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Building Teams Of Spirits To Help You Live Better – Pick The Right Projects

Have you successfully started a new business? Published a book? Found someone to build a life with? Designed a computer? If so, you have managed to interest some spirits in participating in your adventures.

Assisted by Spirits

I have done all of the above and many more long before I recognized the value and importance of working with spirits because I was fortunate enough to be working on projects that spirits found interesting. Disembodied spiritual beings are attracted to interesting projects as moths are attracted to bright lights. I chose careers as a design engineer, an entrepreneur, an author, and later as a spiritual researcher and found that in each of these I was constantly flooded with intriguing and novel solutions to difficult problems.

It was many years later that I discovered why I was so successful in those occupations when I was far less successful being a purchasing agent, a product marketing manager, or a highly paid corporate executive. My interesting jobs attracted help from spirit guides. My other jobs which were challenging and difficult and very highly paid were far less interesting and my spirit guides spent their time trying to protect me from exposing myself to oppressive working conditions.

Basically, the jobs where I was expected to innovate earned me a great deal of support from spiritual beings. They liked the challenges and I thrived with their support. In the other positions, I was expected to operate from a script and to follow the party line when it came to explaining what I was doing. Innovation of any kind was discouraged unless we did what management would have approved of.

My successes came from being supported enthusiastically by spirits and my difficulties occurred because I had no idea that spirits existed and were affecting my life. In my 42 years of corporate existence, I had no clue that my life was being so directly influenced by spirits, even though I was studying spiritual matters for the last 25 years of my corporate life. The problem was that my spiritual studies were focused on making myself more aware and improving my ability to get things done and were basically ignoring the massive effect that disembodied spirits have on all of us.

It has taken a great deal of research to determine that anyone animating a body and carrying out an earthly existence is struggling to operate in the presence of thousands of disembodied spirits who can directly affect the being who thinks he is in control and can affect the body he is trying to operate. Anyone attempting an earthly existence is influenced and occasionally controlled by these disembodied spirits so operating in ignorance of these spirits and their abilities is risky indeed.

Most of the spiritual research over the past thousands of years has been focused on how to make dangerous spirits go away. Exorcism has occupied the minds of priests and shamans since time immemorial because untamed evil spirits would make people do destructive things and become a source of fear to others.

The efforts of helpful spirits were recognized by a few enlightened souls, but no concerted actions were taken to address and recognize these helpful spirits for what they could do. Only in my recent Spiritual Rescue Technology research have I finally recognized the importance of working with helpful spirits as opposed to removing troubled spirits. It takes far less effort to recruit and manage helpful spirits than it does to address the vast hordes of troubled spirits that exist. It also takes a great deal of education and effort to address the problems of troubled spirits while one can recruit and encourage helpful spirits without knowing much more about them than they really like interesting projects.

So here is the first step in building a team of helpful spirits, work on interesting projects and you will attract spirits who will be willing to help you. You will find solutions and helpful suggestions appearing out of the blue and you and your spirits will enjoy yourselves.

If you are working on uninteresting projects like cleaning sewers or handling complaining customers, find a way to make the work interesting and you will experience an immediate boost in your morale and efficiency. If there are no opportunities to make the work interesting, you need to find another job because your life is being forced into a dwindling spiral and the end result is painful.

If you take the time to read my books on Spiritual Rescue Technology, you will gain the ability to communicate with your spiritual companions and will make better use of their talents. Your spirits have millions of years of experience and if you do not take advantage of their knowledge your life will be much less enjoyable. I am trying to complete my latest book, Working With Spirits, to give you the skills to build and manage teams of spirits. If you learn to work in harmony with your spiritual companions, there is almost nothing you cannot accomplish.

Forecasting The Future

I am repeating this early post with a new illustration because it is so important for you to understand and use.

Events happen because someone intends for them to happen. An intention is a spiritual universe phenomenon that cannot be measured by science as it falls beyond the five human senses.

Every living being is capable of intention. When intentions are aligned, you get action. When intentions counter other intentions, you get conflict and a diminishing of the life force of living beings. Actions are blocked or delayed.

Why Forecasting Is Difficult

Living beings seem to be able to detect intention on the part of other living beings, whether these intentions are expressed visibly in the physical universe or not.

If you take a group of human beings and attempt to motivate them to perform some task, their performance will be determined by the amount of harmony in their intentions. If part of the group has intentions that oppose the intentions of the rest of the group, the result of the group’s activity will be reduced by that amount.

It is not always easy to communicate the goals and purposes of a group within the group and this lack of communication will almost guarantee that there will be a misalignment of the intentions within the group. This misalignment occurs in groups of all sizes, from nations down to the individual with conflicting goals that he has not sorted out yet.

The existence of counter-intentions within groups and within the individual is well-documented, but the handlings for these counter-intentions are not as well understood. Basically, the counter-intentions need to be identified, and the reasons for their existence examined until a resolution can be achieved.

So, how does this discussion of intention and counter-intention relate to forecasting the future? Events happen because there is an intention for the event to happen. When a group of individuals intends something to happen and it doesn’t, there is a good reason why it did not happen. Some other individuals intended that there would be a different result. There may have been no outward sign of opposition, but there was a counter-intention that blocked the earlier intention.

Intentions do affect the physical universe, even those intentions that are not spoken aloud. Trying to create something positive in the presence of negative intentions will usually result in failure or unnecessary delays. The opposition can be passive or even extend to sabotage.

The necessity for alignment of intentions means that opposition needs to be fully handled before beginning work on any project. The requirements are the same, whether the project is an additional deck for the back of the house or an ambitious space program. There has to be a clear intention on the part of all concerned for the project to succeed and on how it will be done.

Sometimes the team running the project is in full agreement, but they have not secured agreement from the people who will be affected by the project. Cross country pipelines are an example of this type of incomplete planning, and the projects are delayed for years and occasionally shut down.

Some products are developed by a hard-working team that takes a bright idea and, working in total harmony, creates a product that meets cost goals and can be efficiently manufactured. If that project team has not surveyed potential customers and market conditions, they may have a beautiful product they cannot sell. The Edsel automobile made by the Ford Motor Company is an example of this.

How does this information help us for projects and activities at the personal or family level? In each of the failed programs and projects mentioned above, there was counter-intention that surfaced early in the program and was brushed aside as being of no importance. The objections raised were judged to be of no significance.

Let’s take this problem and turn it inside out. What if we carefully documented and analyzed every opposition to our plans and worked out a solution BEFORE starting the detailed planning process?

Let us say we want to put in a highway or rapid transit line between two cities, We might want to gather all of the data that will justify the construction first, but we should handle all of the objections to building this highway before investing effort in the detailed design. Furthermore, we should be aware of any new objections to the construction of the project and handle the objections as they arise.

Let’s apply this principle to a much smaller problem, like starting your own business. Obviously, writing a business plan and getting it reviewed is a good step, but getting consensus from all of the people who will be working with you or affected by this business is necessary too. If you work out the problems of financing and location and what you will be selling with the people you will be working with and even those who will be your customers, you will be much more likely to be successful. Companies are not started in a vacuum. Someone has spotted a need and figured out how to satisfy that need in a way that will make money. Getting others to participate in this game removes much of the counter-intention and makes it more likely that the new business will succeed.

To boil this down to the essential ingredients for success, the intentions of all concerned with the final result will determine what happens. If everyone concerned is intending the same thing, that is what will happen.

In a complex situation with many people involved, any counter-intention can have disastrous results. Inattention, carelessness, and lack of understanding can result in a disaster even though many people worked very hard to achieve a result.

On projects of a personal nature, pay close attention to any lack of cooperation or enthusiasm, and handle them immediately if you wish to achieve your goals. This applies to your personal feelings as well as the feelings of others. All intentions need to be aligned if you are to achieve the future you envision.

At What Point Do You Start Using Your Immortality?

How many of you who have had past life counseling or just remembered a few past life incidents have wondered if there was a life that was better than being merely human?

I am not talking about knowing reincarnation where you pick your new parents carefully and set yourself up for a successful and prosperous life as an entrepreneurial billionaire. I am suggesting that moving out of an earth-bound existence as a human being with a short lifetime to an existence as a galaxy-wide facilitator/consultant with a multi-thousand year career in multiple bodies might be more satisfying.

We have reason to believe there are alien civilizations with advanced technology as they show a certain interest in earthly affairs by flying by and even interacting with earth people on rare occasions. We have even more evidence of their existence through past-life counseling sessions which bring up our personal participation in these alien civilizations in the past.

It would appear that we earth people were either sent here as punishment or came here on a mission and decided to stay on for some reasons that are not always clear today. Most of us managed to obliterate any memory of our past lives when we picked up earth bodies. So, if there are aliens in alien bodies among us, they are being very quiet about their existence and the current status of alien civilizations is somewhat occluded at this point.

When our civilization develops a real space flight capability, we will undoubtedly encounter alien civilizations in the flesh and our civilization will have to adapt to the new reality of being a small fish in a much larger and older pool of life. We may continue to be sequestered from the mainstream of galactic activity or we may be exploited by a stronger and more sophisticated alien civilization.

Whatever happens, we will no longer be limited to mucking about with earthly concerns alone. We might be a touristy outpost for galactic travelers looking for excitement in a primitive culture or we might become a source for involuntary conscription of workers and food stocks. Our relationship with the larger world of galactic civilizations will depend on our ability to communicate with other people in the galaxy and influence galactic concerns that affect us.

If we are to deal with other civilizations in the galaxy, we need to have spiritual abilities equal to or greater than the people in these other civilizations. I expect that telepathic communication and remote viewing capability will be essential to dealing with these other civilizations on an equal footing. Communication over galactic distances will only be possible through telepathic means and remote viewing capability as they are instantaneous and not limited to the speed of light.

I feel there is a much larger role to be played by individuals with advanced spiritual abilities in the very near future and I would like to be in a position to take advantage of that opportunity.

Galactic Opportunities

I feel that a non-subservient role in galactic affairs will involve being able to operate independently of a human body or through direct control of a mechanical or durable artificial body of some sort. That will require awareness and spiritual power above any individual I am aware of at this time.

Our preparation for a role in the galaxies surrounding us will require training and discipline. Any progress may be blunted by those who use their increased abilities to defraud and control people with less ability. As telepathy becomes more common, there needs to be agreements on the ethical use of telepathy and penalties for misuse of that ability to harm others.

There may even be efforts on the part of governments to restrict the use of telepathy to government approved agents. This could bring about a realm of thought police who can impose penalties for incorrect thinking and unapproved intentions.

The solution to any of these possible problems is to make telepathic training widely available and useful in daily life. If someone were to develop a telepathic linkage system to the internet, it could accelerate the development of intelligent computer systems with judgment as well as computing power.

There are all sorts of possibilities and they will become more important as contact with alien civilizations comes closer. Earth people with proven telepathic and remote viewing abilities will become increasingly important as point of contact personnel with aliens. Their abilities make them the most likely to detect alien presences and to monitor relationships with aliens.

As more earth people develop these abilities, they will become increasingly important in business, politics and diplomacy. People with these abilities are already employed as spies in many countries and have been for many years.

Becoming a proven telepath and remote viewer can open a lucrative career path to those without a recognized college degree. If you learn how to bring those skills with you from lifetime to lifetime, there is no limit on your ability to generate income and influence others. If you learn real management skills and maintain your integrity, you will flourish and prosper and enable others to do so too.

Do Not Lose Track Of Your Present Time Goals While Expanding Your Consciousness

There is an undeniable fascination with spiritual abilities and expanding your awareness but you all have responsibilities regarding your relationships, your careers, and your efforts to increase your knowledge. Discovering that you are an immortal being with a long and colorful history does not free you from having to continue family responsibilities and making a living. You should assimilate new data about your history and abilities with the attitude of, “How can I apply this to making my life better and more rewarding?”

Expanding Consciousness

There is a continuing temptation to expand your awareness through practices that provide sensations and exposure to unknown influences without measuring the effect on your ability to control yourself and to operate effectively. Efforts to expand your awareness through drugs, astral travel, remote viewing, and indiscriminate reading of occult material, can leave you with lasting and debilitating effects due to your picking up spiritual influences which you are not prepared for.

Everything in the physical universe is affected by the spiritual universe. Intentions are a spiritual activity, for example, and everything in the physical universe is created through the application of intention. If you rummage around in the spiritual universe without a definite goal, you can pick up some spiritual influences that will seriously impair your ability to function effectively as a regular human being with a family and a job.

Yes, you have past life experiences which can help you function more effectively in present time, but you should accumulate knowledge carefully, making sure you can apply it usefully and that it is not destructive to your current role in life. Knowing that you have been part of unsavory occupations in the past should not give you free rein to practice the same skills now in present time. Knowing why you adopted these occupations is useful knowledge as it will enable you to make better decisions in the present. Resolving the issues that prompted you to adopt menacing and unsavory lifestyles will prevent you from making the same decisions this lifetime. A person becomes a murderer or an assassin or a traitor to handle a problem for which he feels he has no other solution. If you investigate such incidents, make sure you continue until you find the reason which caused the original decision. Only then can you be sure you have no further attention on that role.

Reading about the past history of this planet can be quite disturbing. Especially when you get into material that includes the effect of alien civilizations and what they did to establish and maintain control of people and spiritual beings. The fact that there are alien civilizations at work trying to influence Earth civilizations can leave people feeling paranoid and helpless, but the solution is to learn how to communicate with spirits and find out the real situation that exists today while keeping your attention on maintaining your family and your career like a normal Earth human being.

Those who are studying Spiritual Rescue Technology are learning to recruit spiritual beings who are willing to help and harness them to aid in solving problems and creating new works of art and literature. 

The spiritual universe is a power source for intentions and ideas. If you are willing to harness that power to aid you in life, you can make things happen with very little effort. There are many different efforts to harness the power of the spiritual universe, ranging from prayer, to meditation, to occult and spiritual practices. I have looked into many of these and have developed Spiritual Rescue Technology that can be used alone or with any of them to produce results.

Nonetheless, I would like to stress that you should measure everything you read or learn with the idea of how to apply it to your life so it will be happier and better. Yes, you may end up making some changes but make them with the idea of being happier and more successful, not just becoming enlightened.

If You Are Producing A Valuable Service Or Product, Why Are You Not Being Admired?

Admiration is the result of a worthy exchange. If someone has done or shown something worthwhile or admirable, they normally receive admiration as a result. Admiration is like sunshine for the soul. It is life-giving and can make the giver and the receiver feel better. When it does not occur, something is very wrong and it usually indicates that the exchange is occurring in a hostile environment.

We don’t generally look for admiration in a work environment, but the lack of admiration in any relationship is an unfailing indicator that something is wrong and needs to be addressed if the relationship is to endure.

In any relationship, we look for cooperative ideas, pleasant exchanges of information, peaceful surroundings, and friendly company. We often seek to develop relationships with people we can admire, because of their brilliance, talent, or perhaps their physical beauty.

Perhaps we would be better off seeking people who admire us as much as we admire them. As long as we have something valuable to exchange with each other, this can be extremely satisfying and long-lasting. Admiration is the exchanging of life force between people and other living things. When it occurs, both parties benefit and it also indicates that the intentions of each party are in alignment.

We are as strong as we have allies and our survival as human beings is determined in part by the allies we choose and support. The integrity and power of our group depend on how well our intentions are aligned and this is reflected by the level of admiration we exchange within the group.

If we choose a group to join based on our mutual admiration, we are off to a good start, based on how well we did our initial investigations. We may find that we did not do enough research beforehand or there may have been hidden intentions that did not appear until we joined the group and started producing and exchanging services or products. The very first indication that we may be in the wrong group will be the immediate absence of any admiration.

If we cannot remedy the reason for the absence of admiration, we should immediately be looking for an alternate relationship or employment. Almost all of us will delay this step, for years in some cases, until we are forced out of the relationship or work situation, usually on some pretext that we are not doing what was expected from us. If you care to look at every failed relationship or career situation, you will find that the first sign was an unexpected lack of admiration from the others in the group.

Do not crave admiration, as it is earned by a worthy exchange. If you are providing the exchange you promised, you should be getting the admiration you deserve. If you are not being admired for what you provide, you should be elsewhere where your talents and services will be appreciated. Admiration is just one component of a well-structured life. If it is missing, you need to look at your environment and change it for one where you can earn admiration.

If you cannot confront making this change, you need counseling from someone who understands your problem. This change will not happen on its own.

How People Create Their Gods And Why They Persist

Dear Reader, these are observations we have made. They should not be considered facts until you have verified them for yourselves. You can even ignore what is written here with no permanent damage to your spiritual well-being. However, you will be passing up a chance to get an understanding of the reasons religions are created.

SOBEK – God of Crocodiles

Thanks to a recent conversation with Gerrie Oliver, I was persuaded to take a look at the matter of Gods and Demons and many other spirits of great power. He had a stunning realization that every time that man prays to a higher power of any kind, he is creating that concept as protection against forces he feels he cannot control.

I did a simple reach and withdraw on GODS and suddenly experienced a vast panoply of concepts which have represented gods from time immemorial to now. This panoply contained the talking Crocodile God Sobek, all of the Old Testament Gods, Yahweh, Allah, Messiah, Christus, El Roi, Theos, Yeshua, Yeos, and probably hundreds more.

Every one of them was created by the needs of people who sought guidance or protection from forces that they felt they could not control. Some are still worshiped, while others have faded away in the mists of history.

Each of these gods reflects a particular solution for a problem that a civilization faced. A few gods provide knowledge and wisdom for guiding a civilization while many more provide a focus for striking down evil forces and opponents of a civilization. As more people find themselves in alignment with a particular God or Demon, the movement gains power and the intentions become more focused and effective in changing conditions in the physical universe. The God or Demon provides symbols and images to focus intentions and the movement continues to grow and gain power as long as there is a clear purpose for the movement and clear targets for directing action toward.

A God can be a legendary humanoid figure, an animal, or even a current political leader. At one time Julius Caesar, the Roman dictator was being treated as a god and was assassinated by a group of Senators who felt his concentration of power was undermining the Roman empire. This pattern of assigning godhood to certain leaders has continued to the present day with Hitler being just one of the recent examples.

Demons and Angels and all sorts of powerful concepts can be created when a need exists and no one steps forward to assume the leadership of the people in their time of need. Since there are many different needs to be satisfied, there is never a shortage of different concepts required to satisfy leadership under extraordinary conditions.

So, how long does a God or Demon last? What finally brings their reign as a religious icon to a close? A God or Demon is invoked to produce results and when it becomes obvious that better results are obtained in other ways, adherents tend to fall away and pursue other sources of power. Gods and Demons are creations of belief and when believers stop believing, the need for the God or the Demon disappears.

There is another factor involved in any belief system and that is the proliferation of alternative beliefs and resistance to some of the more restrictive rules for behavior. As a God is worshipped, there are those who question some aspect of the religious behavior and a schism is created which can eventually split the religion into multiple parts. There are many different schisms today in the different Christian faiths and in every other faith as far as I can determine. Each one of them seems to create their own interpretation of the God they worship and the same seems to be true of the alternative and Pagan religions.

You are certainly free to believe in any deity you have created or wish to follow. If this belief gives you the confidence to face an uncertain or hostile future, stick with it and prosper. If you wish to create your own future based on your own intentions, you might want to see if you have friendly intentions aligned with yours and seek help if you find intentions countering what you are trying to create.

You may find that meditation and the study of spiritual phenomena will give you some answers as to why life seems to be so difficult at times. You may also find that reading Spiritual Rescue Technology will begin to provide answers to some questions you have never asked.

Can’t Seem To Hear Spirits?

You are not alone in your self-inflicted deafness.

In order to communicate with someone, you need to consider that they are listening and have something worthwhile to say. If you continue to think of spirits as “things” rather than sentient beings without bodies, you will not begin to understand what they are trying to communicate to you. You will never realize the frustration they feel when you continue to ignore them. You will also fail to see their disgust and indifference when you attempt to give them commands as if they were an Alexa-powered robot.

If you can think of spirits as dead relatives or ghosts of possibly famous people, you are beginning to think of them in a useful way. They are immortal, just as you are, and they have all sorts of useful memories and skills. If you talk with them in a friendly and caring way, you can learn what they know and put it to use for your own benefit.

There are many people who benefit from the advice they are given by friendly spirits. There are child prodigies in every country who display adult skills before they begin school. Some of these prodigies are old spirits reincarnated in new bodies, but others are able to draw upon the skills of multiple spirits like composer Alma Deutscher who has been composing music since she was 6 years old.

I discovered spirits many years ago, but I had always thought of them as things rather than as people without bodies. As time went on and I began to hear their voices in my head and began to see images from their lives, they became quite real to me. I learned to pick up their intentions and their concerns and it became obvious that they were able to influence us and to take control of us at times. On the other hand, they were able to give me advice and warnings at times which made life a far richer experience.

In 2010, I established a spiritual counseling practice and a technology for rescuing these spirits from incidents that captured their attention and caused them to remain hypnotized. Since these spirits are immortal, these beings would remain hypnotized for extremely long periods of time.
Once I recognized these spirits as beings like myself, I was able to ask them intelligent questions and recognize the answers they gave me in return. As soon as I began to communicate with some of these spirits, the others in my vicinity started asking questions and giving me opinions until my entire personal space was in an uproar. During the nights after my first solo sessions speaking to spirits, I had hundreds of spiritual beings demanding to be heard. They had spent uncounted years hanging around me with no way to communicate and once I learned how to communicate with them, they had many things they wanted to share with me.

All I had to do was check frequently during the day to see whether anyone was feeling unacknowledged and let them know I really got that and would make sure they were acknowledged in the future. So, “spiritual deafness” occurs when your spirits go out of communication with you. They shut up and will not communicate to you and you feel “deaf” spiritually.

I found out that my spirits were usually trying to help me. In fact, many spirits are trying to help the person who owns and manages the body and they are generally not acknowledged for their efforts. When they are not acknowledged for their efforts to help, they go out of communication and will not respond when you want their help.

When I learned to communicate with spirits, I started asking them, “Has anyone been unacknowledged?” and I would get these huge responses. I would even get strong emotions and rowdy remarks from the spirits in my space. I started hearing profanity from my spiritual companions for the very first time. It was a hoot! Once my spirits found that I was listening to them and cared about them, the communication turned on like a fire hose.

It may take you several readings of the above to get the idea that spirits are immortal living beings, just like you. They respond to caring communication. They respond positively to admiration, acknowledgment, and recognition of their existence as living beings.

When I take a client in session for the first time, I will ask the spirit questions and have the client tell me what he is picking up from the spirit in response to my questions. In the beginning, the client is often hesitant and has to guess at what he is perceiving but he will quickly gain confidence as I corroborate what the spirit is saying. I can perceive the spirit and what he is communicating so I know if the client is receiving the spiritual communication correctly. In this way, the client starts perceiving and understanding spiritual communication from the very first session. Quite often, the client will doubt his ability after the session but after a few more sessions and he begins to spot the spirits who are making him doubt his ability.

I should have mentioned that most of the spirits surrounding you are stuck in painful incidents which means they are not at their best. If you think of them as crash survivors you will have a sense that they are not operating at full capacity. If you use caring communication with them and ask reasonable questions you will find out why they are with you and what they are trying to accomplish. If you allow them to tell you what is bothering them, you will find they will generally come up to present time and they can become very useful to you as guides and advisors.

I have recently discovered that putting spirits to work will make them happy because they prefer to be productive. If you are doing creative things, you will find no end of helpful spirits to advise you and suggest alternate solutions for problems you are trying to solve. If you learn to manage your spiritual companions, you will find that life becomes almost effortless and much more amusing.

I strongly suggest that you discover your spirits and their capabilities by communicating with them and by asking questions politely. Reading about other people’s discoveries can be quite interesting but your discoveries are the ones that are important as they will give you unshakable certainty.

Our Understanding Of Anything Depends On Our Ability To Perceive

The parable of the blind men and the elephant still holds true for the spiritual realm.

I am aware of at least twelve different ways people perceive spiritual beings and their interaction with the spiritual realm is affected by what they have perceived.

Some researchers have developed means to capture the presence of spirits through physical universe measurements. Scientologists perceive spirits by the action of a needle on a meter. Some scientists perceive spirits by a rise in temperature. Some paranormal investigators perceive spirits by changing readings of field strength. Some photographers have captured auras with specialized cameras. Other photographers have photographed orbs of light when spirits were present. Some paranormal researchers have observed spiritual beings exhibit poltergeist capabilities by moving and damaging physical objects. These people evaluate a spirit by its effect on the physical universe.

I and my clients and friends have perceived spirits in many other ways and these have influenced our understanding of what the spiritual realm includes. Many of us have heard a voice speaking to us from the inside of our heads and in most cases, these voices were unique and identifiable as the voice of a person of a particular age and sex. Others have received a coherent string of words in thought-form, not sound and these thoughts provided clear instructions or warnings. Some of us receive images, either stationary flashes of 2D imagery or virtual reality videos in 3 dimensions. Some of us receive concepts that are not really images but are complete understandings transmitted as a coherent whole. And finally, some of us receive burst transmissions of complete and detailed stories in a short instant of time. Playing these transmissions back can take several minutes or even hours depending on the amount of data transferred.

There are also instances of perceiving a spirit in the form of a body which it once had. During a solo session, I saw the image of a young woman appear in front of me for a brief moment. Another time I saw a hot spot forming in front of me during a solo session and it moved slowly across the room and gradually winked out. The hot spot actually crackled because of the heat and distorted my view of the room beyond the hot spot. I have also seen computers and other machinery break down because of spiritual activity so I know that our perceptions of spirits and spiritual activity can vary over a wide range.

As a result of our differing perceptions of spiritual activity it is no wonder that we use so many terms to describe spirits and spiritual activity. Some of us call spirits angels and spirit guides, while others call them demons. Others use terms like entities, or manifestations, or ghosts to identify spirits. The list of names is actually quite long and merely describe a particular view of what a spirit is capable of. Here is just one version of that list:

Demon, devil, phantom, shadow, soul, specter, vision, apparition, appearance, haunt, phantasm, poltergeist, revenant, shade, spook, visitor, wraith, ethereal being, incorporeal being, spirit guide, Archangel, and angel.

These are not different beings, only spirits exhibiting different behaviors. You may have to do some research to validate this for yourselves, but you will eventually find that demons are merely angels having a bad millennium and if you communicate to them in a caring way, you will be able to rehabilitate them and set them free from the incidents they are stuck in.

All of these terms listed above describe a spiritual being exhibiting one personality or another. A spirit can come to a person in the form of Buddha or Jesus of Nazareth or one of the old testament gods like Marduk. The spirit may be your departed mother or grandfather who is still looking after you to make sure you live up to their expectations.

In short, we do not need to adopt one standard set of terms to describe spiritual activity. We just need to understand that spirits are living beings with a wide range of abilities and needs. If we communicate to them in a caring way we can learn what they need and want and perhaps persuade them to help us if they can.

So be prepared for anything when you begin to communicate with spirits. The rewards of learning what they know are unimaginable. The legendary Akashic records are merely the accumulated experiences of all of the spirits making up the spiritual realm. Once you learn to communicate with and understand spirits, you have access to the Akashic records and all they contain.

More on that later.

Modifying Your Personality Type For Fun And Profit – Part 2

We discovered several years ago that not only are we surrounded by spirits who can influence and control us, but we also have beings who have been operating as parts of our personality, essentially giving us composite personalities.

Some of us have long been aware that we would find ourselves doing things we did not expect at times, and it was a relief to learn that weren’t crazy, we were merely possessed by other beings at times.

To give you the proper perspective, we are every one of us, a cluster of beings acting as a composite personality and are running an organic body composed of clusters of beings which operate as an integrated stimulus-response system under our direction.

Our personalities are a mosaic of the personalities of the beings who have decided to operate as a single functioning human being. SRT processing can rearrange the beings who are playing the role we have assumed in life and this makes it possible to modify our personality and our behavior if we wish. 

The beings who have assumed positions in our public personality seem to act as a team. Some play an executive role and control how we think and act and respond to our environment. Others seem to play a subordinate role and perform routine activities like putting on clothes, brushing our teeth, washing ourselves, and driving the car while commuting while the executive group plans on what to do when the car arrives at the destination. There are other beings in the group who only show themselves when there is danger or subjects like religion or politics are being discussed. There are other beings who keep watch for possible sexual partners and only surface when a possible target comes into view.

With all of these beings operating autonomously, it can be hard for this composite personality to stay in present time. The beings operating in executive mode are very likely to turn on the cruise control and let the body do what it is inclined to do while the executive group plans and daydreams about past glories and better times ahead.

In a stressful or threatening environment, we can generally manage to keep our attention focused on the present moment. At times like these, the spirits who are used to working with us act in unison and multiply our abilities. If some of them are triggered by environmental factors, our performance is affected and we lose control of the situation. If someone criticizes us in front of our peers, we may lose control and lapse into a fight or flight mode because of the reactions of the spirits who are triggered. This is why some people cannot speak up when they are criticized unfairly and others lash out at the slightest hint of disapproval.

Once you realize that your personality is an amalgam of many other personalities this opens the door to changing your personality with SRT. (Amalgam: a distinct entity formed by the combining of two or more different things.) It can be very fast and the change is permanent once you locate the beings who are giving you personality traits that are not helping you in your life and work.

You may have been happy and satisfied at a particular level in an organization with a particular set of personality traits but are eager to take on more responsibility in a different position in the organization. If you are serious about taking on a different responsibility, you need to carefully research what personality traits will be needed to succeed at that level. You will probably find that the traits that made you popular in your current position will not bring you favorable notice in your new position. You may find that you need to be more resolute and less forgiving and affectionate. On the other hand, you may find that you need to put the needs of others ahead of your own. Any and all of these personality changes are possible if you write up an ideal scene for yourself and get SRT processing to handle the changes you seek to achieve.

Let’s say that you are currently single and would like to develop a lasting relationship but have not been able to do that successfully in the past. Your spiritual partners who make up your personality are probably responsible for that condition. If you were to write up an ideal scene for yourself in a relationship, an SRT counselor would be able to help you rearrange the beings who are helping you be you to make you into a version of you who is comfortable in a successful relationship.

Life keeps presenting us with new challenges. If you find yourself having difficulty dealing with some changes, consider using SRT and making yourself into a person who can profit from the changes. Your personality and skill set can be varied to meet your future needs as often as you need.

In Part 3, I will be discussing specific process steps to change your personality in any way you wish.

Modifying Your Personality Type For Fun And Profit – Part 1

The first step is to determine what your current personality type is today.

One of the most popular personality tests is the Meyers Briggs Personality Assessment which is available online and only takes a few minutes to take. If you go to this link you will find which of these 16 groups you fall into today.

This chart above is only one of hundreds of interpretations of these test results. For another interpretation of your test results, you can read this chart which is couched in more positive terms.

The Meyers & Briggs Foundation makes the point that these tests are designed to be descriptive and not predictive. They measure preferences and not skills.

What they do not know is that personality test results can be changed dramatically by spiritual processing. On the Scientology OT levels, I saw my Oxford Capacity Analysis personality test results change while completing different levels. During my years of SRT processing, I have seen continuing changes of my Meyers Briggs results over time.

I used to get ENTJ as my regular MBTI test results and today I see that I am now an ENFP-A, whatever that is. If I look at my most undesirable personality traits and give myself a few solo sessions, I expect to see further changes.

The reason for these changes will be explained in the next part of this article. This is not new news as I wrote this up in detail a few years ago but it seems that there is so much to learn that we need to go over the data more them once.

If you would like to take control of your personality and make desirable changes, be sure to read the next parts of this series.

Your first step is to take the online test referenced above and save the results for later reference.

It will give you a graphic result similar to the one shown below. You will notice that it is couched in positive terms. I am looking forward to seeing how it changes with more SRT processing.