any particular profession, because there are firemen who feel they should have been lawyers, and lawyers who feel they should have been professional chefs. Attempts to find out where they went wrong will often focus on choices made in school or a failure to apply themselves to preparing for the career they should have had.

There are countless reasons a person is not doing what he or she should be doing, but the common thread seems to be the presence of spirits who are fixated on a different occupation or purpose in life.

As an example, there is a businessman I know who has a great talent for what he does, but he takes no pride in his contribution to industry. He connects up employers who need talented people and people who have those talents and need better jobs. This is an important service to growing businesses and can make or break a company depending on the relationships established. This businessman finds it very hard to take pride in what he does because he is surrounded by beings who wanted him to become a priest!

As a result, he always feels he is doing the wrong thing, even though his life depends on his work and his ability to generate income from his efforts. His feelings make him feel like a fraud and these feeling affect his ability to attract business and make new friends.

The lesson here is that his feeling have nothing to do with the value of his contribution to society and to the economy in general. These feelings are coming from beings who have not achieved their past goals and are trying to get this person to carry out a mission that has nothing to do with present day concerns.

Getting this businessman to spot the beings who were trying to direct his life in an old direction produced instant relief, both for the businessman and the beings who did not realize they were still stuck in a past defeat.

If you are feeling that your life is on the wrong track, you might want me to help find who is doing this to you and get everyone working toward the same goals. Every being has a capability to add their intention to the group intention. When the majority of your spiritual companions are aligned with what you want to do, the results will seem miraculous and you and they will be happy with what you are doing. Listening to your spirits and getting them to cooperate will pay huge dividends. You will know when this is working because things will go right as if by magic. You will only encounter green lights on the highway of life.

Vision of A Future Event 9-26-19

I had a vision of a future event today and I would like your feedback on it.

I have seen future events several times this lifetime and the images are clear and distinct and they are definitely not present time or past events. This even had no particular emotion to it until I recognized that it had not happened yet and that jolted me into a state of heightened awareness.

I was looking over a woman’s shoulder and she was using a keyboard that looked like this one. There was a transparent cap over the keys on the lower left hand corner of the keyboard with the legend “FUZZY CAPS” on it. It covered several of the existing keys and may have been a hologram.

There were several other rectangular caps on the upper right corner of the keyboard, but I was so startled by reading FUZZY CAPS that I lost the image before I could read what was on the caps and could not recover it.

I did my best to reconstruct the image using Photoshop. It is fairly accurate except that the keys in my image were flatter.

It appears that the keyboard might be used for graphics design and the holograms could be a way to indicate special functions accessed by pressing several keys in the indicated area.

Has anyone seen anything like this keyboard? I will give my team some sessions and see what my spiritual teammates recall about this vision.

Overcoming The Urge To Make Less Of Yourself

I have some clients who have special abilities and yet they are constantly feeling they have nothing to offer and need to be very careful not to expose themselves as frauds.

This feeling prevents them from reaching and makes them feel degraded even though they are capable of excellent work in demanding professions. What I find interesting is that most of the time they are very positive about the benefits they can provide to their clients, but they will let slip some doubts or self critical remarks in the middle of explaining what they do.

When I ask them about the doubts they have just mentioned, they quickly brush these comments aside as not being a problem. If we continue discussing the area of concern, the doubt will appear again and the person will attempt to divert attention from what they just said. In actual fact, the person is doing their best to ignore these “inner” doubts and they keep on trying to succeed in spite of these doubts.

I finally asked one particular client, “Is there something that makes you special?”

He instantly replied, “I’m not special! I have nothing to offer. I’m just some slob.” When I asked who is saying that, he said, “I’m a worthless piece of crap!” And he broke out laughing, as he realized that he had some very disturbed beings who were putting words in his mouth.

As he spotted these beings, they started waking up and leaving him and he kept laughing and sighing as they continued to leave. This went on for about ten minutes with beings recognizing they were separate from him and then leaving him in a continuing series of waves. This client kept having realizations as the disturbed spirits kept leaving and he shared how their thoughts had affected his life.

These spirits made him feel like he would be found out, that he should not commit to anything, that he should hide, and that he had secret failings that others were missing. He would always make less of his abilities so that he would not be found out and get hurt.

As the last of the spirits faded away, the client said, “Now I can reach, and hold a position!”

This was one of those situations where the spiritual beings did not need extensive handling once they recognized that they were separate beings from the client and that the client’s challenging professional activities were keeping them restimulated. All they had to do was to leave and they experienced relief. The client experienced relief also.

The lesson to be learned is that your negative feelings about your abilities may be coming from spirits. A little conversation with them can produce amazing results.

Unseen Barriers to Progress

When all else fails, look for a spiritual barrier to progress. I have said this to students and clients for years and yet I failed to consider that spirits might be stopping people from buying our house.

I was reviewing a session I had delivered some time ago where the departed wife was causing problems for her husband and his new wife and one of my spiritual companions pointed out that I might be experiencing the same kind of phenomena.

In the case of the departed wife, whose name was Elise, I had known her when she was alive and I admired her ability to create beautiful art. She died from cancer several years ago and her husband had eventually remarried a beautiful and sensitive woman who had known Elise and admired her while she was alive.

The new wife was spiritually aware of Elise and kept feeling like she was being made to feel like an unwelcome guest in her own home. She knew of my spiritual counseling practice and asked me to intervene with Elise. I delivered a session with the husband and new wife present and we quickly connected to Elise who was completely ready for my help. The husband served as the conduit for my conversation with Elise and we quickly got into discussing what was going on.

Elise was happy for her husband in his new marriage, but she had such an attachment to the house they had shared that she did not want to leave. Interestingly enough, neither the husband or the new wife wanted her to leave either because they both loved her and her creativity.

I asked Elise if she would consent to be the artistic spirit of the house and guide the activities of those who shared the house into the highest possible state of creativity and she was delighted to take responsibility for that role as the guiding spirit of the extended household. She has always taken on that role when she was alive, but had dropped it somewhat when her body died.

Once Elise shifted from being a wife to a guiding spirit, the mood in the household changed and all parties were much happier.

My spiritual companions made me see that we had several qualified purchasers for the house who had inexplicably withdrawn after indicating a strong desire to have the house. I did a solo SRT session and asked, “What attitudes exist about letting someone else buy this house?”

I immediately got several negative thoughts like, “They are not good enough!” “They won’t take care of it!”

I told them that we no longer had the energy to care for the house the way we used to do and then I asked them, “Do you want to stay here and guard this house?”

I got a resounding “No!” and everything got quiet. I do not feel that anyone left at this point, but they are now willing to turn the house over to others.

We should see some results from this session soon. I will keep you all informed.