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Sunday Webinar 7-15-18 – Examination of Life Force Energy

It’s time to share our observations on how the body works and how spiritual beings and Life Force Energy are related.

We can now explain why talking to spirits is so important and how this is connected to why some of can perceive spirits and life force particles where other can only get a vague idea of spiritual activity.

If you are not willing to look at what is there to be perceived, you have created a filter to prevent yourself from being disturbed by data you do not want to examine.

For example, if you have been carefully taught that spirits are the work of the devil and that ghosts and other spiritual phenomena are unholy manifestations to be avoided at all costs, you will probably have a great reluctance to pick up the messages your spirits are sending you.

Similarly, if you have been taught that we are all on earth to be taught a lesson so we can eventually return to GODs grace, whoever that may be, you will have extreme difficulty wrapping your wits around what the SRT counselor is doing as he chats with the voices in your head and persuades them to leave you alone so you can work out your destiny.

Once you are willing to observe what life force energy is, certain things become clearer. You start recognizing that every cell is putting out life force energy including the cells you do not want in your body. It is still a huge reach to consider that you can communicate with parasites and bacteria and whatnot that are roaming freely within your body, but it appears that this is not beyond the bounds of possibility either.

Come to the webinar tomorrow at 12 noon EDT with this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

and share what you have observed. I think we may be able to fill in a few empty spots in our knowledge.

Use this link for your webinar donation if you have not already done so:


Positioning for: Talking To Spirits – The Key to Understanding Life Force Energy

Positionng for:  Talking To Spirits – The Key to Understanding Life Force Energy

The cover graphics and the treatment of the spiritual material will appear to be in alignment with the many other books in the “Talking to Spirits” genre.

The focus will be on the spiritual experiences rather than on the technology involved in handling spiritual beings in distress. The purpose of the book is to bring about a deeper understanding of the role that spirits play in our lives and how talking to these spirits will bring about a desirable change in our relationship with spirits.

I will be illustrating almost all of the main points in story format because the relationships and imagery of the spiritual world is best conveyed through stories.

The chapters will be short with numerous pull quotes and graphics to highlight the most important points to remember about spirits. The book will be written in a conversational tone to make assimilation of the many new ideas as easy as possible. The language will be simple and will be as non-technical as possible. If a complex idea is to be presented, I will include a graphic to illustrate the important relationships.

There will be numerous examples from real life, but the stories will be carefully anonymized to protect the privacy of the clients involved.

I will be contracting for a cover design that will communicate the serenity that talking to spirits brings about while providing a link to the earlier books to show a prior history of publications in this important area.

This is an early draft of the cover to show the kind of positioning I hope to achieve.  I hope to have a professional execute a design that incorporates the positioning with appropriate graphics and typography.

Just How Far Down The Awareness Scale Do Spiritual Beings Go?

If we define awareness as knowledge or perception of a situation or fact, then we can define it for our purposes as extending from no perception, to perception of self and the environment, to perception of everything anywhere.

Taking these in reverse order, the last state, perception of everything everywhere is what we commonly assign to godlike beings, who are immortal and omniscient. (Omniscience is the capacity to know everything that there is.) We have encountered beings with superior powers and incredible awareness in SRT sessions, but none so far have shown godlike powers. Either they are avoiding this planet or there are so few in existence that we will have to reach out to contact them.

Perception of self and the environment is the awareness that most living things exhibit, whether they be animal or vegetable. Spiritual beings existing as plants or animals have varying levels of awareness but all can communicate telepathically. This has been verified in thousands of SRT sessions as well as in spiritualist sessions. The beings occupying plants and animals exhibit varying amounts of free will

There are many spirits who are not manifesting themselves as living beings with bodies and these can have a wide range of awareness, from almost godlike powers to isolated emitters of life force running individual living cells. Disembodied spirits abound on this planet and probably elsewhere and there are millions of people who can perceive them and many thousands who can communicate with them directly.

Spiritual Beings with no perception of self or the environment are in a state of non-beingness. This can be a self-determined condition or because of external influences. This state is indistinguishable from being matter. There is still resident energy but there appears to be no volition left in this state. If you pick up a rock and there is no one in it who is communicating, you are holding spirits who have become matter and do not wish to reverse the process.

This entirely different from spirits who inhabit crystals and create effects on people who hold the crystals and seek to experience benefit from holding the crystal. There are millions of crystals available today which are inhabited by beings who create effects on those possessing the crystal.

I did not realize how fragile the energy of these crystals was and I basically “ruined” a large piece of black tourmaline crystal when I picked it up and recognized the beings entrapped in the crystal. They erupted out of the crystal in a flash and I was left holding a “dead” stone with no spiritual qualities. It made me realize that these magic crystals are dependent on the power of trapped beings. I now keep my hands and attention off crystals being sold for healing purposes.

I would like to see people researching all parts of the spiritual awareness spectrum so that we could develop processes to learn more about spirits in the less visible parts of the spectrum. I foresee SRT students talking to stones and learning the history of the planet from these sources. I would also like to achieve contact with beings higher on the awareness scale than we are so that we could accelerate our return to virtual godhood with the option of not repeating the mistakes that brought us to our current states.

How Can You Tell If A Spiritual Companion is Covertly Hostile?

Let’s say you are a typical composite being who likes the opposite sex, but not too much, and likes children and puppies and classical music and keeping your life in order and caring for those you depend upon.

Have you ever thought about why you don’t have many close friends? Have you ever thought why you do not seem to fit in with the usual office cliques? Have you ever wondered why you do not get recognized for the amazing things you have accomplished year after year?

Do you feel driven to succeed even when you do not get the recognition you so richly deserve? Do you find it impossible to enjoy the simple things in life for very long? In short, does it seem that people do not recognize the good that you do and find it hard to form close relationships with you?

Could it be that they perceive something in you that you do not see? The answer, unfortunately, is yes.

You can get a faint idea of what they see by looking at yourself in the mirror or on your webcam.

Do your eyes sparkle with barely suppressed enthusiasm? Is your smile the first thing you notice about your image? Do you smile at yourself as you see your image in the mirror or screen? Are you pleased at what you see? Does the image make you seem like someone you would like to know?

If none of the above are true, take a long and careful look at the face you present to the world. You are misowning negative emotions from your spiritual companions.

The obvious emotions will jump right out at you, practically begging to get handled. Emotions like suppressed grief, anger, despair and even apathy are written on your face for all to see. These can be handled with very little SRT processing and furthermore, they are not what is keeping people from trusting you and wanting to become your close friends.

If looking at your image leaves you irritated because this is a waste of time and it is evaluative as hell and what does he mean covertly hostile? You may be the proud possessor of beings who are unable to see themselves as other see them. In a strict technical sense, they are stuck in some past moment of danger which as always with them. Present time is usually not accessible to them.

Everything that is said to a covertly hostile being is filtered through the memories of a past moment of danger and the meanings of what is said will be altered beyond belief. Even kind words of praise or admiration will be interpreted as being invalidative or threatening. The being will resent every action anyone takes with regard to them whether it is helpful or critical.

The covertly hostile being may use flattery and fulsome praise to ward off imagined danger and this can usually be recognized as it is over the top in terms of unnecessary overkill. The recipient will often recognize this propitiative flattery because of its exaggerated nature.

If you find yourself praising someone you envy, you may have one of these covertly hostile beings on board. If you find yourself with contradictory feelings about someone who is helping you and continually recurring feelings of suppressed resentment, you are operating with the handicap of a being who is stuck in some past horror and who must hide his true feelings under the penalty of discovery and total destruction.

If you as the resident manager of the composite beingness recognize the signs of a covertly hostile spiritual being, you can help him out by freeing him from the incident he is stuck in with SRT processing.

Getting Down and Dirty With Life Force Energy

There are millions of words written about life force energy and they are all true to a certain extent. They merely omit the fact that life force energy is the actions of many spiritual beings acting in concert.

What has been stated correctly is:

  • Life Force Energy is something that flows through all living things
  • It can be harnessed.
  • It can be increased through prayer and meditation
  • Various centers in the body radiate life force energy.
  • It can be blocked by abuse and toxic relationships
  • It can be strengthened by loving actions and positive affirmations

What has been omitted is that life force energy is produced by every spiritual being and this energy can be strengthened through caring communication with the individual beings and groups of beings.

The flow of life force energy throughout a living body is dependent on the state of awareness of the spirits inhabiting the body. When you learn to communicate with spirits, you can influence the individual spirits and clusters of spirits in the body and thus you can directly influence the amount and quality of the life force produced.

You may ask, “How far down do I need to go to affect the life force being produced by this body?”

That really depends on your ability to communicate and the degree of caring communication you are capable of.

Life force is contained in all cells as far as we have been able to determine. Everything that is alive, has a spiritual energy in it and therefore has a spirit dedicated to it. This even applies to Mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells which produce about 90 percent of the energy generated in the body. There are about 50-100 mitochondria within each body cell and there are about 37.2 trillion cells in the body.

That is a lot of separate life force energy units and the overall energy level can be affected by anything that will affect spiritual beings. Consider if you will, how you feel when you are on a loving and caring environment versus how you feel when you are threatened and forced to remain in a hostile environment. Love and caring restores life and this can easily be demonstrated in many ways. Punishment and abuse shortens life and this is unfortunately visible in everyday life.

When you fail to consider your body as a living organism with spiritual qualities, it is easy to neglect it or to artificially stimulate or depress it with chemical substances. It is not a piece of meat until it is dead. When it is alive, it is a complex network of living systems that interact on a spiritual as well as a physical level. It is being run by the beings who occupy and manage each cell or group of cells.

There are many layers of spiritual activity in the body, from beings running individual cells to beings running organs and to other beings trying to manage entire sections of the body. You can add to that, the beings who are running parasites, and viruses and bacteria, and the other beings running cancer cells. All of them have life force and your ability to perceive these beings and communicate with them will determine the level of harmony that you will be able to establish in the life force energy of a body.

You may also encounter a being who feels he is the Genetic Entity in charge of the body. If present, he is easy to contact, but he has little contact or effect on the various systems of the body. He is like a doorman with no power to intervene or assist in healing the body. I have verified this in session several times.

TALKING TO SPIRITS – Introduction – DRAFT 7-11-18


The Key to Understanding Life Force Energy


We are surrounded by spiritual beings in every state of awareness imaginable. When you learn how to talk to spirits, you will unlock the secrets of existence and will be able to accomplish spiritual healing and divination. You will also discover that life force energy, known also as Chi, Prana, and Ki is made up of individual spiritual beings acting in concert.

When you have read this book and completed the exercises, you will be able to verify for yourself that talking to spirits is not only possible, but will allow you to accomplish goals that you formerly thought impossible.

There is no belief required in order to talk to spirits, only a willingness to understand which thoughts and images are yours and which of them come from other beings. You will discover that you have been barraged all of your life by thoughts and feelings that were not you own. When you finally realize how many of your actions and decisions have been influenced by the spirits surrounding you, you will gain a sense of freedom that few living people have enjoyed.

As you begin to talk to spirits and explore how they work in concert to keep a body alive and functioning, you will gain the ability to heal bodies by bringing spirits into alignment and banishing their confusion. As you gain more ability to perceive spirits and to interact with them, you will find yourself handling spiritual upsets by inspection.

You will gain the ability to recognize harmonious flows of life energy and to handle clusters of spirits who are fixated on some past injury and are disturbing the harmony of a body or a group. As your awareness of life force energy grows, your ability to interact directly with others and to help them align their life force to maintain harmony increases.

It is easy to recognize harmony and to differentiate it from disharmony, but a deep understanding of the spiritual forces at work will enable to you to handle upsets of long duration in a matter of hours because you will know how to communicate to the upset spirits and free them from the traps they are stuck in.

Since we are surrounded by beings, you are constantly receiving their emotions and intentions. After a while, you come to think of their thoughts and emotions as your own. In a very real sense, you are misowning their thoughts and intentions and are running your life on the intentions and desires of other beings. Your attitudes, desires and actions are controlled by these other spirits and until you learn to talk to these spirits, your life will not be under your control.

Other spirits are talking to you constantly. This book will show you how to understand what they are saying and to wake them up and get them to help you achieve your dreams.

This book should be available by September 2018

I can use volunteer editors and proof readers.

I also need cover suggestions.

I will be offering sessions in exchange as well as acknowledgments in the book

7-10-18 – Workshop and Webinar News

There will be NO free workshop this week as I am trying to get the SRT Archive in shape.

There WILL BE a Sunday webinar on the latest discoveries about our bodies. This is one you should not miss.

To prepare yourself for this webinar, I am asking you to examine the life force you perceive in your body and to determine for yourself if it is one seamless flow or is it made up of countless life force particles?

When you have done this to your satisfaction, see if you can perceive variations in the life force in your body.

Then I would like you to examine your body and see if there is some SPIRITUAL communication between the various organs and other body parts. (Liver, lungs, heart, brain, stomach, etc.)

I have reopened my investigation into how a body really works and it seems that the investigation is going better when the people involved have fewer fixed ideas on what a body is.

See you Sunday! Same link and same fee.

I will have more news as we near the weekend.