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I am without internet for the next few days so there will be no webinar this Sunday

We had a spectacular ice storm a few days ago and our power will not be restored until Saturday evening at 10 p.m.  his does not give me time to prepare for a webinar on Sunday so I would like you to use the time doing solo sessions or Consulting with your spiritual teammates.

I have been testing out a different way of Co counseling that might be helpful for some of you who are not confident of delivering sessions to another person. The way this works is 4 two people to work together to locate a being or clusters for one of the people and then the person who has the themes for clusters basically does a solo session with occasional help from the other person.

The reason this works is that having two people looking for a troubled being seems to illuminate the location where the being is and the person can now see a being where none was visible before.  Once a bring or a cluster is made visible by several people looking to locate it then the person who has the being can handle it with a solo session.

I have been using this procedure with Tim Lewis and Garrett Martel with great success.  We switch back and forth and find that we can spot beings using this technique where none is visible with us trying it alone.


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Some of you may also be exposing yourself to destructive influences like staying connected to groups that are hostile to you, or getting involved in projects that are wearing you down and are not giving you satisfaction.

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(This data was uncovered again as I write the last part of my new book “Talking To Spirits”.  I feel it is important enough that all of you should have access to it without waiting for the book to appear.)

Spiritual counseling sessions done SRT style creates a distinct set of phenomena that are not evident in other spiritual counseling practices. These phenomena do not appear in all SRT sessions, but when they do appear, some of them can distract the unwary or inexperienced spiritual counselor because of their impact on the practitioner and his body.

When you are in good caring communication with spirits, all of the usual barriers are down. You are not parked safely behind a barrier of bored skepticism or trembling with fear or anxiety. If you are properly prepared, you are in present time and quite willing to share space with the beings you are talking to.

In a properly done talking to spirits session, you are sharing the thoughts and intentions of the beings you are talking to. As they describe what has happened to them, you are there and you can usually see what they were seeing at the time.

1. Instant Merging of Consciousness

You will even find that you may get a full history of the individual as a concentrated burst of information when you first encounter him. This can be a bit disconcerting at first, because you suddenly have his whole life available to you with his motivations and secret dreams laid bare in the first instants of encountering him. It does not seem to be a two way merge, but the other person seems to become more comfortable with you when this occurs.

You still have to get the spirit to identify the incident that is holding his attention and controlling his thoughts, but you will know what you are looking for as you already know what the incident is and what he did to trigger the incident.

What is generally not visible is his justification for doing what he did to begin the long dwindling spiral over many lifetimes and that is because he does not know why he did it. In the session, you will help him discover why he did the fateful action that caused all of the other things to happen.

2. Unconsciousness

There are some entities who are enveloped in so much unconsciousness that this can be the first sign that the entity is present. The counselor asks if there is an entity involved and the client says, “No” or “Yes” and then yawns. When this occurs, the counselor can also be hit with the same unconsciousness as he attempts to run the SRT process. Both client and counselor will find themselves yawning uncontrollably while running the session, but if they continue without getting distracted by the occasional jaw breaking yawns, they will handle the entity and all will end well.

Some may think this is an example of “Out TRS” meaning that the counselor is allowing himself to experience the feelings and unconsciousness of the spiritual beings. These people do not realize that successful communication with spiritual beings REQUIRES that the counselor be willing to BE the entity and to experience what the entity is feeling.

Attempting to run an SRT session while fixed in an unfeeling, can’t be effect of anything that happens mood will not give any being a feeling that they are being heard and understood. Those who suffered through Scientology sessions delivered by people trained to be unfeeling robots will remember the frustration of realizing that your counselor did not understand what you had just said.

3. Grief

Grief in SRT sessions can be as intense as in any other spiritual counseling system but clients will notice that they can switch from deep grief with heavy sobs and tears spurting from their eyes to a quietly objective recounting of how this relates to their current life and then back into incoherent sobs again.

This phenomenon springs from the fact that the grief is NOT the clients grief. He is misowning the grief of the being he is communicating with and he can experience the grief even though the grief is not his. All he has to do is to withdraw from the communication a little bit and the grief will subside. If the counselor wants to free the being from the incident and its resulting emotional burden, the counselor has to duplicate the incident and its effects to know when it is completely handled.

We will cover more of the phenomena encountered in SRT sessions in Part Two.

Free Webinar – I Need Some Field Reports On The Game Of Life

I am in the midst of creating Part Two of my Talking To Spirits book and I am missing some information on how the game of life is played.

In fact, I am missing some key data on what the purpose of the game of life is. If you have any scraps of session data to share, I would like to see if we can piece together some idea of how the game was played on earth, especially the period when life was essentially tardigrades and other invertibrates.

For example, I have spoken to people who spent lifetimes in Crow Magnon times and earlier, and in early colonies like Atlantis, but I have no recall of the empty planet days. Who was activating the pond scum?

If you have any recall on incidents before civilization, please join me and lets compare notes.

Use this link to join me tomorrow 10-21-18 at 12 noon;

No fee required.

Spiritual Rescue Technology Comment Function Has Been Fixed

I apologize for the faulty commenting situation.

If you have happened upon this site, you can leave a comment by clicking on the Leave a reply link located under the title of the post. Just enter your name and email address and comment away. You do not need to sign up to be a user.

Your email address will not be visible to others. I use it to make sure you are a real person.

I appreciate your comments and will respond to them as soon as possible.

David St Lawrence

Do You Feel You Deserve More Money?

You probably do, but you will not get it until you handle the following issues which are blocking your money flows.

  1. You or your beings are resisting inflows of all kinds.
  2. You or your beings are still hiding from discovery
  3. You or your beings consider that you do not deserve wealth
  4. You or your beings consider that you are inferior to others
  5. You have been taught that making money is somehow dirty
  6. You do not understand that all wealth building activity is based on exchange

Once you address these issues for yourself and for your spiritual companions, you will see a remarkable increase in money making opportunities.

People will approach you and offer employment with no particular effort on your part. People will suggest opportunities to you without prompting.

You will start to see improvement in your money situation as soon as you begin handling these barriers. Please do not stop until you have handled all the these barriers and you are making the money you deserve.

Why Sharing SRT With Your Friends Can Be So Painful

There will come a time when you are so pleased at the incredible changes SRT has made in your life that you will want to share your joy with others you love.

Unless you have incredibly perceptive friends, they will probably think you have lost your mind!

Why is this? Why is it so hard to communicate the joy you feel to others who have loved you and supported you throughout your relationship?

If you are enjoying the benefits of SRT counseling, you have probably experienced a major reality shift since your first contact with Spiritual Rescue Technology. You know where the voices in your head come from and you can perceive spiritual beings when they affect you and when they take over the personality of your friends.

You have also experienced the incredible rush that occurs when a troubled being wakes up and stops tormenting you and peacefully leaves you to begin a new life. Once you learn how to achieve this relief, you gain the tools to repeat this over and over again.

So, here you are feeling wonderful and you desire to share your experiences with others. You have changed and you would like others to have the same experience. I applaud your intentions and your enthusiasm, but I suggest that you tread carefully so that you do not upset your friends and family with information they are not ready to receive.

If you are like most people who are eager to share, you will regale your friends with the things you have experienced and seen and they may listen politely but they will never look at you in the same way again. You will have convinced them you have really lost your mind and you may lose a long time friend in the process.

For example, how long did it take for you to get involved in Spiritual Rescue Technology from the first time you saw or heard it mentioned. Usually, a person will hear about a new spiritual activity and will wait months or even years until they feel a need for change which the spiritual activity might deliver.

The person whose life is relatively stable, even if they are not happy, is not ready for change. If their basic needs are being met, they are not likely to pursue life changing activities. SRT is life changing and can change a person’s personality practically overnight. The timid individual can become far more aggressive in stating their needs and wants.

People who are stuck in a rut may be looking for a miracle, but may been drawn into a cult like Scientology, or EST or any of the charismatic groups that appeal to desperate people looking for salvation. There are many thousand of these disappointed people who will get triggered when you talk to them about talking to spirits.


It is best if you proceed slowly. Wait until someone asks what you have been doing recently. Respond with a VERY BRIEF statement about communicating with spirits. Something like, “I have been taking a class on talking to spirits.” AND STOP THERE.

If the person shows no interest or changes the subject, Go no further with talking about spirits and discuss a topic like the weather.

If the person asks about your experience with interest, you can mention that you talked to a spirit about his life as a bank robber or as a suicidal housewife. Keep it very short like one sentence long and wait for the person’s response. If they say, “Oh, that’s interesting!” and change the subject, stop talking about spirits and do not try again.

If they beg you to go on with your story, tell them enough to show that you really talked with a spirit and stop there. If they want to talk further, get them to read one of my books and tell them it will give them the entire story.

If they want to tell you about their encounters with spirits or the voices in their heads, let them say whatever they want to say and tell them the book has a lot of information about that kind of thing.

Getting them to read a book will sort out the people who are actually interested in talking to spirits versus people who want to share what spirit stories they have read.


The bottom line is that if after telling someone about your spiritual experiences, they do not come back to you and ask for more information,they are not interested in pursuing the matter. Bringing it up again when you meet them or at family gatherings will generate more resentment than you can ever imagine. Keep your spiritual secrets to yourself and never mention them again.


There will be people who light up when you mention speaking to spirits and you should reserve your sharing of information to them. They will approach you again and again with questions and you will have little trouble getting them in on the most disruptive spiritual technology available today.


Be prepared to state confidently what you have experienced with spirits if anyone asks you, but do not attempt to share more unless you are asked for details. Do not attempt to preach to the uninterested or to those who hate spiritual matters.

If you follow these rules, you will find that the people who are impressed with your confident attitude about spirits will send others to you who are in need of help.