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DIY Remote Viewing – You Might Even Touch Base With The Family On The Holidays

After carefully reading the manual for CRM Remote Viewing on the Internet, ( manual full.pdf) I realized that we can achieve similar results by using spirit intermediaries and SRT Reach and Withdraw processes. We are using telepathic communication as we do in regular SRT sessions. We are not using our far-seeing abilities, we are communicating with the beings who are at that location. We have done this repeatedly in the past, but we were not being cautious enough. Reading the CRV material has made us aware of risks we can avoid by selecting safer targets.

We can work with spirits by doing a supervised SRT Reach and Withdraw process following the following rules:

  1. Use a well trained SRT user as your guide until you can get reliable results every session.
  2. Meditate until your mind is clear and calm before attempting to do a remote viewing session.
  3. In the beginning, choose targets where you would be welcome as a visitor if you showed up in person.
  4. Discuss the purpose of your remote viewing activity with your guide and get his agreement on what you intend to do.
  5. Realize that your best results will come from contacting disembodied spirits who are monitoring the area or the person you wish to observe.
  6. Finding the disembodied spirits who are directly monitoring a person you care for will give you immediate information about that person’s emotions and intentions. You may be able to contact the person directly, but they will usually have their attention on what they are doing and may not have enough free attention to perceive that you are trying to contact them.
  7. You will be using the spirits in the area as your local observers, and your best results will come when you use caring communication and are polite and cheerful. You will be reaching for them and withdrawing from them during the session. I would not advise doing any out-of-body activity and placing yourself in the area unless you are invited.
  8. You will get better results if you have prepared a list of questions beforehand and have discussed them with your guide. This will help you stay on track during the session.
  9. Your reaching and withdrawing should go like this: You place your attention on the spirits in the space around the person you are trying to reach. If you are reaching out to a location and not a particular person, place your attention on the life force in that area and ask for permission to speak to it. In most cases, you will get an immediate response if you ask in a caring way. If you get a negative response to your request, ask why in a caring way, and you will almost always get a reason which will allow you to continue the conversation.
  10. Each time you place your attention on the being, you keep it there until you get a response or a realization of some sort. When that happens, withdraw your attention and discover what you have learned. If you are working with a guide, discuss what you have learned and proceed to the next question. The guide will be able to tell when you are ready to ask the next question and can help you stay focused as the conversation continues. Doing remote viewing without a guide or a list of questions can be distracting.
  11. You are welcome to ask any questions you wish in a remote viewing session, but here are some suggestions to get information with no wasted time.
    Always Use Caring Communication, whether you are speaking to the spirit with your voice or using telepathic communication.
    Notice the emotions of the spirits you contact
    Adjust your questions based on their emotions
    Ascertain the intentions of the spirits you are contacting. Are they intending to help you or the person you are interested in?
    If they start sharing information, DO NOT INTERRUPT THEM. Once they start communicating, let them say everything they have to say. Be sure and acknowledge them before asking another question.
    You can ask them what they see, and you may get mental image pictures of what is going on. If you communicate that you are trying to help in some way, the beings will be more helpful to you. For example, if you are trying to “see” the interior of some church or other location, asking the spirit to give you a view so you can understand it better may work better than asking it to look in a particular direction. You may get the best results by asking the being to describe the location or even asking it how does it make you feel?
  12. If you develop your skills at remote viewing, you will be able to stay connected to your loved ones, and you may even be able to connect to them directly. The first place to start is to connect up with their spiritual companions and establish a rapport with them. Eventually, your loved one may feel your presence, and you can start talking to them directly. Even if you don’t connect directly, they will pick up on the emotions of their spirits and will be more favorably inclined to you. When you finally get a chance to talk to them on the phone or Skype, you will probably hear them say, “I was just thinking of you!
  13. There is another good reason to establish a communication line with your loved ones through remote viewing, and that is once it is developed, you will have a better emotional connection with them, and you will be aware of how they are doing most of the time. You will know without checking on them whether they are doing well or in trouble. You are not limited to one connection either. You will develop a continuing awareness of the people you are connected to. In our changing world, that can bring about peace of mind.

With lockdowns and pandemics, this can be a stressful holiday season. See if you can reach out to your family members and establish a loving connection to them and their spiritual companions.

Do your part to spread joy to the world!

Reminder – Webinar Saturday 12-19-20 – Remote Viewing Of Alien Activity

This webinar will provide you with information that should allow you to connect the dots regarding the existence of aliens and what they are doing. Many different people have been doing remote viewing over the years and I have slides with their notes that should give you a better understanding of what has been going on for the last 80 years.

I will try to give you an understanding of remote viewing as it is currently practiced and will relate it to our SRT Reach and Withdraw processes. Now that I understand what is being done elsewhere and what the risks are, I feel we can do some SRT remote viewing with a few preparatory exercises.

Join me Saturday on Zoom at 12 noon EDT using this link:

The Webinar Donation is $10 and you can use this link:

Remote Viewing Is An Exciting Ability – Use It Carefully

Some readers may feel I have been warning you away from remote viewing. I am sorry if I gave anyone that impression. Remote viewing has hundreds of applications and can even lead to a gainful occupation for those who develop their ability to find things through remote viewing.

Remote viewing connects you psychically to individuals, and in some cases, the target becomes aware that you are looking at them. This is like trying to peek in on a Zoom conference and finding yourself visible to the host.

In remote viewing, as in almost every spiritual connection, your intention is communicated to the target area and all individuals in that area.

If your intention is to achieve caring communication, that will be what the target spirits experience. If you are viewing with hostile intent, your target will pick that up also. If you are trying to spy on someone, that intention will be sensed by those in the target area also.

If your intent is to spy on aliens, I think you will find that they will pick up on your activities and may retaliate in some way. If you are truly attempting to do a friendly exchange, you may learn something useful from your remote viewing activity.

There are many different groups practicing remote viewing today. Choose the group that is aligned with your purposes. You might want to choose targets that do not pose threats to your personal safety. Otherwise, you will run into targets that view your ability to remote view their activity as trespassing. Snooping on aliens or domestic black ops groups could very well be hazardous to your health. Our government does not let us visit Area 51 or any of the other super-secret activities, so why would they allow us to snoop on their activities with remote viewing?

Remote viewing and telepathy are quite real, so why do you think that government agencies here and abroad have not already put those abilities to use? If a civilization uses advanced technology like spaceflight and mind control, snooping on their activities is not going to go unnoticed.

I suggest that you satisfy your desire to do remote viewing with targets that cannot track you down and damage you. There are plenty of targets that will provide a needed service to our civilization and may provide financial rewards if you have the skill. Consider finding lost children, missing people, sunken ships, and buried treasures. If your remote viewing abilities are up to the challenge, there are many ways to apply them.

Poking aliens or hostile government agencies is best left to those who get paid to do dangerous things. Use your remote viewing talents to help those you know and love.

If you find that you have stumbled onto a target that has left you feeling strange and uncomfortable, I can do something about that. Give me a shout, and we will set up a session to handle what has happened.

David St Lawrence

Risk Assessment Of Alien Activity – Recommended Reading

I have prepared a slide show for our Saturday webinar that shows what trained remote viewers have been looking at for the past 50 years or so. I think you will find these reports interesting and somewhat disturbing.

It’s not that alien visitations have been kept really secret. It is more the case that the information is so unbelievable that even with repeated sightings and stories published in multiple magazines, most people just cannot believe in aliens. Most people do not believe in spirits or reincarnation either, so you can see that there is a lot of information lying around that is just being ignored.

Now that I have been briefed on what is being done with remote viewing, both privately and on government lines, I have a much clearer idea of the role that SRT must play in the coming years. You will have an opportunity to get involved in using SRT to help people on a level you have never seen before. You may be forced to use SRT to retain your own emotional balance if the current alien situation escalates in the coming years.

The bottom line is that there is actually evidence of major mind-control activity being produced by advanced microwave technology and through direct telepathic influence. The source is alien, but here is some evidence of collaboration between alien and Earth government agencies. We already know that many secret government agencies are riddled with corruption here and abroad, but we didn’t expect them to be in bed with aliens. What this means is that we cannot expect help from any government at this point, and we need to focus our attention on what we as SRT professionals need to do.

We first need to know what has already been discovered about alien activity that is already affecting us, and then we need to decide on the correct application of intention/attention/and effort to keep ourselves sane and productive in the years to come. What is happening in our environment may seem overwhelming, but it is our reaction to these events that will count. 

If you learn and use SRT correctly, you will be able to weather almost any set of circumstances and find the best course of action under any conditions.

In order to fully appreciate the slide show scheduled for this Saturday, I suggest that you read these articles if you have not already done so. 

Advantages of Living on a Prison Planet – Parts 1-4

Is Earth A Prison Planet?

Investigating Alien Activity Is Already Being Done – What We Should Be Doing With SRT – Part One

There is also a full manual for CRM Remote Viewing on the Internet. You can find it at manual full.pdf 

I am not sure that we can change the events happening around us at this point, but we can certainly prepare ourselves to ride out the coming storm in the best shape possible. Read the material and join me on Zoom Saturday 12-19-20 at 12 noon EDT.

Investigating Alien Activity Is Already Being Done – What We Should Be Doing With SRT – Part One

I received a 5-hour briefing from an old friend who has been very active in the Controlled Remote Viewing activity for many years, and I feel the people involved in this activity have their hands full with real live aliens and their activities to exert covert control over earth populations. There are alien installations on Earth and in space, and these are accessible to ordinary people who are able to do out of body travel or simple remote viewing. There is a Facebook group, Remote Viewing/Remote Perception, where you can learn a lot about the various efforts that are currently going on.

I learned enough of the magnitude of these efforts to know that we who know and use Spiritual Rescue Technology have a vital role to play as more people join these efforts to contact aliens. Not all aliens are friendly, fuzzy, and lovable. Far too many are as devious and horrifying as some of our politicians and government employees. They are both heavily into mind control and into creating chaos for purposes of accumulating power.

Our role as SRT experts should be to provide relief and spiritual backup to some of these remote viewers who experience psychotic breaks and spiritual possession as a result of visiting a protected alien installation. Some of the material I saw in my briefing described implant stations which can reduce a normal earth person to a robotic state with enough exposure. Anyone bopping off to the moon or the moons of Saturn could come back with a permanent headache or a changed personality. From what I saw, there appear to be hidden installations on Earth that can give you a lot of trouble if you persist in remote viewing them without training or proper backup.

I am not trying to stop you from remote viewing any more than I would try to stop you from mountain climbing. I have done a bit of both, and my current interest is in helping you retain your sanity if you run into trouble remote viewing. I had taken a group to visit the backside of the moon several years ago, and we ran into some strange phenomena, but nothing fatal. In fact, I was proposing to lead another group on a return visit until I received my recent briefing from this remote viewing expert. Our earlier moon visit went off without any damage, but I now know we were very fortunate in our choice of locations to visit.

In our SRT webinar yesterday, we reviewed our options regarding extending SRT into space exploration or concentrating on our earth situation and working to restore and increase sanity on an individual and group basis. We decided to stick with freeing beings from compulsions and encouraging them to cooperate with us on earth-based projects for now. 

The more people who know how to deal with troubled spirits and set them free, the better our lives will be here on Earth. There is one thing in our favor, and that is the technology of setting beings free from the mistakes they have made in the past is not widely known among the alien visitors. I have heard that myself and others have heard similar news elsewhere. The alien’s favored method of control is still coercion through force or hypnotic means. They are quite active using our news media and our social media. They probably won’t be invading in force. They are creating effects through control of our education systems and our news media.

Consider the fact that this prison planet has trillions of disturbed spirits who have been dumped here in various states of awareness, and you can get the idea that anything that can stir them up will affect the lives of people in bodies. You won’t just get bad dreams. You will get a continuing buildup of rage and jealousy against others who are different in some way. The remote viewing people are running across evidence that aliens are stirring things up with microwave transmissions and other vibrations as well as through infiltration into government agencies at very high levels. The worst nightmares of the conspiracy theorists are happening now, and the news is slowly leaking out.

Your best bet might be to learn to use SRT on your self and your family so you all can stay sane while rioters burn and pillage downtown areas.

Those of you who are determined to see for yourself what the remote viewers are doing can do it safely if you work with the group I mentioned in the opening paragraph. If you find yourself with strange images or compulsions when doing remote viewing, just give me a call, and I can help you out.

David St Lawrence

Webinar invitation 12-12-20 – Investigating Off-Planet Spiritual Activity

We are sequestered from the activities of the greater part of galactic activity. There is a lot going on in the greater part of this galaxy and elsewhere that makes our troubled Earth appear to be a tranquil refuge for ungovernable spirits. Being located on a prison planet may be a more fortunate circumstance than we have realized.

We have developed a technology, SRT, that lets us communicate with troubled spirits and free them from incidents that they are still trapped in. In this way, we can handle almost all of the spiritual problems we encounter in our human existence here on Earth. I think it is time we extended our reach and look at the spiritual problems we can encounter as we begin to look outside the boundaries of our planetary existence.

I have been writing about our Earth conditions for the last few years, and I think it is time we who are studying Spiritual Rescue Technology widened our viewpoints to include the spiritual problems existing in the greater part of the physical universe. We here on Earth have insanity, genocide, slavery, unrestrained rioting, and wars, but we don’t have the implant stations, theta traps, and body-in-pawn locations that exist elsewhere in the galaxy.

Those are the places where spiritual beings are trapped, indoctrinated, enslaved, and repurposed for various reasons. I and others have contacted them in many spiritual counseling sessions before we started studying SRT, and I feel we should revisit them now that alien visitations are beginning to make the news. 

I am sure there are well-organized civilizations operating in this galaxy and in other galaxies. However, the occasional contact I have had with alien beings has not given me the impression there are any civilizations I would care to be a part of at this point. The ones I encountered seem to operate on a control level equivalent to China and North Korea. I am not sure what we have to offer them at this point in our spiritual development.

I feel we could more profitably spend time investigating the installations that could be harmful to spiritual beings regaining their free will and attempting to explore the universe beyond Earth’s boundaries. These would include implant stations, theta traps, and body-in-pawn locations.

There are other installations we could investigate once we develop a reliable way of reaching and withdrawing from distant places and gaining insight into what we see. Reaching and Withdrawing is a tested method of gathering information about spirits in remote locations. Unlike remote viewing, we are contacting spirits rather than geographical details of remote locations.

There may be one or two implant stations left on Earth, but the vast majority are elsewhere. Some are located on moons and planets, and some are located in space. I still have vivid images of implant stations I contacted in my earlier auditing, and I think we should spend some time locating the ones that still exist. 

Theta traps are found on planets and in space. The purpose of these traps is to collect wandering beings and immobilize them. They serve the same functions for free spirits as bug zappers do for flying insects on Earth. I still have some clear images of these traps and would like to see if there are any operating in our solar system.

Body-in-pawn locations were the gloomiest installations I ever saw in my auditing history. Vast warehouses were full of vats holding bodies in suspension, with occasional attendants overseeing many square miles of operating vats.

I think it is highly unlikely that we will see a mass invasion of our prison planet. We will continue to see sightings, abductions, and mutilations because outside observers want to see what is happening here, but they cannot expose themselves to the insanity of the traumatized spirits infesting our planet. When a planet is used as a galactic dumping ground for wayward spirits, it becomes an object of curiosity that one cannot visit safely. If you think of us as a spiritual leper colony, you will get an idea of why we will be observed but not invaded. 

I would like to invite you to a webinar tomorrow, Saturday 12-12-20 at 12 noon EDT on Zoom using this link: 

We will be discussing the investigation of off-planet spiritual activity. If there is enough interest, I will start holding free workshops where we reach out and investigate specific target areas. We had done this successfully in the past when we knew much less than we know now. I think it is time for us to take steps in this direction and gather some new data.

The webinar donation is $10 and you can use this link: 

Advantages of Living on a Prison Planet – Part 4

Necessary Acknowledgment: 

I hope you realize that disembodied spirits are helping me write these articles.  They provide the ideas, and I provide the words and formatting. Those of you who are trying to write articles on your own are doing it the hard way.

We had some other thoughts about our contaminated state on this planet. We have spent many millions of years with some discarnate spirits yammering at us and others attempting to advise us. The human race on this planet has evolved with spiritual noise coming from all sides and has adapted to this unfortunate circumstance. 

Some individuals have gone spiritually deaf and have adapted to ignore all but the most urgent spiritual messages. These people have joined the meat body club where physical sensation is all they can experience. Since the major reason for riding a meat body is the sensation, it is easy to forego the pleasures of telepathic intercourse for the meat body kind.

Other beings in bodies have learned to work with their discarnate brethren and lead lives that reach out of the ordinary. When their actions are acceptable to others, they are admired and often worshiped. When their actions were not acceptable to others, they were punished severely. Doing things that others can’t do creates envy and resentment. The primary difference between being punished or being worshiped is the ability to correctly estimate the effects you create. Misestimation of effect always turns out badly.

Spirits create effects on other spirits, so in a vast population of spirits there will always be a few who know how to make other spirits feel more alive. Admiration is just one of the tools that can cause a group to coalesce out of a vast undifferentiated mob. Espousing a cause that solves certain problems will always attract followers. The cause does not have to be peaceful or noble. It only has to strike sparks by meeting the needs of others. Therefore in a large group of spirits, we would expect to find many different causes and conflicts between the causes.

Beings like to be admired and recognized, so joining a group gives beings an identity if they have not already created their own. This group identity stabilizes them in an ever-changing and confusing world. This is how groups like the Boy Scouts, the Hitler Youth, and various political parties get formed. 

Similarly, beings who attach themselves to you have found themselves a group they can contribute to, and they usually stay with you until you change what you do and what activities you take part in. Some of the beings who are following you through many lifetimes are not there to advise you; they are there to get even with you for some atrocity you have visited upon them in the far distant past. You, of course, have forgotten this event because you were only following orders, but they are out to wreak vengeance on you no matter how long it takes. Since you have probably committed numerous atrocities in your infinitely long existence, you can see how some of your spiritual companions are still upset with you and are intending you to fail at every turning of the road. 

Now this state of affairs could exist on any planet, but here on Earth, there are trillions of upset beings who have never contacted you before, but they can be nursing grudges again anyone like you or anyone who is doing what you do. Let’s say you are trying to heal people. Do you think that there might be departed spirits who have a grudge against healers who failed to heal them? Or a grudge against people who tried to help them financially? The answer is that Earth is populated with discarnate spirits who have a grudge against many different kinds of people. It is truly amazing that Earth people can get anything done with the level of spiritual resentment that exists here against any change or any progress.

The only way out of this mess is to learn how to use caring communication with the spirits in your environment and to free them from the overwhelming incidents that still hold them in thrall. Spiritual Rescue Technology can give you the tools to communicate with and work with the spirits who surround you.

Just like in any prison, your survival depends on finding friends who you can depend on. Friends come with and without bodies. You just have to look for them.

There Are Advantages To Living On A Prison Planet – Part 3

Living on a planet populated by exiled criminals from other places has advantages that can outweigh the constraints we live under now. All of us were deemed to be criminals, and we still have the spiritual scars from that judgment and the mental coercion that accompanied the sentencing, but our isolation from the regimes that sent us here is a blessing that few will recognize.

This planet is so contaminated with discarnate (disembodied) spirits that it is unsuitable for colonization or dominion by any exterior power. Those who sent us here and those who might wish to occupy us can only observe from a distance through mechanical and telepathic surveillance. Any attempt to land personnel on this planet exposes them to the spiritual contamination that cannot be reversed by any current technology.

If you take a spiritual being and overwhelm him by force and hypnotize him sufficiently, he will no longer be able to operate a body or even function as a free spirit. Advanced civilizations tend to develop these technologies in an effort to control those individuals who will not conform to the rules and regulations of that society. However, even when you have trapped and immobilized a spiritual being, it is dangerous to keep him around as he can still influence others telepathically. You need to find an isolated place from which it cannot escape. You need a distant dumping ground like the remote planet Earth, which is far away on an arm of the galaxy.

You may wonder how such a being can be a danger to society when reduced to a helpless fragment of life force. It isn’t his ability to create effects in the physical universe that makes him dangerous; it is his ideas! These beings sent to Earth have ideas that are poison to any orderly society. They exhibit free will, and they shun regimentation. They will continue to communicate and infect normal citizens with wild ideas that will cause trouble for a properly regimented society. They are a continual source of CHANGE and that will destabilize almost any society that has plans for thousands of years.

The only solution these advanced space-faring civilizations have come up with is to find a common dumping ground and put all of us malcontents in one place. They did not agree on much and may even have been enemies, but the convenience of having a giant dumping ground for their undesirables instead of many individual prisons made Earth an ideal solution. They were following the same rules used by the hero of Alice’s Restaurant when he decided that one big pile of litter was better than several small piles of litter. If you have ever done an analysis of the origins of the spirits found on Earth you will find that we come from many different civilizations. When and if we ever get back to roaming through space, we will probably find that our reputation as Earth people has already gone before us, and we won’t be welcome anywhere unless we show that we have become socially acceptable.

Our isolation gives us the chance to innovate and discover ways to rehabilitate ourselves spiritually. In the last hundred years or so, we have made strides in understanding our spiritual nature, and in the last ten years, we have developed ways to quickly rehabilitate individual spirits and groups of spirits so they actually regain the willingness and ability to run human bodies again. Discarnate spirits and spirits running bodies are just exhibiting different levels of life force. We are all spiritual beings, living thoughts, and it appears now that we can increase the ability of any spirit through SRT processing and increase their contribution to life on this planet and elsewhere.

We have already created some effect, however tiny, with our efforts to rehabilitate spirits. In one session a few years ago, a being was quite interested in what we were doing here on Earth. He said they saw beings back home who had been exiled here, and they seem to have been rehabilitated. He wanted to know how we were doing that.

The bottom line is that our isolation from the rigidity of galactic civilization gives us an opportunity to develop spiritual technologies, which we could not do elsewhere. Let us take advantage of the time we have.

How would you like to be trained to perceive beyond the five senses?

You can train yourself, if you already have the ability to perceive at least one of the phenomena that cannot be seen, felt, heard, smelled, or tasted. If you are not sure of your ability, we can get you started in a single session as long as you have not been punished for using your psychic abilities.

We do not accept trainees who are exposed to an environment which will harm them if they become more able spiritually. Certain groups will punish anyone who shows psychic abilities because they fear that their hidden secrets will be discovered. If you are in a group that feels spirits and non-physical phenomena are evil and harmful, you had best stick to using your five senses and leave the realm beyond the five senses to others.

There are a vast number of activities that fall in the non-physical category. These important actions cause events in the physical universe, but they cannot be detected or measured by science. All that science can do is to measure the results in the physical universe and since these measurements are indirect, they tend to be difficult to replicate.

Let’s take intention for example. Science “knows” what intention is or is not by the results that are obtained. Wrong! Millions of experiments with Zener cards have proven nothing.

Zener cards are cards used to conduct experiments for extrasensory perception (ESP) or clairvoyance.Perceptual psychologist Karl Zener (1903-1964) designed the cards in the early 1930s for experiments conducted with his colleague, parapsychologist J. B. Rhine (1895-1980). The original series of experiments have been discredited and replication has proved elusive.

On the other hand, any trained athlete, or fighter, or counseling practitioner can sense the intention of another person and act upon it effectively. Intention is cause and if the intention is clean with no counter-intention, the desired result is obtained time after time.

Our students learn to perceive intentions emanating from themselves and others. They can even spot multiple intentions affecting a simple action like securing a job interview, or interviewing a new client.

Once a person is capable of detecting intentions, then the door is open to learning how to remove hostile intentions and getting intentions aligned so you can do business.

If you are limiting yourself to five senses, you are ignoring intentions, fears, unvoiced objections, and lies on the part of people you wish to hire or sell something to, or even marry. If you are unhappy with the results you are getting from life, it is possible that you are missing the vital clues that lie beyond the five senses.

# # #

We will be discussing the implications of perceiving beyond the five senses this weekend. Join us for a Saturday workshop and Sunday webinar. See the details on the previous post.