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REMINDER – Webinar Happens Tomorrow – Choosing Our Next Human Experience

Tomorrow is Saturday, 10/24/2020, and the topic of the webinar is choosing our next human, or other experience.

I have been exploring various aspects of our current and past human experiences in the 5-part series, “What Are We Doing For Our Next Human Experience?” and the usual phenomena have occurred. I am getting mixed signals about the desirability of knowingly choosing a human experience.

I have been discussing the pros of picking up a new body with lots of past track memories still fresh in my mind, but there are some interesting challenges to living as a child with adult memories and interests.

To keep this invitation short and to the point, the challenges of being a child with adult abilities and desires are being discussed in, What Are We Doing For Our Next Human Experience? – Part Six.

Please read it if you have time and join me in a webinar tomorrow at 12 noon EDT on Zoom using this link:

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SRT Webinars will occur on Saturdays instead of Sundays, starting this weekend.

I will continue the webinars as long as participants are interested, but the webinars will now occur on Saturdays at 12 noon, instead of Sundays. The $10 donation for webinars will remain the same.

In order to complete my new book, I need to drop my free workshops and Academy meetings until further notice. I have enjoyed working with you, but I need to get this book finished as it has been lagging for almost six months.

I am beginning to organize material for this fourth SRT book, after several different attempts to create a work that would make SRT data available to a less sophisticated reader. The current group of articles under the title of, “What Are We Doing For Our Next Human Experience?” will form part of the book.

You are all invited to participate in the review group which will help me keep the book on target to make it accessible and interesting for new readers. If you signed up for the earlier review group, I will include you in this group. You will get acknowledged for your contributions in the book when it is published.

In this weeks webinar, I would like to discuss the material appearing in the articles titled, What Are We Doing For Our Next Human Experience?

See you Saturday, October 24, 2020 at 12 noon on Zoom. Use this link:

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What Are We Doing For Our Next Human Experience? – Part Four

It may appear that I am taking the long way around in getting to our next human experience, but the inescapable truth is that unless we really know what is going on in our current human experience, we have no chance of changing it in some realistic way.

The basic truth of our existence, which is known by very few people at this point, is that we are surrounded by and affected by disembodied spiritual beings who are as alive as we are, with the exception that they do not have bodies of their own. Furthermore, some of these beings have been with us for thousands of years and are so closely connected to us that they have forgotten they are separate beings. These beings make up our personality and act as personality segments when they are moved to take action.

If you have a well-integrated personality, your spiritual companions are used to working in harmony with each other as a well-drilled team. However, each of these spiritual beings has a unique history with unique experiences, good and bad. This means that exposure to environmental influences, threats, danger, whatever, will cause different reactions in these different beings. This is why you may find yourself unexpectedly crying at some poignant passage in a book when you didn’t expect that reaction. Your collection of beings is also responsible for allergic reactions and unexpected likes or dislikes. 

Those who learn to communicate with their spiritual companions find them to be a powerful source of inspiration and abilities. Each of these beings has a history similar to your own except that something has occurred in the distant past, which has made them unable or unwilling to take on the responsibility for owning a body. They find satisfaction in acting as consultants or spirit guides for someone who is running a body.

Most of the time, these spirits are acting in helpful ways, but occasionally they are acting to get revenge for some past misdeed you have forgotten long ago. In almost every case, learning to communicate with your spiritual companions pays huge dividends in getting their cooperation and advice. Reading the three Spiritual Rescue Technology books will give you the knowledge you need to work with your spirits and get their assistance when you need it. 

Your spiritual companions have a wealth of knowledge in many fields, and gaining an ability to communicate with them daily can increase your ability to new things you have never done before. It is truly amazing how many talented beings are available to you. Some of these beings will be your ancestors who have decided to guide you, while others are kindred spirits who joined you because of what you have been doing.

If you are practicing kindness and compassion for your spiritual companions, there is no limit to what you can accomplish with their help. Recognizing their help and acknowledging them for it will ensure that they will continue to support you as long as you are doing what interests them.

If you recognize that you are leading a group of spirits, who are bound to you only by their interest in what you are doing, you might take a good look at how you manage them for best results. They are self-organizing, bound to you only by their interests in you and what you are doing, and they pick up your thoughts and communicate with each other telepathically. They may be much smarter than you think, but they will not always be happy campers because of their past painful experiences. If you communicate with them with kindness and compassion, you will rehabilitate them, and they will return the favor by helping you in many ways you will not expect.

As long as you cultivate a viewpoint of yourself as a leader of a group of spirits and manage them, so they operate in a harmonious fashion, you will be using their abilities in the most effective way. Once they learn to trust you, they will provide a running thread of information and advice which will make life much easier and more enjoyable. You will find that you can give them problems to solve or designs to work out, and they will go away and come back later with solutions that you can immediately put to use.

When I wish to write an article, I discuss the overall idea with them, and they will come back with all kinds of suggestions on what to present and how to present it for the desired effect. These spirits give me the ability to work on several things at once as they operate as a spiritual multiprocessor.

Working with spirits sharpens my telepathic ability and opens the door to new opportunities because I encourage them to make suggestions when they see an opportunity I am not taking advantage of. As a result, they are invested in making this human experience as pleasant and stimulating as possible because they share in the products of this human existence we are creating.

There is one thing I have not mentioned, and that is the tendency of spirits to change allegiances as circumstances change. Spirits like to do things that interest them and challenge them. As you move through yur human experience, there are interesting activities that you discard for one reason or another. You will find that you will lose the skills to do those activities once your spiritual companions realize you are not going to do them anymore. When they are interested in what you are doing, they contribute all sorts of abilities to your actions. When they leave, the activity no longer seems interesting, and you may not even remember how to do them well. At different times in my life, I played the piano fairly well, taught myself to play the guitar, taught myself to ski, and taught myself to sail and cruised the coast of Massachusetts. I can barely remember these activities now, although I really enjoyed all of them when I was doing them.

On the other hand, I struggled through college lectures and gained a degree but little else than social skills. After college, I taught myself to design computers and other electronic systems and made a good living as a design engineer in many different companies. None of the technology I used in corporate life was taught at my university. Once I started my spiritual research, I began to understand why some projects came easy, and others were tedious drudgery.

With increasing spiritual awareness, I found it easy to start companies to produce products or sale and then found that spiritual counseling was the most satisfying work for my spiritual companions and for me. We have finally reached a point where we are interested in exploring the options open to us in creating a new human experience. 

In the next part of this article, we hope to explore what kinds of human experience we are interested in and what options they provide. It seems that the composition of the team will depend on what choices we make for our next human experience.

What Are We Doing For Our Next Human Experience? – Part Three

An essential step in planning for our next human experience is to fully understand what we are doing in this human existence. I have mentioned the possession of a body to maximize sensations, but I have not described our spiritual abilities that let us assume mastery of human and other bodies and why we are currently operating as meat bodies with no real future.

We are essentially living thoughts with many abilities but no mass, energy, time, or space. Our apparent location in space and time is determined by our considerations. We appear to be immortal and have abilities that we have forgotten. Our past ability to create effects in the material universe appears to have been unlimited based on the memories we have recovered in research sessions. However, our current abilities are such a small fraction of our original abilities that it is no wonder we think we are but meat bodies trying to survive in a hostile world.

I am not going to describe our spiritual abilities in detail as I have written three books about these abilities and how they can be improved. You can find these books on, and the titles are, Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology, Using Spiritual Rescue Technology, and Talking To Spirits.

I am going to share what I have found from thousands of conversations with spirits, and that is how spirits have fallen from godlike powers to living thoughts imprisoned in a human or other body. The cause is so obvious once you see it, and yet this IS the major reason that most of life is experiencing a dwindling spiral.

 It is vitally important to show kindness and compassion to all living things, 

including spiritual beings as well!

Failing to understand the need for kindness and compassion toward ALL living beings will cause a person to self-destruct over time as he unwittingly creates opponents as a result of his interactions with other beings in life.

When you create an opponent, you create counter intention toward your future survival. When you have created enough opponents, every goal in your life is opposed by someone, and you begin to fail in life and eventually live in fear and a constant state of paranoia.

If you do not learn to live in harmony with the spiritual beings who populate this universe, you are dooming yourself to a dwindling spiral of life. Everything in the material universe is created by intentions in the spiritual universe. If your actions are unwittingly creating intentions in opposition to yours, you will find that nothing works as you intend it to. 

Showing kindness and compassion for all living things is a philosophy that has been expressed by many men and women over the span of history. These words have been credited to Buddha and many others, and the idea is as vital today as ever. This philosophy is not just a nice idea. It is the only way that anyone can guarantee their personal and spiritual survival because all living things include spiritual beings as well as human beings and all members of the animal and vegetable kingdoms.

People who refuse to show compassion for all living things tend to end up badly, and their final days are spent hiding from those who are “out to get them.” (Some of you may recall the final days of L Ron Hubbard, for example.)

In Spiritual Rescue Technology, we learn that spiritual beings respond to kindness and compassion, which is only natural as they are as alive as we are, even if they do not inhabit bodies. We also learned that we are constantly surrounded by these spiritual beings who do not currently have bodies. People who recognize the spirits around them and work in harmony with them do much better in life and almost seem to be “blessed.” People who ignore or fight with the spirits around them live rather miserable lives, and they seem to be “cursed” as life is full of unexpected failures, health problems, and other difficulties like failures to form loving relationships.

Failure to understand that spirits are living beings can cause serious problems for those who would seek spiritual powers at the expense of the spirits who surround them. There are many spiritual practices that attempt to give a person enhanced abilities and extraordinary powers, but they do not recognize the role that spiritual beings play in affecting a person’s behavior.

For instance, there are many spiritual practices that treat spiritual beings as some sort of fungus to be eradicated and disposed of. These practices, which include exorcism and Scientology OT processing, attempt to drive off spirits as some sort of body infestation and actually create severe upsets in the beings so handled. 

These upset beings become determined opponents because of the insensitive or often brutal handlings they are subjected to. If you are surrounded by spiritual beings whose every thought is to get even with you in some way, your life will be miserable. Consider this, if you are surrounded by family members whom you have opposed for years, what do you think your chances for success and happiness are?

The best solution for upset family members and spiritual beings alike is to learn how to communicate with them with kindness and compassion. 

It can be difficult, but we have discovered that Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) provides one of the best tools for communicating with all living beings and remedying the mistakes of the past, which led to the upsets in the first place.

Now that we have introduced the concept of kindness and compassion for your spiritual companions, we will explain how many spirits are actively influencing and even controlling you at times in our next article.

What Are We Doing For Our Next Human Experience? – Part Two

To refresh your memory of Part One, we have been choosing to play the game of being human so as to experience the wealth of sensations that come from wearing a human body.

Some of you who have grasped this concept might wonder why we don’t come back as something powerful like an alligator or an African lion. Well, some spirits do come back as animals, but the ones I have observed did not seem very happy. Yes, there may be lots of sex and no deadlines, but there are many sensations that humans can experience that other living things can’t. Alligators can’t sing or play the piano, so musical creativity and harmonic expression are off the list of pleasurable sensations if you pick up a mighty lizard body.

Only spirits in human bodies can explore the wealth of pleasurable sensations that come with being able to cook and prepare food and drink to explode pleasurably on the palate. Opposable thumbs are a necessity for serious craftwork and assembly of machinery to conquer the material universe and traverse it at high speeds. Since telepathy seems to be an almost lost art, a body that can form intelligible words would seem to be a necessity for most spirits. Other than human bodies and some varieties of birds, there does not seem to be many animal forms that can be controlled to speak, so if you wish to communicate with others, your choice of bodies is limited, at least on this planet. So, it appears that human bodies provide the optimum experience if a spirit wishes to enjoy sensations on this planet and participate in group activities. By the time a human reaches adulthood, most have had the opportunity to engage in almost every physical activity this planet has to offer, and each of those activities has its own unique challenges and sensations to offer. 

As I mentioned in another article, the big trap is that we can lose ourselves in our human experience and totally forget we are spiritual beings. We may have a few out-of-body experiences, but generally, we can push those aside as a momentary lapse in reality. 

The increased level of communication provided by the internet has made it more difficult to stay insulated from the reality that we have lived before and will live again in other bodies. Exposure to science fiction and paranormal fantasy changes our reality in mysterious ways. One or two stories of activities that happened in the very distant past, and the readers will find themselves dreaming of times and places they have never been. These readers will write other fanciful tales, and other readers will find themselves with memories that come unbidden of places and times that never existed on planet Earth. Engineers read tales of spaceships, marvelous vehicles, and machines that think, and the next thing we know, we are landing on the moon and interacting with artificial intelligence and dealing with robots.

All of this so-called fantasy awakens our long-buried memories of the very distant past, and we see philosophies and spiritual technologies arise which promise to break the bonds of conventional civilized life. The more we remember, the more we disturb the foundations of established society and open the doors to exploring realms beyond the five human senses.

I have been researching this area since 1975 when I first encountered a spiritualist who could communicate with spirits and could foresee the future. I spent the next 45 years learning about spiritual matters and finally learned how to communicate effectively with spiritual beings on a daily basis. I have learned that we spirits who are enjoying a human experience are a small minority of the spirits who inhabit this planet. I also learned that almost all of the spirits I have encountered have come or been sent from elsewhere in the universe, and almost all of us are suffering from some form of impressed or voluntary amnesia of our actual origins.

This means that our human existence is only one tiny sliver of the existences open to us as spirits, and we are not really in charge of that existence either. Rather than get all upset about alien influences and alien civilizations, we should first try to open up the secrets of our own pasts and prepare ourselves to play the best game possible for our human experience now and in the future.

One of the first steps in making a better game of your human existence is to discover who is playing the game with you. When you discover that you have been surrounded by spirit guides since birth and that they have been helping and even controlling you this lifetime, you are taking the first steps toward assuming control of your spiritual companions and setting a real course for your future.

We will discuss how we can work with our spirit guides in subsequent parts of this article in determining what roles we will play in subsequent lifetimes. Stay tuned for more information about our spiritual nature.

What Are We Doing For Our Next Human Experience? – Part One

There is a growing awareness that we are immortal spiritual beings having a human experience. 

Some people have known about this for thousands of years, and now even people from our more indoctrinated cultures are beginning to see that life is not a once and done situation. When we see weekly evidence of reincarnation through frequent exposure to videos of 3-year-olds playing classical violin, 4-year-old children playing Mozart on the piano, and 6-year-old composers, it becomes easier to absorb the idea that this young person has lived before.

Almost anyone who had experienced Dianetics or Past Life Regression for any length of time has uncovered incidents from earlier lifetimes. These exposures may not change their lives, but in many cases, the person now knows why they don’t like horses or trips on ocean liners.

As a spiritual being, we have the freedom to be anywhere we wish to be, but our power to influence the material universe seems somewhat limited. Very few of us can move or manipulate physical objects by intention alone or communicate easily via telepathy. Once we pick up a body at birth or as a walk-in, we can perceive all of the sensations that wearing a body provides. Every day we enjoy hundreds of sensations, pleasant and unpleasant, ranging from the taste of coffee in the morning, to the chill of a cold steering wheel on winter mornings, to the bliss of a warm shower after a hard day.

If you question the function of a body as an amplifier of sensations, try recalling your sensations when you are anesthetized or nearly frozen. Wearing a meat body enables a spiritual being to play the game of life with a recognizable identity and provides enjoyable sensations if the body is operated properly.

If the body is cared for and operated within established limits of temperature and pressure, it will last for many years. A spiritual being learns how to operate the body by avoiding painful sensations and through observing the actions of others.

Since a spiritual being is immortal, one might wonder why every lifetime as a human doesn’t start with full memory of earlier lives and skills. Obviously, some individuals bring their past experience with them, but for the most part, we seem to start with a clean slate and have to learn everything again. My limited research seems to indicate that being a toddler with adult memories would be dangerous to the toddler. Most adults will not take advice from a toddler easily and might view the child as a threat to their survival. Being ignorant and helpless may not be the safest strategy for survival, but it does bring out the protectiveness in many adults.

Having your two-year-old tell you that you are on the wrong road might bring out the worst in some adults. Having your two-year-old tell you that the neighbor has the hots for you might make your life difficult, but what if she mentions at dinner some night how you flirt with the neighbor? That could make your life a living hell. Knowing too much can make a child’s life difficult. Having an adult personality and knowledge might be fatal and probably has been when it occurs.

When a spiritual being has the awareness to pick out parents who are supportive of prodigy children, life can be rather amazing. The child does not represent a threat to the parents, and they treat the child as a blessing and as a contributing member of the family from the very beginning. 

When this occurs, we see the wonder that is Alma Deutscher, who was born in 2005, is a composer, violinist, and pianist. She started playing the piano when she was two years old and the violin when she was three. When she was 6, she completed her first piano sonata, and at 7, she composed a short opera, The Sweeper of Dreams. At the age of ten, she wrote the full-length opera Cinderella, which had its US premiere in San Jose.

As marvelous as this appears, and there are many others like her who have appeared in the last few years, there is no reason why there cannot be many more prodigies if we only wake up to our true spiritual nature. We first have to realize we are immortal spiritual beings having a human experience and then prepare ourselves to play the best game possible for our human experience now and in the future.

We will discuss how we discover our actual histories and abilities in subsequent parts of this article. Stay tuned for more information about our spiritual nature.

Important Notice – There Will Be No SRT Academy meeting on Monday 10-19-20

I have an appointment with a dentist and will not be able to host the usual meeting.

I apologize for the late notice, but this will give you an opportunity to look at the revised SRT Axioms and see what I have failed to communicate to you.

If you understand the SRT Axioms, your certainty is unshakable. If you have not studied them in detail, you will find that life is full of unexpected activities that don’t make sense.

When you know and understand the Axioms, you can remove the mysteries from your life. Furthermore, you will be able to make connections and have realizations that can change your life forever.

One of our more recent realizations was that unhandled spiritual companions can act as third parties and cause us to have arguments with people we care for. What this means is that spiritual companions who are not working in harmony with us, or each other, can act as invisible third party agents and can be very destructive.

You can read about this here:



These spirits are the unseen third parties who can feed poisonous attitudes into your thoughts when they are triggered by something done or said.

Your spiritual companions are affecting you 24/7, whether you are awake or dreaming. When your Spirits are happy, they cheer you up and can help you achieve great things with very little effort. When they get triggered, they drag you down, sometimes all the way to despair. They can change with no warning, and you can go from feeling great to feeling sick and tired in less than an hour. 

Your spirits have strong opinions about what you do and say, and they have equally strong opinions about the people you deal with every day. If you are fully aware of what your spiritual companions are doing and thinking, you treat their advice and counsel with the respect it deserves.

If you are unaware of spirits being the sources of the voices in your head and many of your opinions, you are under the influence of this hidden third party to all of your activities.

Ron Hubbard stated a PARTIAL TRUTH on 26 December 1968. 


It is very easy to see that two in conflict are fighting. They are very visible. What is harder to see or suspect is that a third party existed and actively promoted the quarrel. The usually unsuspected and “reasonable” third party, the bystander who denies any part of it, is the one that brought the conflict into existence in the first place.

In our Spiritual Rescue Technology research, we constantly find that spiritual beings have affected the judgment and activities of people who are quarreling with others. These beings have many unhandled engrams or painful memories, which cause them to have negative attitudes toward the people you deal with in life.

If you are trained to recognize the thoughts of your spiritual companions, you can safely evaluate whether the thoughts are rational or not. If you have no idea that you are being influenced by the spirits surrounding you, your reactions to external events and comments can often be controlled by the spirits accompanying you through life.

It is easy to see that a person like your mother-in-law or other relative is interfering in a relationship, but it is rare that you can perceive that you have spiritual companions who are prejudiced against someone or something you care for.

Spirits have been acting as the third party in human relationships for eons. It is time we recognize the role they can play and act accordingly. A simple conversation about the source of any conflict will usually flush out where the upset started and who is the actual source.

We have been talking about the effect spirits have on us for at least ten years, but it took Petra Held to recognize what they were doing was a Third Party activity. 



Axioms are the underpinnings of any philosophy or technology. Any axiom serves as a starting point from which other statements are logically derived. If you know and understand these SRT Axioms, you will have certainty in evaluating any activity involving spiritual matters.

I want to acknowledge the efforts of Petra, Joachim, and Ernesto in reviewing and revising this current list of essential Axioms of Spiritual Rescue Technology. I expect that more will be discovered, as they are the results of observations of spiritual phenomena that can be duplicated and experienced by others.

All of these Axioms have been discovered and verified in SRT sessions.

SRT AXIOMS as of 10-17-20

Axiom 1 – We are spiritual beings, and some of us are having a human experience

Axiom 2 – Other spiritual beings are having a non-human experience

Axiom 3 – Having a human experience on this planet involves coexistence with spiritual beings who can affect your behavior, health, and personality

Axiom 4 – Everything in the material realm starts with an action in the spiritual realm beyond the reach of the five human senses. These actions include intention, attention, ideas, emotions, telepathic communication, computation, estimation of effort, admiration, and many more.

Axiom 5– All spirits generate life force energy.

Corollary to Axiom 5 – If it generates life force, it is a spirit and will respond to admiration and intention.

Axiom 6 – Spirits communicate by telepathy.

Axiom 7 – Telepathic Communication consists of ideas, emotions, intentions, admiration, images, and occasionally voices and other sounds.

Axiom 8 – A caring communication has the intention of increasing life force in the recipient.

Axiom 9 – Any communication that is not a caring communication is a damaging communication and comes from an upset spiritual being.

Axiom 10 – If you are not happy, you are being affected by unhappy spiritual beings.

Axiom 11- Difficulty in learning new things is a spiritual problem and resolves when the upset beings are handled.

Axiom12 – All negative attitudes about anything come from spiritual beings who are being upset by what is being done or proposed.

Axiom13 – People can disagree with you about anything, but their disagreement will be rational unless upset spiritual beings are involved.

Axiom 14 – A lack of integrity prevents spiritual healing.

Axiom 15 – Spiritual beings give up some of their free will to be part of a group.

Axiom 16 – As a spiritual being having a human existence on Earth, your free will is limited by the agreements you have made to assume that existence.

Axiom 17 – Fairness is based on the existence of agreed-upon rules. If there is no agreement, the concepts of fairness or unfairness have no meaning.

Axiom 18 – Misownership is the assumption of another spiritual being’s thoughts and emotions and thinking they are your own.

Axiom 19 – Upsets are almost always due to misownership.

Axiom 20 – Misownership started as an agreement to share in others’ emotions and sensations. It may not have been a conscious decision.

Axiom 21 – Sanity as a being depends on the ability to recognize misownership when it exists. This is also the basis of integrity, as integrity is based on knowing the truth.

Axiom 22 – Free will and misownership are mutually exclusive. Complete misownership is being someone else.

Axiom 23 – The ability to place attention on or in something is a native ability of a spiritual being. When one is able to do this, one can achieve a conceptual understanding of the intentions and concepts held by spiritual beings even when they are not communicating with you directly.



Axioms are the underpinnings of any philosophy or technology. Any axiom is a statement that serves as a starting point from which other statements are logically derived.

If you know and understand the axioms of SRT, you can easily evaluate the truth of any statement about spiritual matters. When confusions or upsets exist, they are usually the result of not knowing the axioms of a subject. The axioms of SRT were first published several years ago and have not been widely discussed recently, which is why I have found myself repeatedly explaining things that should have been public knowledge. To remedy this lack of information, we will take the axioms up and discuss them this weekend.

There are 12 axioms that have been observed to be true for Spiritual Rescue Technology. We will be discussing them in our free workshop on Saturday, October 17, 2020, to see if there are others that should be added.

You can see them here:

The Axioms were reviewed and updated in the workshop/ The updated list can be seen here:

Join us on Zoom at 12 noon on Saturday, October 17, 2020, using this link:


A lie is essentially an alteration of truth, which is usually told to avert some perceived harm. On the other hand, the playing of any game requires the hiding of some facts, which means that disclosure of truth will ruin the game. If we are able to know the minds and hearts of others, there is no reason to play a game. We can co-create and align our intentions instead of employing opposed intentions.

Playing the game of being human has required the creation of many lies, not all of which are useful. I have discussed these lies in a recent article, which can be found here:

In our webinar this Sunday, I would like to review the many lies we have told ourselves and see which one we can eliminate and which we should maintain for the benefit of “society”.

Join us on Zoom this Sunday, October 18, 2020, at12 noon using this link: 

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Resilience is typically defined as the capacity to recover from difficult life events. “It’s your ability to withstand adversity and bounce back and grow despite life’s downturns.” Resilience doesn’t mean the person doesn’t feel the intensity of the event or problem. Instead, it just means that they’ve found a pretty good way of dealing with it more quickly than others.

With the advent of the internet, we are constantly bombarded with news of disasters and triumphs, and much of it is opinion, not factual data. We can fearfully scan the news every day to see what the next conspiracy will bring, or we can look at our reactions to bad news and seek to handle the beings who are being triggered by the constantly changing news. There is no way, at present, to limit the flow of bad news, but you can reduce your sensitivity to that news by handling your spiritual companions, so they don’t react dramatically to the news and establishing some stable data that you can rely on to determine whether the news is actually useful or false data.

If you have little or no stable data, you have no way to judge whether new information is believable or false. This makes the information hang up as a confusion, and it captures your attention and your life force.

One piece of stable data is the condition of your life force and what external events affect your life force.

For example, You read that there are hidden alien influencers controlling the fate of millions through secret manipulation of advertising, and you practically freeze up wondering if the toilet paper ads you are reading are convincing you to vote for the wrong person.

If you know you are a spirit having a human experience, you can see the hidden persuaders in everyday advertising and journalism. Furthermore, you can recognize the reactions of your spiritual companions to fake news and propaganda, and you avoid reading material from that media outlet from then on.

You learn to recognize the effect on your life force from contact with certain people and news articles. You learn to avoid those events and people who diminish your life force. You also learn to align yourself with those activities and people who increase your life force.

Try reading the SRT Axioms again and see how this affects your life force. Try other sources of data and repeat. I want you to recognize the importance of increasing your resilience.

We will be discussing various strategies for increasing your resilience to change and conspiracies on Monday, October 19, 2020, at12 noon using this link: 

The Academy Donation is $25, and you can use this link: