New Cover for Managing Your Spiritual Companions

I have been working on improving the cover design for Managing Your Spiritual Companions. This is the latest version.
I wish to acknowledge Rick Spies for his suggestions on the cover design. He sent me a rough design for a better cover and I have created a version with managed spirits instead of a mob of spirits like my previous covers.



There is a legend among medical people that there is a tendency for cognitive processes to be specialized to one side of the brain or the other. This probably stems from the discovery that the left hemisphere controls movement for the right side of the body, while the right hemisphere directs the left side.

More recently, this has been relegated to the status of a myth by psychologists. (

I can verify that the brain has little to do with actual cognitive thought or memory of any kind, and you can do this also. When we communicate with a spirit, we are communicating with a being who no longer is associated with a body, and yet we are presented with memories and images from the being’s past.

If you have the chance to chat with a departed relative, you will find that their personality is intact, for the most part, and they still have a sense of humor and their regard for you. Almost everything you knew to be true about them when they were among the living is true today. Their concerns are different, of course, because they now have different objectives.

The point I am trying to make is that the body is a garment we put on to assume a human identity. If we chose to put on a canine body, we might end up as a really smart dog or a disturbed one, as I witnessed in a Clearwater pet shop. I saw a young boxer puppy trying to hide behind the rest of his litter mates when he realized I knew who he was. It was quite startling to look at a dog and get mental images of a middle-aged human banker wearing a dog body.

We are immortal spirits, and I am sure that some of us have tried to change our luck by changing species. Who has not idly thought how nice it would be to fly free as a bird or roam the woods as a wild creature. Otters, after all, seem to have a lot of fun. Becoming a horse in your next life might seem a way to escape responsibilities, but a lack of opposable thumbs limits your ability to surf the internet.

It is more useful to view your brain as a switchboard that translates your ideas into movement and physical responses. When your brain is damaged, you still exist, but your ability to communicate and control your body is severely limited. This deprivation can cause mental problems, but it is mainly due to your inability to express yourself.

Your brain has little to do with you being logical and analytical, or emotional, intuitive, and creative. Those choices are up to you and are influenced by the spiritual companions you encourage. As I mentioned elsewhere, spirits flock to people who are doing things that interest them. If you develop a strong interest in cooking, you will attract helpful kitchen spirits. If you are plotting to destroy Parliament, you may attract explosive experts.

If you set yourself to achieve a high and noble purpose, you will eventually attract spirits who will support you in your efforts. If you persist on this course in spite of all obstacles, you will eventually succeed. Your body and its brain are merely part of the physical package you have chosen and do not represent a limiting factor unless you decide they are.

Your body is a garment you put on to assume a human identity.

Your intentions and purposes are the determining factor in achieving success,

along with opposable thumbs!



Until you have experienced a team of spirits working in harmony with you, it is almost impossible to imagine how it feels. There is this feeling of constant joy while at the same time you are working at a pace that defies description. When it happens, this is not an accidental occurrence. It is the result of a coordinated exercise of wills aligned so perfectly that one feels no turbulence or disorder. Most of us go through life without ever experiencing this joyful display of free will in perfect alignment.

After 45 years of spiritual research, I have only begun to experience this feeling in the last few months as I began to close in on the inner secrets of managing groups of spirits. I am still learning how to manage my spiritual companions, but the moments of spiritual joy are coming more and more frequently and lasting longer.

We touch upon this exalted state whenever we engage in spiritual practices that release us and our spiritual companions from past incidents that are still affecting us. Sometimes the release is temporary, as when we ingest certain drugs and obtain a release from the thoughts and images projected by our spiritual companions. As soon as the drugs wear off, we are exposed again to the suffering and misery that our spiritual companions are projecting.

As we follow a path of spiritual enlightenment, we experience longer and longer periods of release from pain and harmful thoughts. If we choose a semi-monastic life, we arrange things so we are protected from the disturbing influences of everyday life, and we can achieve a state of relative peace of mind. This only continues as long as we avoid contact with real life.

With Spiritual Rescue Technology, we can identify and handle any being who is disturbed and destructive and set them free or bring them into accord with the rest of the team that works in harmony. The fact we can handle any particular spirit in minutes would seem to present an opportunity for almost anyone to experience spiritual joy at will. Such is not the case. Far too many of my clients, while overjoyed at the results of sessions and solo sessions, feel discouraged about trying to achieve a permanent result because of the overwhelming number of discarnate spirits that surround every one of us. They receive sessions and give themselves sessions and then resign themselves to do their best and keep slogging on while feeling determined to not give up.

After all, life on earth is no picnic, and you never get out of here alive anyway. The motto of far too many people is “Do The Best You Can!” While this is admirable and better than apathy, it is possible to set the bar for acceptable existence far higher. 

From personal experience, I know that it is possible to train oneself to recognize any fall from extreme joy as a danger sign. Just because you have lived your entire life on the edge of discouragement and pain does not mean that this is where you are destined to stay. I lived for years in a state of anxiety with an ulcer because I did not recognize I was in a threatening environment, so I know how we can suppress our responses to a dangerous environment and treat it as “normal.”

By using SRT to manage your spiritual companions and your body, you can achieve states of joy that are stable and can effortlessly propel you to achievements beyond all expectations. To make this real and to give you a tool to monitor what is happening, I am providing a checklist of things that show when your spiritual companions are in trouble. You merely run down this list every day and handle the first thing that indicates to you. To give yourself the best coverage, I suggest you take up the list each day, starting after the last item you handled. I strongly recommend that you only handle one item at a time and put the list away for another day. That way, you will enjoy your win and will always end the session on a high point. Believe me, idle browsing of this checklist can spin you in and will ruin your day.


How To Use This List 

Read down the list and stop at the first item that seems to describe what is going on with you. Locate the being or beings who are exhibiting this emotion or feeling. Run Reach and Withdraw on them until you get their story. Run an appropriate SRT process on them to free them from the incident and return their free will. If they are eager to help you, recruit them and give them a task to do. If they are not interested in what you are doing, send them to a safe place where they can figure out what they want to do for themselves.

Having done all of the above, put the list away for another day. When this list is really flat, go on to list #2

  1. You feel irritated at someone
  2. You don’t feel well
  3. You feel distracted and can’t seem to focus
  4. You have a headache
  5. You feel bored
  6. You are unhappy
  7. Nobody appreciates you
  8. You are not attracting enough attention
  9. You are attracting too much attention
  10. There is nothing to do
  11. You feel old
  12. Life sucks
  13. You are feeling cranky
  14. You can’t remember things
  15. You do not feel like yourself
  16. You resent someone
  17. Someone has been mean to you
  18. People keep trying to give you advice
  19. You are surrounded by assholes
  20. You want to go back to bed and hide
  21. You regret having gotten up out of bed this morning
  22. There is someone you don’t want to meet
  23. You are worried about your job
  24. You are afraid you will be laid off
  25. You are worried about your marriage
  26. You don’t have any friends who understand you
  27. You are unhappy about your body
  28. People talk about you behind your back
  29. You smell bad
  30. People look at you funny
  31. Your dog hates you
  32. Your cat despises you
  33. Nobody likes you
  34. Your feet hurt
  35. You feel sad
  36. You do not want to go to work today
  37. You do not want to go to school today
  38. You want to end it all
  39. You want everyone to go away and leave you alone
  40. You think this list is a waste of time

Lists 2-10 will be in the back of the book after the Appendix.



When we are communicating with our spiritual companions, we are generally using polite conversation to gather information and free these beings from incidents that have captured their attention. Very few of the beings we contact in session are able to operate freely in present time. Most are stuck in a past death or some horrific incident that has captured so much of their attention that they cannot unstick themselves from it. In effect, they are still living that horrific moment and your attempts to communicate are not really getting through. They appear to here in the present, but they are still stuck in the past.

If you establish a friendly communication line and talk about things they are willing to discuss, you will find that they will begin to wake up and will be happy to work with you. If you think of them as being semi-conscious and still in shock, you will treat them gently and will usually establish communication with them that will help them recover from their experience.

If you think of them as a human being who is confused, has lost their body, and needs help in regaining their free will, you will not go far wrong. They may be cranky and confused, but your only way to help them is to find what they are willing to do and work with that.

You wait until the client has located the spirit and has put their attention on him. You will be able to spot where their attention is and put your attention there also. (If this is beyond you, drill spotting attention with a twin until you have certainty.)

Your opening question should be gentle and something on the order of, “Is it OK if I help you?

However you word it, it should be a question that they can answer yes or no to.

If they say, “No!”, you gently ask, “Why not?”

They will almost always open up and start telling you about the incident they are still stuck in. If it isn’t the basic incident, it will be something serious and letting them tell you about it will release enough charge that they will begin to communicate.

Very rarely, the being may speak first and seem quite chatty. If that is the case, you let him speak his fill and acknowledge him. If he has a concern, you ask questions to get all of it. If he has a complaint, you ask questions as to what solutions are acceptable to him.

You are seeking the incident he has his attention on and it may take a little conversation before you can locate it. If he appears to you in a uniform or armor of some sort, you may get an impression of the incident, but do not make assumptions. If he doesn’t tell you, you should ask if he lost his life or his body in this incident.

If you encounter a spirit or spirits and they do not provide a clue about their history, you might ask when did they last have bodies or was there some incident they still have attention on. Eventually they will begin to tell you about the incident. If you give them half-acknowledgments, they will continue until they have told all. You need to get everything that they have attention on. These will usually be the terrible things that others have done to them.

Once they are finished, you must ask them, what prompted these other people to start the incident that cost them their lives. If they do not volunteer it, you must ask them what they did to cause the other people to start the incident. You may have to frame the question in a non-judgmental way such as, “Was there something done or said that caused these others to do what they did?”

If you have done it in a friendly and non-judgmental way, they will usually laugh and admit they told the others to do something in an insulting and offensive way. Sometimes they will admit to having struck first or caused harm to the group that is nor persecuting them.

This where you have to be very understanding and non-judgmental because you are going to ask them, “How did you justify that?” or “What made that seem like a good solution?” You may have to ask the question several times before you get the real justification which will cause a release to occur and result in laughter. This justification does not have to make sense to you. If it is the real justification that caused the person to take action which changed his life for the worse, he will feel relief and and will no longer try to defend it. Many times the justification will sound like, “It seemed like a good idea at the time!”

What you will find is the being made a decision to resolve a confusion and it turned out badly. Revisiting the justification will usually reveal that the decision was faulty and the justification really made no sense. In the rare case where this does not resolve the fixation on the incident, you will need to ask what the confusion was and this will blow the whole problem.

Very, very rarely, this was not the first or basic confusion and you will need to ask if there was an earlier confusion and one before that. If there is a chain of confusions that has been causing the person to alienate others, this will change everyone’s life when it is discovered.

You will find that these same questions will resolve issues between people wearing bodies. In all cases, you are removing someone from being a victim to taking responsibility for their condition. It will set them free from a losing lifestyle and will help them to take responsibility for their lives thereafter.



Belief is what sustains us until we achieve certainty. We believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy until someone decides to let us in on these carefully kept secrets. We believe our parents are just and good until we have reason to learn the real truths of their lives. There is nothing wrong with believing things unless your belief prevents you from learning new things.

There are millions of people who believe that demons are real and will take over our lives if we let them. By demons, these people mean malevolent spirits and they are taught that only prayer will save you from these demons. These people are not entirely wrong. There are malevolent spirits who have been so tortured by their past experiences that all they wish to do is to destroy and create harm. These spirits are no more demons than the dangerous people whose lives have been destroyed by what they have done and experienced.

Many of the spirits I encounter in my spiritual counseling might seem to fall in the category of demons due to the characteristics they display and the enmity they display toward my clients. I do not exorcise them with some awesome ritual as the chosen priests in the Roman Catholic church will do. No, I engage them in a caring conversation, and then I locate the incident that overwhelmed them and changed them forever. Once that is accomplished, I get them to confront what they did that made them compromise their integrity and begin to live a lie. We then locate the confusion or false data which caused them to make the wrong decision, and they begin to regain their integrity.

The point I am trying to make is that I have never seen a being that was truly evil from the first moment of their existence. The being made a bad decision in the absence of true knowledge and has been asserting his rightness ever since. If you truly believe that certain people are not human like the rest of us, you can make decisions about them that are totally destructive and evil. If you do not believe that all life is connected and desires to live and create, you can be persuaded to destroy living things when there is no need.

In the same way, I have not encountered any angels or heavenly hosts. I have encountered beings who were worshiped as gods until they fell out of favor and lost the power to compel others and create miracles. I have encountered spirits who blew up planets and destroyed entire civilizations when they could not get their way. 

I do not expect you to believe anything you will read here or in my other books until you experience contacting the memories of a spirit in session. When you perceive memories of a stagecoach robbery, or the building of a pyramid, or the explosion of a spaceship in glorious color, you begin to realize that we have been around a very long time, and our history books were only written in the last few thousand years.

A few people have always been sensitive to spiritual matters, and they have kept the knowledge alive for those who chose to learn it. A greater number of people may only believe in spirits, but they experience enough in the way of uncommon insights and secret messages that they have assured belief. Those who would believe that all spirits are demonic are still very much in evidence, but their credibility is such that they cannot burn believers at the stake anymore. People who truly believe that spirits are demonic tend to shun those of us who simply perceive and talk to spirits daily. I have inlaws who fall in that select group, and they will have nothing to do with me for fear that I have something that is catching.

Unfortunately for them, spiritual companions are a mischievous sort and tend to jump from person to person if it amuses them. My spiritual companions will give them a wide berth, but they will pick up spirits from everyone they come in contact with. You may have noticed that I mentioned earlier that spirits will join you if you are doing something that interests them, and they will leave you and jump to others who are more interesting. 

I might as well come clean now and let you know that you have exchanged spirits with everyone you had sex with or argued with, or lived with. Actually, you have picked up spirits almost every time you visited someone in the hospital. I know this because when a client feels down after visiting the mother-in-law, the usual cause is due to picking up hostile beings from the mother-in-law. Visits from relatives often bring about transfers of spirits, and the new spiritual arrivals are often quite vocal in their disapproval.

We get used to our collection of spirits, and over time, we tend to view the situation as normal. When we pick up a new load of spiritual beings, it changes the way we feel and affects our emotions and our stability. So, whenever a client notices that they are not feeling as good as usual, I check for who they have just been with. The problem is usually solved when the visiting spirits are spotted and handled, but occasionally, the problem is due to the fact that one of the resident spiritual companions has been disturbed by the appearance of a visitor and his spirits. 

When you are an immortal being, you have a chance to make many mistakes and also make lasting enemies. You never know when you will run into someone you wronged or left smoking in a ditch, so be prepared to apologize or make up when this happens. As you become aware of your past and all of the things you did that you would not do now, you become a nicer person and are less likely to engage in repeat performances of your earlier mistakes.

If you wish to achieve certainty about spirits and your mutual history, just accept the information that appears and let the pieces come together over time. In session, I have seen people discredit an event which I could see clearly because the spirits speaking did not give the correct name or location. Information usually comes in thought or mental image form, but occasionally it will come as a short burst of information that contains a month’s worth of activity. This may come as a response to a question, but occasionally it will just be presented as you contact an individual spirit. You discover a spirit, and suddenly you have a concept of his entire purpose in being there. You hoped to discover the architect of a pyramid, and the being you contact is the caterer for the construction crew. Take what you can get and be polite. Every session will add to your knowledge and certainty.

I am trying to get you to see that there is an awful lot to learn from these spirits, and you will succeed as long as you keep an open mind and ask pertinent questions. By this, I mean ask questions that will resolve issues for the being and free him from experiences he is stuck in. I will dedicate an entire chapter to questioning spirits, but you need to know that your purpose in communicating with them is to free them from the confusions of the past. Asking them if they knew Archimedes is not likely to be helpful to them or to you.

What you should believe about spirits is that they are more like you than you might imagine. You will encounter deceased relatives and cosmic warriors from far-off civilizations. Just treat them as you would wish to be treated, and you will usually get along fine. If you start to feel that you are losing control, just get yourself into present time using your meditative skills and carry on. There is a great deal to discover as long as you don’t let your beliefs blind you to what has happened.

The only thing that might stop you from communicating with spirits and learning what they have done is the belief that you are violating some ancient agreement or sacred law.

Get over it and discover what is actually there.



Managing your spiritual companions is not optional. If you do not actively manage them or their effects upon you, they will control you. They do not choose to do this; they are compelled to respond to your environment because of the traumatic events they have experienced.

The spirits who surround you have died a million times, just as you have, but they have also collected some experiences that have discouraged them from ever taking an active part in being fully human again. Experiences like being burned at the stake for daring to be a healer or having your little baby brains being bashed in by wave after wave of raiders will discourage a being from active participation in the weird rite called civilization. All through history on this and other planets, there have been interludes that make Orwell’s 1984 seem like a Sunday School tale.

Those of us who are still running bodies and answering up to our names are probably in the minority, either because we missed out on the more gruesome events or because we like challenges and are terminally stupid. All I know from my viewpoint as a spiritual counselor is that there seem to be many more discarnate spirits than there are living human beings in every area I see.

Many of these beings are so crippled by their experiences that they are unable to offer sensible help. Their response to almost any change in the environment is to flee or to hide. Other beings so abused by life can only think to attack when presented by anything new. Others have emotional ranges from apathy to the glee of insanity and are not particularly helpful when you run into a situation requiring judgment and courage. If you want an example of a person being managed by their spiritual companions, take a close look at the behavior of a person exhibiting autism or dissociative identity disorder (DID). Somebody is in charge, but it is not necessarily the personality of the owner of the body.

In talking with individuals exhibiting this behavior, I have found the rightful owner of the body to be somewhat retiring and under the influence of other and stronger beings. These more aggressive beings will interrupt and take control when they feel the owner is attempting to emerge and respond to my conversation. The net result is that a form of possession exists, and neither modern science nor I have yet developed a humane way of intervening in the situation. Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and chemical restraints are not humane and merely punish the person for losing control.

When a mob scene occurs in the person’s mind, rest and quiet seem to be more beneficial than strenuous treatment. I am sure that a spiritual solution exists, but my attention for now is focused on helping people stay in control of their spiritual companions and managing them so all concerned can win and gain spiritual freedom.

The important thing to realize is that DID and incessant daydreaming or loss of control and focus are merely different ends of the same spectrum. In one case, the spirits around the person are running the show, and in the other, the spirits are affecting the person’s behavior, and he notices this and strives to correct it. If you understand this, you will realize that management of spirits is not optional. It is a necessity.

If you are able to choose a life of peace and serenity, like a monk in a monastery, you will probably escape the results of environmental stimulation on your spiritual companions. If you choose to participate in life with all of its confusions, betrayals, and alarms, you need to be able to communicate with your spirits and ease their torment when it occurs.

There have been many approaches to this problem through meditation and prayer, but you may wish to use Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) which allows you to communicate directly with the afflicted spirits and free them from the incidents which exert control over them. This technology is discussed in the chapter titled SRT Solutions which gives you an overview of the steps needed to aid a spiritual being who is in distress.

Managing your spiritual companions is not optional. 

If you do not actively manage them or their effects upon you, 

they will manage you. 

They do not choose to do this, they are compelled to respond to your environment because of the traumatic events they have experienced.

Spiritual Rescue Technology will help you manage your spirits.



In my 45 years of spiritual research, I have run across countless cases where people received spiritual help that changed their lives. By spiritual help, I mean messages and helpful hints from spirits that saved them from harm or gave them an advantage in a challenging situation. As a result, I have total certainty that spirits can help us and we should take every opportunity to make it easy for them to help us.

I have even found to my surprise that some of the problems I encountered when providing spiritual counseling were the result of a spirit providing what he thought was help except that it was harmful to the person receiving the help. For example, one friend experienced body problems that were stopping her from taking action in some matter. On investigation, we discovered that a spiritual being was trying to help her by stopping her from taking this particular action. After discussing the matter with the spiritual being, we were able to come to an agreement, and the pain stopped. This started a further investigation into the matter of getting help from friendly spirits. The findings indicate that open communication with spirits would avoid help that was unwanted or unhelpful.

The more I looked into the matter of using spirits as a resource, the more I was impressed with the depth of the resources we could draw upon. If you are an average earth person, you have spiritual companions who have experienced almost every role in life, including rulers, scientists, politicians, healers, and assassins. In other words, whatever tasks you wish to undertake, you have beings available who have done them successfully and others who have failed at those tasks.

This means that if you are willing to consult your spiritual companions, you can draw upon the best way to accomplish almost anything and a good idea of what will cause your project to fail. Some of our most gifted inventors, like Tesla, seemed to draw upon these spiritual resources and come up with solutions that no one else seemed to know about. If you are a writer or an artist and you can draw upon your spiritual advisers, there is no end of ideas that are presented for your use.

I have enlisted a group of spirits who delight in working with me to expound about different subjects, using many different styles of discourse from scholarly and pedantic to airily mischievous. What makes this resource so useful is that writing about a new subject seems to attract more beings with an interest in that subject. In other words, my research and writing team seems to expand as it is needed. The more I write about an interesting subject, the more NEW ideas appear. Not all of these ideas will fit the discourse I have planned, but I can function as the senior editor and shape their contributions to fit my needs.

The ability to attract more spiritual support as needed is a welcome balance to the alternative activity, which is the abandonment by spirits who no longer are interested in what I am doing. I see this in my own life and in the lives of others. As you get interested in some interesting activity like beekeeping or fencing with sabers, you attract or wake up spirits with a deep interest in participating in that activity. When you move on to another hobby of the month, these beings will often move off, and you will actually lose any skills you had in that field. Your spiritual companions may give you information about a subject, but they are more likely to actually take over your body and give you the skills to perform activities you were not trained in. You may have the muscle memory of their activity, but you will not retain a full understanding of their skill when they depart.

When I was learning to cook vegetarian meals, I was joined by a spirit named Frank, whose last life involved being a short-order cook in Philadelphia. While he was my resident chef, my shopping for food took on a different aspect altogether because I was aware of vegetables that I had never eaten before. When working on meals, my food preparation was totally different than my usual fumbling around in the kitchen. It seemed like I only had to put the food out on the counter and pick up a knife, and Frank would take over. I likened it to commuting to work when I would get in the car and go on automatic until I arrived at corporate headquarters with little memory of the intervening miles I had traveled. With Frank, I would settle into happy spectator-hood while the meal was being prepared and then wake up to enjoy the feast. Now that I am no longer cooking vegetarian meals or any serious cooking at all, I have to do all the cooking myself as Frank has left for kitchens where real culinary skills are required. Frank does not do microwave cooking.

I first discovered how spirits can help and then abandon you when I went to college. When I was in Junior High School, my mother secured piano lessons for me, and although I resisted practicing, I became quite good and excelled at recitals. I could never learn to sight-read, but I learned a number of pieces of classical music and even learned to play ragtime, all from memory. When I was performing on stage, I used to get all sorts of images of composers from the past, but I did not recognize the source. All I know is that my mother was very proud of me and that I could play well enough to make little old ladies cry.

Somewhere in high school, I decided that I did not want to take lessons anymore and that I would just play when I wanted to. I felt I had acquired enough skills that I could play piano on my own. To my horror, a few months later when I tried out for a musical part in a high school production, I could not remember any of the pieces I thought I had learned. Since I had a really good memory for almost everything I have studied, I could not figure out why I had completely lost the ability to play the piano. I could remember what it felt like to play so well, but I could not remember any of the hand positions required to play the chords. I have the memory of a spectator but not the performer! I tried several times to recover my musical ability in college and failed again and again. It was as though I had never had the ability in the first place!

It wasn’t until many years later in session that I discovered that I had driven off my talented spiritual companion by refusing to continue my music in a serious way. In the last decade, since I have been working professionally with spirits, I have gained certainty that if you are getting spiritual help, it will only continue as long as you are actually using it and appreciating it. If you don’t appreciate the help and use it, you will lose it, probably forever.

Here is a lesson for those of you who wish to avail yourself of spiritual help. 

It is available if you ask for it and value it. 

If you recognize that a spirit is helping you, 

be sure to acknowledge him or her adequately and sincerely. 

I acknowledged Frank publicly the week he appeared, and our relationship was pleasing for both of us. When I moved from my home in Floyd, Virginia, to an apartment in Cary, NC and the Pandemic set in, we changed our lifestyle completely, and microwave and toaster oven meals became a regular thing. Frank quietly slipped away, and it wasn’t until I tried to cook a regular meal with all the fixings that I noticed he was gone. I am grateful to have known him and have learned how much difference a spiritual helper makes. I hope he has found a new berth in a kitchen that appreciates his worth, and I wish him well.

The bottom line here is that when you need a spiritual helper, and you ask for help, you may be able to pull the right spiritual being in. When you are no longer doing those tasks that the spirit enjoys doing, you will probably lose him. Be grateful for their assistance while it lasts. Just recognize that circumstances can change and that you and your spiritual companions may wish to move on to new challenges. Consider yourself fortunate to have had the experience of receiving spiritual help.

When you are no longer doing those tasks that spirits enjoy doing, 

you will probably lose them.

Be grateful for their assistance while it lasts.


Why Would You Want To Manage Your Spiritual Companions?

Why don’t we start by examining the various alternatives? I have had people propose an entire range of alternative solutions for managing our spiritual companions. Some feel that we should leave them in GOD’s hands and let HIM decide. Others take a more peaceful approach and feel we should just live and let live with each of doing our best and leaving our spiritual companions to work out what is best for them. A few potential clients felt that we should just leave these spirits completely alone and concentrate on leading better lives.

A few people we know have been convinced by their religious leaders that anything having to do with spirits is demonology and should be shunned. Somehow, they view disembodied spirits as being different from themselves and do everything they can to avoid dealing with the subject.

Unfortunately for these people who would ignore our spiritual companions, they exist and have a great deal of influence on our lives. We have the choice of managing them and taking charge of our lives or letting them do what their past experiences drive them to do.

Our spiritual companions are not at the top of their form. Many of them have suffered trauma that has driven them half-mad, and it doesn’t take much for them to get discouraged or upset even when they desire to help us. Almost every spirit you encounter has come down from a godlike state where they could freely create miracles to their present state of semi-consciousness where they shy at shadows and desperately try to hold on to their sanity. If you were to liken your spiritual companions to survivors of WWII concentration camps, you would not be far wrong. They are damaged souls and need care and understanding.

Their experiences have damaged them to the extent that they were not willing to take ownership of a body and take another whirl at being human. They have all kinds of experience, but you might say their confidence has been shaken to the point where they can only advise and caution you but are not willing to be in charge. They made mistakes which not only cost them their lives, but have shaken their confidence to the point where they are not willing to be human with a recognizable identity.

They become part of your entourage and help you project the beingness and identity that you consider to be yours. If you do not manage them in this endeavor, you get a mob scene, and they cause you to project an unstable and irrational personality.

Now some of you have identified your spiritual companions as departed relatives who have chosen to guide you instead of picking up bodies of their own. Now, you may be happy that grandmother is sitting on your shoulder advising you on your choice of friends and dietary habits, but very few of us are willing to be run by others, especially by invisible advisors.

Organizations run best when they are bound together by agreements on their purpose and leadership. All of the members will operate in harmony when these agreements exist. An organization without a leader and agreements on what is to be done is an unruly mob responding to external stimulus.

You and your spiritual companions are a group that can be a mob or an efficient team, depending on your leadership. If you do not abandon your group, you can achieve almost anything you desire. If you learn to manage your spiritual companions, you can harness their experience and their creativity, and you will learn that life is almost effortless when there are many beings to share the load of creating a worthwhile life and achieving goals at will.



Who are Your Spiritual Companions?

They include the spiritual beings who accompanied you when you began this lifetime. They include the spirits you have been picking up when you interact with others. They may include departed family members who are hoping to guide you and keep you from harm.

These spirits include your old lovers, your old enemies, various and sundry followers from when you were someone important, people you have killed, people you befriended, essentially almost anyone who decided that accompanying you was better than operating on their own.

There are many reasons that a spirit might choose to accompany you through life rather than choosing to animate and control a body of his own and all of these reasons made sense at the time.

Are you functionally different from these spiritual companions? Not at all. They all are immortal and have been reborn in different bodies until they decided that they could not face up to being a human being again with all of the responsibilities that this entails. They have been doctors, warriors, housewives, prostitutes, beggars, clerks, shepherds, missionaries, seamen, assassins, and holy men. They have led almost any kind of life you can imagine. They have lived on different planets and have worn alien bodies, just as you have.

Getting to know your spiritual companions is an adventure like no other because you will discover your own hidden past while you are discovering your own. In the process of working with your spiritual companions, you may discover that you have worn non-human bodies in the past and mechanical bodies as well.

You will definitely find that the history you have been taught does not include the information you will discover when you learn to communicate with your spiritual companions. You do not have to believe anything in this book, even though everything written here comes from communicating with spirits. I have been communicating with spirits for about 45 years and I discover new information about the history of the universe every week.

I urge you to take your courage in your hands and approach the spirits you encounter with a caring attitude, and you will find that almost all are willing to communicate with you if you manage to stay in present time. Some will be very helpful and a joy to work with, while others will be stuck in some terrible incident and will be hard to deal with.

The reason these beings are important to you is that they can be an incredible resource for you in every aspect of your life. Every person on this planet interacts with their spiritual companions every day of their lives, but the vast majority do this unknowingly. When you know your spiritual companions and learn to work with them, you gain an advantage over every other earth person who is ignorant of their existence.

Your spiritual companions have eons of experience in every field of endeavor. Why not learn from them and use their experience to make your life easier? You can learn from their mistakes and successes and save yourself a lot of wasted time and effort. If you can draw upon someone else’s experience, you can accomplish more and train yourself without having to learn the hard way.