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Webinar 9-22-19 Lessons We Can Learn From Spirits about False Data

With the growth of the Internet and the spread of fake news, we are all being exposed to material that is more opinion than factual.

This is not a new phenomenon because in our SRT sessions, we discover many many ancient instances of spiritual action that were based on false data. When one takes action based on unintentional or intentional false data, one suffers losses and enters a state of confusion that can last for millennia.

I am going to share some stories about lives that were destroyed because of false data and we will discuss various ways to detect and handle false data before it destroys us.

Join Me Sunday, 9-22-19, at 12 noon EDT using this link:

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Free Workshop – 9-21-19 – Lessons We Can Learn From Spirits – Part 3

This lesson is about recognizing curses when you encounter them.

A curse is a many-faceted thing. A person can do something evil or merely stupid and end up cursed and suffer incredible torment or a long series of losses. This can affect a person who has done no evil this lifetime.

A person who is essentially a good person and who has not been evil this lifetime, can suffer a curse from something he did in a previous lifetime. He will activate the curse by attempting to do something he did badly in an earlier lifetime.

A person who is a good person and has not been cursed personally, can be dragging around a collection of spirits who are still under a curse. This person can be affected in many different ways and will have no idea what is going on because he did not instigate the cycle by doing evil. On the other hand, he has done evil things which he has forgotten so when he gets hit by a curse carried by his spiritual companions, his own evil or stupid deeds can get restimulated and he feels guilty or very sick.

A client named Rachel discovered the latter situation when she read a few pages of one of my books and got violently sick for several days. It took a long time to discover what was going on and a long time to bring the affected beings to present time.

I am going to share the story of the beings who were behind the sickness to give you a full understanding of the complexities that can underlie a simple reaction to reading a book. I hope to give you a more complete understanding of curses by the time the free workshop is over,

Join me Saturday, 9-21-19, at 12 noon using this link:

Lessons We Can Learn From Spirits – Part Two

A long time ago, before I developed SRT, I was counseling Stan, a motivational speaker, who was plagued by a recurring incident that would not reduce either with Dianetics or Scientology processes. These processes involved exploring past lives and getting the person to recount the incident over and over until it reduced, and if it did not reduce then the counselor would seek to go to earlier incidents until the incident would vanish and not trouble the person further.

Stan would run an incredibly vivid account of a peaceful tribe of nomads led by a woman who were overrun and slaughtered by soldiers from a more advanced civilization. The incident would run and run and yet would not reduce, which led me to believe that there was more to the story.

After running the incident another time, Stan felt that he had been the woman, but he still could not see why the tribe was attacked so savagely.

After additional sessions, I was able to get Stan to look at what he or his tribe might have done to prompt the attack and slaughter. After a lot of work, the only thing that came to mind was that he had been active in the advanced civilization and had played a role that had made him many enemies and had resulted in his demise. This discovery made it possible for Stan to put the incident out of his mind, because he finally figured out that he had picked up a female body so nobody could find him.

Many years later, I had the opportunity to do some SRT counseling on Stan and more of the story popped into view. SRT is short for Spiritual Rescue Technology and allows the counselor to interact not only with a person, but also allows the counselor and the client to actually talk with all of the spirits who accompany the client through life.

The story unfolded in an unexpected way. The nomad life and the slaughter was not Stan’s memory. It was the memory of a destructive spirit from another planet who we will call Argos for convenience. Argos was one of those leaders like Adolph Hitler who made many enemies in the advanced civilization and was slain for his actions.

After being killed, Argos had gone out into the open plains and had taken over the body of a nomad leader, who was a female. His clever scheme of hiding in someone else’s body should have kept him safe from persecution, but his actions as a nomad leader brought him to the attention of people in the advanced civilization and their technology was advanced enough that they could identify him by his mental signature. We are not to that point in this civilization, but there are already people who can sense the presence of other beings possessing someone.

Running an SRT session on Argos allowed him to take responsibility for his actions and start a new existence for himself with a brand new identity. His departure freed Stan from some of the more destructive impulses that had bothered him for years.

At the same time, Stan gained an appreciation of what being a female leader was like and gave him insights that have helped him in his career.

The lesson I gained from this spiritual adventure is that departing from a group without actually ending cycle can have serious consequences. Another way of saying this is that departure or death does not end cycle on matters that are not resolved.

This means that death does not resolve betrayals and wrongdoing or abandonment. We can pretend to forget our past lives, but at some level we need to take responsibility for incomplete cycles and broken promises. Only then can we start a new life and achieve greatness from our efforts.

Lessons We Can Learn From Spirits – Part One

We are surrounded by spirits who do not have bodies because they ran into a situation that overwhelmed them and left them emotionally crippled and unable to participate in the game of life as a human being. In each SRT counseling session, we communicate with these troubled spirits and we set them free to enjoy a future with new opportunities. What we haven’t been doing is learning from their experiences and enriching our own lives. This may be the most rewarding benefit of helping these spirits and I would like to explain how to do this.

These spirits are still intelligent and may even be more capable them we are in some ways, but they have had an experience that shattered them and left them unable to cope with the task of running a body and behaving as a normal citizen of the world.

They have chosen to experience life as a spectator and they will play the role of protector, advisor, scold, or good friend, etc and they share their feelings and thoughts with you as the mood strikes them.

So, you might well ask, “What lessons can we learn from these spirits?” The first and most important lesson is that every one of these crippled spirits did or failed to do something that caused the situation which overwhelmed them and destroyed their lives.

To paraphrase an old saying, “A wise man may learn from his past experience and a wiser man will learn from another man’s experience”. In using Spiritual Rescue Technology, we are exposed to mistakes made by many thousands of individuals and it would be a sad thing indeed, if were not able to learn from their mistakes.

Our attention has been first and foremost on rescuing spirits from the incidents they are fixated on and returning their free will so they no longer posed a risk to the people they were attached to. When troubled spirits are brought to present time and set free, the people they have been attached to experience significant relief.

This relief has often been so great that the underlying lesson has been missed. The newly freed spirit can be so impressed with his newly recovered free will that he may not recognize the cause of his entrapment and degradation. He may leave the vicinity no wiser than before.

The person affected by the spirit should always look for the underlying reason the spirit got into trouble and not turn his attention to other matters until he knows with certainty how he himself can avoid that problem in the future.

If you are helping to free spirits from their past mistakes and not learning how you can avoid those mistakes yourself, you are wasting a precious opportunity.

If you are running SRT processes and looking for the lesson to be learned from each session, you will become wiser with each session as well as spiritually refreshed.

In Part Two of this series, we will discuss how to ensure you get a full understanding of the reason the spirit caused his own destruction. When this is understood, you will not follow in his footsteps.

Important Notice – No Workshop Today, But We Will Have A Free Webinar on Sunday 9-15-19

I will be on the road today, ,9-14-19, driving home from Cary, North Carolina, so I will not be able to host a workshop on Zoom.

On Sunday, 9-15-19, I would like you to join me in expanding the reach of Spiritual Rescue Technology by helping me change the way we present SRT to the world. This will be a Free Webinar because I will be asking for your reactions and suggestions to several changes I intend to make in how we share information about the spiritual universe we are experiencing.

This is a task you are uniquely qualified to perform as you have been absorbing or trying to absorb my weekly discoveries about how spirits affect our lives. You have been an incredibly helpful audience, but I am determined to make it easier for you and others to grasp the full extent of the influence that spirits have on every aspect of our existence.

I hope to reveal what is happening to us and to our bodies from the viewpoint of the spirits we have been handling. Most of the data and the impressions we have gathered have represented the counselor’s viewpoint of what occurred and was considered important.

When I was able to share the viewpoint of the spirits being rescued and brought to present time, the memories are still bright and relevant after many years. Those who received this experience were able to use the information because they had full conceptual understanding of what occurred and could apply that knowledge to life.

In Sunday’s webinar, I will try and duplicate the successful actions that have created memorable sessions and lasting understandings in the past.

Join me Sunday, 9-15-19, at 12 noon EDT using this link:

Remember! No Workshop Today. See you All Tomorrow For A Free Webinar

Why There Are Multiple SRT Websites

In a perfect Internet world, we would only need one website to share our stories about our experiences and wins with SRT. However, Facebook and other platforms have shown a tendency to censor posts they disagree with and this can put our communications at risk if we do not have alternate channels to communicate on.

Facebook has a lot of features which make it ideal for discussions and commenting on other ideas. You get notified when others post or comment and sharing are easily done with a single click of the mouse. This is why I maintain a Spiritual Rescue Technology Discussion Group at

I maintain a parallel site titled SPIRITUAL RESCUE TECHNOLOGY   Spiritual Communication in the 21st Century which can be found at

This parallel site provides better tools for looking up old topics and is a better reference site for learning about SRT. All posts remain in their original order and you can sign up to be notified whenever something is posted.

The posts on each site are the same, but the Facebook site makes it easier to comment and exchange ideas, so I recommend that you post your ideas on the Facebook site and share your experiences and wins on as long as Facebook provides a welcoming environment.

Webinar – 9-8-19 – Helping Spirits In Your Body

In our workshop yesterday, we discussed how spirits may be incorporated into a body and during the discussion several of us experienced major physiological reactions to parts of the discussion.

There is a field called Epigenetics which is trying to explain how external effects can affect us on the cellular level.

There is a far out fringe that seems to think that thoughts can affect the body. Our informal research shows that this is true in a number of cases.

Here is a quote from one of the groups that seems to think that there is a mind-body connection:

“We all have a choice in deciding what information our cells receive, whether it’s positive or negative.

There are different ways you can approach life. It’s either from a place of fear and doubt or one of love and acceptance. Whichever you decide can have a big impact on your body.

Unsurprisingly, fear and doubt can make room for anxiety, depression, and anger to take over our lives.

From a place of love and faith, we grow positively. Positive emotions like love, affection, joy, and confidence help us to improve and find out who we really are.

Your mindset is recognized and understood by your body, right down to a genetic level. Your thoughts really have an astonishing power to influence your physiology.

Your thoughts program your cells.”

In this webinar, we will discuss how we might use our SRT knowledge to handle disturbed cells in the body and how that might extend the reach of SRT healing.

Join me this Sunday, September 8th, at 12 noon EDT using this link:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link:

Free Workshop – 9-7-19 – Listening To Spirits In Your Body

You should read “A New Direction For SRT – Listening To Spirits In Your Body – Part One” before you participate in this workshop. Otherwise the workshop may be a bit overwhelming.

I am introducing an entirely new concept in this workshop, that the pattern for your body might be spiritual and be a copy of the clusters that made up the bodies of your mother and father. I say might instead of is, because we are going to see what we can see in this workshop.

I cannot predict what will happen in your bodies when we participate in this workshop, but we will only observe what we can perceive and there is no intent to run a process. The object of the workshop is to increase our ability to perceive spiritual activity in the body and to share our observations.

I will begin by sharing my observations of my body and the clusters of spirits that I can see and you can verify my observations through your own perceptions.

If what I have observed is true for others, we are a clusters of spirits running control on a meat body that is/was activated by a cluster of spirits from the moment of conception.

As has been observed by others, there seems to be two separate timelines, one timeline for the cluster of spirits in charge of bodies and a genetic timeline for the spirits who animate bodies and determine the inheritance of physical traits.

Join me on Saturday 9-7-19 at 12 noon EDT for a free workshop on Zoom using this link:

A New Direction For SRT – Listening To Spirits In Your Body – Part One

Would you like to sharpen your perceptions to the point where you could communicate with body parts and assist them to heal? I think this may be possible after a breakthrough that occurred in a discussion today.

I was explaining how spirits and bodies interact and a whole bunch of skin cancer cells on my head started tingling. I was not running an SRT process, only visualizing how bodies are formed of living tissue and how each cell is animated by life force.

A human body starts with a zygote, the cell that is formed when a female reproductive cell and a male reproductive cell join, The zygote is microscopic and contains the entire DNA blueprint information regarding the cellular makeup of the child.

Cellular division occurs and the zygote divides again and again, forming new structures and a protective membrane to protect itself. This division continues until an embryo is formed in the mother’s womb and the embryo continues to divide into its distinguishable external features. The division continues as the baby develops organs and a digestive system. The division continues until the baby develops all of the features in the DNA blueprint and it is ready for entry into the world.

Since we are able to perceive life force in cells and life force is generated by spirits, it appears that the zygote, the fertilized egg that becomes a human baby, contains all of the spirits necessary to animate a child’s body. This cluster of spirits might be considered the Genetic Entity discussed by Hubbard which runs the body under the direction of the Spirit which is you.

To put this in simpler terms, a cluster of programmed beings runs the body and keeps every cell working. Another cluster of beings, which generally thinks it is a single superior being, operates the body and makes it drive cars, till the fields and operate other machinery.

This single superior being, which is actually a cluster, tries to be creative and carry out longer term activities. It does not keep the heart beating or the lungs breathing, or regulate body temperature. These tasks are performed by the cluster that animates the body.

In SRT, we discovered that we could communicate with spirits, both in and out of the body. We could also heal the body at times by doing reach and withdraw on body parts and internal organs. We never achieved consistent communication with cells in the body or discovered their history as we could with spirits elsewhere.

I was looking at the body structure as a cluster of spirits which contained smaller clusters of spirits which might have different intentions and antecedents and therefore who might have different stimuli which they respond to and all of the cancer cells on the top of my head started tingling at once. They are still tingling several hours later.

My duplication of their situation caused a reaction which has continued long after my initial realization, so I feel this is an area worth investigating. If we can discover what incidents are being put into restimulation, we may be able to change the behavior of individual cells in the body. Since we can change personality traits with SRT processing, we may be able to do better healing with SRT processing.

Important note: We often discover cluster of spirits containing millions of beings and the cluster may occupy almost no space of all. The old question of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin has finally been answered: As many as wish to be there. A DNA blueprint for a body contains many elements and each is controlled by a spirit.