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How A Being Can Lose Their Knowingness

Knowingness is defined here as the ability to know.

A being has an infinite ability to know, but can be tricked into losing that knowingness and into relying on other sources for information. When that happens, from then on, the being has to consult other sources in order to know about things.

Let me restate this as an axiom: A being who has not been tampered with can know everything. In order to be tampered with, he needs to be persuaded to ignore what he is capable of knowing.

This can be accomplished with the aid of a spiritual or physical device for attracting and trapping a being’s attention.

Here are some examples of such a device:

A magic mirror which displays the viewer’s image with artificially generated responses. The being is attracted by seeing their own image and is captivated when the mirror responds to their presence with programmed responses generated by what the viewer is doing or saying. This device appears in several fairy tales, most notably the mirror used by the evil witch in the tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

There are several devices available today which perform this function. Siri, Alexa and Cortana have become the oracles of this modern age. You ask any of them for the weather report or where to buy fresh figs and they will produce answers based on their stored information.

You may well ask what is the harm when a device can produce data on demand. If you do not seek the data through direct action, how can you determine whether the data is biased or incorrect? Try asking Alexa a question about a political figure and see what kind of response you get.

Once you start relying on a machine to give you truthful answers instead of finding your own truths, you as a being have subordinated your knowingness to a programmed device with unknown inputs and purposes.

Today we have mass media organizations which are basically politically programmed channels of propaganda. If you have no other way to check the information you are receiving through these channels, you will accumulate a vast amount of biased data and your actions will be destructive to the extent that you do not or cannot verify the date you have been fed.

People in the distant past consulted oracles to learn what the future held for them. People today consult the evening news broadcast to learn the same. The talking heads may be truthful or biased, but the damage to your knowingness comes from relying on someone else’s interpretation of current events.

If you do not track down news to its original source, you will always be relying on someone else’s interpretation of events. If you have ever read a news report of something you have personally witnessed, you will have a better idea of the misinterpretation and misrepresentation that can exist for even the simplest event.

Beings have been tricked into relying on outside sources of information a very long time ago and once this habit has been established, it is very difficult to break.

If you feel you cannot know anything you set your mind to, you or your beings may still be the effect of this trick.

Let’s push this a bit further. Do you feel that you need an instructor to learn about spirits or the universe at large? Do you feel you need advice on who to vote for? Do you feel that your ability to learn is less than other people? Do you feel you need advice on what to study?

If any of these are true, you may still be the effect of an early effort to make you lose your knowingness. Find that effort and make it vanish. Your life will be very different.

You will regain your ability to know.

Exercise For Spotting Life Force Levels In Your Body

Every cell has a spiritual being or beings keeping it alive. When that spiritual being departs or is overwhelmed and loses its will to live, the cell begins to exhibit the inert condition we call death. Instead of continuing the processes that provide energy to the cell and the normal activity of the cell, the cell begins to deteriorate and other processes take over. Your body has a range of operating levels and individual signals for indicating the condition of body parts and the overall body.

You, as the overall manager of the body and its course through life are often more intent on getting the body to perform needed activities than you are on checking the condition of the body. If fact, some people are only aware of the condition of their body when it hurts. When you operate in this manner, the condition of the body is never optimum because you are letting pain be the indicator that something needs to be done. Pain is almost a binary indicator, being on or off. A more accurate indicator of the viability of your body is the life force generated by the various parts of your body.

The life force of your body and its parts can be directly observed with a little training so that you can monitor the state of your body more efficiently. Using life force as an indicator of body health provides the most sensitive indication possible.

If you wish to perceive life force levels in your body, the following exercise will get you started.

1. Relax your body and calm your mind and put your attention on your entire body

2. Slowly scan your complete body and feel the aliveness of each body part.

3. After a very short time you should start to notice differences in the way you perceive different areas of your body

4. Some areas will feel healthy and other areas may feel dead or numb.

5. Try to notice the range of aliveness of the different areas of your body

6. What parts are most alive?

7. What body parts are numb or less alive.

You may find yourself falling asleep as you do this because you have body parts that are full of unconscious spirits with very little life force. Do your best to continue the exercise even if you have to take a break to wake up.

You may find that you want to change the position of your body to allow the numb parts to have more freedom. Keep scanning your body until you have certainty on what parts are producing the least life force. The body parts and organs with the least life force will feel apathetic or sad and hopeless. The parts with a great deal of life force will feel happy or contented.

Gently acknowledge the body parts that are not happy until you feel a response. If you cannot get a response from acknowledging the value and support of the body part, run reach and withdraw on that area of the body until you are in good communication with it and know what is going on.

Reach and withdraw is a powerful action and will give you an intimate view of what is happening spiritually in that part of the body. If doing this as a solo action does not produce the needed result, get another person to help you run reach and withdraw until you spot what is actually going on in the body part that has lowered life force.
The problem may be spiritual or it may be physical requiring a diet change or medical treatment. It may be that this part of the body needs more regular exercise. No matter what is wrong, doing reach and withdraw will give you certainty on what is needed to raise the life force in that area of the body.

Repeat the above exercise daily and handle the areas of the body with the lowest levels of life force. If you make this part of your daily routine, you should be able to improve the health and fitness of your body in a significant way.

(This will appear in the new Talking to Spirits book)

How do I get started talking to spirits?

The easiest way to experience spiritual communication is to get a session from a person who has studied Spiritual Rescue Technology. The counselor will help you locate a spirit and he will begin to converse with the spiritual being. You will find unfamiliar thoughts entering your mind with every question the SRT counselor asks.

The counselor will ask you to relate the thoughts that come into your mind exactly as you receive them. and within minutes you will find yourself calmly channeling thoughts from the spirit. The counselor will ask the spirit questions to help him get oriented and you will be receiving his answers. You and the spirit and the counselor will be able to converse.

As you receive the spirits thoughts, you may also begin to receive images of the activities the spirit is describing. After a few sessions you may see what the spirit is communicating as a live action sequence of images like a video.

The images you receive can be quite startling as you are receiving the spirits memories of dramatic moments and strong emotions. The first time you see a spirit in full colonial dress complete in all details, you will begin to understand the amount of data that becomes available when you can talk to spirits.

Since spirits are immortal and have been around for very long times, you will get images of unrecorded history that will tempt you to study ancient history and ancient legends.

Once you have a reality on spiritual communication, you will be encouraged to communicate with spirits on your own. The easiest way to do these solo sessions is to sit down and meditate for a moment until you are calm and in present time. Then take a pen and paper and ask the spirits what you want to know.

If you start with simple questions like, “Is there anything you would like to share with me?” You will be amazed at the thoughts that start running through your mind. Write them down as you receive them and be sure to acknowledge that you have heard and understood. This ancient process is called spirit writing and has been used by authors and other writers for hundreds of years. If you ask your questions in a caring way, you will get answers almost every time. If you are impatient or authoritative, you may not get any answers at all.

The real secret to this simple process is that when beings see you writing their thoughts down on paper, it is a huge acknowledgment that they exist. Some are so grateful for the opportunity to express themselves, they may go on expressing themselves for many pages.

When I am writing articles like this one, I exchange ideas with my spiritual companions for some time until we are in agreement on what we want to say. Then when I start typing, the ideas come to me in a steady flow with occasional corrections as we decide to change things on the fly.

As you get used to working with your helpful spirits, you will find that they will send you a steady stream of bright ideas and comments about everything even when you are not writing. In actual fact, most of the time these spiritual companions have been trying to communicate with you for years and only occasionally have been able to break through because you did not recognize whose thoughts they were. Once you get in good communication with your spirits, you will never lack for good ideas again.

(This will be a chapter in the new Talking To Spirits book)

Increasing Your Ability To Create

You may think that you have been a creative individual, but that is not the entire story! You are a composite personality and each part of that personality is a unique being who has been working in concert with you or against you for many years. If you have been able to create, it has been with the help of, or in spite of the hindrance of spirits.

In order for a group to create results on demand, the members of the group need to be in agreement and operate in alignment. You are a composite personality and some parts of your personality are beings who do not even know each other exist! We have seen proof of this in session after session.

If you have ever tried to work with a disorganized group to get things done, you probably have had enough bad experiences to make you wary of doing things in a group you could not control. Trying to get a random group of people to agree on a particular course of action? Sheer chaos!

Trying to get any nonaligned group of people to work together is difficult. The armies of the world have worked on this problem for centuries and their solutions produce uniform physical actions, but do not lead to creativity.

Getting a group of individuals to subscribe to a common purpose has been done for eons by churches and cults, but the indoctrination required stifles creativity.

Creativity by a group requires an understanding of overall goals and alignment of purpose while embracing contributions by individual members based on their past contributions. The group must be able to communicate on various channels simultaneously while the overall direction should be managed by one individual with subordinates handling separate responsibilities.

Project teams in corporations have managed to accomplish creative tasks with enough efficiency that the concept is still well regarded although aligning the project to an overall exterior goal has been a long standing issue. The problems usually stem from insufficient open communication between upper management and the project team.

You may ask what this has to do with your ability to create results in life? As a composite personality, you have a group of beings who give you advice and influence your behavior and even affect every decision you make in life. Their actions and advice are based on experiences they received many lifetime ago and these experiences may have little relationship to what you are experiencing now.

Unlike you, the beings who surround you are not operating in present time. They are observing your challenges from an 12th century viewpoint or a 1940’s viewpoint and their suggestions may not relate to the problems you are trying to solve.

If you find yourself thinking, “I don’t know if I can do this!” or “This is boring” or “I’ll show them!” you have helpers from another time and place.

When you are uneasy when meeting someone new or unwilling to call someone to make an appointment for a meeting, you have beings who are fearful because of their past experiences and you are misowning their emotions.

It is very hard to be creative if you fear failure, because creative efforts are just one failure after another until you get it right. If your spiritual companions are afraid of failure, and most are, they will make it very difficult to keep on creating when things don’t work out the first time.

Creating new things is one of the most exciting things a person can do. A person will normally be in enthusiasm or strong interest while doing this. If you are not in this high emotional range, you have low toned spiritual beings who are interfering with you.

If, in the middle of a project you feel fear or doubt or apathy, you need to handle the beings who are being triggered by your creativity. If you feel you need to take a break and watch TV, you probably have beings who are doing their best to distract you. If you are worried about finishing on time or doing the right thing, you need to handle the spirits who are being triggered by your current situation.

Once you handle the upset beings with SRT processing, you will find that your progress increases markedly.

This is not the end of the story however. If you communicate with your helpful spirits in daily solo sessions, you will find that they have helpful suggestions that you should listen to. You should feel free to encourage them but you will also need to let them know what your overall goal is so their suggestions align with what you need to accomplish .

If you continue to recognize helpful suggestions and warnings and acknowledge the beings who are originating them, you will find that other beings will start contributing helpful suggestions and your creative work will become easier almost without effort.

You can, of course, ignore all of this advice and do your creative work without acknowledging the bright ideas from others, but you may find that the creative process gets harder and harder as time goes on and you will suffer what people call, “creative burnout”.

You and your spiritual helpers should never experience burnout. If you acknowledge your spiritual teammates for helping you create, their contributions increase over time and their morale does also.

Don’t set yourself up for burnout. Get your team working in alignment and creative activity will be an absolute joy.

7-22-18 Webinar on Money, Sharing SRT with others, and Being More Productive

On Sunday, July 22, I will be talking about the latest discoveries as usual and hope to see you there.

The most valuable part of the webinar may be the discussion about money as some of you have indicated that you could use more money but it continues to elude you. If you are open to discussing the issues you have, you may find that there are solutions you can institute immediately.

I will include exercises that the group can do in solo sessions and we will test them in the workshop to see if they meet your needs. We can also identify issues which can be done in session if you choose to do so.

I have been piloting these remedial actions and have found them to work very well. My counseling activities have doubled in this last month with no significant increase in effort.

We will cover the traps of attempting to share SRT with others and will have positive suggestions for increasing your circle of friends who are using SRT.

Last of all, we will discuss productivity and how your spiritual companions can assist you in reaching higher levels.

Come to the webinar tomorrow at 12 noon EDT with this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

Use this link for your webinar donation if you have not already done so: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10

Do You Feel You Deserve More Money?

You probably do, but you will not get it until you handle the following issues which are blocking your money flows.

  1. You or your beings are resisting inflows of all kinds.
  2. You or your beings are still hiding from discovery
  3. You or your beings consider that you do not deserve wealth
  4. You or your beings consider that you are inferior to others
  5. You have been taught that making money is somehow dirty
  6. You do not understand that all wealth building activity is based on exchange

Once you address these issues for yourself and for your spiritual companions, you will see a remarkable increase in money making opportunities.

People will approach you and offer employment with no particular effort on your part. People will suggest opportunities to you without prompting.

You will start to see improvement in your money situation as soon as you begin handling these barriers. Please do not stop until you have handled all the these barriers and you are making the money you deserve.

What Kind Of Processing Improves The State Of Spiritual Beings?

Our SRT processing is primarily directed toward spiritual beings without bodies, but everything in this document applies to beings wearing bodies.

First, let us define “the state of a spiritual being”. A being generates life force which can be characterized by quantity and quality. A being that is doing well generates life force that is harmonious with the rest of the environment. The degree of harmony can be identified by the emotional tone level produced by the being as it reacts with other beings and its environment.

The emotional tone levels produced by a being can range from being matter without the ability to think up to extreme exhilaration and total omniscience. Beings at the bottom of the scale are incapable of influencing anything and are total effect. Beings at the top of the scale are capable of anything and are total cause. We do not seem to see many of those yet.

Most of the beings we encounter in sessions are in the range of total unconsciousness to enthusiasm, depending on the number of incidents they still have attention on. Spiritual Rescue Technology seeks to free beings from these incidents and restore their free will and it does this with time tested processes that awaken the being and get the being to recognize his own existence and then take responsibility for his current condition.

Awakening a being without raising the being’s ability to take responsibility for his condition produces a being who is able to be active but who has no ability to harmonize with others or understanding of the need to act in harmony with others. Scientology developed a way to wake up beings in great quantity and to drive them away from the people these beings were attached to. This is like exorcism in which beings are woken and then driven off by forceful intention. The final result is beings who are now awake and in no better shape than when they struggling with the last incident they experienced.

Aside from exorcism and Scientology, there are other ways to wake beings up without improving their responsibility level and their free will.

Some individuals have the ability to look at beings and duplicate their intentions and cause these beings to leave immediately. This has been called “blowing by inspection” and there is no doubt that this causes beings to leave a location. The unseen result is that the state of these beings has not improved, they have merely been relocated.

There have been no realizations by the beings involved and the net value of this activity is that beings have been relocated with no improvement in their condition. They can continue to affect the person and often do. I have been monitoring those who rely on blowing beings by inspection and I have not found the positive results that are obtained by standard SRT processing.

There is another way to wake up beings and make them feel better without raising their responsibility level. One can flow admiration at beings and clusters of beings until they wake up and feel great, but this action does not improve the actual state of the beings because they have had no realizations or increase in responsibility.

The admired beings may even drift off and leave the host person feeling better, but the beings will be triggered by the original stimulus if it reoccurs. The raising of tone level due to admiration is only temporary and the beings will revert to their previous tone level and activity as soon as restimulation occurs.

Most SRT procedures raise awareness and responsibility of the beings addressed and these changes are permanent.

There are other SRT processes applied to masses of beings who are trapped in a body and are below awareness. These processes wake the dormant beings up and enable them to leave the area they are trapped in. These energy masses can contain immense quantities of beings and they can affect a body negatively when they exist. Waking the beings up gently and enabling them to leave seems to be the best process for relieving the body of this problem. As other discoveries are made, there may be ways of processing these incredibly large masses of beings to a higher state of awareness after awakening them.

In summary, in order to bring beings up to a state where they can exercise free will in harmony with others, it seems best to do the following:

  1. locate the incident they still have attention on

  2. get them to recognize what they did or failed to do which caused the incident to happen

  3. get them to recognize how they justified the action

At this point they will be operating in present time and will be cheerfully able to decide what they want to do next.

If the beings are not happy with the process, they are not yet in present time and will need additional assistance. If they resist doing the three steps of the SRT process, they are controlling the client and you will not make progress until the client recognizes that he is being controlled and is willing to work with you to resolve the problem.

If regular SRT processing does not raise the tone level of the client after several sessions, you may have a situation where the client or the beings are not running the process, but are doing something else.

If you cannot get them to cooperate and run the process as described, you will not be able to help them and should politely discontinue sessions and return their unused money.

You are not required to help everyone, only those who want to be helped. Their actions will show you which category they are in. If you are not able to see improvement in the state of your client when you are doing your best to help them, you need to let them find another counselor.

SRT works like magic on those who want help. Stick with those who appreciate your help and you will flourish and they will also.

Why Sharing SRT With Your Friends Can Be So Painful

There will come a time when you are so pleased at the incredible changes SRT has made in your life that you will want to share your joy with others you love.

Unless you have incredibly perceptive friends, they will probably think you have lost your mind!

Why is this? Why is it so hard to communicate the joy you feel to others who have loved you and supported you throughout your relationship?

If you are enjoying the benefits of SRT counseling, you have probably experienced a major reality shift since your first contact with Spiritual Rescue Technology. You know where the voices in your head come from and you can perceive spiritual beings when they affect you and when they take over the personality of your friends.

You have also experienced the incredible rush that occurs when a troubled being wakes up and stops tormenting you and peacefully leaves you to begin a new life. Once you learn how to achieve this relief, you gain the tools to repeat this over and over again.

So, here you are feeling wonderful and you desire to share your experiences with others. You have changed and you would like others to have the same experience. I applaud your intentions and your enthusiasm, but I suggest that you tread carefully so that you do not upset your friends and family with information they are not ready to receive.

If you are like most people who are eager to share, you will regale your friends with the things you have experienced and seen and they may listen politely but they will never look at you in the same way again. You will have convinced them you have really lost your mind and you may lose a long time friend in the process.

For example, how long did it take for you to get involved in Spiritual Rescue Technology from the first time you saw or heard it mentioned. Usually, a person will hear about a new spiritual activity and will wait months or even years until they feel a need for change which the spiritual activity might deliver.

The person whose life is relatively stable, even if they are not happy, is not ready for change. If their basic needs are being met, they are not likely to pursue life changing activities. SRT is life changing and can change a person’s personality practically overnight. The timid individual can become far more aggressive in stating their needs and wants.

People who are stuck in a rut may be looking for a miracle, but may been drawn into a cult like Scientology, or EST or any of the charismatic groups that appeal to desperate people looking for salvation. There are many thousand of these disappointed people who will get triggered when you talk to them about talking to spirits.


It is best if you proceed slowly. Wait until someone asks what you have been doing recently. Respond with a VERY BRIEF statement about communicating with spirits. Something like, “I have been taking a class on talking to spirits.” AND STOP THERE.

If the person shows no interest or changes the subject, Go no further with talking about spirits and discuss a topic like the weather.

If the person asks about your experience with interest, you can mention that you talked to a spirit about his life as a bank robber or as a suicidal housewife. Keep it very short like one sentence long and wait for the person’s response. If they say, “Oh, that’s interesting!” and change the subject, stop talking about spirits and do not try again.

If they beg you to go on with your story, tell them enough to show that you really talked with a spirit and stop there. If they want to talk further, get them to read one of my books and tell them it will give them the entire story.

If they want to tell you about their encounters with spirits or the voices in their heads, let them say whatever they want to say and tell them the book has a lot of information about that kind of thing.

Getting them to read a book will sort out the people who are actually interested in talking to spirits versus people who want to share what spirit stories they have read.


The bottom line is that if after telling someone about your spiritual experiences, they do not come back to you and ask for more information,they are not interested in pursuing the matter. Bringing it up again when you meet them or at family gatherings will generate more resentment than you can ever imagine. Keep your spiritual secrets to yourself and never mention them again.


There will be people who light up when you mention speaking to spirits and you should reserve your sharing of information to them. They will approach you again and again with questions and you will have little trouble getting them in on the most disruptive spiritual technology available today.


Be prepared to state confidently what you have experienced with spirits if anyone asks you, but do not attempt to share more unless you are asked for details. Do not attempt to preach to the uninterested or to those who hate spiritual matters.

If you follow these rules, you will find that the people who are impressed with your confident attitude about spirits will send others to you who are in need of help.

Sunday Webinar 7-15-18 – Examination of Life Force Energy

It’s time to share our observations on how the body works and how spiritual beings and Life Force Energy are related.

We can now explain why talking to spirits is so important and how this is connected to why some of can perceive spirits and life force particles where other can only get a vague idea of spiritual activity.

If you are not willing to look at what is there to be perceived, you have created a filter to prevent yourself from being disturbed by data you do not want to examine.

For example, if you have been carefully taught that spirits are the work of the devil and that ghosts and other spiritual phenomena are unholy manifestations to be avoided at all costs, you will probably have a great reluctance to pick up the messages your spirits are sending you.

Similarly, if you have been taught that we are all on earth to be taught a lesson so we can eventually return to GODs grace, whoever that may be, you will have extreme difficulty wrapping your wits around what the SRT counselor is doing as he chats with the voices in your head and persuades them to leave you alone so you can work out your destiny.

Once you are willing to observe what life force energy is, certain things become clearer. You start recognizing that every cell is putting out life force energy including the cells you do not want in your body. It is still a huge reach to consider that you can communicate with parasites and bacteria and whatnot that are roaming freely within your body, but it appears that this is not beyond the bounds of possibility either.

Come to the webinar tomorrow at 12 noon EDT with this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

and share what you have observed. I think we may be able to fill in a few empty spots in our knowledge.

Use this link for your webinar donation if you have not already done so: