A Weekend of Discovery – REVISED VERSION – Influencing How You Are Perceived By Others

When you can influence how others perceive you, you are able to control your income, your circle of friends, the admiration you receive, and the worth society assigns to you. If these are important to you, we now have a tool that allows you to influence how others perceive you.

SRT is this tool, and we have spent a lot of time discussing how it works without explaining why anyone would want to learn about it and use it. SRT allows you to take control of your life and act sanely under all conditions, but its real value is in influencing how others perceive you.

Influencing how others perceive you puts you in control of your relationship with these other people. There are many different words to describe this phenomenon, so we need to stay focused on how others perceive us rather than the terms we use to describe what we are doing to accomplish this.

We have been using the terms identity, personality, behavior, and beingness to describe the ways we interact with others, but these are all internal views of what is occurring.

If we wish to influence how others perceive us, we need to take an external view of the situation. What or who do they perceive when they interact with us? When we look at the interactions from this viewpoint, we gain the ability to change our relationship with each person by selecting the way we react to them and their actions.

To give you an idea of how you can influence the way you interact with others, let us start with an initial contact when you are meeting a person for the first time. If you are relaxed and confident with a pleasant attitude, you have a good chance to make an excellent impression and to accomplish whatever you intend to happen.

If you are uncertain and shy, you are projecting a harmonic of fear, and you may elicit sympathy from the person, but will not inspire confidence in your abilities.

If you are worried, tired, or in pain, you will find it hard to be enthusiastic and charming when you meet with someone, and your working relationship will be affected.

Let’s say you are there to provide help to someone, if you are warm and enthusiastic, the person may not see you as the person who can solve his problem. In that sort of situation, projecting confidence in a no-nonsense caring way may be far more effective in providing help.

The secret in influencing how others perceive you is to first understand what they are doing from their actions as well as what they say and to then control your behavior so that you present the appropriate beingness or identity to influence the relationship.

People tend to evaluate your importance by many different cues, behavior being one of the easiest areas for you to manage. Your manner of dress and grooming have a big effect on others, but your behavior can override any other factors if you know what you are doing.

If you are in control of your behavior and your personality, you are presenting a beingness (identity), which will create a specific impression on those who you are interacting with. You can be drilled to act in certain ways through training, but this is only useful in a limited number of situations. To be able to provide natural responses to a wide variety of life situations, you need to understand the spiritual basis for a person’s perception and reaction to you and be able to generate the personality you desire.

You can probably see that there is no single personality that will guarantee success in dealing with others. In actual fact, there are many different personalities you use in daily life, and switching between them should be easy and natural. Most people learn to show these personalities on a trial and error basis as they experience life, and you end up with different personalities for each of the interactions in your daily life. At various times during the day, you may be husband, father, brother, employee, office mate, friend, a customer in a store, boss, interviewer, author, lover, etc. and each one is a different set of abilities and personality traits.

In some of these roles, you are a dominant figure, and in others, propitiative and submissive. If you do not understand the spiritual factors underlying your personality changes, you will not be able to control them. Ideally, you should be able to present the personality you desire in any of the life situations you face as opposed to finding yourself at the effect of someone you are dealing with.

When you are in control of your emotions and the personality you present to the world, you can control the way you are perceived by others.

Spiritual Rescue Technology processing will give you the ability to control your emotions and your reactions to life. We will be discussing the specific processes by which you create an identity to control any situation.


Influencing how others see us, the challenges, and the rewards. Different ways to accomplish this.

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SUNDAY WEBINAR August 16, 2020

Creating SRT process templates to change the way we present ourselves to others. Since this is a continuing activity, the processes should be adaptable for solo sessions, should permit changes in terms for different languages, and should be unlimited processes that can be run over and over without limit and produce significant gains each time they are run.

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MONDAY SRT ACADEMY August 17, 2020

Applying specific processes to real-life situations. Both demonstration sessions and solo sessions will be performed with review by the participants as to the effectiveness and necessary modifications.

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Exploring The Implications Of Changing Your Life With SRT – Workshops & Webinars, etc.

You may have been thinking of Spiritual Rescue Technology as some sort of spiritual patch-up kit, but that misses its staggering potential for changing your life in major ways. With the use of SRT counseling, you can permanently change your behavior and change the course of your life. This can be done in session with an SRT counselor or in SRT solo sessions if you can break through the many barriers to changing your life.

Your behavior and your abilities are directly affected by the spirits who accompany you through life.

When you understand that you can act as a channel for these other spirits and you can manage that channel as you wish, you can select the spiritual beings who will do what is needed to accomplish your goals. If you manage the team of beings so that they understand and support your goals, you are harnessing the imagination and creative power of other beings to accomplish far more than you can do unaided.

Unfortunately, the process of changing your behavior is easier than recognizing the barriers you have erected to changing your life. You have been indoctrinated by family and society to follow certain rules, and in many cases, you act in accordance with the expectations of your family and society. These expectations are so ingrained that in most situations, you will not even consider changing your life in a way that would conflict with what your family and society expect you to do.

If your father is a lawyer and his father was a lawyer, you are unlikely to pursue a career as an artist or stand up comedian, no matter how talented you are in those areas. Children of middle-class families tend to choose career paths that align with their family values.

On the other hand, if your family situations are not so fortunate, you may be focused on breaking the agreements which have kept your family struggling to survive. You are determined to ignore the barriers that the rest of the family has accepted. The first person in any family to graduate from college has surmounted a barrier that has been in place for years.

There are other barriers to success, but with enough intention, they can be surmounted. If you are a criminal with several prison terms under your belt, you are unlikely to claim you are the reincarnated leader of the Church of Scientology, but Justin Craig experienced a major personality change and has established himself as the reincarnation of L Ron Hubbard.

Your behavior is the net result of all of the spirits who are trying to control your behavior. If you accept the responsibility for motivating and controlling this group of spirits, you can accomplish almost anything.

The big challenge is overcoming the expectations you have set for yourself. If you have positioned yourself as a self-effacing, hard-working clerk, it might seem difficult to move up to a management position or to become a union leader.

If you are an experienced systems administrator who moonlights as an actor and singer in professional productions, it may be impossible to consider that you should be composing songs, even though you have been doing it as a hobby for years.

If you are an engineer working in the computer industry, it is highly unlikely that you will become a spiritual counselor unless some major change in your life demands it.

With the advent of SRT, the spiritual barriers to success can be removed in a few sessions. All that is required is the realization that change is possible and desirable. Sometimes you can bring this into view with a conversation with a friend or professional counselor. Your friends often see your barriers clearly when you can’t,
because you are ignoring them.
Your barriers to change exist because you or one of your spiritual companions have a painful incident that gets triggered when you try to change something in your life. Somewhere, sometime, one of you was punished severely for stepping out of line, and if that incident is not addressed and handled with counseling, it will continue to be triggered forever. As soon as it is fully addressed, the barrier to change vanishes, and you are free to contemplate and execute changes that could not be done before.

There are many good reasons not to do certain things, but you will be able to look at them rationally once you have removed the emotional barriers to even considering these matters. Going into business for yourself or starting a romantic relationship can bring major changes into your life, but you will be able to assess these changes accurately if you remove the emotional barriers first. Once the panic and fear of the change are removed, you can then look and see if the change makes sense financially and ethically.

This weekend I would like to look at the possibilities you have for making major changes to your lives and careers and under what conditions you should consider making these changes.

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Weekend Adventure – Exploring Walk-Ins

If you search the Internet for walk-ins, you will find enough material to keep you busy for weeks. I have come up with a simple solo procedure that will allow you to increase your awareness of whether you have been or experienced a walk-in. We will be demonstrating this procedure this Saturday and Sunday in our free workshop and webinar. See the details below.

To bring you up to speed, the term walk-in describes the action of a spirit taking possession of a body. Although this may sound like the introduction of a horror movie, it is very much an everyday occurrence.

Some of the explanations are beautifully inspiring, like this one: 

Walk-ins are spiritual messengers who enter behind the veil of another personality at an opportune moment to lend service to humanity. By not having to go through the programming of childhood, a soul can get right to the business of carrying out a divine mission to help others adjust as the earth ascends into the fifth dimension. 

Other explanations are right on target:

The “otherkin” community defines a walk-in by the standard definition, with the caveat that people with multiple personalities may have one or more perceived entities in their body who “walked into” the body of their host, without the host needing to depart; they believe this can happen right after birth, or later in the life of the person concerned. 

The most frequent explanation is easy to comprehend, even if it is incomplete and misleading:

A walk-in is a new-age concept of a person whose original soul has departed his or her body and has been replaced with a new, generally more advanced soul. Ruth Montgomery popularized the concept in her 1979 book, Strangers Among Us. 

I have just published two articles that describe the mechanics of a walk-in, how it occurs, etc., and how to deal with it when it is discovered and I felt I had covered the matter satisfactorily. However, a recent discussion with my SRT Academy students brought up the idea of “quiet” walk-ins who did not make obvious changes but waited for an opportune moment to take action. A demonstration process during one of those meetings revealed that I had executed multiple walk-ins during earlier lifetimes. This was s surprise, but it resonated with me, and I felt it was worth looking into.

The comments and the uncovering of my personal history prompted me to do some solo research and discover, if possible, what the real situation is regarding walk-ins. My research revealed that I have experienced multiple walk-ins this lifetime and did not realize it!

My research showed me a simple way to uncover the major personality shifts that changed my life and why they occurred. 

The real story is that the majority of walk-ins were spirits looking for shelter from an existence they could no longer confront. When they joined with me, they remained passive passengers until some external influence triggered them to take control. Once they took control, they often remained in control until they had changed the environment for the better, and then they sank into oblivion or left.

In looking at the lives of family and friends, I could now see the reasons why they made severe changes in their lifestyles. Typically, they would be trying to lead a normal life in the face of escalating threats or irreconcilable difficulties, and at some point, another being was inspired to take over and resolve things through departure or a significant change in behavior. 

When the change was made, everyone I researched felt that the change was the right thing to have done, and there was no further anxiety or difficulty with the previous situation. When the triggering situation was resolved by departure or behavior change, the controlling personality would often drop away after some months or years.

Since there was really no change in the basic personality, the person might repeat the exact behavior which got them in trouble the first time. There are Spiritual Rescue Technology procedures to deal with this, but they are beyond the purpose of this article. Our initial desire is to reveal the solo procedures for discovering if you have been affected by walk-ins. These procedures also lead to the resolution of personal issues that were not approachable by other means.

We all have the potential of exhibiting alternate personalities because we are surrounded by spiritual beings who have been with us for years and many lifetimes. Our success in life depends on our ability to recognize and manage these other spirits so that we all work together in harmony. Caring for our spiritual partners and managing them well is the best way to achieve a happy and productive existence.

We have been taught for years that we are a spirit managing a body. We try to train ourselves to do the best we can. This is an image corresponding to this belief: 

In Spiritual Rescue Technology, we discover that there are a lot of spirits trying to manage our lives and our body. Our desire is to train ourselves to manage the group for maximum efficiency. If we do not recognize this very real situation and just try to get by without caring for our passengers, this is the image we are living:

If you feel that your life is full of cross purposes, you need to organize your passengers or get a bigger bus.

This weekend, we will practice some solo sessions to increase your awareness of walk-in situations. I think you will find the results to be very entertaining.

Join me in our free workshop on Saturday, August 1st on Zoom at 12 noon EST using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

On Sunday, August 2nd, we will hold a webinar where we actually work out ways to resolve walk-in issues once they are discovered. We hope to discuss ways to avoid unwanted walk-ins and to promoter desired walk-ins when needed. Join me on Zoom at 12 noon EST using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

The fee is $10 and can be paid using this link: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10

I will be unavailable on Monday, August 3rd so you can use the free time to round up any stray walk-ins and see what use you can make of them. Every being in your group of spiritual companions joined you for some reason, either as a walk-in or as a partner in some disaster that welded you all together. They can be a source of information and power for you if you manage them properly. Learning to manage them well is an excellent investment in your future.

The Perils Of Being A Walk-in – Part 2

Walk-ins are essentially a change of ownership, and it is better if all concerned know what happened. A walk-in occurs when a spirit takes over a body, and this can occur at any age from infancy to old age. 

A walk-in can occur at birth or while the baby is still in the womb. If the baby is the heir to a powerful family, there may be many spirits contending for ownership, so why wait until the baby is sliding out the birth canal? Get in communication with the mother and assure her that you will be a credit to the family. 

When a spirit joins the baby well before birth, there is a much better chance of establishing rapport with the mother and ensuring a loving relationship from the very beginning. This is a good time to establish a telepathic link between mother and baby so that each will feel the other’s emotions and bond as a family.

Most walk-ins are not hostile takeovers because the walk-in will need support to thrive. I am sure that in some cases, the previous owner has reached the end of his rope and does not know what to do with his life. Running a human body is hard work, and I am sure that it gets discouraging at times. I would not be surprised that some people contemplating suicide are rescued by a friendly takeover by a walk-in.

We could easily make a list of optimum walk-in scenarios where the walk-in is the hero who saves the day and turns someone’s life around by taking over when all is lost:

  • A person in poor health who has not been able to recover due to spiritual causes
  • Someone undergoing a series of operations which will only prolong their life, not heal it
  • Someone hurt in a severe accident where the doctors do not feel they will survive
  • Anyone who has been unconscious for a day or longer
  • Someone who has nearly died from a drug overdose
  • Someone who has ruined their chances for a happy life by their criminal history and jail sentences
  • Someone in a life situation where they have been enslaved or degraded
  • Someone who has lived a long time and has lost the will to live
  • Anyone who feels they cannot go on with the life they are living

Children are prone to accidents either because they are fearless or careless. When an accident renders the child unconscious, it provides an opportunity for a being to take over the body and pretend to be the child. Some parents might view a change in behavior as a benefit and not question how or why it occurred.

Patients in hospitals are often unconscious and not in full command of their faculties. Picking up a new body in a hospital may be a low-risk situation as the family is not prepared for a walk-in and may overlook changes in behavior and think it is due to the severity of the operation. Doctors may say.” We almost lost him!” about a patient who did not respond well at first to the treatment, and they may even be expecting some change in his attitude because of the suffering he experienced, but they are not looking for a change in ownership.

I have seen people change personalities near the very end of their lives, and I now recognize that the original owner was stepping out, and someone else was stepping in to experience life, even if it was on a sinking ship.

The success of a walk-in depends on the attitude of the being doing the walk-in. People can go along living a criminal life and finally reach a point where they want to change their ways. The beings who are up for that type of challenge will take over and by their demeanor and force of will convince others that they are a new person and will get others to treat them as the new identity rather than their original criminal identity. 

A big, bold being like the late L Ron Hubbard has the force of will to take on the challenge of taking over the body of a common criminal and getting people to recognize him as the person he was. He even changed the body’s name from Justin Craig to Lafayette Ron Hubbard to reflect his new identity. Anyone who was familiar with Ron in his former existence will recognize him in his new fleshly garments. His abilities and his attitudes are unmistakable.

On the other hand, to a professional observer, it is clear that there is a lot of Justin Craig lurking below the surface. If Lafayette Ron Hubbard can keep Justin under control, he should be able to achieve his professed goal to create a New Era Scientology. If Justin is able to wrest control from Lafayette, things will get very interesting when that occurs.

The problem with any walk-in is that the original occupant may still be in existence, and this can cause some instability if the original occupant is triggered by some things in the environment. In most of the walk-ins I have seen, the original occupant was suppressed and not expelled by the incident that set up the opportunity for the walk-in. The original owner is watching and waiting for a chance to regain control once life returns to a regular routine. If the new owner, the walk-in, does not take steps to deal with the original owner’s upset, the threat of a mutiny or an uprising will continue. Skilled spiritual counseling can bring all parties to an understanding and to a mutually interactive existence. Once both parties realize that the walk-in would not have occurred if things had been running well, they can be led to see how they can work together to operate as a stable group with harmonious objectives.

When the presence of an alternate personality can be observed by others, it affects the confidence others have in the stability of agreements and relationships. We all have the potential of exhibiting alternate personalities because we are surrounded by spiritual beings who have been with us for years and many lifetimes.

Our success in life depends on our ability to recognize and manage these other spirits so that we all work together in harmony. Trying to run a life while ignoring the spirits who surround us and affect us is like living with improvised explosive devices (IEDs). We will never know when they might go off. Caring for our spiritual partners and managing them well is a much better way to achieve a happy and productive existence.


There must be barriers to telepathy or everyone would be doing it. Those of us who have experienced it know how infrequently it happens but will never forget what we perceived.

In our SRT Academy meeting today, we hoped to remove some barriers to interpersonal telepathy, but we soon realized we could not get to first base because the barriers defied our efforts to identify them. It is difficult to remove something if you cannot identify what is causing it.

We ran some simple experiments to see whether we could pick up on each other’s projected thoughts and the results were spectacularly inconclusive!

I asked the participants to think of simple objects and colors. I can usually pick up concepts and images from spirits but I failed to perceive any of the images or colors the participants were concentrating on. We reversed the flow and I concentrated on an object and only one participant could get a vague idea of what I was concentrating on.

Our results confirmed what the Rhine experiments showed a long time ago when they used Zener cards to measure ESP. This is what the cards look like:

Zener cards are cards used to conduct experiments for extrasensory perception or clairvoyance. Perceptual psychologist Karl Zener designed the cards in the early 1930s for experiments conducted with his colleague, parapsychologist J. B. Rhine. The original series of experiments have been discredited and replication has proved elusive.

My take on the poor results is that the tests were boring and did not involve any emotional activity.

Since most of us have been able to perceive concepts and images during SRT sessions, we know that telepathy is real and counselors use that ability to guide the conversation in a session. So, what was so different when we attempted to project a thought to others as an exercise? When a client is relating an incident or channeling a spirit who is relating an incident, there is usually a high degree of excitement as the incident unfolds. In addition, the spirit is pulling a concept or an image out of their memory and there is the freshness of discovery, even if there is some effort involved in recovering the memory.

It seems to me that I perceive the images or the concepts when the thoughts are first channeled and when the being repeats any part of the story, there is no accompanying image. It almost seems that the person is doing something different when they are relating an event for the first time. Perhaps they are striving to communicate the event and making sure that the recipient gets it.

This may account for the fact that it is easy to perceive the concepts and the situation in some sessions and not in other sessions. In an SRT session, the counselor asks a question of a particular spirit, and instead of relating the spirit’s answers, the client channels what she receives from the spirit. You can see the channeling progress from the beginning responses when the client says, “He says…”, to responses where first-person statements occur as the spirit takes control of the conversation and says something like, “I am here to watch over her..”.

When we observe an SRT session as a spectator, we are usually able to pick up some images and concepts beyond what the client is channeling. For example, the client may be relating an incident where a train was held up by bandits and the counselor and spectators get a short video image of men on horseback with masks. Some of the spectators will even get an image of the locomotive smokestack. This multiple viewpoint imagery comes from the fact that more than one spirit was involved in the incident.

Adding to the possible confusion is the fact that the spectators have many discarnate spirits around them with images of their own regarding trains and holdups.

Finally, the truth of the situation is that telepathic communication is the result of a cluster of beings trying to send a communication to another cluster of beings who may not be ready or receptive to telepathic communication. When telepathic communication does occur, it means that one group of beings is transmitting a single message and another group of beings is ready to receive that message.

When you look at the behavior of your spiritual associates, you may notice that they are rarely operating in close harmony except in emergency situations. This could mean that disorganization and confusion is the biggest barrier to sending or receiving telepathic communication.

We plan on discussing this further in future webinars and workshops.

The Perils Of Being A Walk-in

When you decide that you don’t want to raise a body from infancy and have to endure all those years of being helpless and at the mercy of others, you do what is commonly called a walk-in. You pick someone with strength and mobility at a time when he isn’t able to control his body. This way, you get a chance to take control and establish yourself before he is able to kick you out.

Opportune times to execute a walk-in are when the person is in the hospital being operated on, when they are overwhelmed by recreational drugs, and when they are in a serious accident. The behavioral changes that occur are often masked by the confusion of the moment and the effort that is going on to rescue the body. When Aunt Martha comes home from the hospital after her major operation, you don’t expect here to be her normal self. The fact that she doesn’t drink anymore and seems confused about certain things doesn’t seem very important. If you are not really observant, you will miss the fact that someone else has taken up residence, and Aunt Martha is really someone else trying to fit in.

Almost any event that is life-threatening enough for the spirit to leave the body can provide the opportunity for another spirit to take over and walk-in as the new owner. The point to be made here is that any major personality change can be the result of a different spiritual being taking control.

If the behavior of the walk-in is too different from the behavior of the original owner, concerned family and friends may stage an intervention in the form of an exorcism, spiritual counseling, or a stay in a psychiatric ward. These interventions can involve prayer, hypnotism, or even electric shock. Such activities can dislodge the walk-in and cause it to leave.

A walk-in followed by an expulsion is hard on all beings concerned. A walk-in who picks up the body out of pity or in an attempt to help will generally try to fit in and not cause undue confusion. When this is done, the walk-in learns the ropes and gradually develops their own style of behavior without causing too much upset,

What I did not realize until very recently was that the walk-in may not realize he is a walk-in. His only awareness was that trauma had occurred and now things are a bit different. The loss of memory that occurs when picking up an infant body seems to occur when picking up an adult body. I did not realize I was a walk-in until years later and most of the walk-ins I have encountered in counseling did not realize what had happened until years later. The only thing they were aware of was that life changed after an accident or operation and their relationship with family and friends changed too.

In normal peacetime, walk-ins are infrequent. In wartime, people are dropping bodies at a much greater rate and serious injuries are occurring frequently. In my counseling sessions, I have encountered many confusions of identity during wartime and they were usually due to a walk-in occurring without being recognized. A soldier gets shot and picks up the injured body of another soldier and in the end there is confusion as to who he really is. When a counselor encounters this in auditing, he has trouble getting his wits around the fact that the person died in 1942 and dies again in 1945.

Walk-ins will continue to happen and the best solution, once this is detected, is to address any and all confusions with Spiritual Rescue Technology so that all beings concerned can regain their free will. There is a shared responsibility for all beings involved in a walk-in. A walk-in occurs when no one is minding the store. Once the walk-in has occurred, using SRT will sort out the reasons for the situation and can restore peace and tranquility.

Walk-ins are essentially a change of ownership and it is better if all concerned know what happened. If you think you were a walk-in and have any questions about it, I will be glad to help you figure out exactly what happened.

This Weekend We Will Get Down And Dirty With Telepathy

Definition of getting down and dirty : to do or say harsh and unpleasant things. 

Telepathy is the direct exchange of thoughts, You can pick up these thoughts from another being when you are in tune with that being. If you are receiving thoughts from other beings and claiming these thoughts are your own, you are setting yourself up for a confusing life. 

Let’s take a simple example and see if you can tell whether you are picking up thoughts from another being or inventing your own. Sit with your eyes close for several minutes and notice what is going on. Usually, things will quiet down for a while, and then ideas and images will appear and disappear at random.

If you acknowledge the presence of a random idea as the product of another being, take notice of what happens. Usually, there is a burst of amusement or relief, and the idea vanishes. If the idea is a coherent thought that aligns with something you are trying to do, there is an instant recognition of another life force at work, and the feeling is pleasurable.

In Spiritual Rescue Technology, we started out by treating negative thoughts as the product of a spiritual being and sought to find the reason for these thoughts. Using caring communication, which is communication designed to raise the awareness of a being, we found that discarnate spiritual beings were often quite happy to communicate all sorts of information. They would tell us how long they had been without a body, what had happened that they decided not to have a body and many different details about their last lifetime.

By opening communication with these beings, we were able to raise their awareness to the point that some would often decide to start a new life in a new body of their own choosing. Many beings were not up to running their own bodies, and they would choose to exist as free spirits or ride shotgun with someone who was running a body. Riding shotgun refers to the practice of sitting alongside the driver in a moving vehicle. The phrase has been used to mean giving actual or figurative support or aid to someone in a situation.

From my observations, I would estimate that dozens of beings are riding shotgun with every being running and animating a body. Each of these beings can be giving advice and directions to the being who thinks he is running the body. Each of you readers are receiving a constant stream of telepathic messages about what you are doing, what you are seeing, and what to do next.

If you take responsibility for managing these beings and their streams of data, you are capable of great things. You are like the conductor of an orchestra who controls the production of music. You don’t play an instrument, you get others to produce the effects you wish to create. When this happens, you are telepathically connected to the spirits making up your composite personality.

Those who deny the possibility that telepathy exists have created an unsolvable problem for themselves. These individuals end up with all sorts of thoughts and behavior patterns they cannot easily control. If you have a tendency to lie or to fly off the handle at insults, you have no fast way of correcting these behaviors. You just have to “do your best” and try to avoid doing antisocial things. 

When I am talking to someone, and I bring up a matter that pushes their buttons, I get an immediate reaction from the beings surrounding them. Quite often, this reaction is not from the person and is only from the beings who have been triggered. I can ask a person, “How would you like to have your own business?” and get a negative reaction. I can get the same reaction if I ask, “What would happen if you could double your income?” In each case, there is a positive reaction from the person and a fearful reaction from the beings accompanying the person. Using telepathy, I can find the reason the beings are fearful and am able to restore their free will. At that point, they are free to leave or to help the person who is running the body.

I can get a person to channel telepathic communication quite easily. Getting them to recognize telepathic communication and to originate responses on their own is more difficult.

The reason that channeling works is that I locate the being who is causing trouble, and I originate a simple communication to them that elicits a response. Here is an example:

“Is it OK if I talk to you?”


“Why Not?”

The being proceeds to describe the incident, which shut him down, and we get into good communication and set him free.

The person doing the channeling has been receiving telepathic messages all her lifetime but was never able to single out the ones that mattered. I get her to say the thoughts that spring into her mind immediately after I ask the question. Within minutes she is reporting what is coming from the spirit, and her voice will often change to the voice that the spirit used in life.

This weekend, we will be working on exercises to awaken your telepathic abilities and hopefully give you the certainty to use them in more areas of your life.


On Saturday, 7-25-20, we will hold a free workshop and do exercises in channeling spirit communications until the group can easily perceive concepts, intentions, emotional tone levels, and volume in telepathic messages from spiritual beings. Join me at 12 noon using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444


On Sunday, 7-26-20, we will do exercises in asking spirits questions about what they are doing to help us and how long they have been doing so. Join me at 12 noon using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

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Revisiting The Topic Of Spiritual Possession

First, a little background material for those you of you who just joined us:

We are all immortal spiritual beings experiencing multiple human lifetimes or non-human lifetimes. Many of us can remember other lifetimes and some of us can even learn from these earlier lifetimes. The usual game is to pick up a body and animate it and work with it until it fails us. Then we go and pick up another body if we choose to do so.

So, what about possession?

Picking up a body can be done in many different ways, depending on what condition you are in when your previous body fails. If your death was shocking and horrifying, you may not wish to pick up a body for years or even eons. You may find that it is more acceptable to attach yourself to someone who is already running a body and ride shotgun, where you get to sit in the front seat while somebody else drives. You get the sensations and experience while another being does the work of running a body and carving out a career.

You both may think you are the person himself, but you are just one of a host of beings who think they are Elvis Presley, George Carlin, or your grandson. The truth of the matter is that we are surrounded by spiritual beings and very few of them are clad in flesh, to use the biblical term. Anyone who has had the opportunity to communicate with spirits knows that there is no shortage of discarnate beings, those without bodies.

In most cases, each of us receives a constant stream of admonitions and advice from these spirits who surround us and this unsought advice usually serves to distract us from what we wish to do. In some cases, these spirits actually take control of us and direct us to take actions we would ordinarily not do. This is more common than you may realize as this is what happens when someone mentions a highly charged topic that upsets you and you want to do them bodily harm.

What this means is that, instead of the charming model of one spirit in one body, what we have is a mob of spirits trying to run a body and present an image of sanity to the world. When the spirits are working in harmony, we see a well-adjusted person with many different skills. When the spirits are at odds with each other, we see a person who exhibits many different and distinct personalities.

This is why, in Spiritual Rescue Technology, we recognize we are composite personalities and we use our knowledge to get our entire team working in harmony. When this is done correctly, a person has access to all of the skills and knowledge of each spirit in the group and the results are amazing. The important factor here is if the entire group of spirits is taking responsibility for the performance of the team, the level of performance is unbelievably high. You get the computational power of each being working in tandem, like a modern multiprocessor.

When spirits work in this fashion, can we really call it possession? We operate as a unified group with the strength and power of many spirits combined. However, there may be a downside to this harmony. Does each of us recognize that we share a single human identity? In many of the cases I have encountered, every spirit thinks he is the person, even though he is only a part of the overall personality.

What happens if some of these spirits are separated from the main body of spirits because of an accident or through exorcism or spiritual processing? Will each group think they are the ORIGINAL person? This remains to be seen.

We do know that with standard SRT processing, each group of spirits regains their original identity and is free to assume a new identity if they choose.

Reincarnation or Repossession? – You Decide

This is truly a year of discovery. We are being exposed to more indications of reincarnation every week, and these indicators are hard to ignore. We see three-year-old concert pianists and six-year-old composers of classical music with the poise and ability of people who are much older.

On the other hand, we are seeing people of more advanced ages who seem to become transformed in some inexplicable way to totally different personalities. Some may view these as spiritual awakenings, but there are some instances where the new personality claims to be a famous person. In some cases, these awakenings are spontaneous, but it more likely to occur when the person is doing past life regression or Dianetic auditing.

There is a continuing skepticism about these events because the person does not always recall information that skeptics feel is essential. Those of us who have accumulated more than 8 decades of experience can only marvel at such narrow-mindedness because we have forgotten more then we remember in many cases. We tend to take any indication of reincarnation or repossession at face value. 

I use the term repossession to describe the circumstance where a being or a group of beings leaves a body at death or as a result of an exorcism or similar process and picks up a new body which is already occupied by an existing group of beings. 

We have discovered in our Spiritual Rescue Technology research that a body is never owned by a single spirit, at least not on Earth. Every person in a body is being influenced and being run by a large group of spiritual beings, and in most cases, these spirits are not working in close harmony. In fact, during our counseling sessions, we discover that in many cases, these spirits have been unaware of each other, and each has been working away, thinking that they were in charge. (This is described in detail in my first book, Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology.)

Reincarnation is simple to envision if you realize that spirits are immortal and physical bodies are not. When a body dies, the spirit leaves it and may pick up another body if the death was not too traumatic. If the death was traumatic, the spirit might wait a long time before picking up another body. Usually, the spirit forgets everything about their former life, but occasionally the spirit retains the memories and skills of a former life. In this case, the person can become a child prodigy if it so chooses.

Repossession is a bit more complicated, and you need to understand that we are each a group of beings who are doing our best to run a body and present ourselves as a unified personality to the world. In the best of circumstances, you are in charge of this group of beings, and your actions are seen as logical and consistent by the people you know. 

In the worst of circumstances, you are being overwhelmed by the other beings, and your behavior changes unpredictably from day-to-day. The world of psychology calls this DID. Dissociative identity disorder (DID), previously known as multiple personality disorder (MPD), is a mental disorder characterized by the maintenance of at least two distinct and relatively enduring personality states. (This is what happens when you cannot maintain control of the beings who surround you.)

You and the other beings who make up your personality may have been together for many lifetimes. The bond that holds you together is a decision made at some past time. This bond can be undone by counseling or as a result of some trauma that causes a new decision. When a spirit or a cluster of spirits separates from the main body of your spiritual companions, they may still remember their experience as being “You”. When this happens, these spirits go on to possess someone who now has the distinct memory that they were you in some past life. The truth of the matter is that they are only one of the personality fragments that made you who you are or were. They will only have the memories that were produced by that group of spirits, and one of the interesting things we have discovered is that beings can only seem to remember the incidents that were interesting to them. The rest are merely vague memories with little or no detail. When you are a passenger in a vehicle, and someone else is driving, your memories may differ greatly from the driver’s memories, depending on where you put your attention.

We have many beings following us around who are not fully conscious and are just along for the ride. They may have been with us for thousands of years, but if their attention was on the weather or on what food was being eaten they will not remember much of what else happened in the intervening centuries. When these beings leave us through counseling or death, they contain only a fragment of our personality, and when they show up on someone else down the line, they present a skewed version of us to the world.

I think you will find that some of you have encountered this kind of situation and I would like you to join me this weekend while we discuss what to make of it and how to handle it when we encounter it.

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