Author Topic: No more chronical chest pain anymore and some other relief  (Read 2234 times)

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No more chronical chest pain anymore and some other relief
« on: November 18, 2018, 06:24:11 AM »
Greetings to you all,

before I have met David on my first free session I had an unexplainable recurring issue with my chest. It almost felt as if I would get a heart attack or something similar.
I had pain in my chest that was sometimes "only" light and -as if you would turn on a switch- suddenly a sharp pain in the upper part of my chest.

To keep things short and without further ado.

It is now gone and I am way more calm than before.
There are still some distractions, but that is another issue I have to clear up at a later time.

But the most important thing is, that my pain in the chest is really gone. It is now about two weeks and it never appeared since then, again.

Well, that is one of the first things and the most important one. There are some other reliefs, such as, that:

... I can confront appearing problems way easier than before

... I hear no overwhelming "voices" which I did recognize in the past in a recurring time frame

... I am calmer than before

... I don't have so much nervousness as before

... things I want to work out, go way smoother than before

... I see colors more clearer (hard to explain - all colors are way brighter and fuller than before; maybe some effect like in the movie "no limits"; but without drugs :D)

... if something annoys or upsets me, it has only a brief effect on me and mostly after some minutes all is well again.

In the past this would have endured a much longer time (hours, days, etc.)

Anyway, just one session and these are my wins and experiences and people around me don't feel so "occupied" by me. That is the last and also important one, that I found out, after I had the free session with David.

Many thanks David for such a relief and I am looking forward to the next session. I am also looking forward to help other people and myself by doing solo session and to help to calm things down in my environment, because nowadays there is still so much trouble out there which should be handled in the right way in a caring manner.

Warm regards from germany,
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