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Lessons We Can Learn From Spirits – Part Two

A long time ago, before I developed SRT, I was counseling Stan, a motivational speaker, who was plagued by a recurring incident that would not reduce either with Dianetics or Scientology processes. These processes involved exploring past lives and getting the person to recount the incident over and over until it reduced, and if it did not reduce then the counselor would seek to go to earlier incidents until the incident would vanish and not trouble the person further.

Stan would run an incredibly vivid account of a peaceful tribe of nomads led by a woman who were overrun and slaughtered by soldiers from a more advanced civilization. The incident would run and run and yet would not reduce, which led me to believe that there was more to the story.

After running the incident another time, Stan felt that he had been the woman, but he still could not see why the tribe was attacked so savagely.

After additional sessions, I was able to get Stan to look at what he or his tribe might have done to prompt the attack and slaughter. After a lot of work, the only thing that came to mind was that he had been active in the advanced civilization and had played a role that had made him many enemies and had resulted in his demise. This discovery made it possible for Stan to put the incident out of his mind, because he finally figured out that he had picked up a female body so nobody could find him.

Many years later, I had the opportunity to do some SRT counseling on Stan and more of the story popped into view. SRT is short for Spiritual Rescue Technology and allows the counselor to interact not only with a person, but also allows the counselor and the client to actually talk with all of the spirits who accompany the client through life.

The story unfolded in an unexpected way. The nomad life and the slaughter was not Stan’s memory. It was the memory of a destructive spirit from another planet who we will call Argos for convenience. Argos was one of those leaders like Adolph Hitler who made many enemies in the advanced civilization and was slain for his actions.

After being killed, Argos had gone out into the open plains and had taken over the body of a nomad leader, who was a female. His clever scheme of hiding in someone else’s body should have kept him safe from persecution, but his actions as a nomad leader brought him to the attention of people in the advanced civilization and their technology was advanced enough that they could identify him by his mental signature. We are not to that point in this civilization, but there are already people who can sense the presence of other beings possessing someone.

Running an SRT session on Argos allowed him to take responsibility for his actions and start a new existence for himself with a brand new identity. His departure freed Stan from some of the more destructive impulses that had bothered him for years.

At the same time, Stan gained an appreciation of what being a female leader was like and gave him insights that have helped him in his career.

The lesson I gained from this spiritual adventure is that departing from a group without actually ending cycle can have serious consequences. Another way of saying this is that departure or death does not end cycle on matters that are not resolved.

This means that death does not resolve betrayals and wrongdoing or abandonment. We can pretend to forget our past lives, but at some level we need to take responsibility for incomplete cycles and broken promises. Only then can we start a new life and achieve greatness from our efforts.

Lessons We Can Learn From Spirits – Part One

We are surrounded by spirits who do not have bodies because they ran into a situation that overwhelmed them and left them emotionally crippled and unable to participate in the game of life as a human being. In each SRT counseling session, we communicate with these troubled spirits and we set them free to enjoy a future with new opportunities. What we haven’t been doing is learning from their experiences and enriching our own lives. This may be the most rewarding benefit of helping these spirits and I would like to explain how to do this.

These spirits are still intelligent and may even be more capable them we are in some ways, but they have had an experience that shattered them and left them unable to cope with the task of running a body and behaving as a normal citizen of the world.

They have chosen to experience life as a spectator and they will play the role of protector, advisor, scold, or good friend, etc and they share their feelings and thoughts with you as the mood strikes them.

So, you might well ask, “What lessons can we learn from these spirits?” The first and most important lesson is that every one of these crippled spirits did or failed to do something that caused the situation which overwhelmed them and destroyed their lives.

To paraphrase an old saying, “A wise man may learn from his past experience and a wiser man will learn from another man’s experience”. In using Spiritual Rescue Technology, we are exposed to mistakes made by many thousands of individuals and it would be a sad thing indeed, if were not able to learn from their mistakes.

Our attention has been first and foremost on rescuing spirits from the incidents they are fixated on and returning their free will so they no longer posed a risk to the people they were attached to. When troubled spirits are brought to present time and set free, the people they have been attached to experience significant relief.

This relief has often been so great that the underlying lesson has been missed. The newly freed spirit can be so impressed with his newly recovered free will that he may not recognize the cause of his entrapment and degradation. He may leave the vicinity no wiser than before.

The person affected by the spirit should always look for the underlying reason the spirit got into trouble and not turn his attention to other matters until he knows with certainty how he himself can avoid that problem in the future.

If you are helping to free spirits from their past mistakes and not learning how you can avoid those mistakes yourself, you are wasting a precious opportunity.

If you are running SRT processes and looking for the lesson to be learned from each session, you will become wiser with each session as well as spiritually refreshed.

In Part Two of this series, we will discuss how to ensure you get a full understanding of the reason the spirit caused his own destruction. When this is understood, you will not follow in his footsteps.

Important Notice – No Workshop Today, But We Will Have A Free Webinar on Sunday 9-15-19

I will be on the road today, ,9-14-19, driving home from Cary, North Carolina, so I will not be able to host a workshop on Zoom.

On Sunday, 9-15-19, I would like you to join me in expanding the reach of Spiritual Rescue Technology by helping me change the way we present SRT to the world. This will be a Free Webinar because I will be asking for your reactions and suggestions to several changes I intend to make in how we share information about the spiritual universe we are experiencing.

This is a task you are uniquely qualified to perform as you have been absorbing or trying to absorb my weekly discoveries about how spirits affect our lives. You have been an incredibly helpful audience, but I am determined to make it easier for you and others to grasp the full extent of the influence that spirits have on every aspect of our existence.

I hope to reveal what is happening to us and to our bodies from the viewpoint of the spirits we have been handling. Most of the data and the impressions we have gathered have represented the counselor’s viewpoint of what occurred and was considered important.

When I was able to share the viewpoint of the spirits being rescued and brought to present time, the memories are still bright and relevant after many years. Those who received this experience were able to use the information because they had full conceptual understanding of what occurred and could apply that knowledge to life.

In Sunday’s webinar, I will try and duplicate the successful actions that have created memorable sessions and lasting understandings in the past.

Join me Sunday, 9-15-19, at 12 noon EDT using this link:

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I Have A Favor To Ask You

My third SRT book, Talking To Spirits, has been out for almost two months and I know some of you have had time to read it because you have told me your impressions of it.

Would you please take the time to go to at this link and write a review to let the world know how the book has helped you.

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It’s Tuesday, February 12th, and one of the coldest, rainy days you can imagine, so I was really surprised to discover a new piece of technology, Otter Voice Notes, which will brighten up the lives of my creative friends like yourself.

Otter is a smart note-taking app that empowers you to remember, search, and share your voice conversations. Otter creates smart voice notes that combine audio, transcription, speaker identification, inline photos, and key phrases.

I am just beginning to use this application, but I am tremendously impressed. Comparing this to Dragon Naturally Speaking is like comparing a 2019 Honda Insight to a hand cranked Model T automobile. I have tried to use Dragon Naturally Speaking several times over the years and have finally given up because it was cumbersome and would not keep up with me most of the time.

The Otter AI app runs on a smartphone or on a computer and it uses an online connection for the translation to text. If you are recording and your device is not online, it will store the audio and then translate to text when the online connection is resumed. You will see that it is using artificial intelligence because it will correct the text as it prints the words out.

I use a fairly non-standard vocabulary and am impressed with the way that Otter AI handles my transcriptions. It is free for 600 minutes a month and that should handle me for a while. I host one hour webinars every week and there is valuable information in them to be transcribed for books and articles.

Here is a short transcription of a conversation I had before the start of the last webinar:

David 3:05

We continue to follow this through time and space. And I think the best thing I can do while I’m still discovering what’s going on is to help others. To keep moving.

You see, if, if, if, for instance, you’re stuck on something because your mother did something awful to you.

You’ve stopped. You’re still – your attention is still stuck back on how could mom have been so cruel or how could I have been so stupid to let her do it or what ever. See?

Instead of like, Okay, here we are, it’s 2019, the world’s going to hell and we’re going with it and let’s party! you know, anybody got a glass of wine and a cigarette and we can all sit here and swap stories – like when we used to, you know, raid the English coast and terrify the natives.


I knew you’d get a kick out of that Viking story.

Here are some links to explore the world of Otter AI:

A presentation about Otter at the Mobile World Congress in 2018:

How to record calls and transcribe to text on Android:

Otter offers voice transcripts on Zoom:

I plan on using this last feature as soon as I can set it up. This is extremely valuable when discussing new research.


I am without internet for the next few days so there will be no webinar this Sunday

We had a spectacular ice storm a few days ago and our power will not be restored until Saturday evening at 10 p.m.  his does not give me time to prepare for a webinar on Sunday so I would like you to use the time doing solo sessions or Consulting with your spiritual teammates.

I have been testing out a different way of Co counseling that might be helpful for some of you who are not confident of delivering sessions to another person. The way this works is 4 two people to work together to locate a being or clusters for one of the people and then the person who has the themes for clusters basically does a solo session with occasional help from the other person.

The reason this works is that having two people looking for a troubled being seems to illuminate the location where the being is and the person can now see a being where none was visible before.  Once a bring or a cluster is made visible by several people looking to locate it then the person who has the being can handle it with a solo session.

I have been using this procedure with Tim Lewis and Garrett Martel with great success.  We switch back and forth and find that we can spot beings using this technique where none is visible with us trying it alone.


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Some of you may also be exposing yourself to destructive influences like staying connected to groups that are hostile to you, or getting involved in projects that are wearing you down and are not giving you satisfaction.

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(This data was uncovered again as I write the last part of my new book “Talking To Spirits”.  I feel it is important enough that all of you should have access to it without waiting for the book to appear.)

Spiritual counseling sessions done SRT style creates a distinct set of phenomena that are not evident in other spiritual counseling practices. These phenomena do not appear in all SRT sessions, but when they do appear, some of them can distract the unwary or inexperienced spiritual counselor because of their impact on the practitioner and his body.

When you are in good caring communication with spirits, all of the usual barriers are down. You are not parked safely behind a barrier of bored skepticism or trembling with fear or anxiety. If you are properly prepared, you are in present time and quite willing to share space with the beings you are talking to.

In a properly done talking to spirits session, you are sharing the thoughts and intentions of the beings you are talking to. As they describe what has happened to them, you are there and you can usually see what they were seeing at the time.

1. Instant Merging of Consciousness

You will even find that you may get a full history of the individual as a concentrated burst of information when you first encounter him. This can be a bit disconcerting at first, because you suddenly have his whole life available to you with his motivations and secret dreams laid bare in the first instants of encountering him. It does not seem to be a two way merge, but the other person seems to become more comfortable with you when this occurs.

You still have to get the spirit to identify the incident that is holding his attention and controlling his thoughts, but you will know what you are looking for as you already know what the incident is and what he did to trigger the incident.

What is generally not visible is his justification for doing what he did to begin the long dwindling spiral over many lifetimes and that is because he does not know why he did it. In the session, you will help him discover why he did the fateful action that caused all of the other things to happen.

2. Unconsciousness

There are some entities who are enveloped in so much unconsciousness that this can be the first sign that the entity is present. The counselor asks if there is an entity involved and the client says, “No” or “Yes” and then yawns. When this occurs, the counselor can also be hit with the same unconsciousness as he attempts to run the SRT process. Both client and counselor will find themselves yawning uncontrollably while running the session, but if they continue without getting distracted by the occasional jaw breaking yawns, they will handle the entity and all will end well.

Some may think this is an example of “Out TRS” meaning that the counselor is allowing himself to experience the feelings and unconsciousness of the spiritual beings. These people do not realize that successful communication with spiritual beings REQUIRES that the counselor be willing to BE the entity and to experience what the entity is feeling.

Attempting to run an SRT session while fixed in an unfeeling, can’t be effect of anything that happens mood will not give any being a feeling that they are being heard and understood. Those who suffered through Scientology sessions delivered by people trained to be unfeeling robots will remember the frustration of realizing that your counselor did not understand what you had just said.

3. Grief

Grief in SRT sessions can be as intense as in any other spiritual counseling system but clients will notice that they can switch from deep grief with heavy sobs and tears spurting from their eyes to a quietly objective recounting of how this relates to their current life and then back into incoherent sobs again.

This phenomenon springs from the fact that the grief is NOT the clients grief. He is misowning the grief of the being he is communicating with and he can experience the grief even though the grief is not his. All he has to do is to withdraw from the communication a little bit and the grief will subside. If the counselor wants to free the being from the incident and its resulting emotional burden, the counselor has to duplicate the incident and its effects to know when it is completely handled.

We will cover more of the phenomena encountered in SRT sessions in Part Two.

Free Webinar – I Need Some Field Reports On The Game Of Life

I am in the midst of creating Part Two of my Talking To Spirits book and I am missing some information on how the game of life is played.

In fact, I am missing some key data on what the purpose of the game of life is. If you have any scraps of session data to share, I would like to see if we can piece together some idea of how the game was played on earth, especially the period when life was essentially tardigrades and other invertibrates.

For example, I have spoken to people who spent lifetimes in Crow Magnon times and earlier, and in early colonies like Atlantis, but I have no recall of the empty planet days. Who was activating the pond scum?

If you have any recall on incidents before civilization, please join me and lets compare notes.

Use this link to join me tomorrow 10-21-18 at 12 noon;

No fee required.