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How would you like to be trained to perceive beyond the five senses?

You can train yourself, if you already have the ability to perceive at least one of the phenomena that cannot be seen, felt, heard, smelled, or tasted. If you are not sure of your ability, we can get you started in a single session as long as you have not been punished for using your psychic abilities.

We do not accept trainees who are exposed to an environment which will harm them if they become more able spiritually. Certain groups will punish anyone who shows psychic abilities because they fear that their hidden secrets will be discovered. If you are in a group that feels spirits and non-physical phenomena are evil and harmful, you had best stick to using your five senses and leave the realm beyond the five senses to others.

There are a vast number of activities that fall in the non-physical category. These important actions cause events in the physical universe, but they cannot be detected or measured by science. All that science can do is to measure the results in the physical universe and since these measurements are indirect, they tend to be difficult to replicate.

Let’s take intention for example. Science “knows” what intention is or is not by the results that are obtained. Wrong! Millions of experiments with Zener cards have proven nothing.

Zener cards are cards used to conduct experiments for extrasensory perception (ESP) or clairvoyance.Perceptual psychologist Karl Zener (1903-1964) designed the cards in the early 1930s for experiments conducted with his colleague, parapsychologist J. B. Rhine (1895-1980). The original series of experiments have been discredited and replication has proved elusive.

On the other hand, any trained athlete, or fighter, or counseling practitioner can sense the intention of another person and act upon it effectively. Intention is cause and if the intention is clean with no counter-intention, the desired result is obtained time after time.

Our students learn to perceive intentions emanating from themselves and others. They can even spot multiple intentions affecting a simple action like securing a job interview, or interviewing a new client.

Once a person is capable of detecting intentions, then the door is open to learning how to remove hostile intentions and getting intentions aligned so you can do business.

If you are limiting yourself to five senses, you are ignoring intentions, fears, unvoiced objections, and lies on the part of people you wish to hire or sell something to, or even marry. If you are unhappy with the results you are getting from life, it is possible that you are missing the vital clues that lie beyond the five senses.

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We will be discussing the implications of perceiving beyond the five senses this weekend. Join us for a Saturday workshop and Sunday webinar. See the details on the previous post.

Weekend Extravaganza – 11-30 Workshop and 12-1 Webinar

In this weeks Saturday workshop, I am going to review what is possible when you harness the power of spirits working in tandem. I am also going to review what you need to do in order to keep your helpful spirits at the top of their game.

I am in the midst of a major physical universe change of state and change of location. This has been a great learning experience and a validation of the soundness of the SRT principles.

I hope to share with you enough of my experiences and realizations to give you a running start on changing things for the better.

On Sunday, I hope to be able to show you how to debug the most stubborn situations I encounter, the ones where you find yourself below hopelessness, in other words in deep apathy. The key to resolving these situations is to recognize that you are not being affected by a single entity or even a small city’s worth of beings, you are carrying around a crowd of beings that stretches to the farthest horizons. Once you learn to expand your spiritual vision sufficiently, you will be appropriately appalled at the sight you face to keep your attention on them. Once you achieve that step, you will be ready to consider what you did to deserve their attention.

Even considering the magnitude of that overt will change your perspective on your current life and what you might be capable of if you could use the potential of the beings you have attracted.

Join me Saturday on Zoom at 12 noon EDT and on Sunday at 12 noon EDT using this link:

The workshop is free and there is a $10 donation for the webinar. If you have not already paid, please use this link:


Would you try to measure a person’s worth with a ruler or scale? Could you convince yourself of his or her intentions by seeing whether they could bend spoons or levitate objects? Probably not, unless you were one of the select group of individuals who study extrasensory perception, or pontificate about the lack of physical evidence in paranormal studies, like skeptic James Randi.

Even those who delve in parapsychology, which is the discipline concerned with investigating events that cannot be accounted for by natural law and knowledge that cannot have been obtained through the usual sensory abilities, are trying to measure spiritual activities with material universe tools.

All of these well-meaning activities skip neatly over the obvious question, which is “Why not talk directly to the spirits themselves?”

I have been teaching my clients to talk directly to spirits for many years and the results have changed their lives. We do not use e-meters, thermometers, lasers, or electronic recording systems. We merely ask spirits if it is OK to talk with them and proceed from there.

We have the advantage of many hours of spiritual conversation to show us what works and what does not. A few of us can perceive spirits and we are able to teach other to perceive spirits and talk to them. We are aware of many other people who are sensitive to spirits and can perceive them, but who have never learned to chat with spirits and find out what was going on with the spirit.

If you do not talk to someone, it is difficult to know what they need and what has happened to them. If you do not talk to spirits in a caring way, you will not know they are beings just like us with different histories that prevent them from running a body.

The basic problem with all of the parapsychology and paranormal people is that they seem to ignore the fact that spirits are real beings just like us, only without bodies for various reasons. They treat spirits as a kind of phenomena that leaves cold spots in the room and moves furniture and creates drafts. They have no freaking idea that we are surrounded by dead relatives and spirits who have never recovered from being gassed at Auschwitz, or being shot down over the Ardennes Forest in WW II.

Until you talk with a being who supervised sacrifices to Moloch, you don’t appreciate how easily a civilization can fall into evil ways and justify them.

On the other hand when you talk to the many beings who have given their lives to help others and been burnt at the stake, you can begin to understand the drive that some individuals have to help others at all costs.

Only by talking to spirits can you get a perspective on the origin of legends that persist to our own times. Only by talking to spirits can you begin to understand how much their emotions can affect you in your everyday life. And that is only the beginning.

You will encounter beings who have been with you for many lifetimes trying to help you in various ways. You will gain certainty of your own immortality as you learn of their histories and how you became involved with them. All of this knowledge and more becomes revealed when you learn to communicate with spirits on a one to one basis.

We have developed a sophisticated spiritual technology called Spiritual Rescue Technology which increases ability and can change personality and change lives for the better and it all begins with learning how to communicate with spirits. Some people have a natural ability to communicate with spirits, but the ability can be learned by anyone who has not been indoctrinated to ignore spirits for religious or cultural reasons.

If you can listen to spirits and communicate with them in a caring way, you will achieve results in hours instead of wasting years with e-meters, infra-red cameras and microphones hoping for signs of spiritual activity.

Save yourself a lot of effort. Stop wasting time measuring auras and thermal gradients, just locate the feeling that is causing you trouble and talk to the being who is causing it. Once you start talking to beings, you will discover that there are many ways to heal the body as well as getting things done more effectively.

Those of you who lack confidence will be very surprised when you find where those fears and uncertainty come from. Talking to the spirits involved can change your life. It already has for hundreds of others.

I will write another book just on this subject, but you can get a great start by reading Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology: A Practical Solution for Changing Your Life.

Weekend Assignment – No Workshop or Webinar – Just Communicate Amongst Yourselves

We have managed to get our spiritual companions into alignment which is resulting in the sale of our house. Our next few days promise to be busy with activities of a personal nature. I expect to return to the regular workshop-webinar schedule on the following weekend.

In the meantime, I would like all of you to consider reaching out to your spiritual companions and finding out which of your activities they are resisting and why. I know there are unresolved issues existing between you and your spiritual companions because otherwise you would be so busy and so happy you would be radiating joy and prospering as never before.

I know some of you achieve this state almost every week, but there are still areas where you tread carefully because you still do not have answers and need time or divine intervention to resolve some impossible issue.

I am not asking you to resolve all of these spiritual issues, only to make a sincere effort to identify them and the source of opposition to handling them enthusiastically.

Some of you may remember the story of Gulliver’s travels where the traveler is restrained by the miniature people of Lilliputia. The Lilliputians are a society of people around six inches in average height, but with all the arrogance and sense of self-importance associated with full-sized men. Typically greedy, jealous, manipulative, conniving, violent, selfish, and untrustworthy; they are, in all ways, an accurate portrayal of their “giant” counterparts.

Our spiritual companions are an exact duplicate of ourselves in every way, except they no longer have bodies. Their intentions affect us daily and if we do not understand them and work with them, we are restrained by them as Gulliver was in the tale by Jonathan Swift.

If you are willing, I would like you to identify the Lilliputians who are restraining you so we can work out a plan to put them to work helping you rather than restraining you.

Webinar – 11-10-19 – Building A Lower Bridge For Spiritual Rescue Technology

Spiritual Rescue Technology was built using the works of L Ron Hubbard, David Mayo, Alan C Walters, Geoffrey Filbert, and Ken Ogger as a jumping off point. We accomplished this feat by actually talking to spirits instead of reading books that talked about spirits instead of interviewing them.

Much of the works written by others are correct as far as they go. Unfortunately much of the material is incomplete because the major thrust of these early efforts concerning spirits is essentially how to get rid of them as effectively as possible. This prior material consists of many different ways to perform exorcisms.

Almost none of it has to do with harnessing the power of the beings who accompany us through our many lives.

Our bridge to spiritual freedom started where OT VII leaves off. It can be viewed in the diagram below, but you can see there are missing steps.

After several years of work, I realized that we are missing the steps that will take someone from merely human to someone who is fully in touch with his psychic abilities.

Being merely human means that many thousands of lifetimes of implanting and group hypnosis have taken effect and the person knows he or she is a body and there is no hope for a rescue. The mere human has been given false data about his history and his abilities and has been told, “You Only Live Once”. He has also been indoctrinated to worship an invisible GOD and to expect that he will go to Heaven or Hell when he dies.

There are people, whose implanting did not take, and they really do not believe in GOD but they are smart enough to keep quiet about their doubts and try to fit in. I feel that these people offer the best candidates to be woken up and told the real story of their histories and their abilities.

If we could validate their doubts and give them some easily understandable facts and images which would resonate with them and enable them to gather more data about their true nature, I think we might have a chance to spread SRT to a much wider base. This is what a revised SRT Bridge will look like when the missing steps are created.

I need your help to create these missing steps and we will hold a series of workshops and webinars until the task is done. Norman Hightower has already made an effective effort to create steps which acquaint new people with the possibilities of SRT. You can see his work at:

Join me Sunday 11-10-19 at 12 noon using this link:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link:

Free Workshop – 11-09-19 Useful Stuff You Might Want to Know

On Saturday, I would like to share some ideas that may help you understand how Spiritual Rescue Technology fits into the current array of spiritual research projects, especially the Scientology OT levels.

As a starting point, I would like to share the existing material on the Scientology OT levels. This has been online for many years and is available as a properly formatted TECH VOL XIV OT Levels .pdf

You can download the document from this link:!SiA1SazB!lDig2MimTtWAPfJ14EH0hTGhz7Rb5d–0DBpbSzeR4I

I have studied all of this material and am prepared to explain any part of it along with the underlying realities from our development of SRT.

Join me on Saturday at 12 noon EST using this link:

Norman Little Blackwater explains SRT better than I can

Norman Little Blackwater, a Navajo Indian from Chinle Arizona has a way of conveying the spiritual aspects of Spiritual Rescue Technology that you will grasp instantly.

If you visit his website,, you will gain an immediate understanding what I have been trying to communicate about spirits and their effect on our lives.

Here are just two images which capture everything I put into my first book:

Read the full story at—depression-ad.html

I will be very happy if more of you decide to share your version of what spirits do and can do to our lives.

Lessons We Can Learn From Spirits – Part Two

A long time ago, before I developed SRT, I was counseling Stan, a motivational speaker, who was plagued by a recurring incident that would not reduce either with Dianetics or Scientology processes. These processes involved exploring past lives and getting the person to recount the incident over and over until it reduced, and if it did not reduce then the counselor would seek to go to earlier incidents until the incident would vanish and not trouble the person further.

Stan would run an incredibly vivid account of a peaceful tribe of nomads led by a woman who were overrun and slaughtered by soldiers from a more advanced civilization. The incident would run and run and yet would not reduce, which led me to believe that there was more to the story.

After running the incident another time, Stan felt that he had been the woman, but he still could not see why the tribe was attacked so savagely.

After additional sessions, I was able to get Stan to look at what he or his tribe might have done to prompt the attack and slaughter. After a lot of work, the only thing that came to mind was that he had been active in the advanced civilization and had played a role that had made him many enemies and had resulted in his demise. This discovery made it possible for Stan to put the incident out of his mind, because he finally figured out that he had picked up a female body so nobody could find him.

Many years later, I had the opportunity to do some SRT counseling on Stan and more of the story popped into view. SRT is short for Spiritual Rescue Technology and allows the counselor to interact not only with a person, but also allows the counselor and the client to actually talk with all of the spirits who accompany the client through life.

The story unfolded in an unexpected way. The nomad life and the slaughter was not Stan’s memory. It was the memory of a destructive spirit from another planet who we will call Argos for convenience. Argos was one of those leaders like Adolph Hitler who made many enemies in the advanced civilization and was slain for his actions.

After being killed, Argos had gone out into the open plains and had taken over the body of a nomad leader, who was a female. His clever scheme of hiding in someone else’s body should have kept him safe from persecution, but his actions as a nomad leader brought him to the attention of people in the advanced civilization and their technology was advanced enough that they could identify him by his mental signature. We are not to that point in this civilization, but there are already people who can sense the presence of other beings possessing someone.

Running an SRT session on Argos allowed him to take responsibility for his actions and start a new existence for himself with a brand new identity. His departure freed Stan from some of the more destructive impulses that had bothered him for years.

At the same time, Stan gained an appreciation of what being a female leader was like and gave him insights that have helped him in his career.

The lesson I gained from this spiritual adventure is that departing from a group without actually ending cycle can have serious consequences. Another way of saying this is that departure or death does not end cycle on matters that are not resolved.

This means that death does not resolve betrayals and wrongdoing or abandonment. We can pretend to forget our past lives, but at some level we need to take responsibility for incomplete cycles and broken promises. Only then can we start a new life and achieve greatness from our efforts.

Lessons We Can Learn From Spirits – Part One

We are surrounded by spirits who do not have bodies because they ran into a situation that overwhelmed them and left them emotionally crippled and unable to participate in the game of life as a human being. In each SRT counseling session, we communicate with these troubled spirits and we set them free to enjoy a future with new opportunities. What we haven’t been doing is learning from their experiences and enriching our own lives. This may be the most rewarding benefit of helping these spirits and I would like to explain how to do this.

These spirits are still intelligent and may even be more capable them we are in some ways, but they have had an experience that shattered them and left them unable to cope with the task of running a body and behaving as a normal citizen of the world.

They have chosen to experience life as a spectator and they will play the role of protector, advisor, scold, or good friend, etc and they share their feelings and thoughts with you as the mood strikes them.

So, you might well ask, “What lessons can we learn from these spirits?” The first and most important lesson is that every one of these crippled spirits did or failed to do something that caused the situation which overwhelmed them and destroyed their lives.

To paraphrase an old saying, “A wise man may learn from his past experience and a wiser man will learn from another man’s experience”. In using Spiritual Rescue Technology, we are exposed to mistakes made by many thousands of individuals and it would be a sad thing indeed, if were not able to learn from their mistakes.

Our attention has been first and foremost on rescuing spirits from the incidents they are fixated on and returning their free will so they no longer posed a risk to the people they were attached to. When troubled spirits are brought to present time and set free, the people they have been attached to experience significant relief.

This relief has often been so great that the underlying lesson has been missed. The newly freed spirit can be so impressed with his newly recovered free will that he may not recognize the cause of his entrapment and degradation. He may leave the vicinity no wiser than before.

The person affected by the spirit should always look for the underlying reason the spirit got into trouble and not turn his attention to other matters until he knows with certainty how he himself can avoid that problem in the future.

If you are helping to free spirits from their past mistakes and not learning how you can avoid those mistakes yourself, you are wasting a precious opportunity.

If you are running SRT processes and looking for the lesson to be learned from each session, you will become wiser with each session as well as spiritually refreshed.

In Part Two of this series, we will discuss how to ensure you get a full understanding of the reason the spirit caused his own destruction. When this is understood, you will not follow in his footsteps.