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(A new chapter from the new book Managing Your Spiritual Companions in serial format)

By now, you have probably gotten the idea that doing boring things will cause problems for your spiritual companions. This is really not so strange because the same phenomena happen in daily life. If you drag the entire family out to a theater to see something they don’t care about, like a French movie with English subtitles, no one is going to have a good time, including you.

If you wish to live an exciting life full of interesting things to discover, you need to make that journey with willing and interested companions. There are at least five steps to ensure that this will happen when you desire it to happen.

  1. Before you do anything else, get yourself and your spiritual companions focused on the present moment. Using meditation or any convenient discipline, stop all unrelated activity, focus your attention on something in your present environment, make your body stop moving, and make all of your random thoughts and images stop.
  2. Create an ideal scene for whatever you plan to do in the next 4 to 8 hours. Include the help you will need from your spiritual companions and what you will accomplish in the time you have allotted. For best results, you need to identify the audience you will attract for your efforts, the effect you will create on this audience, and the rewards you will garner for your efforts.
  3. You will immediately perceive resistance to your plan, and if you cannot immediately overpower this resistance with willpower, you need to carefully observe what form the resistance is taking and who is producing the counter-intention to your ideal scene. If you cannot handle the opposition using your SRT knowledge, make careful notes of the emotions and ideas blocking your ideal scene. Put aside the ideal scene for the moment, and either do an SRT solo session or arrange for an SRT session from someone else to handle the resistance to your accomplishing this ideal scene.
  4. If you cannot handle the resistance to today’s plan with its ideal scene, I would suggest finding a plan that you can accomplish without triggering resistance from your spiritual companions. If your spiritual companions will not let you concentrate enough to do what you want, simply find something they will let you do. You need to keep your spiritual companions occupied, and it really does not matter what you do as long as you can get them to assist you. If they will not let you do the bills or write an article, take a walk or do some exercises and get everyone working in harmony.
  5. There is always something you can do to get your spiritual companions working in harmony. Singing or playing music will almost always get them to cooperate and will put them in a better mood. Putting things in order can bring about internal harmony also. If you are not up to creating music, try playing music you enjoy and singing and dancing along. Once they achieve a harmonious state, you can try to communicate with them and see what they are willing to do for you.
  6. If you are still experiencing negative emotions and counter-intention regarding what you wish to accomplish, you need to spot and handle the beings who are insisting on being upset by using spiritual rescue technology processes.

If this all sounds like too much effort, you fail to understand the vital importance of what an ideal scene means.

Some people continually operate with continuous anxiety and occasional fear and seem to think that this is a normal way of life. They are afraid of their boss and resent what other people are saying or thinking of them, and they are also afraid to stand up for what they think is right. The idea of calmly handling stressful situations is impossible to imagine. These people have never been introduced to the idea of an ideal scene and how vital it is.

If you cannot imagine an ideal scene, how can you recognize how bad your current situation really is? If someone were to describe what your life is like and asked you, “Is this the Ideal Scene you envisioned as a child?” What would you say?

You might have a realization if someone asked you, “Are you happy with your life?” It would make you look, and you might see that your life had gone off the rails a long time ago, and you have just been slogging along since then, doing your best to survive. If that is the case, how do you think your spiritual companions feel?

Many of us hit the wall in our careers or our marriages, and we pick ourselves up and do our best to avoid the mistakes of the past, but we never seem to regain the spark and enthusiasm that we started out with. One of the reasons is that our failures and mistakes in life trigger the mistakes our spiritual companions made in their lives, and we get a continuing echo of their past failures haunting us.

Some people seem to be resigned to an unhappy life, and they simply do the best they can until it is time to pack it in and die. They learn that it is less painful than trying to break out of the pattern they are in.

If you are still harboring hopes of making something positive happening, you need to create an ideal scene and pay careful attention to the negative emotions this stirs up when you do this. This is very important! As soon as you try to do something positive after crashing and burning, your damaged spiritual companions will start to complain and whine. This is when you can actually do something about them with SRT and either fix them up or get them to leave and go elsewhere.

If you are not creating and working toward an ideal scene for your life, you are letting other beings influence you and making you feel like your unhappy state of mind is normal.

If you can remember this one piece of advice, it can enable you to change your life:

Almost every discouraging thought that comes to mind comes from beings who have failed in life and don’t want to fail again. They have failed many times and are still stuck in that last failure that ended their lives.

If you are willing to set them free, it will change your life and theirs.

If you choose to ignore them, you will accumulate more of them.

Why You Need To Build A Team Of Spirits To Help You – Part One


On this planet, at least, disembodied spirits are located everywhere that people are located. They are probably everywhere else too, but I haven’t investigated that. What this means is that you cannot escape spirits, no matter where on earth you go, and these spirits will affect you and your thinking 24/7.

If you are not in good shape, you can easily be overwhelmed by these spirits because you will pick up their thoughts and may not be able to distinguish their thoughts from your own. There are some people who are aware enough to pick up thoughts from other people and from stray spirits, and you may see them on the street at times talking to themselves in strange ways.

Keeping track of your own thoughts is a learned ability, and if you are not helped to distinguish your thoughts from the thoughts of others, you may just keep channeling other beings’s thought as if they were your own. You will not make sense to those who are not privy to the messages you are receiving, and they will think you are strange indeed and will not want to spend time with you.

Even those of you who are in control of your thoughts and feelings will often have days when your mind is full of discouraging thoughts, like, “I am so screwed up!” and “I am not going to get that job!” You may not think these thoughts are from other beings, but I can assure you they are the first to give you bad news.

You may be experiencing a bit of unfortunate luck and making mistakes, but you will find when you bother to do the research that some of your spiritual companions are being triggered by what you are experiencing.

When these beings are triggered, you will experience the emotions they experienced in a past incident when they lost everything. This flood of emotions can overwhelm you and drag your attention out of the present time, and you will experience a sense of loss and despair from an old incident and think your current situation is causing this feeling. For example, if you are contemplating interviewing for a position and this triggers some of your spirits who were thrown out of an interview or shamed for even showing up for an interview, you will not feel confident and will experience all sorts of distress even though the hiring manager is a very nice guy.

Let us say that you somehow recognize that your problems are spiritual and get some training and counseling to handle spirits who are discouraging you. If your counseling removes these spirits, which it often will, what happens then? You will feel better for a while, and some other spirits will get triggered, and you will feel fearful or discouraged again. You are surrounded by an endless number of spirits, and when you clear some of them away, it makes room for another group to join you. Frequent removal of spirits is like frequent dusting to keep your house dust-free. Both are temporary measures.

Fortunately, spirits can be persuaded to be helpful and to work with you in accomplishing certain goals. I have discovered that spirits working in harmony can keep me focused and free from random thoughts from the beings who surround me. Their intentions are aligned with mine, and they keep me from being distracted by the thoughts and intentions of the multitude of beings in my space.

They gave me the idea that they are protecting me from outside influences while they are enjoying themselves working on projects with me. I got the idea of being protected by domesticated predators who keep other predators at bay. The beings who decide to join me get several things they desire, a chance to work on interesting things and other things they don’t get elsewhere, acknowledgment, recognition, and admiration. When other beings attempt to impinge on my team of spiritual companions, my team holds firm and continues to control the area.

I think that spirits are continually attracted to people who are doing things that are interesting and may act as protectors completely out of self-interest. I think that understanding this tendency and actively recruiting spirits hastens the process of building a motivated team that acts in a harmonious fashion. I can see the results of the last few years’ activities in recruiting and motivating spirits to help me. I am aware of a continually increasing certainty as to the help my spirits provide and of the lack of concern for a diminishing of my abilities in this area.

One of the most disconcerting things about my 20 years in Scientology was the impermanence of my higher states of awareness. I had stable gains in my ability to handle life, but the incredible joy of being released from some long-term fear or anxiety was temporary. Every win released my attention from a past event, but the joy I experienced would soon drift away. It was only recently that I understood that the joy came from the beings that were set free, and all this did was to make room for new beings who needed help. The greater the release, the more new beings came in to fill up the empty space. As long as I stayed in session or was delivering sessions, I could manage the changes that occurred after a big win. If I stopped auditing and went on to other kinds of work, my emotional tone would drift inexorably downward to my basic level.

This still occurred while using SRT processes until I started actively recruiting beings to help me with specific needs. I have been doing this for the past few years, and now I am concentrating on managing my spiritual companions for the best results in a number of areas. I am still defining the areas I want to cover, but spiritual defense is now among the more important areas, along with the ability to create freely in specific areas.

To keep it simple, I want my spiritual companions to work in harmony and to make sure things continue to work in harmony. We will keep adding features to our group agreement that will keep that happening. I am not sure how much of this has been done before.


(A new chapter from the new book Managing Your Spiritual Companions in serial format

We have all heard of spiritual possession where a being takes control of someone and makes them behave in strange ways. This is not only a favorite topic of paranormal fiction, but it is happening around you almost every day. Talk to your friends about politics or religion and you will often see a different personality emerge. Talk to a parent about their child’s dating habits and your will see the same.

Possession is a matter of degree. There are instances where a person comes home from a hospital as an entirely different person. This is an instance where a strong being takes complete control of the body and banishes the original spirit so that it does not appear again. In the majority of cases however, a being will move to the forefront and take control in a time of stress and then subside when the threat is over.

When a person learns to manage their spiritual companions, the transfer of control from one set of beings to another is a smooth and hand-off under the direction of the being in charge. When you drive a car over a well known route, you generally do not pay attention to the minute details of the drive while it is occurring. Someone is carefully maneuvering the car and only returning control to you when needed. You are probably thinking ahead to the upcoming events of the day while your car is moving down the highway.

This is completely different than what happens when you are negotiating a strange dirt road in the dark. In this instance, you are paying attention to every detail of the drive and are totally focused on staying safely in the middle of the road.

Some people focus on what they are doing to the extent that they are aware if anything is attempting to distract them. Living a focused life allows you to produce effects exactly as you intend them.

Other people tend to operate in multitasking mode. They work with music blaring or with the TV on. They claim they can split their attention and still get work done, but anyone observing them will see that they are not putting their attention fully on what they should be doing. I have the feeling their spiritual companions are watching the TV and listening to music and whoever is doing the work is being distracted to some extent. Essentially, the spirits are taking control of actions and only a little attention is being paid to what work needs to be done.

This acts as a distraction for any intentions and negatively affects the final result. If all of your spiritual companions are focused on getting something done, the combined intention and attention will cause the desired effect to manifest without fail.

If various groups of your spiritual companions are focused on different things, there can be no unified intention and your indifferent results will show your dispersal.

If you do one thing at a time, you will do it well. If you let your spiritual companions run without supervision, you will be surprised where you will end up. Managing your spiritual companions is not optional. A well-drilled team will always outperform a mob. Managing spirits means that you are in possession and it is your will that is being done.

There is an old proverb that still applies. Possession is nine-tenths of the law, meaning that ownership is easier to maintain if one has possession of something, or difficult to enforce if one does not. Stay in charge of your spiritual companions and all will be well.

New Cover for Managing Your Spiritual Companions

I have been working on improving the cover design for Managing Your Spiritual Companions. This is the latest version.
I wish to acknowledge Rick Spies for his suggestions on the cover design. He sent me a rough design for a better cover and I have created a version with managed spirits instead of a mob of spirits like my previous covers.

Developing Trust With Others – Part One

As you well know, I have been seeking ever more basic ways to apply Spiritual Rescue Technology so that we could apply it to new public and teach it to new public as individuals and groups. As you also know when you work with your spiritual companions and give them a coherent mission order, unexpected things happen and miracles appear.

Somehow, I fell across a remarkable individual named James French who communicates with animals on a deep spiritual level without ever mentioning spirits. He has a deep conceptual understanding of empathy, trust, and mental communication and has developed something he calls the Trust Technique. I watched him put several horses through several different tasks with no verbal commands. It was very evident that he gets the horses to trust him and they cooperate with him.

I watched several videos where he describes his technique and it was like someone describing what SRT does using a different set of words. I kept having to translate his terms into the equivalent SRT terms. He describes a reach and withdraw process and tone scale manifestations with entirely different terms. I will give you a link to his free introductory messages so you can see how effective he is with animals of all kinds. If you have dogs, cats, or horses that you would like to understand and be closer to, you might want to take his full course.

Here is his description on his Trust Technique website:

James is the pioneer of the Trust Technique a method of mindfulness between animals and people, that connects and heals both. This new method has a deep message of hope and understanding which gives people a simple way to help both animals and humans with this authentic gift.

He is quite aware that his technique applies to humans as well, but his courses show how to develop trust with any animal. After watching his videos, I feel we can easily modify our SRT reach and withdraw process to achieve the same trusting relationship with other humans and spirits. The reason I can say this is that he emphasizes gradients and tone level spotting and calm concentration far more than I have. As an experienced SRT user, I have overlooked the necessity to emphasize much lower gradients, more repetitions, the absolute necessity for staying in present time, and the need to emphasize developing trust as a goal of the process. I assume you are doing these things because I do them naturally and forget to include all of these essentials in my training lessons.

I feel I can translate his improvements to the reach and withdraw process so that all of us can achieve the results on spirits that he gets with animals. I say this because I started using some elements of his technique on my cat and got a remarkable result in just a few hours. The cat’s behavior has changed remarkably and we are bonding on a deeper level than before.

I will be incorporating his improvements into my reach and withdraw sessions immediately and I am sure you will notice the difference. Adding trust and lower gradients to the reach and withdraw process makes the process even more effective.

In the next few parts of this series, I hope to give you enough useful information that you can start using it immediately on others.

Random Notes From A Recent Webinar

We live in troubled times, and the events of today trigger painful memories of earlier times. We are experiencing many of the elements of the collapse of earlier civilizations. As a result, it is hard to stay calm and work toward a happy future.

We are experiencing a regime change, which can be quite upsetting as the rules change, and the losing side can be tracked down and persecuted. At the same time, we have a plague of sorts, which is being managed by lockdowns and vaccines of doubtful efficacy. There are enough corruption and contrary information from both sides to make us uncertain of what choices to make.

The only element missing at this time is the lack of a full-scale war, and with our new administration, this may only be a matter of time.

As a result, our racial and spiritual memories are being stirred up, and we are experiencing unrest on a global scale. Our attention is being stuck on past events that we had long forgotten, and as a result, our life force is being diminished every day, with little being done to restore it. We are on the brink of plunging back into the war-torn years of the past.

The one bright spot is that we now have Spiritual Rescue Technology, which provides tools for increasing our life force in situations where there is no natural uplifting factors. SRT can help us find a common point of view with people we hate or despise. These are the people who capture our attention and cause us to reduce our life force. When our attention is stuck on people who threaten us, this reduces our life force and affects our survival. This also reduces our free will.

With SRT processes, we can find a common point of view with those who seek to oppress us, and we can fully understand their intentions and what we are doing that triggers their fears and hostile responses. Once we fully understand them, we know how to handle their upsets and how to defuse their hostility without harm to ourselves or to them.

With SRT, we can increase our life force and theirs by releasing all involved from attention on past incidents. SRT processes release stuck attention and increase life force in all who participate. Since we are all connected spiritually to each other, every release of attention benefits everyone who is connected to you. When we are doing badly, it affects our friends and family and even those we are opposed to. When we are doing well, our life force increases, and we are really alive, and this affects and attracts others. We begin to experience “miracles” of increased opportunities and new friendships opening up. We begin to spread peace and friendship to all we are in contact with.

We begin to see ourselves as part of an interconnected whole as opposed to being isolated and threatened by others. SRT can produce thousands of releases for those who practice it, and this can positively affect all who are connected to this person in any way.

SRT allows us to reach into another person’s spiritual space and to experience what it is like to be them. This action, when done correctly, brings about a deep understanding of the other person and their motives and brings about a change in the relationship we have with this person. Continuing to reach into other’s spiritual space in a caring way will allow us to become cause over our relationship with others. If we do this in a caring way, we bring up others with us, and we all benefit.

Remote Perception Workshop – Tour Of Sacred Places

On January 24, 2021, at 12 noon, we are going to visit a few of the most famous sacred places on this planet and we will be revisiting an early procedure that produced more discoveries than any recent workshops.

On January 24, 2021, at 12 noon, we are going to visit a few of the most famous sacred places on this planet and we will be revisiting an early procedure that produced more discoveries than any recent workshops.

This will require some preliminary work on your part but should produce far more useful information when we visit the sites as a group. We have found, in the past, that people have different responses to each site and in every case, there have been individuals who could establish a rapport with the beings at a site. Once these sensitive individuals were identified, the rest of the group could simply follow their attention and could follow along when these individuals would communicate with the beings at the site.

Essentially, our most important remote viewings occurred when some of you acted as guides to the beings who are located at these sites. This is how it worked. We would all put our attention on the site and see who could establish a good connection to a spirit who was willing to communicate.

Once the connection was established, we would all put our attention on the spirit and I would ask questions of the spirit and the guide would channel the responses from the spirit. The rest of the group participates by observing the communication and any mental images produced during the conversation. The purpose of the communication is to gather information and to assist any trapped beings to recover their free will.

You can participate in the workshop at any level you wish, but you can really create useful results by reviewing these sites beforehand and selecting those that make the greatest impression on you, and doing some reach and withdraw on those sites until you establish some sort of connection to them.

When we run the workshop on Sunday, we will visit these sites, one after another, and will communicate with any spirits who are willing to speak with us. We will continue the workshop until we have heard from all interested spirits. Essentially, we will be running light SRT sessions on all spirits we contact and will end each when a release occurs. This should ensure a maximum transfer of information and a feeling of well-being for all participants.

These are the sites we plan on visiting. Find the ones to which you feel a connection and do some reach and withdraw on them.

Glastonbury Tor in England Uluru in Australia Mount Olympus Greece Mecca in Saudi Arabia Temple of Karnak

Once you feel a connection to any of these sites, come join us on Sunday, 1-24-21, on Zoom at 12 noon EDT using this link:

Invitation to a Special Free Workshop Series on SRT Remote Perception

Learn a new skill and help us develop a new SRT process!

We will be holding a series of workshops to develop a reliable technique for gathering data from remote locations by communicating with the spirits who are occupying that location. We are calling this activity SRT Remote Perception and it is an augmented form of SRT Reach and Withdraw processing. It will produce results similar to those obtained from older forms of Controlled Remote Viewing with less work.

It starts by putting our attention on a remote area and looking for life force energy emanating from that area. Once we contact the beings responsible for the area, we will attempt to gather data from them about the area and its occupants, and their intentions, attentions, distribution of life forces, and emotional tone levels.

The purpose of the workshop is to work out the optimum way to contact the beings in different areas and how to collect information that will help us develop a remote perception capability in the SRT group.

We hope to select areas that will not contain hostile forces as we would like to be able to map out locations where we can fill in the gaps in our knowledge of history. We will start by refining our approach to choosing remote locations and then we will run at least one remote perception activity in each workshop.

You should be able to communicate with spirits in order to fully participate in these workshops, otherwise, you will be an observer until you learn to perceive spirit communication. The remote perception workshop is an interactive process in which a few people take the lead in connecting to the spirits in an area and other participants discuss their observations and pose questions for the spirits as the workshop progresses. All participants are able to get their questions answered as the workshop is intended to be a teaching exercise as well as an information-gathering exercise.

It will help you participate if you familiarize yourself with this article on Augmented SRT Reach and Withdraw.

If you are interested in joining this Remote Perception team and developing processes for communicating with spirits in remote locations, please send me an email or a text message.

I am planning to schedule these workshops at 12 noon on Sundays for the next few weeks. The workshops will be free and you can join them on Zoom using this link:

Gaining the ability to connect with spirits in remote locations and finding out what is happening in those locations can be highly useful. It opens up a lot of possibilities.

SRT Remote Perception Explained

To avoid confusion with Coordinate Remote Viewing, CRV, as defined by its creator Paul H Smith in 1998, I will be using the term SRT Remote Perception to describe the acquiring of information from remote locations by spiritual means using Spiritual Rescue Technology.

SRT Remote Perception enables a trained person to contact spiritual beings in remote locations and gather data from them about the area, its occupants, and their intentions, attentions, distribution of life forces, emotional tone levels. It involves the use of telepathy and other abilities beyond the five human senses to communicate with spirits and can be done in a solo session or as part of a group activity.

SRT remote perception can be developed through training, but there are many people who are capable of reaching out to remote locations and perceiving what is going on at those locations. Users of Spiritual Rescue Technology are encouraged to find better ways of accomplishing communication with spirits and gathering of information from remote locations in space and from times in the past and future.

SRT Remote Perception does not bar a person from gathering data about remote locations and times by any other means they can devise. We refuse to claim that we are the sole source of knowledge on this topic.

SRT Remote Perception is not the ONE TRUE FAITH that can only be performed in a special room with appropriate forms and acknowledgment to the founders who did it this way. If you can gather information from some remote location by consulting your morning grapefruit, I would only have one question. “How can I duplicate your observation, and does it make any difference what kind of grapefruit I use?”

In Spiritual Rescue Technology, we communicate with spirits, and distance has not proven to be a barrier to this communication. If we put attention on a location and look for life force in that area, we should be able to contact the beings involved if we use caring communication. Once we are in contact with the beings, we should be able to ask them to provide information about that area if we mind our manners and can coax them to respond to us. When we have done this before, the spirits we contacted were most cooperative as our communication was a welcome break in their routines.

SRT Remote Perception is an augmented form of Reach and Withdraw processing where a person puts their attention on something or someone and pervades that area until they have learned something new. They then withdraw their attention and review what they have observed and learned. This is repeated until the observer has had a realization about the person of area perceived and has experienced a release of attention or has gained an ability. When done properly, there is an increase of life force energy in the observer and possibly in the target.

In conclusion, SRT Remote Perception is a spiritual activity utilizing telepathy and other abilities beyond the five human senses to communicate with spirits in other places and times and can be done in solo sessions or as part of a group activity.

It has nothing to do with neurons, synapses, nerve cells, or left and right brain concepts, which are essential to understanding CRV Remote Viewing according to the Coordinate Remote Viewing Manual. We are highly indebted to those pioneers who made Remote Viewing a household word, and we recognize their contributions without being limited to what they were able to do and how they did it.

SRT Remote Perception is a completely spiritual activity and involves communication with spirits in distant locations and times. It can be taught, and it can also be learned as a solo activity by a dedicated student.